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What Is The Best Zero Turn Lawn Mower

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Select The Mower Steering Type

BUYERS GUIDE | Choosing the Best Zero Turn Mower / Lawn Mower

As you can see from the reviews above, zero-turn mowers come with two basic steering types. The most common is called Lap Bar steering. Lap bar steering uses two laterally placed arms to steer the direction of the mower.

The second choice involves the more traditional Steering wheel of the sort that you would find on a regular riding lawn mower or vehicle.

Lap bar steering offers greater maneuverability and sharper turning, but mowers equipped with this type of steering dont handle well on hills or sloping yards. This is due to the front floating wheel design, vs. the Steering wheel design, which links steering directly to front tractor tires

Mowers with the traditional steering wheel, on the other hand, can handle hills much more effectively, but theres a slight trade-off when it comes to nimble steering.

The right choice for you will depend heavily on the slope and terrain of your yard.

How Large An Area Can I Mow With A Zero Turn Mower

The answer to this question depends on the mower you get while 42-inch mowers are best for lawns of 2 acres or less, larger models like the Toro TITAN 60-inch are ideal for mowing up to 7 acres.

You can do even larger areas with any size mowing deck. It will just take longer if youre using one thats undersized for your yard.

Are Electric Zero Turns Worth It

Despite the higher price of Electric zero-turn mowers, most people would see a benefit when compared to gas. They offer a number of significant advantages over gas when used in residential areas. Their electric motors are much more reliable, significantly quieter, and produce zero emissions or fumes, They also require no engine maintenance or servicing schedules.

Lets get into the weeds and run through the detail, and offer you a more expansive explanation of what really matters when choosing between gas and electric.

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Cutting Height And Number Of Height Positions

As you can imagine, not every yard is the same. This could also be said for the people that are going to be cutting the grass there. Some folks like their grass to be nice and short, while others like it a little bit longer. Grass should also be cut at different lengths based on the time of year. No matter how you intend to cut your grass, it is a good idea to get a mower that allows you to cut at different heights. That way, you can ensure that your lawn is cut to a healthy length for the time of year, and to your liking as well.

Most mowers offer up to thirteen different cutting positions, and can usually be adjusted from 1.5 inches to 4 or 4.5 inches, depending on the mower. Even a mower that only offers six cutting heights should be more than enough for home use.

When Is Steep Too Steep

The Best Zero Turn Lawn Mower Reviews

Some areas are too steep for you to operate a zero-turn mower safely. You might notice that you dont have enough control when going downhill or that the front of the mower loses contact with the ground when you go uphill.

Check the documentation for your mower to see if the manufacturer lists any slope inclinations that are unsafe. All items on the best zero-turn mowers shortlist are recommended for use on hills or slopes by the manufacturer.

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Ryobi 42 In 100 Ah Zero

This model is perfect for those seeking an electric option

The RYOBI 42 Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower is a powerful and efficient machine for those who are looking for a hassle-free lawn mowing experience. This mower is entirely electric and requires no spark plugs, belts, filters, oil, or gasoline to run, making it extremely simple to maintain.

It can provide up to 3 acres of continuous mowing power with a single battery charge, making it ideal for large properties. Its four brushless motors provide unrelenting torque for blade cutting and drivetrain systems, ensuring that your lawn always looks pristine.

It also comes with several convenient features, such as LED headlights for mowing in low light conditions, a USB charging port to keep your devices charged while working, and an adjustable steering wheel for a comfortable ride.

Best Zero Turn Mowers Under 2 Acres Reviews

Now that we understand the main product features, its time to review the leading brands in the market to help you find the perfect zero-turn mower.

