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Remote Control Lawn Mower For Sale

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4WD Mower & Remote Control Lawn Mower For Sale

The biggest benefit is that it saves man-hours. A lot of the places we maintain have retention ponds with steep banks. We used to have to hand cut them with weed eaters, now we use the RCM and knock the work out in a fraction of the time allowing us to re-allocate the manpower elsewhere. It saves copious amounts of man hours.


Maintaining slopes has always been an issue in Hawaii. Now, other organizations on the island are looking to us as an example of a way todo the work safely. Since we bought our slope mower weve been able to find uses for the machine that we didnt anticipate. Weve put the machine through tough areas and each time it performed better than expected.


O & M Supervisor, West District

County of Maui

Best Robot Lawn Mowers To Buy In 2022

Theyre less noisy than a regular lawnmower and can schedule frequent jobs so you can get lush greens without lifting a finger. But are robotic mowers the best next thing?

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$120 flats a perfect dupe for Chanel pair

Is the grass always greener on the other side? No, but a robotic lawnmower can certainly help create the lush lawn youve always wanted.

Lawn care has never been easier, with self-propelled and self-charging green-thumbed robots now autonomously doing the hard yards for you. Plus, theyre far quieter than their traditional lawn mower counterparts. But is this hands-free approach to cutting grass worth the hefty price tag?

We take a look at a few of the models currently available in Australia, and breakdown some of the pros and cons of leaving lawn care all to a robot lawnmower.


The WORX WR149E robotic lawn mower is now on sale on Amazon for just $1,299 thats a saving of $600! And if you need something for a large garden, the WORX Landroid is a mini beast thats on sale for $1,839.20 .






+ It can take up to two hours to finish mowing.

Swift Rm18 Robot Mower $89999


Did someone call the Batmobile ? Robotic mowers are rarely available for under $1,000, but this Swift model saves the day at a pretty budget-friendly price point.

Its also fairly quiet, operating at 65dB thats just louder than a conversation, but not as noisy as a hair dryer.


+ Can mow up to 600 square metres and tackle slopes up to 35 per cent .

+ IP56-rated water and dust resistant.

+ Contains touch keypad, which can be used to adjust cutting diameter as well as enter PIN code to prevent theft.


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Worx Landroid M500 Robotic Lawn Mower $1699


It may be hard to believe, but this near-$2,000 robot lawn mower is one of the most affordable options on the market. Dont worry, its still a beast it boasts two brushless motors, five configurable options and an offset three-blade cutting and mulching system for trimming the edges of your garden.

The 20V machine also has an auto scheduling function and motor torque bump detection system, along with a rain sensor to let the robot know to go back to its station when the weather gets too harsh.


+ Covers up to 500 square metres.

+ Can cut up to four separate areas.

+ Four cutting height positions .

Is It Hard To Install A Robot Lawn Mower

Remote Control Lawn Mower for sale

Its not hard, but it can be tedious.

Youre looking at installing the charging station, which is the easier part, where the only thing you ought to check beforehand is if youve got an outdoor power socket for it. the next thing is the installation of boundary wire all around the area you want cut. The more complex the yard layout, as in flowerbeds and the like, the more time it will take to lay the wire around these things so that the mower wouldnt go where it shouldnt. There will be a lot of trial and error in the process when it comes to the perimeter wire unless things are well documented and the instructions clear enough .

PS! Usually the package never includes enough perimeter wire to cover the entire lawn, especially if you had to take a little detour to exclude flowerbeds or the like from the mowing area .

There are 2 ways to install the wire:

  • using pegs youd lay the wire tightly against the ground and lock it down with pegs
  • burying the wire youd cut a V-shaped mini ditch and place the wire in it .
  • PS! Ideally youd use the pegs first so as to see if everything works out over a few days or weeks. Its easier to make adjustments to the installation this way, though you do run the risk of the mower cutting through the wire. Assuming the wire was not broken during that trial period and youre happy with the results with no more adjustments needed for the layout, only then you might want to bury the wire .

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    Robotic Lawn Mower Features

    Beyond being fully automatic, the additional features on the best robot lawn mowers vary depending on the model. However, these features can include weather sensors, GPS navigation and smart connectivity.

    The latter can make the mower easier to programme because it allows you to use a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, to set it up rather than bending over the machines PIN board.

    Smart connectivity also allows you to check on your robotic lawn mower while youre away and track it if its stolen.

    Good security is essential when paying for a machine in this price range. Some simply require a PIN code to start the mower, while others have lift sensors, alarms and a GPS tracker.

    Ambrogio L300 Elite Robotic Lawn Mower $6515


    What may be the Terminator of robotic lawn mowers, this Ambrogio model is designed for areas measuring up to 4,000 square metres .

    The high-performance gadget apparently monitors how your grass grows and will adapt its settings to ensure the finish meets your preferences.

    It can take up to 10 hours for the robot to complete the job.


    + Mows terrains up to 30 degrees.


