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Used Ride Lawn Mowers For Sale

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Buy Now 10+ Used Riding Lawn Mowers For Sale Under $500 By Owner

Craftsman mower for sale

Purchasing a gently used lawn mower is going to be more affordable than purchasing a new one of similar quality. Nevertheless, buying a used one would save you a significant amount of money.

To make a second-hand purchase, you must consider the following:

Is it effective? How is the condition of the mower? What is the new price of the same item? Approximately how old is it? Is there enough time to fix it, and is the material still available? Does it need to be repaired, and what will the cost be?

All About Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mowers

Mowing the lawn is an important household chore. A neatly kept lawn discourages pests, prevents damage, and provides a positive image for the home. You can find a wide variety of new and used Cub Cadet riding lawn mowers on eBay to help make this job a bit easier.

What kinds of tractors and mowers does Cub Cadet make?

Cub Cadet branded riding lawn mowers can be found in a variety of styles that are built to serve different needs. Here are the most common types of riding lawn mowers offered by the company:

  • Zero turn mowers: These mowers are meant to be used when cutting large properties. Zero turn mowers have a zero-radius turning ability, which is designed for getting in close to corners and hard-to-reach spots. These mowers also have engines with up to 23 horsepower.
  • Standard tractor-style mower: This model has front engines that can reach up to 22.5 horsepower, such as Cub Cadets Enduro model. It is also designed to work with a wide array of attachments for other jobs.
  • Rear-engine mowers: Typically, these mowers have low horsepower and a small cutting radius but feature smoother handling and greater traction. They are manufactured with smaller yards, yards with obstacles, or property with small inclines in mind.

What size deck do you need?

What else can tractors do?

  • Snow blowers or plows
  • Leaf sweepers or bagging systems
  • Canopies or shades

Best Gas: Cub Cadet Lt42 Xt1 Enduro Lt 42 In 195 Hp Hydrostatic Drive Gas Riding Lawn Tractor

Home Depot

  • Compatible with a variety of attachments

  • Complicated to mow in reverse

For a powerfuland versatilegas mower, you cant go wrong with the Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro LT Lawn Tractor. Its powered by a 541cc engine that offers 19.5 HP, and its 42-inch deck has a twin blade system that side-discharges grass clippings. The tractor and deck are made from heavy-duty materials, and Cub Cadet backs it with a three-year warranty with no hour limit.

This mower has a hydrostatic transmission that eliminates the need for shiftingjust push the pedal and goand there are 12 cutting height positions to choose from. It has a tight 16-inch turning radius as well as cruise control and LED headlights, and because its a lawn tractor, it can be outfitted with a variety of multi-season attachments.

Price at time of publish: $2,499

Cutting Width: 42 inches | Power Type: Gas | Weight: 570 pounds | Cutting Options: Side-discharge | Size of Yard: 0.5 to 2 acres

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Best Overall: Ryobi Ry48111 100 Ah 38 Electric Riding Mower

  • Great performance, even in thick grass

  • Quiet operation

Who else recommends it? Bob Vila also picked the RYOBI Electric Riding Mower,

What do buyers say? 1,300+ Home Depot reviewers rated this 5 stars.

It may surprise some people, but our top pick is this battery-powered model from RYOBI. The zero-emissions model easily matches gas mowers in terms of power, cutting through thick grass with ease while demonstrating impressive maneuverability. Plus, it’s fume-free and practically silent, generating only minimal noise.

The RYOBI electric mower has a 38-inch deck, and its 48-volt batteries can run for two and a half hours per charge, allowing you to cut up to two and a half acres in a single session. The two-blade deck has 12 different cutting heights, and the mower offers convenient features like cruise control, LED headlights, and USB charging. There are no belts, spark plugs, or filters, making it easier to maintain than a traditional riding mower.

Our only complaints? The seat gets uncomfortable if you’re mowing for long periods, and it doesn’t have a mulch setting. Still, if you’re in the market for a reliable ride-on mower and ready to switch to a battery-powered model, this is your best bet.

