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Things To Keep In Mind

Lawn Weed Control, How to Control Weeds in Your Lawn

There are several things you should keep in mind when hiring a company for pest control.

· License. Texas requires that all technicians be licensed to apply any general or restricted pesticide. Dont be afraid to ask your technician for license information and their experience.

· Application. A reputable company is willing to share the type of application that will be implemented for treatment of your property. Be wary of hiring any company that is not willing to share the type of application they will be using a company should be willing to share these details with you for your safety and protection.

· Strategy. Any company that you hire should have a strategy to contain any pesticides applied at your property. Care should be taken with cross contamination, and especially limited to be kept away from pets and childrens play areas.

· Knowledge. A knowledgeable technician will help you to come up with a plan and give tips to keep pests away from your property between visits. Care should be taken if the technician is unwilling to help with preventative guidelines.

· Pests. When contracting with a company, be sure they are knowledgeable and able to treat for your type of pest problem. Not every company can treat every pest. Do your homework and dont be afraid to ask questions.

Should I Hire A Lawn Service Absolutely

Should you decide to go with a landscape company to provide this service, we hope you choose Real Green Pest Control and Lawn Care. We will proudly service your property with the exact care we provide to our own.

Important to Know The Difference Between Mulch and Compost

Mulch and compost both provide valuable benefits to your soil and plants, but in very different ways.

Mulch has a multitude of benefits for the surface that its applied to. It provides protection, helps with moisture retention, keeps the soil cool, and prevents erosion, all while making your landscape aesthetically pleasing. Mulch can be made of natural and synthetic materials, but still provide some of the same benefits. Mulch can consist of bark, pine, grass clipping even newspapers, leaves, and straw all organic materials which provide nutrients to the soil.

Non-organic mulch provides the same type of protection, weed blocking, soil protection, and water retention and will last much longer than organic material, but without any of the nutritional benefits natural mulch provides.

The type of mulch you choose is your preference, keeping in mind function and the aesthetics youd like to see at your property. New materials are introduced all the time to create nonorganic mulch. It is best to review all available options before making any purchase and installation.

The professionals at Real Green Pest Control and Lawn Care can answer any of your questions and suggest the best application for you.

Hiring A Lawn Care Professional

There are many reasons for hiring a landscape professional. The main one is time. Your lawn will require time to keep it looking good, neat, healthy and manicured. Do you have the time to invest in your lawn? As much as wed like to do things on our own, sometimes our busy lives do not allow it. The second is knowledge. In-depth knowledge makes a landscape professional able to spot any issues your plants, trees or lawns might be experiencing. Real Green Service and Lawn Care will know how to address any issues that are detected and any diseases that might be impacting your trees, lawn, and plants.

An experienced landscape company doesnt second guess what is needed, they know what is needed to address any issue. Real Green Pest Control and Lawn Care knows when certain plants need trimming, when your lawn needs over seeded, and when it is the optimal time to plant new grass.

When taking care of your lawn, there are many things to consider when to aerate, when to fertilize and when and how to cut your grass and when to trim your plants. One thing to consider when taking care of your lawn is fertilization and weed control prevention and maintenance. Post emergent and pre-emergent work hand in hand in controlling and minimizing weeds at your property.

The professionals at Real Green Pest Control and Lawn Care are armed with the right equipment needed to complete their services in a timely and efficient manner.

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Plant And Tree Inventory

Arborgolds plant and tree Inventory feature simplifies planning and inventory management for landscapers, gardeners, and other pros who keep a stock of live plants. This feature offers several functions that include:

  • Easy creation of quotes: Users can easily link a tree/plant to the specific trees in the clients inventory, auto-insert the number of trees, quickly change prices, and customize a quote to include their company brand and messaging information.
  • Accurate information: You can access a detailed map of the plant location through GPS services.

Map clustering screen

The Map Clustering feature allows you to view the concentration of the asset inventory in clusterswhere red stands for most concentrated and yellow for less concentrated.

  • Plant inventory recommendations: Users are allowed to develop recommendations for services, labor, equipment, and even materials needed to improve a plant.
  • Serviced plant product tracking: Crews can track the actual amount of product used, such as inventory used per plant.

Arborgold Vs Real Green: Side

Real Green Pest And Lawn Care / We require contact information to ...
Starting Price Between $125 and $300/ month
Free Trial?
Lawn Care Arborist and Tree Service Pest Control Plant Health Care Snow Removal Landscaping

Arborgold and Real Green both offer robust features and are pricey, but heres what makes each of them stand out:

  • Aborgold integrates with popular third-party applications, and users can create an unlimited number of job sites for each client.
  • Real Green lets you access several other functionalities through the customer relationship management screen, as opposed to programs like Arborgold, SingleOps, and Service Autopilot, which make navigation a little more complicated.

