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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Replacement Sockets

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Everything To Know About Bulbs For Landscape Lighting

How outdoor landscape lighting low voltage connectors work by Total Outdoor Lighting

When selecting 12V light bulbs for landscape lighting, they should meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Designed for use in damp locations so it can handle the challenges of surviving in an outdoor environment
  • Have an ETL and UL Listing
  • If LED, it should have a conformal coating on the circuitry of the bulb to protect the sensitive computer components from corroding or being damaged by moisture

It Looks Like A Patchwork Quilt Of Light And Dark

I just got home, its dark, and our landscape lights arent working, says Christina.

Matt groans. Ugh, guess I better go take a look then. Christina sighs. Wouldnt it be easier to get our lighting contractor to come out and take a look? They know what theyre looking for and how to fix most problems.

Matt nods. Thats true, but Id rather not spend the money on something we can probably do ourselves. Christinas eyebrow rises. Thats a good p0int. Its probably because we didnt look up how to maintain landscape lights that this happened.

Yep. We can probably find some methods for how to troubleshoot landscape lights on Google, points out Matt. Christina shrugs and nods as she gets her phone out to start Googling.

Here are the 7 problems they find and the solutions to try:

Can I Convert A 110v Post Lamp To Low Voltage Led

I’m installing flush LED “wash” lights in a new block retaining wall and was planning to get 110V for the 12V transformer from the existing post lamp at the driveway. I wondered why not just convert the post light to low voltage too so all can be controlled on same photo-sensor switch in the low voltage transformer? I thought this would be a common conversion, but haven’t found any low voltage LED unit designed to fit a std post lamp fixture . I do not want a 110V LED bulb I want a 12V LED to fit a std fixture.

  • 8 years ago

    David:I expected to replace the socket. I was hoping someone made a low voltage LED conversion kit for std 3″ post fixtures that would be as bright as, say, a 110v CFL. I don’t want to replace my entire $200 fixture on top the post, just the “guts”. All I see from vendors are low voltage walkway, garden and wall mount lights…nothing for converting an existing typical post lamp. I’ll guess I’ll have to cobble something together from a low voltage LED garden light.

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    Landscape Lights Wont Come On

    If none of your outdoor lights are working, heres what we can try:

    • Inspect the power outlet by plugging a phone into it to see if its getting electricity
    • Make sure the transformer is set to ON
    • Check the circuit breakers on the transformer for a short
    • Open the breaker box and look to see if the switches are between ON and OFF
    • If there is an indicator light and its red that means its tripped
  • Switch it OFF and then ON. If it goes back to the middle turn it OFF and, call an electrician
  • Make sure the wires entering the transformer are tight and fully inside the terminal lugs
  • Check the voltage and amperage on the transformer to make sure its still getting power
  • If it isnt the transformer may need replacing
  • If youre using a timer or photocell, reset the clock or bypass the photocell
  • If that doesnt work you may need a new one
  • Look for a GFCI and hit the reset button
  • Mostly found in or near bathrooms and garages, it looks like an outlet but with 2 buttons on it that say reset and test
  • Fixture Filling With Water

    Best Low Voltage T5 Wedge Base Socket For Landscape Lighting

    Is your fixture filling with water? It could be a bad gasket.

    The internal components in your landscape lighting fixtures need to stay dry. Water and electrical do not mix: especially when it comes to LED. A fixture that leaks is a fixture that will fail. Often times the solution to repairing a leaky fixture is replacing the gasket.

    The gasket is a rubber O-ring that fits over the fixture so that when the components are all pieced together, there is a barrier to help keep the moisture out.

    Gaskets can wear out over time.

    Normal wear and tear can cause the gaskets to fray or break. If this happens then the gasket will need to be replaced. To check, open up your fixture and take a close look at the rubber gasket wrapped around the cylinder, does it look worn or damaged? Is the gasket even still there?

    Checking the gasket is the first step in troubleshooting why your fixture might be leaking.