Price at time of publish: $3,199

Cutting Width: 38 inches | Power Type: Battery | Weight: 678 pounds | Cutting Options: Bag, side-discharge | Size of Yard: 1 to 2 acres

Things To Consider When Looking For A Used Riding Lawn Mowers For Sale Under $500

Used Cub Cadet Riding Mower For Sale

Having a long-lasting lawn mower isnt always necessary however, during gardening season, its unavoidable. So, you may not suddenly gather the money to buy a brand new lawn mower. That is when you can go for a used lawn mower. If you are looking for an affordable one of good quality, you can look for used Lawn Mowers under $500.

Following this, you should consider before buying a used mower.

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Hp B& s Engine Ce Riding Lawn Mower

17.5HP B& S Engine CE Riding lawn mower

It is an auto control lawn mower. You do not have to ride on it to clear your lawn. You can control it through your smartphone and select areas you want it to cut grass from. It has a steel body which is very sturdy. It includes a grass box to store the grass so that your lawn stays clean while cutting. It is totally self-propelled. Its forced air cooling feature controls its temperature and avoids accidents. It has a folding handle which you can keep folded when you are not using it and keep it compact. The price range starts from 270$.

The Best Way To Avoid Buying A Bad Used Lawn Mower

The average homeowner is probably hesitant about buying a used lawnmower since they fear it will be a worn-out or useless piece of equipment. The possibility of this happening can be avoided. If you want to buy a high-quality used mower that can last for years, you need to spend more time on the shopping process than you would on buying a new mower. But it is always possible to end up with an inferior piece of equipment when you buy anything used.

Lawn mowers can be found in many different sizes and shapes and for different price points. Choosing the right mower for your property depends on its size, your strength and physical condition, and the purposes you are trying to achieve.

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Kubota T1400 Riding Lawn Mower

Kubota T1400

T series lawn and garden tractors include the T1400 Kubota tractor. There are no reverse or forward gears on the Kubota T1400s motor. This machine has a single-cylinder 0.4-liter gasoline engine and a belt-driven hydrostatic transmission with infinite forward and reverses speeds.

Its engine was a Kubota GH400. With an internal combustion engine displacement of 0.4 L, 389 cm2, , its cylinder bore is 84.2 mm , and the piston stroke is 70.0 mm . The power output for this engine was 13.7 PS. In addition to manual steering and an open operator station, the Kubota T1400 has an 8.3-liter fuel tank.

Inch Ride Lawn Mower And Tractors

Buy Used John Deere Riding Lawn Mower (NON RUNNING!!) – Tips & Tricks

30 Inch Ride lawn Mower and Tractors

30 Inch Ride lawn Mower and Tractors are small and compact mowers. The used ones are available on, so you can order them online. It is super cheap as the price range starts from $25.65 only. It can be customized as you want. It does make a loud noise while working but serves the purpose.

Equipped with a powerful and quiet Locin 15hp 432cc engine, this is a compact CHANGJIANG lawn mower, ride-on lawn mower, and tractor. With the engine positioned centrally, the cockpit offers an unobstructed view with a comfortable step-through platform allowing for adequate legroom and easy access. You can cut smooth along the edges by using the extremely tight turning radius, which eliminates the need for trimming. A tool-free leveling system from CHANGJIANG makes it easy to level the cutting board quickly and efficiently. It can hold 176 liters of grass in its optional rear bag. Aside from the side discharge, the mulcher can easily be converted to a side discharge rider.

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Zero Turn Vs Lawn Tractor

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a lawn mower is the size and shape of your lawn. Imagine using a push mower to tear down an acre of overgrown grass. Definitely not ideal. For something like this, youâll want a riding mower. Your two best options for these mowers are zero turn mowers and lawn tractors. Zero turn mowers are much more maneuverable than lawn tractors, which makes them a good choice for oddly shaped lawns and fields. Theyâre also much faster than their lawn tractor counterparts. This gives them an advantage on bigger fields. Lawn tractors have the benefit of usually being much cheaper than zero turn mowers. If you want the best value, a quality lawn tractor might be the best choice.

