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Self Propelled Lawn Mower Vs Push

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Frequently Asked Questions About Self

Push Vs Self Propelled Mowers – What’s Better?

When should I use a riding mower?

Riding mowers are only necessary if you have a huge lawn to cut which is very uneven, hilly and time-consuming, meaning the only way to tackle it would be with a ride-on mower.

Are petrol-powered push mowers more powerful than electric ones?

Yes, petrol mowers are slightly more powerful than electric ones and may be able to handle thicker and longer grass, however, nowadays the power difference is very minor.

If I have a small flat garden lawn, what type of mower should I use?

For a small garden, you might be able to get away with a push reel mower, however, if you want a little more power, you could go for a motorised push electric mower instead.

Push Mower Vs Self Propelled

If youre prone to paralysis by analysis when it comes to making significant purchases, buying a lawn mower these days is probably a lot harder than it used to be. There are just so many choices. You could opt for a cylinder blade or a rotary blade. You can go gas or electric. Corded or cordless. Electric start up or manual. See what I mean? One common decision that people struggle to make is whether they should opt for a push mower vs self propelled. If thats you, you should find this article helpful, as were going to compare the two and look at the use cases that each one is best suited to.

Generally speaking, push mowers are more suited to smaller, flatter lawns, whereas self propelled mowers really come into their own in medium to large-sized lots, as well as on sloped or hilly terrain.

Best Budget: Sun Joe Mj401e 14 Inch 12 Amp Home Electric Corded Push Behind Lawn Mower

Courtesy of the Home Depot

  • Only three cutting heights

This budget-friendly push power is a great option for anyone with a small yard. The Sun Joe 14-Inch Corded Push Mower is compact and basic, but its extremely lightweight and easy to operate. It has a 14-inch deck made from rust-resistant material, and you can choose between bagging or side-discharging clippings as you cut.

One of the downsides of this mower is that it only has three cutting heights, ranging from 1.18 to 2.52 inches, so its not ideal for cutting overgrown grass. Youll also need to navigate around a 14-gauge extension cord as you mow, but the benefit here is that you have unlimited runtime and very little maintenance is required.

Cutting Width: 14 inches | Weight: 29 pounds | Power Source: Corded | Cutting Options: Bag, side-discharge | Size of Yard: 0.25-acre

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Self Propelled Lawn Mower Vs Push

You might be wondering whether you should go with a self-propelled versus a push lawn mower. All self-propelled mowers turn into push mowers if you disengage the drive bar. That means, if you’re feeling like getting a little more exercise, just don’t use the power drive.

The only real advantage of choosing a true push mower is if you are on a tight budget or have a very small yard . These days, though, you can get some self-propelled models for around the price of a push mower. So, getting a self-propelled mower is definitely worth it no matter what your situation.

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Matching Your Push Or Self

Types of Mower Blades: Mulching vs Non

As we mentioned above, before you decide which type of mower you want to buy for cutting your lawn, you need to make sure it fits the requirements of your lawn.

We have listed out some common lawn types below and the recommended mowers for them to help you out.

  • Incline lawns – For any type of lawn on an incline, whether small, medium or large, a self-propelled rear drive mower will be the most suitable option.
  • Flat lawns – In terms of small flat lawns, you might be able to get away with an affordable push reel mower, however, this can become time-consuming if your lawn is a medium or large size, making the better option a front-wheel-drive self-propelled mower.
  • Uneven lawns – For a small uneven lawn, it’s best to use a push mower with motorised cutting blades, if this starts to get too hilly though, it may be best to go with a self-propelled one.

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Which Should You Get For Your Lawn

If I have two options, one is self-propelled, and another is a push mower, then definitely Ill get the self-propelled mower because the self-propelled mower has a lot of power gas and versatility. It has a variable speed, allowing you to select the precise speed you want your mower to operate. It also has a large tire that can tackle a variety of terrains. These mowers are generally quicker than other mowers since you dont have to push them.

You wont feel fatigued and start dragging your feet halfway through, so your hard task will be completed faster than normal speed. The majority of self-propelled mowers are equipped with several safety measures. They frequently include a bar that serves as a gas pedal to prevent the mower from running away from you. You can usually control the self propelled mowers speed, allowing you to choose the ideal pace for yourself.

Set Vs Variable Speed

Adjustable speed settings will allow you to go faster or slower depending on the conditions of the lawn, or on your physical condition as well.

There may be days you feel like racing through your lawn mowing chores, and other days when you take your time. Adjustable speed settings can also deliver a more even cut.

A self-propelled mower with only one speed may go too fast to cut tall or thick grass evenly, or to mulch clippings very well. A hydrostatic drive with cruise control provides the ultimate in luxury.

