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Riding Lawn Mowers With Snow Plow

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Should I Have A Gas Mower Or An Electric Mower For My Snow Blower

Homemade Snow Plow for Lawn Tractor | Riding Mower Plow

Snow Joe Electric Single-Stage Snow Blower, 18 in., 15A Motor, SJ623E Price: $199.99 Buy Now

Youll find that most best lawn mower snow blower combo products are made for gas mowers. Youll see more power overall with a gas mower and with heavy snow, youll need all the power you can get.

All the lawn mower snow blower combos in our review are for gas lawn mowers. There are electric snow blowers you can use that dont need a tractor, and you can see some of the best ones in our review best electric snow shovels.

Motoalliance Denali 46 Plow Kit

This Denali plow kit is designed and manufactured by Motoalliance, the U.S. company which focuses on developing high-quality power sports accessories, and ATV/UTV snow plow attachments. The kit comprises a 46-in steel snow plow blade, 2 replaceable bars, skid feet, a mounting set and installation hardware. The lifting/lowering can be manually adjusted, along with an angle which can be varied depending on an application. This snow plow system can be attached to most garden tractors like Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, John Deere, etc.

MotoAlliance DENALI 46″ Plow Kit: Check the current price

Best Alternative To A Lawn Tractor For Snow Removal

So, if you dont have a tractor or a riding lawn mower and your land plot has plenty of turns and bumps, then it is recommended to pay attention to a snow clearing equipment with an improved maneuverability. In this case, you would save much time and effort instead of navigating around different obstacles. In the vast majority of cases, a or an would be a reasonable choice. This is a versatile unit indeed, operation of which is neither restricted by the snow type, nor by power supply availability. Such snow blowers can successfully perform walkway and driveway clearing from huge amounts of snow.

For instance, a self-propelled battery-powered two-stage Snow Joe iON8024-XR 80-Volt iONMAX will help you to cope with any winters nasty snowy surprises. An outstanding power of this 80V unit is provided by a 2500W brushless motor and two interchangeable 40 V 5 Ah batteries. Thus, these features allow reaching up to 30 minutes of an uninterrupted and smooth runtime in an eco-friendly manner, and with greater comfort for an operator.

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Briggs & Stratton S1227 Standard Series 27

Although not a snow blower on tractor model, you should be aware of the Briggs & Stratton mid-range two-stage snow thrower. It has the advantages of a powerful 250cc engine, offering a robust 11.5 torque that wont stick in wet snow. Besides, there are eight gears in the friction transmission.

With a 27-inch wide clearing housing by 20-inch inlet height, it does a light snow-clearing job and can throw what it clears at a distance of 40 feet.

To make things even more comfortable, you have one-hand steering and a bright LED headlight when you use your easy electric start on dark mornings.


  • Comes with 3 Year limited warranty
  • Smooth start and use snow thrower operation


  • Lacks power steering

With an approximate price of just over $970, its plenty of machine value for money. It is very rugged for homeowners who need a high-performance machine to keep homes clear of the worst snow.

Cub Cadet Xt1 Lt46 Lawn Tractor Best Lawn Tractor For Snow Removal

John Deere 170 Riding Mower with Snow Plow

Cub Cadet is a pacesetter in the outdoor power tools space, especially gardening tools. The Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series is a highly reliable tractor that is resourceful when it comes to the removal of snow from lawns. This 18 Hp mower is equipped with a powerful engine necessary for unmatched performance.

There are many lawn snow removers on the market with weak engines. Thus, many gardeners purchase them only to be disappointed when they get stuck in the snow after several operations. This mower uses an air induction mechanism, which facilitates easy cleaning, and therefore, makes maintenance easy and less expensive. I would recommend this tractor to all gardeners.

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The Husqvarna 960430211 is a top lawn mower plowing equipment on the market. This mower has a conveniently installed wash port, which makes for efficient snow clearing. This lawn tractor plowing snow machine is characterized by high efficiency as it uses a speedy transmission mechanism.

The design of this equipment features a resourceful spring, which contributes to the high performance of the machine. I also like it because of its air induction mechanism, which allows for the optimal performance of the tractor. This is a machine I would recommend any day to any gardener for efficient snow removal.

  • It does not come with headlamps for night operations

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How Do You Remove Snow From A Tractor

In most cases, the blower will clean itself during the snow blowing. It will just throw away the unwanted snow. However, if the snow stays on the blower or gets inside the tractor and the machine works in the wrong way, its better to remove it. You may just leave the dozen in the air and turn it on the snow leftovers will disappear.

Snow Removal Equipment: Lawn Tractors & Snow Plows And Snow Blower Attachments

During winter time many people have a lot of concerns related to snow removal issues. If the amount of snow is unpredictably high, you would hardly manage it with appropriate manual or even light-duty power tools. Otherwise, you would spend oodles of time and effort struggling with huge piles of snow, or wait for city crews. A mini-tractor for snow removal would be the best wayout in this case as facilitation of human labour is its primary function. Modern lawn tractors suitable for snow removal are differed by a type, design, and designation. Lets learn about them in more detail below!