Best Small: Cub Cadet 30 In 56

Courtesy of Home Depot

For a riding mower that wont take up too much space in your shed, this battery-powered model from Cub Cadet is small yet powerful. It has a 56-volt battery that offers up to 90 minutes of runtime, and it actually charges back up in around 4 hoursmuch faster than larger models. The mower has a 30-inch deck that can side-discharge or mulch grass clippings, and it also boasts a tight 18-inch turning radius that lets you navigate around obstacles with ease.

This compact mower is designed to easily fit through gates, and the brand claims it only takes up the space of two garbage cans. It has a high-back seat for comfort as well as cruise control and two USB charging ports, and you cant beat its low-maintenance design.

Price at time of publish: $3,199

Cutting Width: 30 inches | Power Type: Battery | Weight: 362 pounds | Cutting Options: Mulch, side-discharge | Size of Yard: 1 to 2 acres

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Whether The Mower Is Price Worthy

Price is obviously the first thing anyone notices before buying something. Nobody would buy used stuff if it wasnt for the prices. But even though used mowers come at a cheap price, make sure to compare new and used mowers side by side, which will allow you to set realistic expectations for the second-hand mowers youre considering buying. One should pay at least 60% off retail on a two or three-year-old mower, and only if its in good condition.

A new lawn mower is available at a variety of price points. A self-propelled, gas-powered, walk-behind mower with special features is not uncommon to cost several thousand dollars, while riding mowers can start at about $500 and go up from there. Consider what you are looking for in a mower. Make a list of features and options.It is easier to decide whether a used mower is a good purchase if you know what features and prices you need.

Why Trust The Spruce

Small Riding Lawn Mower for sale

This article was written by Camryn Rabideau, a freelance contributor for The Spruce. As someone who grew up on a 70-acre farm and owns a 5-acre parcel herself, shes no stranger to lawn mowers, and shes written extensively on them. Shes also personally tested the RYOBI 38 in. 75 Ah Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower and used other riding lawn mowers from RYOBI and Husqvarna.

While selecting lawn mowers for this list, she looked at factors such as their deck size, power source, special features, comfort, and warranty period. She also spoke with Caroline Skelton, Go-To-Market Manager for Riding Lawn Equipment at John Deere, for insights on choosing and maintaining a riding lawn mower.

  • The best riding lawn mower for hills and uneven yards. Bob Vila.

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    Is Buying A Used Riding Lawn Mower Worth It

    The reliability of lawnmowers, brand new or old mower, isnt a matter that anyone in the industry can dispute. However, finding used riding lawn mowers under $500 nearby isnt as easy as some may think.

    Its true that you can purchase them at a lower price and save some money, but its only worth buying if you got yourself some good deals. Keep in mind that getting a used garden tractor means youre betting on a machine thats been operating for quite some time.

    And while its not impossible to score cheap riding lawn mowers in good working condition, you have to be wary of cutting tools with defects that need costly repairing.

    Find Used Riding Lawn Mowers For Sale Under $500 Near Me

    Riding lawn mowers, also known as ride-on or tractor lawn mowers, allows you to sit comfortably and cut large backyards or lawns fairly quickly. Thats right, no more pushing your mower for hours! These mowers often get used for maintaining lawns of parks and golf estates as well. Besides making your job cutting your lawn a lot easier, they offer some additional benefits:

    • They start with a key no pulling and tugging to start your mower anymore
    • They help you save a lot of time and dont require a rocket science degree to use
    • You can use them for other tasks around the house snowplow, trailer, towing

    As you probably already know, these machines can cost a lot thousand of dollars if bought new. In fact, they usually range between $1000 $4000 brand new. Often you can find used riding lawn mowers under $500 in good working condition if you know where to look. Thats exactly what weve tried to help you with there! Below weve added a bunch of listings from eBay for you to look at in your area.

    We hope you enjoy and find useful the products we recommend. The Old Homestead Farm may earn a share from sales generated from links on this page.

