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Pictures Of Landscapes To Paint

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Scenes With Multiple Readings

Landscape Painting 101| The Easiest Painting | Paintings By Justin

In all of the paintings of the Four Seasons, Nicolas Poussin allows two interpretations of the scenes. In the first, called linear and Christian, God appears as the point of connection of all things. Life is understood as an accumulation of events predicted and organized by Christ, who has the power to punish or bless us according to our behavior. In the cyclical and natural reading, inherited from antiquity, actions are repeated at each new start of the cycle. However, some elements are also recomposed and regenerated: the eternal return of certain events becomes inevitable.

Tip 9 It Is All Just Shapes Lines And Colors

This goes for every type of painting. You should try to think about the elements in your scene not as clouds, trees, water and grass but rather as various shapes, lines and colors.

If you focus on painting these shapes, lines and colors then you should have a painting that looks like your landscape.

If instead, you start trying to paint clouds, trees, water and grass, then you may end up painting from your imagination rather than what is actually there. As a result, your trees may end up slightly more green than they actually are. Or the sky bluer.

Tip 2 Use The Palette Knife To Add Texture And Crisp Edges

The palette knife can be a valuable addition to your painting artillery .

I find it best used in conduction with paint brushes. However, you can of course complete entire paintings with just palette knives. This certainly creates a very interesting effect.

Check out Leonid Afremov below. He pretty much only paints with palette knives and does pretty well for himself.

Some of the best uses for the palette knife in landscape painting I have found are:

  • Adding broken texture to rocks
  • Creating bold clouds in the sky
  • Adding crisp highlights to a bursting sunset
  • Breaking up a monotonous seascape with some texture
  • Line work, such as fences
  • Creating bold texture for trees and shrubs

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Vincent Van Gogh: Tormented Landscape

Maxim Grunin Drawing &  Painting: Landscape painting in acrylics

Vincent van Gogh, Starry Night

Without a doubt, this work is the best known of the famous landscape paintings! The creator Vincent van Gogh moved to Arles in 1888. A real spiritual quest then began for the painter, who tried to fight his demons. Although it represents a soft starry night conducive to reverie, some of the plastic elements of this landscape illustrate its pathology well: sharp features, hellish spirals, and contrasting colors.

A study of the artists archives has shown that while the different stars are inspired by very real nebulae , the village is fictitious. The dazzling, aspirating light of the moon does nothing to illuminate the dark night that falls on this village in Provence. The intense, thick black branches of the cypress add an eerie touch to the general atmosphere. Many yellow stars contrast with the different blues of the night and make the scene both grandiose and terrifying. The painters attention is particularly focused on this central arabesque. Perhaps this transcribes the height of his psychological torment? It may also be a sign of his admiration for Japanese art and prints, which we find in the 19th century many spirals and solid colors.

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    Twilight In The Wilderness By Frederic Edwin Church

    Image via https://www.laphamsquarterly.orgA quintessential landscape and nature painting, this work grabs nature at a particularly unique time without any adulterations. The sky is painted in a cascade of colors that shows the effect of the fading sun with faint replications in the river and a slightly dark overtone capturing the period just before nightfall. In between the hilly background and the sky, the disappearance of the sun can be identified with its dying rays spilling out onto the canvas. The absence of any human or animal figure makes it even more scenic especially for nature enthusiasts. For those interested in seeing this painting, it is on display at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland.

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    Wheatfield With Crows Vincent Van Gogh

    Image via https://www.vangoghmuseum.nlAnd here is a work by one of the most iconic names in the history of art. Wheatfield with Crows is beautiful painting with a strong appeal and what is considered by many critics as a powerful message. Done towards the end of the artists life , the circumstances surrounding it make it seem ominous and holding a hidden message since he knew he would be taking his own life soon. The post-impressionist work is part of a series of paintings by the art genius involving wheat fields. Regardless of which interpretation is given to it the fact remains that Wheat field with Crows is an important work of art that will continue to remain relevant through the ages.

    Impression Sunrise By Claude Monet

    How to paint LANDSCAPES with DEPTH – Atmospheric PERSPECTIVE!

    Image via https://arthistoryproject.comEven people who are not exactly art enthusiasts are familiar with the name Monet as an icon in painting. And this work is one of his most remarkable for various reasons the most important of which is that it is said to have birthed the impressionist movement. This is a form of art expression and painting that projects the impressions created by the scene rather than trying to replicate the scene itself . Also, Impression, Sunrise depicts the port of Le Havre, which is the master painters home town and considered a symbol of French return to prosperity after losing out in the Franco-German war.