Best Electric Zero Turn Mower

  • Cutting Deck: 42 Inches
  • Battery Power: 40-60 Ah
  • Speed: 3-8 mph


  • A single battery charge will power this mower for up to two acres, with 2 extra battery slots for upgrading to 3 acres run time
  • Quiet 56V motor powered zero turns with Zero-emissions
  • A single battery charge will power this mower for up to two acres
  • This mower has 6 battery slots and 4 x 10Ah batteries included
  • Outstanding onboard LCD onboard control panel


  • None when purchasing this mower for residential use up to 2 acres

Looking for an eco-friendly, robust, durable machine with an excellent run time? The Ego 56V 42-inch Zero Turn mower is an incredible machine that stands out in a crowded marketplace. I really do love this mower and its no surprise its become such a popular machine.

The manufacturer rates the 42-inch ZTR mower as equivalent to a gas-powered 22 HP engine and in use, I cant argue, it has plenty of power.

The batteries are interchangeable with any other 56V outdoor power tool from the Ego power tool range. This model ships with 4 x 10Ah batteries included with the option of adding a further 2 x 10Ah batteries to add to the six battery slots available, allowing this machine to run to over 3 acres on a single charge.



  • Nothing at this price





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Cons Of Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Lack of Versatility

This might seem a strange thing to say after we just talked about how maneuverable this type of mower is. But, in this case, were not talking about maneuverability. Were talking mostly about attachments. Or rather, the lack thereof. Lawn tractors offer numerous attachments that will turn them into everything from a mulcher to a snowblower to a front end loader. Thats not the case with the zero turn mower. There are precious few attachments available.


The Learning Curve

A lawn tractor uses a familiar steering wheel setup that is very simple. The zero turn mower uses a more complex twin handle navigation system that can take some time to get used to. Once you do master it, youll be good to go. But it could take some time, so beware.


Not Great on Hills

Zero turn mowers do an outstanding job on level ground, but begin to falter a bit on hills. Compared to the lawn tractor the zero turn mower has a harder time grasping uneven terrain, likely because there is no drive capability in the front wheels. Its also possible to inadvertently pop a wheelie with this kind of mower since the front end is so light. Its not common, but it can happen, especially on hills, if you accelerate too quickly.


They Add to Your Carbon Footprint

While a zero turn mower is usually more fuel efficient than a comparable lawn tractor, it nonetheless burns fossil fuels and releases its share of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


Storage Issues

Yes You Need A New Gas Can

TOP 5 Zero Turn Mowers for $3000 | 2022

Remember DO NOT buy E15 fuel. It will ruin your engine! With todays ethanol-blended fuel you need a gas can that seals tight. It helps the fuel last longer and the escaping vapors wont wreck the environment. But the biggest problem is to find one that works. The cheap ones dont have vents so it takes forever to fill the tank on your lawn tractor. The cheap ones are also flimsy and the spouts break after the first year.

Well, Ive found two brands that work great! I have both brands and I use them all the time. They are vented inside the spout so the fuel pours quickly yet seals tightly when not in use. Ill give you links at Amazon for two sizes. I suggest buying the size so that you dont keep more than a month of fuel around the house.

recommended No-Spill 1405 2-1/2-Gallon Poly Gas Can. A good size for snow blowers and push mowers.

recommended No-Spill 1450 5-Gallon Poly Gas Can This one has a second handle in the back so it is very easy to use and hang onto when pouring into your fuel tank. A good size for lawn tractors and zero-turns.

If you have a problem holding a gas can the SureCan is a great can. Its very comfortable to use and built well.

I also recommend K100

Other fuels stabilizers to check out: Fuel Stabilizers

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Is The Best Deals On Zero Turn Lawn Mowers Right For Your Needs

The question that you have to ask yourself before buying any of the best deals on zero turn lawn mowers is whether or not they will suit your needs. Besides, you must clearly define what your needs and purposes are. From there, you can choose the best product and serve it according to your requirements.