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Best Cordless: Greenworks Pro 21 In 60v Battery Cordless Push Lawn Mower

Courtesy of Home Depot

  • 4-in-1 design allows leaf pickup

  • Battery charge indicator

  • Reviewers note the battery lifespan isn’t great

If you have a larger yard or just a lot of obstacles, a cordless mower like the Greenworks PRO 21-Inch Push Lawn Mower gives you more freedom while still minimizing maintenance requirements. This battery-powered mower can run for up to an hour per charge, and its 4-in-1 design allows you to bag, mulch, or side-discharge grass clippings as well as pick up leaves.

The Greenworks PRO Push Mower has a 21-inch deck with seven cutting heights, and its high-efficiency brushless motor provides plenty of power and torque to tackle any task. An onboard battery charge indicator lets you know exactly how much power you have left, and if you invest in an additional battery, the mower has dual ports and can switch over automatically, doubling your runtime.

Cutting Width: 21 inches | Weight: 60 pounds | Power Source: Battery | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch, side-discharge | Size of Yard: 0.25-acre

Why Should I Get A Self

Push Lawn Mower vs Self Propelled

The thing about lawn mowers is that no matter how perfect the new models or techniques may be, the oldies will remain goodies for some people but is a self-propelled mower really a progress of the push mower?

Here are 4 reasons why self-propelled mowers will suit your needs.

  • Self-Propelled Mowers Have No Use For Sufferable Manual Labor

Instead of pushing or dragging the machine over your lawn under the scorching sun, the self-propelled mower with the transmission system will do all the pushing for you, hence where the name comes from. Though they are a lot weightier in comparison to the push mowers and could be a pin in the boot to move around without switching them on, they do make up for this by powering themselves all through. All you have to do is tag along and steer. Unless you decide to mow backward, then youd have to pull the machine.

In their defense, they are not built for moving in reverse, and doing so is dangerous anyway. If youre built on the smaller side or you just rather find mowing a lot easier to do, the self-propelled mowers are for you.

  • Self-Propelled Mowers Are Built With The Strength To Tackle Hills and Bumps

Theres absolutely no reason to pick the push mower over the self-propelled if your lawn is heavy-duty. I will suggest you go for the self-propelled to save you the huge ton of unnecessary difficulty.

  • For Medium To Large Yards, Opt For a Self-Propelled Machine For a Speedier Mow
  • Self-Propelled Mowers Have a Shallow Learning Curve

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Which One To Choose Between Self

Different mowers might suit different places and different individuals. You can compare the different machines and choose what is apt for you. The push mowers can be used for smaller gardens, they may fit your budget and wont disturb your pocket. Whereas, the self-propelled mowers might be a little expensive in comparison but gives you an effortless finish with lesser manual work it doesnt make you tiresome and is good for the long run. If you have a larger area and need to arrange flower beds and shape up the shrubs self-propelled mowers can provide you with a seamless finish and effortless work. You dont want to spend the whole day mowing your yard and then lie down exhausted and feeling sick on your bed.Such great manual work with push mowers can give you back pain and joint pain. It will make you so tired that you wont feel like mowing the lawn for the next time. So you can invest in the appropriate mower according to the need and area you want to mow regularly. If you think that your small yard or lawn needs mowing once a month and you can manage to do it yourself with a push mower and dont want to increase your expense you can go for the same.So which one to buy can be a matter of perception and need.

The Advantages Of A Push Lawn Mower

In deciding the best type of lawn mower, you should know that even a standard push mower has advantages. For one thing, push mowers tend to be very lightweight often 20 pounds or lighter so theyre very straightforward to maneuver.

Their light size is a tremendous advantage when its extra hot outside, and you dont want to be out in your yard any longer than necessary!

In addition to a light size that makes mowing easy working with a push mower is excellent exercise, so if you like to get a good workout and sweat a little bit while youre cutting your grass, a high-quality push mower is perfect for you.

A manual push lawn mower is quiet and low-maintenance, not to mention a lot less expensive than a typical self-propelled lawn mower.

Push mowers can be manual or have a motor, but with both of these types, you get a lightweight, easy-to-maneuver lawn mower that doesnt take up much room and allows for many years of faithful and reliable service.

Push mowers are often the perfect choice for homesteaders with small yards or those on a budget.

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Best For Hills: Worx Wg779 Power Share 40


  • Easy to see when collection bag is full

  • Batteries compatible with other Worx tools

  • No side discharge

Self-propelled mowers are typically preferred for hilly terrain since they basically drive themselves up the slope. If youre planning to use a push mower on a hill, youre going to want something like the WORX 14-Inch Electric Lawn Mower, which weighs around 25 pounds, making it easier to maneuver up a slope. This mower has a fairly narrow 14-inch cutting deck, and its 40-volt battery can cut up to 0.12-acre per charge.

