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Simple Landscape Ideas For Small Backyard

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Use Walkways And Pathways

100 Simple Small Backyard Ideas | Beautiful Backyard Landscaping

Create a memorable walkway through your backyard with a simple path. Not only will a path guide a visitor through your backyard, you can use paths to divide large areas into several smaller, more easily managed sections. This will help create the illusion of a larger space and add architectural interest. You can use a variety of materials: pavers, crushed rock, bricks, stone or a more affordable option, mulch.

The 5 Best Landscaping Ideas For Small Backyards

Today, even a small backyard can look and feel spacious if it is designed the right way. With the right landscaping ideas and steps, you can have an aesthetically appealing lawn and still have enough functional space for the family to enjoy.

To get on the right track to having a beautiful landscaped small backyard, here are five ideas and tips that can help you out:

1. Create a feasible plan.

Organisation is the operative word when making a plan for a small landscaped yard. Start by thinking about the primary use of the backyard. You can then select a theme and also come up with a budget. It would also work to your advantage if you define the spaces in your small yard and make sure you know their specific purposes.

For example, you can delineate a dining or lounging area with a stone patio and separate the play area from this spot with some plantings.

2. Select the right plants.

When planning your landscape, its best to cultivate native or indigenous plants since you can be sure that there is always something growing in the yard year-round. For instance, if you live in Western Australia, choose native plants that can withstand the heat, salty winds, and sandy soils such as Coastal Rosemary and the Dwarf Bottlebrush. Keep in mind that if your backyard becomes barren, its size will be all the more noticeable.

3. Be creative.

4. Put multifunctional features.

5. Enhance your fence.

Brighten With Colourful Furniture

Even the tiniest terrace can be transformed into something exceptional. If your garden is short on square footage, a planted terrace can be a good solution, combining elegance with low maintenance. Simple paving such as travertine or traditional stone creates a sleek or rustic look, while clever planting will soften and provide privacy.

Just add comfortable seating to create an ideal outside room. Plus, if your WiFi should reaches to your terrace, you’ve got a ready made summer WFH spot.

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Tips On How To Make The Most Of Your Small Yard

  • Edging is everything: Even in small yards, the secret to making your space look perfect is by having clearly defined boundaries between major garden elements. You can achieve this polished look with edging materials such as steel, stone, and wood.
  • Mix it up: Great landscaping creates variety without chaos. Make sure you have a diverse palette of plants to work with. Youll want multiples of some plants to provide the background, while other specimen plants should stand alone as highlights.
  • Plan ahead: Dont just immediately break ground with a bunch of small yard landscaping ideas. Thats a recipe for disaster. Since youre working with a small space, its important to plan as much as possible. Start with a base map diagram of your property. Sketch out some of your favorite ideas to scale, so you know exactly what youll need to buy to finish the job.

Grow Veg In Temporary Containers

Pictures Of Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Growing veg isn’t limited to greenhouses, allotments and extensive gardens almost everyone can have a go at creating a kitchen garden. Whether you have space on your window sill to grow a few herbs, or a spot on your balcony for a tomato plant or two, there are always options for growing of your own.

And you don’t have to invest in expensive planters either. Here the Samla Box from IKEA , has been used, and it starts at $1.49 But, you could just as easily upcycle something you already have at home.

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Easy Landscaping Ideas For Big Mansions

If you live in a big house with a big front yard, you may be tempted to fill your front yard with plants and trees.

However, theres no need to fill every spacesometimes the best landscaping ideas deliberately focus on creating empty space, like in the example above.

Tip: Yellow flowering shrubs can make your design stand out with very little!

Incorporate A Bench Swing

A bench swing is a playful approach to relaxing.

Though bench swings are common porch additions, this doesnt mean you cant have one in your backyard as well. There are various prefab bench swing options available, or you could design and build one yourself. Although many bench swings can and do stand alone, you could also consider hanging one from a pergola to achieve that front-porch look.

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Herb Gardening In Unique Ways

Growing herbs in your property offers plenty of benefits. If they are portable, you can easily find their preferred shade and sun locations. Also, you can conveniently keep them in the kitchen for cooking. Most importantly, herbs are excellent edible works of art. Herb gardening in unique ways allows homeowners to easily grow their own

Build In Shade With A Pergola

10 Cheap Landscaping ideas for Small Backyards

Create a shady resting spot in your landscape with a pergola. Pergolas add architectural interest while also providing cooling shade. If building a pergola is not in your plans or budget, consider getting a pavilion instead. Pavilions are easy to install and will quickly transform a backyard into a crowd-pleasing entertainment area. Best of all, pavilions are mobile and can be placed anywhere in your landscape without much effort.