Cub Cadet 17azeac5010 Zt3 60 Ultima Zero

Cub Cadet 17AZEAC5010 ZT3 60 Ultima Zero-Turn Riding Mower Cub Cadet Ultima ZT3 60 in. Fabricated Deck 24 HP… Buy Here

Cub Cadet has had a commanding presence in the lawn tractor and riding lawnmower industry for decades. So, you can trust that they are going to get it right the first time, while still continuing to improve the greatest hits in their line.

You see this in the commanding power, engineering and build quality of the Cub Cadet ZT3 60. It has a very powerful 725 cc Kawasaki engine that powers the gigantic 60-inch cutting deck and pressurizes the Commercial-grade dual Hydro-Gear® ZT-3100 hydrostatic rear-wheel transmissions. This makes it an effortlessly nimble zero-turn riding lawnmower.

The Cub Cadet ZT3 60 has a brisk maximum speed of 7.5 miles per hour, which is great for times when you need to get from point A to point B or you simply dont want to waste a lot of time getting back to the trailer or garage to refuel. It also has the ability to mow in reverse at up to 3.5 miles per hour.

This model has a 60-inch cutting deck is made from heavy-duty 11-gauge steel and has guide wheels to help prevent scalping. It comes set up for side discharge. However, there are bagger and mulching accessories available for a very reasonable price. They also offer a plow attachment, plow extension, and tire chains for people who want a four-season vehicle to help clear away a modest amount of snow.

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Zero Turns Under $4000

Our picks for the best zero turn mowers under $4,000 are larger and more powerful and are better for properties larger than an acre. Both of our choices for this tier come from the nationally-leading brand Hustler Mowers.

The upgraded version of the standard Hustler Raptor, this model often features a larger deck and a bigger engine for more efficient mowing. However, with an entry price just a little over $3,000, this is one of our choices for the best zero turns under $4,000.

  • 21.5hp and 23hp Kawasaki Engine
  • Ideal for 1 acre with 6.5mph mowing speed
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Discover what to look for in any zero turn mower!

Adding even more power to the Raptor platform, the XD model offers an even faster mowing speed as well as the potential for a wider deck.

  • 21.5hp, 23hp, and 24hp Kawasaki Engine
  • Ideal for 3 acres with 7.5mph mowing speed
  • Warranty: 3 Years / 300 Hours

Want to try one or more of these zero turns under or around $4,000?

Best Zero Turn Lawn Mower Reviews 2022

commercial zero turn lawn mowers

Jason Thompson

May 20, 2022

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This post was updated on: August 2, 2022

Theres a lot of information out there about how using a zero turn lawn mower can cut your mowing time in half. For those used to mowing with a traditional lawn tractor or push mower, you might feel like everyone that says this is just trying to sell mowers. But zero turn mowers offer LOTS of advantages over other traditional riding mowers.

In this article, were going to show you everything you need to know to find the PERFECT zero turn radius mower for your needs. Well discuss size, power, options, and attachments. Well talk about which models work on hills and which wont.

Below, youll find our picks for the best zero turn riding lawn mowers for both residential and commercial applications.

We cover all the key features and options, so you get the best mower for the money.

We also have handy tables to help you choose the right model based on the size and configuration of your lawn.

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Editors Choice: Ego Z6 Zero Turn Mower Battery Powered

Why We Like It

The EGO Z6 ZT4204L -42 Zero-Turn mower with a motor equal to a 22 Hp Gas-powered engine has undoubtedly become the most popular lawnmower on the market for homeowners with large yards.

This incredible zero-turn mower took the battery-powered equipment industry by storm two years ago and has only been improved upon ever since.

Since inception, the EGO zero-turn battery mower has been enhanced with every imaginable bit of performance and creature comfort you could hope for. Of course, a 42 ZTR mower from EGO comes with a pretty price tag, which is the only reason we hesitated naming the EGO zero turn mower our Editors Pick.

At the time of publishing, the price for the EGO Z6 is just under $5,000. But If that price fits within your budget, read-on, and consider the benefits of owning this incredible piece of lawn equipment.

