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Replacement Parts For Lawn Mower

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Best Lawn Mower Blades Comparison & Rating

Honda Lawn Mower Transmission Replacement Part # 20001-VL0-P00

Lawn Mower Blades

  • set of 3 gator blades
  • blades for John Deere
  • redirects the air flow to keep the clipping directly in front of the cutting edge mulch and mow at the same speed as mowing
  • for 21″ EGO Power+ lawn mower
  • best suction power
  • measures 21″ long by 2-1/4″ wide and has a 5 point star center hole diameter
  • 3-in-1 action to produce fine cuts of grass
  • 2 blades for a 42″ cut Craftsman, Husqvarna, and Poulan front engine rider
  • compatible with a wide variety of mower models
  • medium-lift type
  • for CRAFTSMAN 50 riding mowers and zero-turn mowers

Why Repair Or Replace Lawn Mower Parts

Replacing or repairing lawn mower parts makes sense because you can save money and time.

Today its easy to find replacement mower parts online. With just a few clicks, you can have the particular replacement blade, cable, pull cord or other part you need shipped to your door. Parts are getting less expensive all the time, too.

Professional repairs cost more because youre paying for the technicians time, and repair shops often charge more than online retailers for the same parts. Non-DIY repairs take longer, too, because youll spend time carting your mower to and from the nearest repair shop. For many of these repairs, you could easily do it yourself, finish mowing and move on to other things.

Oregon Longer Life Gator Fusion G5 3

Set of 3 | For 48-inch Decks

Its another Gator blade which is one of the best in the lot. Gator always makes fusion blades of carbide material which exhibits high performance and quality.

The new thing about these Gator blades is they work well on sandy or semi sandy soil and works for landscapers who hate raking.

Another fact about these blades is their easy mounting and adjustability with the chute block of the mower, which results in mulching leaves or grass in less than two passes.

Also, if leaves surround your grass, these blades are the best leaves mulching blades.

Unlike other factory blades, these blades also work on high settings, lets say 4-inch.

You can also use the mulching blade adapter with them, so everything stays within under the deck but does work small grass.

It might not fit universally to all models, so better check before purchasing these Gators.

  • Not a universal fit


With 7-star mounting hole, these blades fit John Deere 48-inch models bearing part numbers gy20852, gx21784, and gx21785. Check-in manual before making the purchase.

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Maxpower 331376xb Commercial Toro Mulcher Blade

Second, on my list is this commercial-style mulching blade which in other words is a good toro mulcher blade.

In the light of mulching, this blade is fat better than the atomic mulching blades.

The design and looks of this blade are just like Gator which means it already tells you

I will be a good mulching blade

If you observe its cutting edge which is opposite to the teeth this blade is straight and parallel to the ground after installation.

Its straight edges will edge will make it easier for you to sharpen them whenever needed.

Your engine bog down less and grass clumping is not a problem if you are using this blade. Its only possible due to the built-in material it has which is solid and qualitative.

Equally important are the tri-cuts tips which this blade has.

It let the grass pass through it and pushes the grass towards the cutting edge to produce very fine mulch.

The durability of fins is very good compared to that of atomic blades which wore out after one season.

Fins are basically the edges I am talking about.

Its a perfect one-way fit means keep the edges towards you and install them in one try, thats where it saves time for installation.

The excellent engineering and design of this blade save your time by 50% as you have to do fewer passes, less mowing, and less work.

Compatibility: It Replaces OEM #: toro 104-8697-03, 108-9764-04.

What To Look Before Buying Mulching Blades For John Deere

Appliances For Your Home and Garden: Murray Lawn Mowers Replacement Parts

The main things I always check before making my final decision is enlisted below

Compatibility: Check the length, width, and mounting hole of your blade for proper fitment. You can also check the suitable compatibility via OEM numbers mentioned in the manual of John Deere mowers.

Material: The building material of blades directly affects their durability.

Weight: Weight will tell you how much horsepower the mulching blade will take from John Deeres engine.

Design: The design of blades affects the vacuum creation under the deck of the mower and the overall mulching process.

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Rotary Copperhead Mulching Blade

On the top of my list is a rotary copperhead blade as the name indicates, it has a head that makes it a premium grade high carbon steel blade.

Mounting on a 42-inch deck engine gives 50% more airflow at discharge, it consumes less engine power, offers less engine vibration, and comes with the finest vertical-edged teeth design for better mulching.

Additionally, Its endurable and optimally hard, which I realized in the lawn when mowing. The manual states that it is manufactured in the USA, keeping all quality standards, including ISO 9000 and Rockwell Hardness Standards.

Moreover, its perfect mounting compatibility owing to the 7-star hole makes it an excellent upgrade for John Deere as it gives less grass stripes, clumps, and engine breakage.

Though it carries some weight of 4.49 pounds which is a bit more for an old mower, well, if your John Deere is new, you can go for it with any regrets.