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    What Are The Benefits Of A Robotic Lawn Mower

    There are a number of benefits to buying a robotic lawn mower in comparison to the more traditional petrol or electric models.

    These benefits include:

    • Less work for you: Once installed and programmed, the robotic mower cuts the grass little and often. The lawn always looks tidy, clippings are dropped into the grass for nourishment and the lawn mower returns to its dock on its own when it needs recharging.
    • Zero emissions: Unlike petrol mowers, they emit no emissions because theyre powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.
    • Quiet:The lack of an engine also makes the mowers incredibly quiet.

    Worx Landroid S300 Wr130e Robotic Mower Review

    Remote control lawn mower for sale – bent on world domination

    Our rating: 4.5 out of 5

    • Buy the Worx Landroid S300 WR130E from and Argos


    • Easy to programme, via keypad
    • Smart connectivity App
    • Intelligent programming to continuously map your lawn
    • Battery interchangeable with the Worx PowerShare range of tools


    • Add-on accessories takes it out of the budget range
    • It doesnt cut to the edge of the lawn
    • Do-it-yourself boundary set up

    The cheapest robotic mower weve tested, the Worx Landroid S300 WR130E is straightforward to use and comes with a useful but limited range of features. Compact and quiet, it features three small pivoting blades on the cutting disc, which give it a cutting width of 18cm. It has intelligent programming, which means it works continuously to map your lawn, pausing to recharge and then carrying on from where it left off. It cuts in a zig-zag pattern, rather than straight lines, so the lawn looks neat and stripe-free, and its able to navigate through narrow passages, , and cope with slopes of up to 35%. It also turns efficiently, rather than constantly reversing, which results in a quicker cut and protects the lawn from too much wear-and-tear, another feature that not all the mowers we tested have.

    Buy the Worx Landroid S300 WR130E from and Argos

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    Worx Landroid S: The Best Robot Lawn Mower

    Price: £498 | Buy now from B& Q

    Worx has a whole selection of mowers in its cleverly named Landroid range, but the S300 is one of the cheapest. Dont let this put you off, though, as the mower takes loads of the best features from its more expensive stablemates and brings them together in this affordable package.

    Worx has made a few tweaks to the standard design. This mower has its charging connector on the side, where most have them on the front or back. This means the charger can neatly butt up to a wall or other shady area and, when the mower is ready to return home, it follows its wire to the charging station and neatly docks. The area around the front of the charger is kept well-trimmed.

    The mower randomly traverses the lawn to cut the grass but collects data about your lawn as it goes. This lets the accompanying app work out how long and how often the device needs to go out and mow. You can also set it to head out for a trim manually. Theres an edge routine you can use to make sure your grass is well trimmed around the perimeter, and a party mode you can set to ensure it doesnt venture out when you dont want it to.

    One of the best things about the mower is that its modular, so if you want to add more features later, such as its Anti Collision Detection system, you can buy a clip-on accessory rather than paying for a new mower.

    Price: £400 |

    Price: £900 |

    Price: £731 |

    Price: £495 |

    Price: £852 |

    Price: £1,089 | Buy now from Just Lawnmowers

    Efficient Work On Challenging Terrain

    Building off recent advances in remote-control technology, AS-Motor currently offers high grass mowers with increased functionality and expanded application areas. These RC devices open up new possibilities for the user and service provider.

    Steep slopes and areas that are dangerous or difficult to access can now be worked with professional remote-control mowers. Just a few years ago this work would not have been possible except under strenuous physical conditions. AS-Motors professional RC mowers deliver high work rates and improved operator safety, a significant improvement in what were formerly problem zones.

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    Top 9 Actually Cheap Robot Lawn Mowers

    Before you go any further, letâs be clear about a couple of things when it comes to cheap robot lawn mowers in general. Wouldnât want you to make a bad decision.

    The robot lawn mower and so the selection is somewhat limited as of 2022.

    The so-called cheap robot lawn mowers are essentially just lesser versions of the more expensive models. Often times the only real difference between them is how big of a lawn theyre wired to handle. That means buying an expensive robot lawn mower might be counterproductive in case of a smaller lawn where you can get away with buying a low cost robot lawn mower instead! But hey, Iâm not your momâ¦

    TLDR: cheap is not bad, rather cheaper ones are meant for smaller lawn sizes and usually dont have all the bells and whistles, is all.

    Redefining The Business Of Mowing

    China New Robot Lawn Mower Farm Gasoline Remote Control Mini Lawn Mower ...

    Without proper equipment, mowing slopes and difficult landscapes is time-consuming, dangerous, and inefficient. Simply put, using a weed-whacker or a ride-on mower to maintain slopes and rough or hazardous terrain is just not safe, and not smart.

    Our American-made remote-operated slope mowers offer a smarter, safer way to maintain steep slopes and extreme landscapes. Bringing technology to bear with traditional problems, we create smart mowers that deliver game-changing opportunities including safer working conditions, more capabilities, better work environments, versatility, new revenue streams, and the ability to attract, hire, and retain talented workers.

    We are redefining the business of commercial mowing.