EGO Z6 Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Video:

Specifications for the EGO Z6 Zero Turn Mower

  • Large: 42-inch Steel mowing deck
  • Equivalent Power to 22 HP Gas Engine
  • Independent Brushless Motors

Final Thoughts On The Best Zero

A zero-turn riding mower is ideal for navigating around sharp curves, obstacles, and landscaping beds. They are also the best type of riding mower for covering big areas quickly. Residential zero-turn riding mowers give you nearly all the power of the commercial-grade behemoths, but at a more manageable size and price. These nimble mowers are the perfect yard tool for lawns ranging between one and three acres. Find a comfortable seat, an adequately sized cutting deck, and a brand name known for quality. Discover todays best zero-turn lawn mowers to effectively and efficiently maintain your yard.

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Less Trimming And Weed Eating

It goes without saying that, if your mower is maneuverable, youll be able to reach more of the grass in your yard. This means less time weed eating after mowing. The tight turn radius and precision allows you to get into all the tough spots that used to get missed.

Landscapers and lawn care experts often say that changing over to zero turn mowers enable them to cut their weed eating time in half.

Features To Consider Before You Buy A Zero

TOP 5 zero-turn MOWERS under $5,000 in 2021

Zero-turn mowers are making a huge impact on the residential and commercial mowing scene. But, owning one isnt as simple as walking into your nearest hardware store and picking your favorite one.

Its important to consider features that will enhance your mowing experience and get the job done as efficiently as possible. Weve listed a few of the more popular features to consider before making your final choice. Lets break them down.

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Snapper 360z 19hp 36 Zero Turn Mower

Best zero turn mower under 3000 for small yards runner up

This is a really great zero turn mower for small yards. It has a 36 cut which will get your lawns done in no time, and being a zero-turn, youll zoom around flower beds and obstacles.

What I really like about this mower is the integrated rear cargo bed. Its a little carry platform where you could store a bag of fertilizer to disperse while youre mowing, or anything else you might want to take with you.

As Snapper says: Haul dirt, carry tools and flowers, and of course, cut the grass with the 360Z Zero Turn Mower


What We Didnt Like

  • 3-gallon gas tank is the smallest on this list
  • 36 cutting width is much smaller than the top mowers on this list

Best Zero Turn Mower For Hills And Steep Slopes

Mowing the lawn on hills and steep slopes creates unique challenges. The best zero-turn mower for hills should be a product that features a performing motor, a strong transmission, and wheels that deliver plenty of traction.

These features are a few of the things I looked for when testing different zero-turn mowers. I tried several commercial and residential models to determine which ride-on mower is the best buy for those who need to negotiate hilly terrains.

  • Best Zero Turn For Uneven Terrain
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    The Different Types Of Zero Turn Mowers

    As the popularity of zero turn radius mowers has grown, manufacturers have added control features to appeal to a larger number of consumers and professional landscapers. These include features such as lap bars, steering wheels, and joysticks as well as different blade mount configurations such as mid-mount and front-mount.

    The right type for you depends on a variety of variables. How do you plan to use it? Are you mowing once a week? Perhaps youre starting a lawn care company? Or maybe youre adding to an existing fleet. Lets take a quick look at each type available on the market.

    Lap Bar Control

    The majority of zero turn mowers utilize lap bars for control.

    The lap bar is the most common steering method. In my opinion, it is the best method and is also used exclusively by Ariens. There are two lap bars, and each controls one of the rear wheels. Pushing the bars forward simultaneously causes the mower to move forward. Pulling back will stop the machine, and then reverses the wheels. Pushing one side forward while reversing the other causes the mower to turn sharply in the direction of the forward lap bar. The neutral position is generally the brake.

    Steering Wheel Control

    For those that arent comfortable with lap bars, or that have to deal with slopes

    In order to appeal to a broader number of potential customers, manufacturers have also developed zero turn riding mower products with steering wheels. These function just like the wheel in your car or current lawn tractor.

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