    If you dont find what you are looking for on this page by looking at the product list above, you can see more eBay listings here. Also, be sure to visit these pages for used zero turn mowers and traditional push lawn mowers.

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    Best Zero Turn: Toro 75746 42 In 225 Hp Timecutter Commercial V

    Courtesy of Home Depot

    • Learning curve with handles bars

    The Toro 42-Inch TimeCutter Gas Dual Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower is ideal for anyone who has a large yard with many obstacles. Its zero-turn design gives you the ability to turn on a dime, and its powered by a 22.5 HP engine that can handle virtually any condition. Plus, the 42-inch steel deck allows you to cut wider paths, and the brand claims this model can help reduce your mowing time by up to 50 percent.

    This lawn mower offers speeds up to 7 miles per hour in mow mode and 5.5 miles per hour in towing mode, and its decked out with features to keep you comfortable, including an under-seat storage compartment, built-in cupholder, and step-through front end. The zero-turn mower comes with white glove delivery, saving you from having to do any assembly, and the brand offers a three-year residential warranty with unlimited hours.

    Price at time of publish: $3,599

    Cutting Width: 42 inches | Power Type: Gas | Weight: 502 pounds | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch, side-discharge | Size of Yard: 1 to 2 acres

    Price Of Used Lawn Vs Brand New Lawn Mowers

    What to look for when buying a used riding mower!

    Whether youre searching for the nearest tractor seller or thinking of going online shopping, brand-new lawn mowers will not come at a cheap price. Its cost may vary depending on the brand, but its average price can range a bit over $1000. In fact, a tractor with a bigger mower deck and zero turning radius could even reach up to $15000.

    You may think this example pricing is outrageous, but our team would like to note that these machines arent just pushing mowers you typically use near the house or in your family garden. This machine is highly capable of handling an extensive grass cutting job that can take hours to deal with, so its expensive cost is justified.

    If you want a cheaper deal, you can buy an old riding lawn mower from its previous owner. Like a new tractor, its pricing may vary on brand. The only difference is you should consider a bunch of problems like having a Cub Cadet mowers belt issue when pricing used tools.

    But regardless of their usage history, seller reputation, or deck and engine condition, a secondhand riding lawnmower is definitely sold cheaper than new ones.

    If you want an accurate cost comparison, our team recommends checking out online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, as these platforms house both new and previously owned riding lawn mowers.

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    Our Top Pick Is The Ryobi 48v Brushless 38 In Electric Riding Lawn Mower

    We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

    The Spruce / Camryn-Rabideau

    A riding lawn mower is ideal for anyone with a large yard, requiring less time and energy to operate than a traditional push mower. Over the last four years, we’ve spent hours researching and testing riding mowers from the top brands, evaluating maneuverability, safety features, noise level, and overall value.

    Our favorite is the RYOBI 48V Brushless 38 in. Electric Riding Lawn Mower, a stand-out for its quiet operation, easy maintenance, and performance, especially on rough terrain.

    Here are the best riding lawn mowers.

    Best Lawn Tractor: John Deere S120 42 In 22 Hp V

    Courtesy of Home Depot

    • Wide range of accessories available

    • 30-second oil change system

    • Bagging and mulching kits sold separately

    Lawn tractors like the John Deere S120 offer more flexibility for homeownersin addition to mowing, this gas-powered machine can be used to spread grass seed, sweep your lawn, and even snow blow in the winter. Its compatible with a wide range of multi-season accessories, and its also a solid riding mower with a 22 HP engine and 42-inch deck.

    This lawn tractor has a fully-welded steel frame and 13 different cutting heights. The seat can be adjusted to 10 different positions to keep you comfortable, and the tractors 30-second oil change system makes it easier to maintain. The mower has a new easy-read fuel gauge, and it even has cruise control for effortless mowing in large yards.

    Price at time of publish: $2,699

    Cutting Width: 42 inches | Power Type: Gas | Weight: 444 pounds | Cutting Options: Side-discharge | Size of Yard: 0.5 to 2 acres

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