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Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Low Maintenance

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Go Green To Create A Lush Entry

65 Small front yard landscaping ideas low maintenance

Keep it classic with a traditional lawn and path design

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Houston, Texas, the Heights boasts a charming mix of Victorians, bungalows, and brick cottages. The owners of a cottage tasked David Morello Garden Enterprises with a remodel that would make them feel more ‘at home’. In just three months, DMGE transformed the outdoor spaces, making the inviting front yard lush and green with plants that soften the entrance.

Morello and team found it a challenge to design a year-round garden with low maintenance plants that would be able to withstand Houstons summers, which are hot, humid, and can be oppressive.

Meeting the requirements were redbud trees like the Cercis occidentalis var. texensis Japanese yew Japanese boxwood hedges Sunshine ligustrum with year-round golden foliage and cardamom-leaf ginger . The vivid green lawn is St. Augustine .

Other Houston-tolerant choices include wood ferns and foxtail ferns, lilyturf , irises, and dwarf yaupon holly . Three terracotta garden planters changed-out with annuals provide seasonal color.

Working with a budget, DMGE used fieldstone set in mortar for the front landing, while Blackstar gravel was used on the concrete driveway and service areas. Planting beds are delineated with brown steel metal garden edging ideas, which help to contain the soil, mulch, and plants.

Clean And Modern Stone Gravel Planted Beds

If you enjoy the clean lines and serenity of stone gravel beds, youll enjoy the spa-like elegance of this landscape design. The contrast between the planted beds and the neatly clipped lawn make this aesthetic ideal not only for a residence but for businesses, too! By primarily choosing low-maintenance perennials and shrubs, you can not only create more height variety and therefore visual interest, but youll also create a low-maintenance landscape that changes with the seasons. The large concrete orbs in the gravel bed create a focal point, but you could easily replace them with topiary evergreens or with large natural stone boulders for a more rustic vibe.

Low Maintenance Backyard Landscaping

The best way to create a low-maintenance backyard is to design an outdoor living space that features simple and practical elements. Your backyard landscaping should be aesthetically-pleasing while offering an outdoor area that is well-suited for entertaining.

Some low-maintenance ideas for your backyard might include building a wooden deck or a stone patio, planting evergreen trees and shrubs that are easy to care for, designing a small flower bed with brick edging, featuring potted plants and installing proper lighting to highlight focal points.

Youll want your homes outdoor area to complement your lifestyle. If you like exercising and playing games, a multi-sport game court might be a good fit for your backyard. These multipurpose paved courts can be used for a variety of sports, including basketball, volleyball, and tennis. They also take up a lot of space, so youll have minimal greenery to tend.

People who enjoy hosting family and friends can benefit from transforming their backyards into an outdoor entertaining space. You can construct a deck or use paving stones to stage discrete living areas. Set up a simple grill or a full outdoor kitchen, complete with a durable dining table meant for the outdoors. You can also group outdoor furniture around a fire pit for a more low-key hangout spot.

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Consider Moss As A Grass Alternative

The Spruce / David Beaulieu

Mosses are fuss-free plants that can be used as an alternative to grass lawns. They’re especially suitable for shady spots where most types of grass refuse to grow. They form dense patches that certainly beat having bare spots on your lawn from trying and failing to nurture grass. Sometimes moss will even pop up naturally in those shady areas. Rather than fighting it, take the path of least resistance and allow it to fill in.

Create Space For Living

Fantastic Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard

Not all yard space needs to be dedicated to gardens and grass. Think about how youd like to live outdoors: Are you a party host? Do you dream of reading books in a hammock? Would you like to put in a pool and fire pit at some point? Or add an outdoor kitchen and pergola? Design with that in mind.

Put aside traditional landscaping ideas and create an outdoor living space, rather than settling on a lawn, Sexton says.

Just keep your plans simple if maintenance is a concern.

Multiple levels, walkways, and water features can become obstacles when mowing, weeding, or updating the design in the future, Sexton advises.

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How Can I Fertilize My Front Lawn Without Chemicals

If youre using fertilizer with chemicals, you should start using low nitrogen organic fertilizer. To make the switch, wait until early spring after your soil is warmer to apply organic fertilizer on your lawn. Youll need to do it again at the end of the fall season. Organic nutrients are released throughout the growing season, which means theyll be available as needed.

Plant Ground Cover To Hide Unsightly Areas

Not all yards are flat, and grass wont grow in all places. You can use a ground cover, like Pachysandra, to add greenery and color to areas where shade or slopes make it difficult for grass to grow. With seasonal maintenance, ground cover can look neat and professional without overtaking the parts of your yard where grass and other features shine.

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How Do I Landscape A Small Front Yard So That It’s Low Maintenance

Smith has a very important top tip for keeping small front yards low maintenance: ‘It’s most important to remember that simpler is better, and the lower maintenance requires less foot traffic in the landscape which will reduce compaction and wear and tear on small plants.’

Basically, this means that a low-maintenance landscape design will have a hardwearing walkway and plants either on the sides or on a dedicated plot that isn’t walked on. You also may choose to reconsider that lawn lawns just aren’t low-maintenance, ever, so you may choose to replace yours with extra plants or a rockery.