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Enhance A Small Garden Design With Formal Elements

There’s great news for those who want to grow their own but don’t necessarily like a rustic garden style: you can have a more formal-looking garden and still grow plenty of veg. Choose more upmarket paving and dot your garden with a few sculptural plants like cypress or box hedge, and you’ll have a space that is both smart-looking and functional.

Explore Tile In Your Outdoor Space

Pattern play on a tile staircase accentuates the flora.

If your backyard plans include a patio, think about adding outdoor tiles to the spacejust look for the nonslip variety. The tile can dictate the backyard style based on the pattern and materials. Terra-cotta gives off a Mediterranean haven, and graphic geometric, on the other hand, is mod.

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How Much Does It Cost To Landscape A Small Garden

You can plan your own garden, but a trained designer will help you not only with your plant selection, but also know how best to maximise your space. Some will also do the landscaping to complete the job.

Garden landscaping costs depend on the size of your garden, the complexity of the design and how much experience the designer has. An initial consultation might cost £450. A typical urban garden can cost anything from £6,000, including the design and build.

Play Up The Prairie Lifestyle

11 Clever Designs of How to Build Simple Backyard Ideas For Small Yards ...

Tall, swaying plants give your backyard allure.

If youre into cottagecore, plant a whimsical garden that looks like it came straight out of the English countryside. One of the easiest ways to create that wild, colorful aesthetic thats a staple of the cottagecore design ethos is through the use of native plants: flowers, grasses, and greenery that grow naturally without human intervention. By planting them in your yard, not only are they sure to flourish but they create that perfect prairie vibe. To find the native plants best suited for your area, google the name of your city + native plants.

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Assess Your Site And Your Garden Design

This is a crucial area that you should largely have covered when creating your garden design to understand the space you’re working with. The main reason for this part of the garden landscaping process is that you’ll be looking to identify any issues so that you can prepare your efforts and materials accordingly which will save you time and money in the long run.

This is what to consider:

  • Clear up: Is there any rubbish to remove?
  • Ground condition: Will you need to level a bumpy lawn?
  • Any awkwardly situated trees: Are they likely to obstruct walkways or get in the way of groundwork?
  • Any existing planting: hedges, Consider garden flower beds and so on.
  • Any existing structures or features in place to remove/work with: Think decks, a patio, fencing, garden rooms, water features, garden paths,
  • Drainage: Understand the state of the space after a downpour, noting any particular areas that become waterlogged.
  • Topsoil: Analyze the current state of any existing and whether any more will be required.

Plant Around Your Fence

Privacy fence ideas are something to consider as they provide a lot of utility in a backyardwhether keeping things out or in. Dress them up by planting flowers or plants along them, which will help them to blend in more effectively with the backyard space. To keep things visually interesting, consider experimenting with texture and weight by mixing an assortment of climbing plants like ivy, climbing roses, or trumpet vines shrubs like holly, Hydrangea, or lillypilly. Perennial flowers like Japanese anemones or ornamental grasses create an evocative texture.

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Shade A Dining Spot With An Awning

There’s no denying that pergolas draped in Wisteria look lovely but in a small garden it may simply not be practical.

‘It’s not a great idea to put pergolas right up against the house as this can cause a lot of unwanted shade in the winter,’ says garden designer designer, Charlotte Rowe .

If you’re going to want shade during alfresco summer lunches without limiting light in your home over the winter months, an adjustable awning is a great space-saving option for petite patios.

Hire A Gardener Pros And Cons

100 Simple and Wonderful Front Yard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

Whether you find a landscaping company in your local area or find one online, you want to do your research. Compare provides and look beyond the price.

Look for a strong online presence with plenty of reviews from previous clients. Youre also going to want to look for pictures of their work to see if it fits with your style.

This is a very large field, so youre going to want to make sure the company you choose fits with your ideas.

Give them a call or an email to see if theyare good communicators, as this is important in the relationship you will havewith your landscaper.

Remember that this can be an expensive service costing thousands of dollars.

Also, make sure to check:

  • If they are insured
  • If they have a good reputation in the industry/have been going for a while
  • If they specialize
  • How long will the job take
  • How will your budget be spent

Pros of Hiring a Landscaping Architect

  • You will have professional advice all throughout the process of designing your garden
  • You will be able to have physical help with difficult tasks
  • You wont spend as much time on the project yourself: good if you dont have much free time
  • You will be introduced to ideas and concepts you may have not figured out on your own

Cons of Hiring a Landscaping Architect

  • It can get expensive
  • You have to spend a lot of time searching for the right company
  • You dont get to do serious work yourself, which is good for your health

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Make Your Small Yard An Extension Of Your Home

Mirrors are great for creating a more spacious feel, so they are a clever addition to any small back yard landscaping ideas. Hang it on a wall or prop it on a potting table, and dont worry if the glass becomes mottled it adds a rustic feel.