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    Looking Down Yosemite Valley California By Albert Bierstadt

    Image via https://artsbma.orgHere is another beautiful and iconic American landscape painting that sublimely captures nature in all its beauty. Just like the previous painting that was considered, this work also depicts the sky with an interplay of colors, although not as intricate or dark in shades as Churchs Twilight in Wilderness. This seems to be a depiction of a period either shortly after sunrise or towards the middle of the day. It shows rays of the sun lighting up the background from in between El Capitan rock and Sentinel Rock with Middle Cathedral rock just showing up in the background. Merced River can be seen with beautiful trees around its banks and some vegetation in the surrounding environment.

    Edward Hopper: Lonely Landscape

    Hill with Lighthouse

    The works painted by Edward Hopper have a captivating side, undoubtedly linked to their mystery. This 1927 landscape, in particular, gives rise to contradictory interpretations. Attached to the landscapes of Americas Atlantic coast, and more particularly to those of New England, Hopper depicts a scene in which appears a winding valley, a house, and a lighthouse.

    While the painting is bathed in a reassuring light, a feeling of anguish is inevitable in the face of this abandoned, nearly deserted scene. The line between civilization and nature is difficult to establish. Behind this postcard setting, there seems to be a sort of hidden face, conducive to anxiety, and boredom. The artist is known for his fascination with the vertical architecture of lighthouses. Real landmarks in the landscape, lighthouses are also references to loneliness and storms. The absence of the sea locks the scene even further into a bubble, almost giving a sense of claustrophobia!

    It is a habit for Hopper to choose countryside landscapes, although his best-known works feature thinking figures in bars in glamorous America.

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    Hyde Park London By Camille Pissarro

    Image via https://www.wikiart.orgWhile Paul Cézanne was known to have inspired people like Picasso, it is well known that Cézanne himself was greatly influenced by Camille Pissarro, the impressionist painter whom he looked up to, beyond just being an impressionist painter, Pissarro is known as being one of the heroes of impressionism alongside others like Claude Monet. And this painting in all of its enthralling beauty shows the reason why as it depicts Hyde park with its neat array of trees and uses a play of colors to achieve perspective, showing the trees extending into the distance as well as the people standing and sitting in the park.

    Tip 1 Simplify The Clutter

    Sunrise Painting, Sky Painting, Storm Clouds, Hurricanes, Large ...

    Too many artists get caught up in the detail of landscapes. There are times to add tedious detail, but these times are generally towards the end of the painting.

    It is often much more effective to emphasize certain areas of the painting and leave the rest of the work to the imagination. You can emphasize your focal points in several ways, such as by:

    • Using more delicate brushwork compared to the rest of the painting
    • Using brighter colors
    • Creating sharp contrast in colors or values
    • Using more crisp brushwork or using palette knives

    The above are only effective in emphasizing your focal point if you simplify the rest of the painting.

    Check out the above painting by Camille Pissarro and look closely at how much detail is added. Notice how when you focus on certain areas of the painting, there is really not much detail at all, just seemingly random strokes of color. But it all comes together in beautiful harmony.

    Also, notice how little detail is used to render the person in the bottom right. Without the rest of the scene, it would probably not resemble anything.

    Pissarro has used simplification in this case, to draw attention away from the shadowed foreground and bring the viewer through the trees into the high-key background. Too much detail in the foreground would probably make the painting seem too active.

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    The Ninth Wave By Ivan Aivazovsky

    Image via https://upload.wikimedia.orgThis painting is one that triggers feelings of ambivalence in the observer, it depicts both tragedy and hope all at the same time. At first glance, one sees stormy seas and the passengers of a ship on it struggling to stay afloat and alive. At the same time, a rising sun can be seen in the back ground just peaking over the distant mountains which can be taken as a sign of hope and positivity. Art is meant to evoke emotions, even if theyre conflicting, and this Oil on canvas painting currently hanging in the State Russian Museum at St. Petersburg does just that.

    River Scene With Tree

    There are two things you ought to consider in terms of composition when painting from this photo: where you put the horizon and where you put the river. As it is at the moment, they’re both a little close to the halfway point, tending to divide the composition in half. I think I would extend the scene to the right and top, making it more of a panoramic landscape, rather than cropping it to a square format.