    Our remote-operated slope mowers are a fit for your organization, if you have a need to:

    Efficiently and safely maintain steep slopes and difficult terrain

    Avoid putting staff in unsafe situations to mow sloped or hazardous ground

    Recruit and retain talented workers

    Take on advanced mowing jobs with steep slopes or rough terrain

    Expand beyond your current equipments limited capabilities

    Mow and maintain ponds, swamps or marshlands

    Have expedited customer service and replacement parts

    Stop wasting time and manpower to manually trim sloped areas

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    How To Take Care Of A Cheaper Robot Lawn Mower

    Relatively low maintenance:

    • replace cutting blades when need be
    • replace rechargeable battery when it seems almost dead
    • install charging station in shaded area to protect the mower from the elements
    • donât forget to unplug the power supply connected to the charging station you left outside for winter
    • when storing the robot mower, charge fully, turn off, clean, and place in dry indoor conditions, and avoid leaving in freezing temperature.

    For deeper insights: Robot Lawn Mower Care & Maintenance.

    Worx Landroid Wr150e Robotic Lawn Mower $183920


    Save time and effort mowing spacious gardens with this green-thumbed robot, which is designed to cut up to 1,500 square metres on a single charge. It has the usual features included in other WORX robotic mowers, such as two brushless wheel motors, Cut-to-Edge function, automatic updates and a rain sensor.


    + Senses movement and will automatically switch off if picked up.

    + Suggests an auto schedule based on the measurements calculated by the robot.

    + Two years manufacturers warranty, plus one year extended warranty once you register the product with the brand.

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    Price And Size Ranges For Robotic Lawn Mowers

    Robotic lawn mowers are expensive, especially when compared to cordless or electric lawn mowers. Prices start at £500 and more premium models can cost upwards of £2000.

    A range of sizes are also available. The smallest models are best suited to small or medium-size gardens, while the bigger and more powerful models can mow lawns up to 5000m² in size.

    Warranty on a robotic lawn mower is typically between two and five years.

    Compared With Traditional Riding Lawn Mowers What Are The Advantages Of Remote Control Lawn Mowers

    Remote Control Slope Mower – TRX-48-PRO

    In the weeds of hillside, steep-incline, wetland, swamp, roadside, there are always some dangers, such as poisonous snakes. In these places, ordinary riding lawn mowers cannot enter or mowing operations. If humans go directly to manual mowing, it will be very dangerous and inefficient work. Remote control lawn mower solve these problems. It makes mowing operation more safer and efficient.

    Remote control lawn mower equips with brand Yamaha gasoline engine, two 1.5 kw electric motors and 20A battery to provide strong power for mowing operation and climbing. Strong power and triangular rubber track make it climb up to 40 degrees.

    Besides mowing operation, it is also a multi-functional remote control machine.If it equips snow blade, it can also clear snow. Remote controller can control snow blade to lift and lower.

    Besides this slope mower, Chris Xue and his team plan to increase the mowing width to 70 cm, 80 cm, 110 cm. They also plan to design more types of remote control lawn mowers, such as radio-controlled wheeled RWD mower and 4WD mower.

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    How Should I Choose A Robot Lawn Mower

    Here I can only really give you very generic sounding advice even after leaving out the super obvious like your lawn size or slope angles which tend to directly reflect in a higher price. You can get more insights from this article: Robot Lawn Mower Buying Guide.

    Anyhow, here goes:

    • Anti-theft features if you dont have a fence and fear your new robot lawn mower getting stolen, look for one with configurable password, alarm, and maybe even a GPS system. Heres an insightful story: Had someone try to steal my auto mower.
    • Compatible spare parts try to make sure those arent available to you only on the other side of the ocean in advance .
    • Weatherproofness if its constantly raining in your area throughout the year then you might want to double check how its designed against humidity feature-wise.
    • Ease of use for example, where is the cutting height dial located , does the control panel have a screen or just buttons, is there maybe remote control option, etc.

    Contact Mtech About Remote

    MTech has worked in the industry since 1975. Today, were the exclusive RC Mower dealer for Ohio and Michigan, and we can provide many other industrial products. We value our customers, and our experienced sales team is here to support your work with 24/7 service. Contact MTech with questions or for more information about our RC Mower lineup.

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    Husqvarna Automower 435x Awd

    Just to make sure were talking CHEAPOf course you can get yourself one of the most expensive robot mowers like the Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD or an equivalent that pack powerful features such as the ability to traverse around obstacles with no contact, climb steep inclines with all-wheel driving along with a beast of a battery pack, GPS navigation system mapping out the entire lawn so it doesnt mow randomly, and so much more, but the initial cost would be too much for my monthly salary to handle. And what if it got stolen, or something like that, with no way for me to prove it afterwards

    Something more affordable would be one of the iMOW robot mowers, my personal pick in 2022, or equivalent, but which can still be rather on the heavy side for the wallet compared to these cheap ones hereâ¦

    My experience tells me itâs much nicer to get into the robot lawn mower game without spending a fortune!

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