Well-mulched borders or xeriscaped front yards are also extremely low maintenance. Xeriscaping is specifically aimed at making your front yard drought-tolerant, by choosing plants that don’t require much watering and surrounding them with gravel for added water retention. You don’t have to live in an arid climate to enjoy this type of landscaping, either, and it looks very good with both traditional and contemporary home exteriors.

Select Plants Suited To Your Climate And Garden

small front yard landscaping ideas low maintenance

The Spruce / Leticia Almeida

Landscaping with native plants has many benefits. In a nutshell, they require fewer resources and less maintenance because they are already adapted to your areas growing conditions. For instance, plants native to the southern United States thrive in lots of heat and humidity. And plants native to the desert wont need supplemental watering. So always be sure to check a plants USDA growing zone, along with its specific care needs, to make sure it will work in your garden. For example, if your landscape doesnt get much sunlight, go for a native plant that prefers partial to full shade.

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Go Large With An Oversized Planter

The front garden offers a great opportunity to make a statement. ‘As a front yard is often small in footprint, its usually better to opt for one big design statement, rather than a piecemeal effect of many different elements together,’ says John Wyer, CEO of landscape designers Bowles & Wyer .

In other words, keep things simple by paring back your choices. ‘In this design we opted for an enormous Atelier Vierkant container, planted with an equally enormous Acer palmatum, which quickly became the centrepiece of the front garden,’ explains John.

When choosing a tree for front yard landscaping ideas be sure to check its ultimate height and width as well as the growth rate. Including trees in your front yard design adds shade and structure, as well as being great for wildlife but you don’t want to take on something that will swamp you.

Multi-stem specimens such as shapely acers – one of the best trees to grow in pots – work well in small spaces because you can see through them so they don’t feel claustrophobic.

Plant Perennial Shrubs In Front Of Your House

Once you plant perennial shrubs like Azaleas or Hydrangeas, they will give back year after year as they bloom and add color to the front of your house. Many are fairly inexpensive and are easy to keep up. Be sure you consult with an expert at your local nursery for info on how to plant them with enough space, when to prune, and how to trim the perennials to prevent unwieldy growth.

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Lengthen Your Living Area

If you never use your backyard but love to entertain, theres a good chance that you could be better utilizing your space. Here, a traditional backyard has been replaced by a sophisticated outdoor seating area that transitions seamlessly into the homes interior living space. Porcelain tiles are chic enough for indoor living and durable and waterproof enough for outdoor use. Use hidden sliding pocket glass doors to separate the spaces.

Add A Rain Garden If You’ve Got A Soggy Spot

low maintenance gardens " garden"

A rain garden is kind of a mini-wetland that reduces storm-water runoff. And done right, they’re almost maintenance free because they require no mowing, no watering, and little weeding.

They make much prettier focal points than soggy grass, too.

Rain gardens are fairly easy to create, using gravel, sand, and native plants. The idea is to slow down rainwater so that less of it goes into the sewer system and more is used to nourish plant life.

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Simplify Your Small Yard

This quaint tiny house makes the most of its minuscule side yard. Despite the lack of a lawn, theres still plenty of greenery to be found. The low row of evergreen hedges helps create a distinct boundary between the house and a snug seating area. Over time, the young olive trees will grow to cast plenty of cool shade.

Use Pavers To Create A Neat Low

Paving ideas are not just for backyards if you want a more formal, smarter look, then paved landscaping is the way. Especially if your front yard borders a communal lawn, as in this example by Creative Design Maintenance , stone pavers will help create a neat border for your front yard. Pavers are also really easy to clean and require virtually no maintenance apart from an annual clean with the best patio cleaner.

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Add Character With Pretty Perennials

Many people prefer using plants instead of flowers in landscaping because they have more longevity. If you prefer the look of flowers, you can always choose perennials. While annual and biennial flowers are short-lived, perennials live at least two years . While the initial planting can be time and labor-intensive, perennials require relatively little upkeep. Potted topiary trees are an elegant but obvious pairing with this upscale home: its the riotous and colorful blooms that make it stand out.

Design A Beautiful Terrace

10 Low maintenance Landscaping ideas Without Grass No Grass Landscaping

Sloped yards are exceptionally difficult to care for, as they are prone to erosion. They are also difficult to mow and retain moisture unevenly. Installing terraced flower beds is a great way to create level planting spaces in a sloped yard. These beds are built out of massive natural stone slabs, which helps this stately structure blend into the landscape. As a bonus, these beds will help protect the environment by preventing fertilizer runoff.

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What Are The Best Front Yard Landscaping Plants

When choosing front yard landscaping plants do your research before buying to pinpoint low maintenance options that look good for months without needing constant input from you. Look for varieties that are easy to keep under control.

Make sure the planting segues with the exterior of your home, so match the clean lines of modern architecture with structured linear planting, say, or an apartment in a Victorian block with classical-style urns.

It’s also a good idea to come up with a list of plants to avoid. This should be based around which ones can get out of hand fast and leave things looking messy.