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    Mid Peninsula Boys And Girls Club

    Our Boys and Girls Club after school arts program focuses on youth from low income families or are second language learners with the intent of giving the children an art experience and skills that allow them to express themselves through a variety of media. Without these art classes the children would have little or no exposure to art making.

    How To Paint A Landscape In Oils

    Acrylic Landscape painting tutorial !!! Learn the tricks for better landscapes

    This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Jessica Gibson. Jessica Gibson is a Writer and Editor who’s been with wikiHow since 2014. After completing a year of art studies at the Emily Carr University in Vancouver, she graduated from Columbia College with a BA in History. Jessica also completed an MA in History from The University of Oregon in 2013.There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.The wikiHow Video Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 138,708 times.Learn more…

    If you’ve been dabbling with oil painting, landscapes are a great practice subject. From blending the paint, creating a pleasing composition, and playing around with painting techniques, it’s easy to make a completely unique landscape in oils. Remember that because of its long drying time, working with oil paint is actually pretty forgiving.

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    Giovanni Antonio Canal : Urban Landscape

    The Grand Canal at the Church of La Salute

    The Grand Canal at the Church of La Salute, painted by the Venetian artist Canaletto is a special type of landscape painting. It is exactly a Veduta , which is characterized by the exact representation of a landscape, often urban. Because they are faithful to the perception of reality, the Veduta were made at the time using several instruments, including the camera obscura, ancestor of the camera.

    If the painting of the Italian master wants to be meticulous in the representation of topography, the landscape represented is no less poetic. The light, almost transparent, envelops the city in a soft and warm atmosphere and sets the scene in the late afternoon. In addition to being a landscape painting, Canalettos work depicts the life of the people of Venice. The famous gondoliers are represented near the Grand Canal, as well as merchants and diplomats from the Orient.

    Tip 8 Incorporate Timed Sketches To Improve Your Judgment

    One of the best ways you can improve your landscape painting ability is to incorporate timed or just quick sketches into your training. You could do these plein air or from a photograph it does not really matter.

    I would keep the canvas size very small and paint a simple landscape scene. But try and finish it within a certain period .

    The finished product will not be perfect, but that is not the purpose of it. By painting these fast landscapes, you will learn to paint more instinctively and train your ability to judge values and colors.

    You should check out this demonstration by Russian painter Bato Dugarzhapov, who demonstrates his instinctive painting ability in a very quick session:

    Here is a real quick sketch I did using oils based on a sunny day at New Farm Park in Queensland, Australia. All up this probably took me about 15 minutes . Sketches like these really help me get a better judgment for values.

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    The Hay Wain By John Constable

    Image via http://blvrd.comNo list of remarkable landscape paintings can be complete without the inclusion of an artwork with a rustic English setting. This is exactly what John Constable presents in this most popular oil and canvas painting of his that shows three horses drawing a wooden farm wagon through a river. Interestingly, The hay wain is said to be a painting of the environment around Constables fathers farm on which he grew up as well as the home of their neighbor. The farm and house have been preserved as a tourist site and still exist till date while the painting itself hangs in Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

    View Across Streams And Mountains By Wang Hui

    Oil Painting Landscape Images at

    Image via https://www.tnm.jpIts understandable if youre more familiar with paintings by European artists, but here is a masterpiece by one of Chinas most remarkable artists. While many artists are known to do their most important works later in their careers, Wang produced this piece when he was only 30 years old. This ink on paper painting captures a lot of landscape features in clear detail. Extensive mountains can be seen as well as many trees dotting the foreground and located in between the mountains with mist rising out from among them all. Wang adds a little artificial effect here as a couple of tents can also be seen in the foreground while there are a few houses farther back. As is usual with the artists style, his strokes, while accurately depicting the mountains and trees, also combine to form various other weird shapes. The painting currently hangs in the Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo.

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    Le Mur Rose By Henri Matisse

    Image via https://theartstack.comThis work is a depiction of the suaveness and dexterity of Henry Matisse, an artist known for his bold style and wonderful talent. This impressionist painting of the path leading up to a house, the house itself as well as trees and grass around it has an interesting history. It was purchased from the artist by a Jew, Harry Fuld, and due to his death, its acquisition by his son and World War II found its way into the possession of a Nazi soldier. After its tumultuous journey through various places, it now resides at the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt, Germany.

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