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Which Sofware Is Best For Growing Your Business

Arborgold, while complex, has robust features that allow any size business to grow at flexible prices.

On the flip side, Real Green is user-friendly and fully scalable. It helps small businesses get started and expand into large companies. The programs increasing cost and many hidden charges are its biggest drawbacks.

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Austins Leader In Pest Control And Prevention

Pest control company Real Green Pest and Lawn, uses the highest quality products, shows up on time, and are considered the best! If youve got bugs, trust Real Green!

Why? The answer is simple!Training: Real Greens pest control technicians are trained to strategically apply products in out-of-the way places around your home. Most often, we can apply our products outside your home, without entering. But if entry is necessary, this is included at no additional charge. This means you receive a more effective and convenient pest prevention system with GUARANTEED results. From ants to earwigs, from spiders to fleas, from rats to roaches, People in Austin, like you turn to Real Green Pest Control for help with their bug extermination and pest control needs.

Great Customer Service : In our every Pest Control service, we put our clients satisfaction ahead of our strategized Pest Control procedures. And so before we take on any Pest Control service for our clients, we talk to them about their specific needs and request, making sure that we provide them with services they truly intend to have!

Responsive : We believe that the need for Pest Control services is always urgent in nature and so we guarantee to have the service you require from us on the same day. The inconvenience brought about by the existence of pests in your house is simply something you cannot forego so let us help you get rid of these pests in your every type of property!

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The Lawn & Pest Experts

Real Green and its employees are Certified by the Texas Structural Pest Control Board and The Texas Department of Agriculture. We are Horticulturists, Arborists, and plant Diagnosticians. We are members of: Independent Lawn Care Association, The Professional Lawn Care Association, The International Society of Arboriculture, The Texas Forestry Association, The National Arborist Association, and The Society of Commercial Arborists.

We are successful because of you, our clientele. Our approach is simple: Give good advice, based on tried and true techniques, and do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it. And above all, we respect the environment in which we live. With this approach, not only are your plants and home healthy, but so are you.

Our service is highly cost effective because we pay attention to detail. This allows us to catch the presence of insects in a timely fashion, thus reducing the amount of treatment needed and therefore the cost of cure.

Fastest Growing Company in Texas

Most Popular Services

Austin Texas Best Green Pest Control

Grub Worm Identification and Treatment

With Real Green Pest Control, you can finally get rid of all the pests that bother and bite.

One of our experienced exterminators will visit your home, assess the property, and determine the best course of action that can be taken, to provide you with a pest-free home. There are many things to consider when deciding how to treat your property for pests.

You can count on Real Green Pest Control & Lawn Care to provide the best service in pest control in Austin.

Expect More, Get More with Real Green!

Our pest control program and services are highly cost-effective because we pay attention to detail. This allows us to catch the presence of insects in a timely fashion, thus reducing the amount of treatment needed and therefore the cost of cure.

Texas is known for many things its famous BBQ, Football, and chili, to name a few. Austin is especially known to be the Live Music Capital of the World. It is home to awesome museums, and many one-of-a-kind attractions. Austin has an abundance of venues to keep you busy if you love the nightlife. From gardens to zip lines, and food to rolling hills, Austin will have something you can experience and enjoy indoors or outdoors.

Another thing that Texas is known for is its creepy crawly critters. Thanks in part to the weather, Texas makes a wonderful and optimum home to pests that love to make your home their home.

We truly hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you, and we hope to meet you soon.

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Serving Austin & Central Texas

Real Green Services are known for our great service and low prices throughout Austin and the Central Texas area. We currently service all of Austin and a large portion of the Central Texas area, please call us if you have any questions!

Fastest Growing Company in Texas

Most Popular ServicesDeep Root Fertilization | Lawn Care | Lawn Aeration | Pest Control | Rodent Control | Termite Control | Sprinkler Repair | Mouse Control | Weed Control

Pest Control Or Extermination

These two services are vastly different but offer the same end result, removing the pests that are bothering you. The difference is, pest control relies on finding out why pests are present at your property and addressing the issue and removing the items that attracted the pests to your property in the first place. Products may still be used in targeted areas to address the pests, but they will be environmentally friendly, and will be less toxic to you and your pets. The ultimate goal is to find a long-term solution to your pest problem.

With the extermination process, chemicals are used and applied in and around your property to get rid of the pests without trying to figure out why theyre at your property. Chemicals will leave a residue and a chemical odor that will work for several weeks or months to help eradicate the problem. These chemicals will need to be re-applied regularly to ensure that new pests that cross your propertys path, are not tempted to invade your domain.

It is your decision on the type of application youd like to implement at your property, ask your technician questions to ensure that you are making the right one.

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What Features Does Field Service Management Software Offer

Typical field service management software offers many features that streamline field service operations, such as scheduling, routing, tracking, and dispatching.

