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Best Zero Turn Mower For Hills And Steep Slopes

2014 Wright Stander w/ 52″ Deck Commercial Lawn Mower For Sale: Mowing Grass!

Mowing the lawn on hills and steep slopes creates unique challenges. The best zero-turn mower for hills should be a product that features a performing motor, a strong transmission, and wheels that deliver plenty of traction.

These features are a few of the things I looked for when testing different zero-turn mowers. I tried several commercial and residential models to determine which ride-on mower is the best buy for those who need to negotiate hilly terrains.

  • Best Zero Turn For Uneven Terrain
  • Zero Turn Tires For Hills

    Zero-turn mowers are different from lawn tractors because they have a cutting deck in front of the operator rather than underneath. This design improves maneuverability and allows you to get into narrow spaces.

    The increased maneuverability allows you to cut lawns faster, but you need to make sure the tires will handle slopes and hills.

    Zero-turn mowers sometimes have smaller casters to increase speed and maneuverability. However, youll get more stability and traction with wider casters. You should also look for larger rear wheels with deep grooves that can propel the mower forward.

    When Is Steep Too Steep

    Some areas are too steep for you to operate a zero-turn mower safely. You might notice that you dont have enough control when going downhill or that the front of the mower loses contact with the ground when you go uphill.

    Check the documentation for your mower to see if the manufacturer lists any slope inclinations that are unsafe. All items on the best zero-turn mowers shortlist are recommended for use on hills or slopes by the manufacturer.

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    Do Zero Turn Mowers Work On Uneven Ground

    Yes, you can use a zero-turn mower on uneven ground, slopes, and hills. Features like the performing engine, large tires, and heavy deck will give you the stability you need.

    However, its essential to watch your speed, avoid obstacles when possible, and always keep your front wheels perpendicular to the slope. Always be sure your mower manufacturer states that the mower is suitable for use on uneven ground and use it as I have described and you will get the best out of your zero-turn mower on hilly terrain.

    Mowing Slopes With Zero Turn Mowers

    Wright Mowers Stand

    There are a few tips to keep in mind when mowing slopes. You should control your speed with the transmission instead of relying on the brakes.

    Its best to go slow, especially if youre not familiar with the terrain. Its safer to mow up and down slopes rather than to drive parallel to them. You should also watch out for bumps and holes.

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    Experience An Unmatched Ultra

    The spacious operator platform delivers a smooth ride and reduces operator fatigue. Adjustable suspension spring can be moved forward or backward, with, or without, the spacer plate installed to meet the operators comfort preference. Extra-large, extra-thick operator comfort cushion ensures comfortable operation, hour after hour.

    Cutter-Deck Lift System

    Choosing A Zero Turn Mower For Hilly Terrain

    A zero-turn mower is a significant investment, and there are a few features you should consider to pick a product adapted to your needs and budget. Its worth pointing out that a zero-turn mower is a slightly different machine in terms of its general handling of terrain than more general lawn tractors and riding mowers. Zero-turn mowers typically have faster ground speed, smaller wheels, and obviously zero-turn capabilities usually by way of the steering controls. If youre not sure what mower is best for you maybe take a look at Best Riding Lawn Mowers For Hills And Slopes.

    Here are some of the most important things to look for if youre dealing with hilly terrain on a zero-turn mower.

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    Ferris Srs Z1 Soft Ride Stand

    Another one is from Ferris SRS Series, but this is much smaller compared to the Z3X.

    However, does its size makes it lesser than its bigger counterpart? Lets find out!

    As the smallest standing mower here, you can say it embodies being a compact package through and through.

    Although, compared to Husqvarna, the Z1 compactness means smaller in size, not jammed together to force its fake image of compact.

    Given its size, it can only cut up to a 36-inch width, just enough for over a half-acre, at max. The iCD Cutting System keeps the cut grass from clumping inside the deck, which Snapper didnt get the memo of.

    On the topic of cutting, you can adjust its height in quarter-inch increments from 1.75 to 4.5 inches.

    A twin-cylinder engine with hydrostatic transmission makes its home inside the Z1 while a modest 19 horsepower keeps it going, alongside the 6-gallon fuel tank in its arsenal.

    As youve noticed, the Z1 doesnt differ much from the Z3X since this also sports the suspension platform system that comes with being part of the SRS Series and its limited four-year warranty.

    Although minor, there are a couple more differences it possesses.

    Such as the speed-controlling system. Instead of having four, you can only look at three positions.

    Another difference is leaning more as an issue.

    The belt tends to wear after hours of use, so youll have to set aside a replacement for it in case it snaps in the middle of mowing.


    • Belt tends to wear after a few hours of use

    Best Zero Turn Mowers For Hills And Slopes Reviews

    Why I Use Stand On Mowers

    Out of the different products I tested, these five options stood out as the best zero-turn mowers for hills. All of them have the design and manufacturer specifications to operate on hilly terrain or slopes.

    My criteria are based primarily on my experience using these mowers across a variety of applications, from flat to hilly terrain. Their maneuverability, build quality, and reliability play a huge part in my decision-making, and then of course all of them are designed to handle the uneven ground. So lets get on with it and review the best zero turn mower for hills.

    Best Zero Turn Mower for Hills

    • Type: Zero-Turn
    • Features 11-inch front and 20-inch rear tires capable of handling hills and uneven ground comfortably
    • Robust 52-inch fabricated cutting deck, constructed with 11-gauge tubular steel chassis
    • Features the excellent Kawasaki 726cc engine, 23hp


    • None at this price

    Ariens Ikon XD is a 52-inch Zero Turn mower loaded with features, that offers residential users exceptional value for money. Constructed around the brilliant Kawasaki 726cc engine this mower is designed to offer plenty of horsepowers to take command of your hills and slopes, but moreover, it is built for reliability.

    The chassis is11-gauge tubular steel with a high-quality 52-inch fabricated deck with casters. The deck adjusts through 13 height settings between 1.2-4.5. The Ikon XD ships with 11-inch front and 20-inch rear tires to provide excellent traction over uneven terrain even in wet conditions.

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