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Best Riding Lawn Mower With Snow Plow You Can Buy In 2022

As there are many best riding lawn mower with snow plow on the market, it is not an easy task to find the best one for you. But wait, don’t panic. We’ve already tried many models of the best riding lawn mower with snow plow available and reviewed them carefully. This article will walk you through how to opt for the best riding lawn mower with snow plow and provide you with our selection of 18 best models on the market.

Best Lawn Mower Snow Blower Combo For Riding Lawn Mowers

Plowing Snow With Our Electric 100AH RYOBI Riding Lawnmower!

Posted on Last updated: March 7, 2021

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Is your yard covered in snow? You need the best lawn mower snow blower combo! In the winter season, the weather outside your home can become quite unpleasant if you live in a climate that is normally cold.

Instead of just singing winter-themed songs to cheer yourself up , think of a way to clear the snow that will pile up all around you. If you already own a riding lawn mower then you will be pleased to know that you can attach a snow blower tool to it.

Well look at the best lawn mower snow blower combo top 5 first, then well look at some of the things you need to look out for when youre buying a lawn mower snow blower combo. Theres a comparison table not far down as well to make it easy to compare the features of each. Enjoy!

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Pros Of Snow Blower Attachments

  • The Speed: Lawnmowers move faster, which allows you to clear lots of snow within a short moment.
  • No Straining: Since you will be riding your lawn mower when removing snow, you will not twist your ankle or run out of breath while removing the snow. The lawn mower and snow blower combination equips you with the right tool to operate safely and effectively.
  • Easy to Clear the Snow: If you have a large yard, getting this attachment is the right way to clear lots of snow. It is also suitable for a paved driveway to remove gravel and stones from the property.

Manufacturers That Are Generally Compatible

A company named American Yard Products manufactures the folllowing brands:

These brands will typically be compatible with one another, meaning that if you have a Husqvarna lawn tractor, and you buy a Jonsered snow blower attachment, they will come with any necessary hardware for installation.

Another company named MTD manufactures the following brands:

These brands are typically compatible with one another as well, so a tractor and a snow blower attachment from any of these manufacturers should include any necessary parts for installation.

This is a general statement, of course, so always make sure they’re compatible before purchasing. Some models will vary, and not all will necessarily feature the necessary subframe or mounting hardware. Below is a chart that shows compatibility between snow blower attachments and lawn/garden tractors.

We Make Buying Technical Products Simple

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Husqvarna 587293701 St42e 42

The Husqvarna ST42E snow thrower offers massive 42-inches of snow clearance for all gardeners who need a snow thrower attachment for use with tractor. The attachment can fit all tex-style tractor models from 2006 and on.

In use, it is one of the easiest to use thanks to a single electric lift button and convenient angle and direction of the chute automatically.

You can also angle the snow blower attachment to a maximum of 180 degrees without leaving the tractors seat.

You can find the Husqvarna lawn tractor snow blower throws snow at a speedy rate thanks to the high-frequency impellor. Besides, the augers are made from industrial strength metals, thus making them wear-resistant for extended use.


  • The machine can be rotated to 180 degrees while staying in the seat
  • Single-button operation for easy use
  • Unique impeller design for faster and distant discharge
  • Flexibility in regards to adjusting the chute and the pitch of the snow deflector


  • Makes smaller tractors or mowers front heavy

With a guide price of just under $1,900, this is suited to anyone who has a considerable amount of snow to clear on regular occasions. It is a lot, yet it also delivers exceptional performance.

Arnold 19a40024oem Mtd Genuine Parts 3

Lawn Mower Snow Plow 46 in. Heavy

The Modern Tool and Die Company is the U.S. based brand and one of the leading manufacturers of power garden equipment in the world.

The 42-in MTD snow blower attachment features an innovative 3-stage technology which contributes to 25% higher snow removal efficiency in comparison with conventional 2-stage models. Its 42 inches wide housing can handle up to 18-inch snowdrifts. A 180-degree throwing chute of this model comes in a robust steel design, and allows 20 ft. snow tossing and or more. The thrower also features adjustable skid shoes and scraper blades which increase its plowing efficiency and prevent any surface to be cleaned from damage.

This unit is compatible with Troy-Bilt Super Bronco XP riding lawn mower, a model of 2015, and its upgraded versions, like Troy-Bilt Pony 42X with 42-Inch Deck and 547cc Engine Tractor. It comes with a 547cc OHV engine and a forged-steel crankshaft which enhances the overall durability. Its high-performance is provided by a 7-speed transmission which can be controlled via dash panel. The Step-Thru frame design of this tractor ensures easier access for maintenance and easier attachment replacement.


HUSQVARNA 967343901: Check the current price

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Dont Allow The Snow To Ruin Your Day

The snow can be a big problem if you dont start to cope with it at the right time. The lawn tractors snow plows clean the territory quickly, and what is more, there is no need to apply them frequently. However, its better to choose the best one. The products I have described are now the top picks on the market, and I think you can find the most suitable one among them.