Aside from those basics, some also offer assistance with:

  • Purchasing new supplies
  • Simplifying customer relationship management
  • Summarizing your teams performance

When Should I Buy Green Industry Software

Real Green Pest And Lawn Care / We require contact information to ...

Look for management software as soon as possible when starting a new business. Its much easier to get your business up and running with the right tools. Business management software takes a lot of stress off your shoulders and speeds up your workflows when you start a business with the intention of expanding.

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Will Software Help My Business Grow

Yes, top-rated field service management software can move your business forward by:

  • Improving productivity: Automation will boost your companys productivity, which in turn leads to increased revenue.
  • Improving customer service: Higher productivity leads to better customer service, which leads to referrals for your business.
  • Improving management: The software will help track every aspect of your business, from inventory to employee performance, etc., so you can focus on growth instead of day-to-day operations.

When And Why To Treat

The best time to treat for pests in Texas is during the Springtime. Pest numbers are relatively low during this time, which will allow for a long-lasting and effective treatment. It is also ideal to apply when rain isnt expected, and the day is cloudy with a moderate temperature. When dealing with pests its always best to treat them on a schedule, a quarterly application is optimum to keep them at bay.

It may not seem a great concern when you see ants or a lone spider here and there, but some spiders are venomous, while ants can be a tremendous nuisance due to their vast numbers. They will slowly make their way into your home, and you should have some plan in place as to how you will address and treat them.

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Thinking Of Diy Lawn Care

Should you decide to take care of your own lawn, you must know that taking care of your lawn is a year-round job. There are many steps you must do to have a great looking lawn. Should you have any grass located at your property, there are steps and schedules to follow in order to keep it in great shape.

· Watering time. Morning is best, when temperatures are lower, this will help to prevent water waste and evaporation. It is best to water deeply and infrequently, to allow water to go deeper into their roots.

· Over Seeding. This is best done late spring to early summer. The warm weather will help germination and is best for growth during this time.

· Aeration. The best time to aerate is when the grass is growing. Compacted soil will affect grass growth and aeration will help to allow air, nutrients, and water to reach grass roots, which will help your lawn to be stronger.

· Mowing. The best time to mow is mid-morning or later in the afternoon. Any other time will put stress on your grass. This should be done at least twice per month, anymore and your lawn will show stress and dry out. The mowing height depends on the type of grass you have at your property. After mowing, instead of collecting lawn clippings, consider leaving them on your lawn to provide your grass with a more natural fertilizer.

More Green Less Weeds Less Money

The Real Green Evolution – Go Green Lawn & Tree Care

Lawn and landscape add 18% to a homes value. Our lawn program is designed to produce the best results, so you get a denser, beautiful, and weed free lawn. Locally owned by the same Austin family since 1989, Real Green Lawn has a great reputation for outstanding service, integrity and experience. Why would people hire us? We are the best at what we do, lawn care. Every year, many of our customers are awarded Lawn of the Month awards. Thats because we act with care, every time, and are experienced enough to know what to do. Our lawn care program ensures more green, and less weeds.

We are licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture and the Texas Structural Pest Control Board. We are horticulturists, arborists, and plant diagnosticians. We are members of: Independent Lawn Care Association, The Professional Lawn Care Association, The International Society of Arboriculture, The Texas Forestry Association, The National Arborist Association, and The Society of Commercial Arborists.

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Arborgold Vs Real Green: Green Industry Software Compared

Does Arborgold or Real Green suit your business management needs? That depends on the scope of your business. Weve found that Real Green covers much more than lawn care, tree care, landscaping, and pest control businesses, which are the only industries Arborgold caters to.

We evaluated both software based on price, features, pros, and cons from customer reviews, and video tutorials to help you choose.

Real Green Lawn Care Program With Grub & Insect Control

At The Lawn Techs, we provide you with the highest quality products and services at the best price, guaranteed. Simply put we give you more for less!

You get our agronomically engineered fertilization treatments combined with the newest soil supplements. Guaranteed weed, insect, and grub control to create a lawn that is almost flawless. Our properly timed visits of custom slow-release fertilizers with micro-nutrients guarantee color and thickness, plus this program includes limestone pro-mix to maintain a correct soil pH and optimum health.

It all starts with a soil test. Many times, your soil can be deficient in important nutrients or even worse have excesses, therefore we provide all new clients with a Free soil and pH test & analysis. We will correct any nutrient problems within the program visit costs. Additional costs may occur for pH corrections.

Our Signature Real Green Lawn Care Program includes the following:

1-Early Spring – We fertilize your lawn with our special custom early spring fertilizer. This will give your lawn a quick green-up and then provide consistent delivery of nutrients for optimum turf health and beauty. Additionally, we apply a preventative crabgrass treatment to protect your lawn from summertime crabgrass and apply spot weed control to address any post-emergent weed growth.

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