Here are some of our favourite plants for front yard landscaping ideas:

  • Start by including a selection of smartly clipped evergreens such as box, bay, hebe and laurel for year-round structure. These can be planted in beds or containers, or in both to create a visual link for continuity.
  • Plant perennials wherever possible. Annual flowers add color and wow but they only last a few weeks then they’re over. Invest in perennial plants which look good year after year for months on end such as penstemons, heuchera and lavender.
  • If you want to work in some annuals for some instant color fill pots and planters with them and switch up the look periodically by adjusting seasonally. Try pelargoniums, pansies and fuchsias as the main act in your container gardens.
  • Layer up spring bulbs in pots and beds as they will be repeat performers every year.
  • Diy The Easiest Deck Ever

    “There are lots of dense hardwoods like ipe and cedar, redwood, and composites that last a long time and are very low-maintenance,” says Tomi Landis, principal landscape designer at Everett Conroy Landis Garden Design in Chevy Chase, Md.

    While you’re dreaming of your new deck, think about this: How you will use it?

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    Emphasize Color To Complement The Homes Exterior

    Don’t be afraid to try something different with your landscaping to create a unique look

    Growing tired of increasing water bills, not to mention their weed-infested lawn, the homeowners of this beach area home in Santa Barbara, California, asked landscape architect Billy Goodnick to work his special magic and create a water-tolerant garden.

    Goodnick got to work reconfiguring the existing flagstone paving ideas to create a unique front pathway that gives the space some instant personality. Because the homeowners love color, Goodnick planted New Zealand flax along the front of the house, for their deep mahogany color and strong vertical form. A white picket fence is a smart addition across the front of the plot, with dark pink Grevillea Long John planted behind it for added privacy.

    Other plants adding more color included dark purple, mounding and trailing purple heart the vertical, grasslike yellow kangaroo paw yellow-flowering goldmoss stonecrop and red-tipped pork and beans and purple-flowered Santa Barbara sage .

    Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Conclusion

    45 Easy And Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

    When you use low-maintenance landscaping for your front yard and other outdoor living space, youll find yourself with extra time to do other things. With so many available options, you shouldnt have a problem finding low-maintenance landscaping ideas that work for you.

    For bigger projects, learn more about your USDA hardiness zone. This will help you when choosing plants for your front yard landscape. Maintaining your yard landscape should be an enjoyable experience, but only if you put forth the effort.

    Lawn care is a year-round responsibility. With this in mind, you can never have enough landscaping ideas to implement that will save you time in the long run. The best way to take care of your lawn is to stay on top of it. Your homes exterior is important and adds curb appeal. Remember, its not entirely about you, but also your neighbors. Nobody wants to live next to an unkempt lawn.

    If you want your front yard to be the focal point of your outdoor space, then you can achieve that with minimal work. The goal is to spend more time relaxing rather than working. If you tackle important maintenance issues during the early summer, for example, youll be fine for the rest of the year. When you pick plants that add to your homes curb appeal and maintain a healthy flower bed, youll have an attractive yard that others will admire.

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    Create Discrete Outdoor Living Spaces

    This enormous backyard could easily feel overwhelming to take care of, but the introduction of thoughtful hardscaping is a game-changer. The majority of the lawn is covered by paving stones which lead to a comfortable seating area arranged around an outdoor fireplace. Mulched beds with low-maintenance palm trees create separation between pavement and pool.

    What Is The Best Way To Landscape My Yard And Keep It Low Maintenance

    When you want to keep your low landscaping maintenance, you want to keep it simple and clean, especially with smaller yards. The less maintenance a landscape needs, there will be less time in the space. Foot traffic can compact the dirt, soil, or mulch and can put wear and tear on the plants.

    You also want to create borders that are well maintained and easy to determine. The best choice is flowers and plants that are able to withstand a drought. This means plants that do not need a lot of watering. Gravel around flowering plants also helps to retain water.

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    Add A Post And Rail Fence

    While typically, you install a fence to add some privacy to your backyard. When it comes to your front yard, considering adding a post and rail fence attracts visitors attention.

    A post and rail fence also creates a border around your house. For the most part, a bordered area is more attractive than a wide open space.

    Make It Family Friendly

    Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Low Maintenance

    Carefully consider your planting and material choices for a family-friendly plot

    A young, outdoorsy family that moved to the Brentwood section of Austin, Texas, enlisted the services of Native Edge Landscape to create livable spaces in the front and back yards of their all-new home.

    A compacted red-DG entry walkway is flanked by Zoysia grass. Trees include Texas persimmon , and Mexican palo verde . In addition to their beauty, plants were selected for low maintenance, minimal water use, and kid and pet-friendliness.

    Set in gravel at the edge of the property are natives and several types of ornamental grass that include blue fescue , Mexican feather grass , purple fountain grass , and pink Gulf Muhly . Plants were spaced to allow room to grow without overcrowding.

    A gate and fenced private area in front is made of long-lasting cedar, which is used in a horizontal orientation for fencing and gates throughout the property. Using the same cedar for their backyard ideas, for a playset and private shower area, helps to visually connect the two spaces.

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