How do you cope with a large amount of snow? Do you use a tractor often, or you prefer other methods? Please, leave your comments in the section below.

Nordic Riding Mower Snow Plow

  • Our Price:$1090
  • Clear your paths and driveway quickly and easily
  • Lightweight and durable rubber-composite construction
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Rounded edge works with uneven surfaces and won’t gouge grass or gravel
  • Use during warmer weather to move dirt and mulch
  • Easily installs on virtually any riding lawn mower
  • Made in the USA
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

Equip your mower with the snow-pushing power of the Nordic Riding Mower Plow. This plow, made from a durable yet lightweight rubber-composite, puts your riding mower to use during the winter months.

The plow attaches easily, allowing you to quickly clear your driveway and paths. Plus, this plow has uses outside of winter: during the summer you can use the plow to move dirt and mulch or to clear away debris. Proudly made in the USA and backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty, this plow is compatible with nearly any riding lawnmower.

The Nordic Riding Mower Snow Plow is compatible with the following Lawn Tractors:

  • Strap for raising and lowering plow

The Nordic Riding Mower Snow Plow features a 1-Year Warranty.

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How To Remove The Mower Deck

TIP: Removing the deck is needed to attach the snow blade and increases ground clearance1. Park mower on level ground2. Lower the deck3. Remove front attachment bar – IMAGE 1 Pull and rotate pin LH and RH side Unhook from front of deck4. Slide deck to rear of mower until touching rear tires5. Unhook deck from height adjustment bars – IMAGE 2 LH and RH side6. Remove PTO – IMAGE 3 Slide collar forward to disengage from shaft TIP: Easier to do on LH side7. Rotate guide wheels for the deck to roll out from under mower – IMAGE 4 Pull spring pin Rotate wheel Release pin into proper hole designation8. With everything from mower unhooked from deck, slide deck from LH side to RH side TIP: Removing deck from LH to RH is easier because of the deck design9. Set deck aside – IMAGE 5 TIP: Place deck inside and out of the winter weather to prevent wear

Cons Of Snow Blower Attachments

100 AH RYOBI Electric Riding Lawn Mower Snow Plow Blade Install
  • The Cost: A snow blower attachment could cost up to $1,500, which is more than what you can get for a quality snow blower.
  • Storage: If you have limited space, it will be impossible to store the attachment because it requires ample space.
  • The Conversion Problem: Since storing your machine with the snow blower attachment is hard, you can remove it after removing your propertys snow. It becomes a hassle for many people if you lack a convenient space to switch the equipment.

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How To Attach The Snow Blade

TIP: Attaching a snow blade is the most critical step to move snow1. Install mower bracket Place mower bracket in front of mower – IMAGE 1 Lift bracket and place on front mower frame so that the rod of bracket sets inside groove of mower frame If done correctly, both pin holes should line up – IMAGE 2 Rotate spring pin and fasten to the mower frame LH and RH side2. Attach hydraulic hoses Route the hydraulic hose inside the two rings on RH side of mower – IMAGE 4 TIP: The caps of the hydraulic hoses are color coded to match with caps on mower hydraulic remote. Remove one colored cap at a time to eliminate confusion. Remove two like colored caps and install the hose to the remote – IMAGE 5 Push in on the remote socket Place hose in socket

The Correct Steering Direction

Two-wheel steering, four-wheel steering, and zero-turn radius mowers are among the steering choices available. Residents can purchase two-wheel steering mowers to maintain yards up to 3 acres because they have the shortest turning radius. These are ideal for large yards with few obstructions and tight bends. Its great for sloping terrain. The four-wheel steering mowers offer a lot of comfort when it comes to maintaining lawns larger than three acres. It can navigate barriers such as trees, plants, slopes, and other obstructions. A zero-turn mower , on the other hand, has a zero-turn radius for tight corners and curves. ZTRs are best used on level ground with little incline.

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Troy Bilt 540cc Lawn Mower Best Garden Tractor For Snow Removal


A powerful lawn mower is required to cut through the brick wall of snow, effectively. So, the Troy Bilt 540cc lawn mower has high wheels and an intek engine for easy snow removal and is undoubtedly among the best riding lawn mowers.

Physical Outlook

Similar to other lawn mowers of the same make, the Troy Bilt 540 cc mower is durably built. Moreover, it has high tires, a comfortable seat, and a powerful engine. It weighs around 535 pounds and its dimensions are 69.75 x 46 x 35 inches.


It is an automatic mower that is easy to use even in rough weather. Moreover, it has a single-cylinder automatic transmission that keeps the engine in shape.


A comfortable mid-back seat can go a long way when plowing snow. Also, it is very suitable for older people with soft touch steering, as a finishing touch.

Easy to Use

Although the Troy Bilt 540cc mower has automatic transmission, it has a manual power take-off that can be attractive to some buyers.


  • Storage issues due to size

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