If you want to make a small garden look bigger, try using a well-positioned mirror to make a never-ending path. Choose from lightweight acrylic or tough mirror glass and make sure it is well-sealed against moisture.

Landscaping Ideas With Pebbles And Rocks

Aside from plants and flowers, you can also add stones, gravel mix, and river rocks to create some texture in your yard.

In this example, a metal lawn garden edge separates the lawn from the walkway and creates an interesting contrasting transition space. A similar approach can give your front yard some classy desert vibes.

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Use Every Corner Of A Courtyard

If your small garden space is a courtyard think about how you can use every inch of space to full potential. Often a courtyard area has the potential to feel very enclosed, simply by the nature of looming brick walls surrounding it.

Using clever corner seating will not only use the space most effectively, the high-back sofa design can help to hide a large portion of said imposing walls. This in turn will distract from the walls and create the illusion of space.

Plant A Fruit And Vegetable Garden

45 Best and Cheap Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Vegetable and flower boxes bring in welcome crops.

Skip the trip to the grocery store or farmers market by adding a backyard fruit or vegetable garden. For a simple design, consider a few rows of plant beds with gravel walkways between them. Even a novice can start a backyard vegetable garden with a few basic pointers.

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Incorporate Tree Logs And Branches

A rustic pergola made from reclaimed logs.

For a rustic backyard that gives a nod to nature parks, make a garden path from tree logs in place of concrete or other artificial materials. This give-back-to-nature DIY is especially useful if you have a fallen tree or branch and are looking for a way to put the scrap material to use. Cut the logs into two-inch chunks, and seal with a waterproof wood sealer. Arrange and connect with heavy-duty wood glue where the logs touch.

Plant According To Sun And Shade

Plants need sunshine but there are plenty that don’t like direct sun all day and prefer shady spots. So plant according to your garden’s situation, as well as its soil.

‘Shady gardens can still look fabulous,’ says Alix Hollingsworth at Dig Club. ‘If your small garden doesnt get much sun, dont worry, you can still fill it with wonderful plants that can bring character and personality to the space.

‘Jungle or Forest style plants such as Ferns, Dwarf Bamboo and impactful shrubs like Fatsia japonica with their large leaves can help fill the space and create a lush, green haven. Colour can still be delivered through Geraniums such as Rozanne, Alliums and Irises which provide pops of confident colour amongst the greenery.’

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Increase The Value Of Your Property

Maybe you want to sell your property, later on, to move to a new house. Or just rent it while traveling the world.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to increase your propertys worth, landscaping is one of the best ways to do it.

If you want to get into real estate, increasing the value of your property is just something you have to do.

Maybe your lawn needs re-structuring or the irrigation in your garden has gone awry?

Landscaping to fix these issues is a sure-fire way to make your property more attractivein your eyes as well as in those of others.

Tiny Space Grow Things In Raised Beds On Wheels

Low Cost Backyard Ideas

Too little room for a permanent raised bed in your garden? You can make yours mobile by fitting wheels at the bottom. This is a really good solution for plots that are so small that you’d be able to access a fixed raised bed only on one side which is not good for your back and is just a bit awkward. and fitted to a container of your choice on a DIY basis.

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Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

If youre on a tight budget, you can find ways to lower your landscaping costs. Here are some tips to help you save money on your project:

  • Use materials you already have to create accent pieces. For example, take an old piece of furniture or even something like a wheelbarrow or bathtub and fill it with soil and flowers to create an eye-catching piece for your front yard.
  • Choose repurposed materials for edging. Using repurposed materials to create garden edging and flower bed edging is one way to bring environmental sustainability to your yard while saving money. Do you have bricks in your shed from an old garden, or stone from a flower bed the previous owners put in your yard? Use them to create the edging you want.
  • Use cost-effective materials. Instead of choosing expensive natural stones and woods to create your hardscapes, consider using concrete and gravel.
  • Opt for low-maintenance softscapes. Save money on water and lawn care services by choosing plants that require less hands-on care. Talk to a local nursery for tips on which low-maintenance native plants you should plant in your yard.
  • Mix and match materials. Maybe youre in love with flagstone but cant afford to use it everywhere. In these cases, compromise with more affordable materials such as concrete.
  • As always, shop around for the best deals on materials and furnishings and dont be afraid to ask about specials and discounts.

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