This 2-in-1 mower gives you the option to bag or mulch clippings, and there are six cutting heights to choose from. A battery charge indicator lets you know just how much power is left, and the grass collection bag has a plastic top that lets you see when its full.

Cutting Width: 14 inches | Weight: 24.9 pounds | Power Source: Battery | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch | Size of Yard: 0.50 to 1-acre

Are The Push Mowers Any Good


Putting your lawn under consideration, the push mowers are compact, simple, easy to use, and maintenance-free all good qualities if you have a small yard or lawn. Lets say, half an acre to one acre. There would be no need for a much-advanced mower, after all, you get to walk around to help keep you fit. So, yes, push mowers are plenty good.

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Recoil Vs Electric Start

You have two options when it comes to starting your lawn mower: recoil start and electric start.

Recoil start mowers are the traditional, pull-rope style. You pull a cord which turns the engine over to start the mower.

Electric start mowers require no pulling to start. In fact, all you do is turn a key or push a button to get the mower running.

If you still have nightmares about attempting to crank up an old, recoil start mower, go with an electric start. No yanking cords, just push a button and go.

How To Use A Self

Just squeeze the bar, and the mower will move on its own

Vstock / Getty Images

Self-propelled lawnmowers work on a vehicle-like drive system that requires the operator to squeeze a bar on the handle to engage the mower. Squeezing the bar causes the cutting blades on a self-propelled rotary mower to spin and makes the mower take off. After that, the mower moves forward independently, not requiring your pushing power. You only need to control the direction it goes.

If you release your grip on the bar, the mower stops moving, and its blades stop spinning. You may be familiar with this type of device if you have a hand-guided self-propelling vacuum cleaner it has its drive doing a lot of the moving for you.

If you’ve ever wondered how self-propelled lawn mowers work and if they’re worth considering for your lawn, read on to learn more.

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How To Use A Push And Self

You have to be careful while buying as well as handling a mower. A mower needs to be handled with care, safety so that you dont hurt yourself. Also if you dont know to use it properly working with a lawnmower can be a heck of a task and can make you feel very tired. If done efficiently lawn mowing seems more like fun. Few things to keep in mind about the machine is the

  • Power More power is equal to more efficient work. It helps to cut the grass evenly with less labor.
  • Sharp blades Sharp blades will ensure that your work has been done in the first go and you down have to keep mowing the same place again and again. So this part makes your work easier.
  • Height of the mower This can be a matter of ones comfort and perception. You can set the height of the mower according to your height and comfort. Make sure that this height remains fixed and you dont change it while chopping off the extra grass height otherwise they will become uneven and have different heights.

Though There Are Three Types Of Push Mowers

Self Propelled vs Push Mower: An In-Depth Comparison
  • Reel mower reel mowers constitute the vertical moment of blades to chop the grass. It uses a scissor-like method to cut the grass it is mostly used in golf fields. The reel mowers cut grass very cleanly and sharply with the scissoring action. This old-school model is very systematic. Reel mowers work with the course of frictional force to accomplish the task.
  • Electric motor mower the electronic mowers use batteries to operate the mower. These batteries are rechargeable. The volt and capacity of the batteries may vary from the mower to mower. The voltage decides the power and efficiency of the mower. These mowers have rotatory blades. These are very lightweight, easy to handle and operate. These mowers are inexpensive and are also environment friendly as there is no fume emission. These can also be used for larger lawn areas.
  • Motorized mower the motorized mower is easy to handle and use. It has self-powered cutting blades. The mower is very convenient and basic.

Push mowers work best with flat or leveled lawns or areas.

The self-propelled mowers are very easy to use as they use automated processing. You dont have to use your strength and power to use these mowers they save your time energy and reduce the manual labor and work. The speed setting allows you to cut grass according to the area. These mowers are very easy to use in the corners as well as to shape the small flower beds creatively.

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Electric And Gas Lawn Mowers

First of all, you have the 2 basic types of lawn mowers as defined by its power source: electric and gas. This is pretty self-explanatory. When you see product descriptions, almost all of them will have either the word electric or gas in the title. On those rare occasions where these words are not used, an easy way to tell whether a lawn mower is gas or electric is to see what other terms are used. If you see Briggs & Stratton in the product description, youll know that youre looking at a gas mower because Briggs & Stratton is the popular brand name of the engine used to run gas mowers. On the other hand, if you see terms like volt or cordless in the name, then youre dealing with an electric lawn mower.

On the top menu of this website, you can see various articles and reviews categorized into either gas lawn mowers or electric lawn mowers.

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