  • A bit heavy which infer it needs a well-maintained engine to work with


Check in your lawn mower manual if it says the replacements OEM number for the blade is GX22151 or GY208050, it is the right fit for your mower.

Best Riding Mower Mulching Blades

  • Best air lift design for better mulching

Gator blades are a great way to get the perfect cut. They come in many styles and sizes.

By all means, they have the right mount for Husqvarna riding mowers with 54 inch decks.

Basically, these blades are G3, which means they belong to the first generation launched by Oregon brand.

Uniquely, these blades are comparatively light, fast rotating, sharp and great mulcher.

Once you install them you may observe some incline in noise but thats the noise of chopping grass they make.

Right after mowing, if you check the downside of your mowers, you will see less piles of grass sticking to the deck of your riding mower because the discharging potential of these blades is great when you are mowing.

Significantly, theres nothing better than saving money while still getting what you need right? Because these blades are cheaper than market shop, yet deliver great output.

Equally important, these blades are not only made for riding but also work on zero-turn mower efficiently.

The airlift design of these blades makes it easier to mulch amid mowing on your lawn.

Lastly, all the features I explained earlier will work only if you are inserting them the right way. When you insert them on your mower keep the cutting edge towards you which is the edge that will face the ground after your mower is in the right position.

  • Nothing to mention

Maxpower mulching blade is designed for bigger jobs than your typical mower can handle.

  • Nothing to mention

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S For Craftsman Lawn Mower

Keeping your Craftsman push mower or lawn tractor well-maintained is a lot easier with Repair Clinic as your resource. At Repair Clinic, you will find genuine parts for Craftsman lawn mower, like spark plugs, mulching blades, discharge chutes, and grass bag frames.

The Repair Clinic advantage continues with free access to our DIY content library. Explore thousands of instructional videos and articles, as well as model-specific schematics, and youll soon feel comfortable repairing not only your lawn mower, but all of your outdoor power equipment, appliances, and heating and cooling products. We have all necessary parts for Craftsman lawn mower to help you repair your Craftsman lawn mower, saving you time and money along the way.

List Of The Best Mulching Blade For Toro 22 Recycle

Honda Lawn Mower Drive Belt Replacement Part # 22431-VL0-P01

On top of my list is this replacement blade for toro 22 recycler.Using on my toro it just gave me the mulching results I wanted.

I will surely give you the bullets points on what got me so attracted to this blade.

First thing first, this blade is better than the original and very easy to install.

The perfect weight and thickness make it the perfect fit for many toro models.

More to add, this blade is a true silencer for toro. After installation on the toro mower, the vibrations are reduced to none, and the sound of the mower becomes smooth.

You wont need any file to sharpen it because it is already sharp.

Uniquely, this blade is slightly longer and has an aggressive angle which results in enhanced cutting and mulching performance.

Another thing to mention here is the even cut this blade gives. You will see the evenly cut grass on your lawn after using this mulcher.

To say nothing, make sure to keep the deck settings of your toro high. It will keep the mower and blade healthy side by side giving youre the great cuts and a cleaner lawn.

Talking about the cost, this is a factory blade and costs much less than the original which is fair on all ends.

Last but not least, this blade is dull but try not to sharpen it as it is already sharp. I would say go for performance, not on the looks of this blade.

Compatibility: It fits toro recycler from 20012 to 20373 series.

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Maxpower 561815b Mulching Blades

Manufactured by Maxpower, these blades measure 19-1/2 inches in length and 2-1/2 inches in width, making the perfect fit for 38-inch John Deere.

It is also the best choice for an old model like JD160 as it fits right and creates a good vacuum without using too much horsepower from the engine. For the best blades for the John Deere D110 click here!

It requires some grinding to operate after some passes.

It works well on low settings, and the classy thing is, it is a quitter blade.

Not to mention, these blades are not the universal fit which means you can face balancing and fitment issues. So, do match your OEM replacements number before making the final decision.

  • Needs some frequent grinding for edges


These blades replace OEM #s AM141040, M112991, M154158 and 50-2270. Make sure to match as you can face balancing and fitment issues.

What I Think About The Greenworks Pro 2501202

The Greenworks Pro 2501202 is a good-quality, durable, and powerful lawnmower that can easily handle a large lawn and tough conditions. It could easily be referred to as one of the most powerful cordless mowers in the marketplace right now.

The mower offers a run-time of up to 1 hour which makes it suitable for larger yards. The battery also charges up quickly while the 21-inch blade along with a brushless motor makes mowing a lot faster and efficient.

And it comes with a 13 US gallons grass collection bag which is quite decent and works well for medium to large-sized lawns. The mower also features a push start button which makes operation a lot more convenient. And thanks to the vertical storage, you can save up a lot of space in your garage.

One of the issues I had with this mower was that it does not expel the grass properly. You would have to lift it up and shake it to ensure that the grass is not stuck. And since this is not a lightweight mower, that might be a concern as well.

Other than that, I had no problem with this mower. And if you are looking for a powerful and sturdy mower and are not on a budget, you should definitely go for this one!

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Buying Guide For Mulching Blades For Riding Mower

Choosing a mulching blade is not an easy task. There are many factors that should be considered before making a purchase, and it can be difficult to know where to start. In this guide, I will share with you the top things to consider before buying mulching blades so you can make the best decision for your needs.

There are different things you can consider before buying mulching blades

OEM Replacement Number

OEM stands for the original equipment manufacturer, so always prefer a mulching blade that has an OEM number the same as that of your old ones.

Size and Fitment

Mulching blades should be compatible to replace those old worn-out ones with the new ones so that they can work fine as before. There is a different size for different brands, model, and type of engine system. So, make sure you have the correct sized blade before purchasing.

The correct size mainly depends on the dimensions of the blades which are length, width, and thickness.


The length of the mulching blade is important when choosing the right one. Blades with longer lengths are ideal for wide-decks, while shorter blades work best on narrow decks models.


Width defines how much area can be covered by one single pass of mulch blade on grass or weeds. A wider blade leads to covering less time but more area at once whereas narrow size leads to more passes that results in high costs of labor. So, choose carefully according to your work capacity.


Number of Blades



Quality Lawn Mower Replacement Parts From Repair Clinic

Carburetor Replacement for Toro Lawn Mower Model 20353 w/ 7.25 163cc ...

Your lawn mower is likely the most frequently used piece of outdoor power equipment that you own. Proper maintenance and repair are extremely important to maximizing efficiency, reducing emissions, preventing costly repairs and extending the life of your lawn mower.

Repair Clinic stocks all the lawn mower parts, including major brands like Briggs and Stratton, Walbro, and Zama. You can also find the exact fuel cap and spark plug that match the mowers fuel tank and engine, respectively. To buy lawn mower parts online, enter the full model number of your lawn mower, or the mowers engine, at Repair Clinic lookup tool. While Repair Clinic carries lawn mower parts for all the top brands including Craftsman, Honda, Husqvarna, and Toro, youll want to make sure youre selecting a lawn mower part that is directly associated with your equipment.

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Faqs For Battery Operated Mowers

One should store a lithium-ion battery at a temperature between 50 degrees and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. They should be stored with a partial or full charge. These batteries can hold a charge for months.

Usually, a battery-powered mower might need to be replaced after around five years.

There are quite a few perks of battery mowers. They are an eco-friendly option as compared to gas mowers. Also, they are quieter than gasoline mowers. And with such a wide range of options and technical advancements, one can easily come across a mower that is as powerful as a gas mower . So, yes, the right kind of battery mower can be a worthy investment. And when it comes to being eco-friendly, electric mowers are also a better choice than gas mowers.

Most models, these days, come with a push start button which requires you to insert a key and simply push to start. With battery mowers, you do not need to prime or check fuel levels.

What I Think About The Ryobi Ry40190

The RYOBI RY40190 20 Inch comes with a 40-Volt Lithium-Ion battery. Thanks to its brushless motor, the mower increases its speed as it encounters resistance. And it even has extra battery storage so you do not have to come back for a new battery. Simply, replace your discharged battery with the new one and you can continue mowing effortlessly. The mower can also be folded easily and stored without any hassle.

One of the things I noticed is that the grass bag has a semi-mesh-like fabric on one side which helps in getting rid of dirt and ensures that only grass clippings are collected in the bag.

One of the things that annoyed me a little was that it has quite a few things to ensure that the mower is turned on. First, you need to pull back a rod-like handle and then push the start button and then pull the orange brake-like handles for self-propulsion. As soon as you lose the grip of the rod, the mower will turn off. This is also a good thing for old-aged people and kids as they might find the mower a little too powerful and might be afraid that it will run away. Also, it takes quite some time to get used to the self-propulsion system.

There might be some concerns for some, but overall, the RYOBI lawn mower is an amazing pick. Although, at around $300 it might seem to be a bit expensive, it truly justifies its price in terms of performance, built, and sturdiness.

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Reviews Of The Craftsman Lt1000

  • Michael MayfieldMay 23, 2021 at 11:18 pm

    My wife bought it for me as a project. She only paid $100 for it because they said the engine was frozen up. They had put a new starter and tires on it.

    I checked engine not frozen up. I took a big wrench and smacked the starter solenoid under the gas tank about 3 times and it started right up.

    Ive now been using it for over and year and have only had to replace the belt to the mower deck. I only use NON-ethanol 92 octane gas in it and have had no problems letting it set over the winter started right up last week.

    Year of Manufacture

    : 2001
  • Overall Satisfaction

    The most likely culprit is an unbalanced cutting blade . Remove the blades off and put one on a large diameter shaft to check the balance. Grind off some material on the heavy side to balance it. It should not take much. The other option are new blades, which never hurts and you can get different designs .If that does not work, you may need to replace the mandrels as the bearing good bad after years of service. Fortunately, you can get them for about $28 shipped. I had to replace one on mine, so I did both at the same time.Hope that helps!

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