    The second step is looking at the seal on the glass lens. If a directional up light has a bad lens that cracked or is not sealed to the fixture well, it will inevitable allow water to get inside.

    If your experiencing multiple fixtures leaking. That could be a sign that there is a defect with them for so many to fail. On the other hand, a bunch of leaking fixtures could be an indication that the fixtures were not built to handle water well.

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    Broken Cracked Bent Or Smashed Neck / Housing

    Unfortunately, if a fixture breaks at the neck or in a place that is integral, there usually isn’t much you can do.

    While lots of DIY home repair projects can be tackled with duct tape and desperation, an utterly busted fixture usually isn’t one of them.

    Even if you do manage to Frankenstein the poor thing back together, it will likely continue having problems. A broken fixture is a broken fixture. It will need to be replaced.

    I know I sound like a broken record, but listen: ask yourself why the fixture broke.

    Is the fixture a heavy duty piece of engineering, or was it built from low grade brass, aluminum, or tin metal? Was the metal that made up the fixtures housing a smaller or thicker gage? Does it seem like the fixture should have stood up better than it did?

    Your lighting system is only as good as its fixtures, design, and engineering. If your fixtures are always having problems, then it sounds like you may need to consider a different fixture better suited to your yard’s needs.

    One Or More Lights Arent Bright

    The easiest check is to see if the bulb is in the socket correctly. You may also have too many lights, which means we need to take some out or increase the voltage. Recalculating the voltage drop isnt too difficult and may solve your problem.

    Wed also check the wattage to make sure you arent going over whats available.

    If youre using halogen bulbs, wed check the volts for the light fixture at the end of the grouping. If its less than 10 volts youve got a problem. Just switch to LED lights, LEDs are the best bulb for many reasons.

    If its none of those, wed check the connection to the power cable to ensure the pins are firmly in the copper strand.

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    Why You Need Outdoor Lighting Parts

    While most fixtures found in the larger landscape lighting assortment come with the parts needed to get a system up and running, any sort of customization with your system will require additional components. These components, including low voltage 12-volt transformers, joiner cables, junction boxes, mounting stakes and mounting hardware, allow you to fully customize your lighting system to your exact landscape. And in a space where trees, shrubbery and other obstacles may exist, having the right parts to allow you to customize to your yard is key.

    Trusted Landscape Lighting Parts We Love

    How to repair Outdoor Low voltage Landscape lighting.

    When selecting any style of landscape lighting, be it bollards or accenting underwater lights, it’s important to choose the parts and accessories that correctly accompany the products of your choosing. Although some parts are universal to any lighting system, you’ll want to find accessories from the same brands as your lighting to help make sure you don’t run into any issues. For example, if you’re using Hinkley Lighting bollard lamps, be sure to use transformers from Hinkley.

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    Need Help With Landscape Lighting Replacement Or Repairs

    If you are here looking to learn how to repair your broken lights, you might already have a system that you are not interested in replacing right away. That’s fine! Take advantage of this time to do your research so that when the time does comes to upgrade your lights, you’ll be ready to make an informed decision and have a new system that will last a lifetime.

    If you need a new landscape lighting system but aren’t sure where to start, why not get a landscape lighting design company involved? This too can be a challenge when you aren’t sure who to hire. Luckily, we have a free guide meant to help you hire the right professional for your project! Just click the link below and you’ll soon be ready to meet with a designer who can help you with your lighting project.

    Landscape Lights Not Working Solutions To 7 Common Problems

    We hate that your landscape lights arent working as they should. If you want to, you can try to find and fix the problem yourself.

    In this post, you can find solutions to the 7 most common problems people have when their landscape lights arent working. These are the same steps we take when someones outdoor lights arent working.

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    Light Source Led Vs Halogen

    Prior to the LED revolution, tungsten halogen lamps were the primary light source for landscape lighting. These lamps had better energy efficiency than older incandescent types, but they still produced a great amount of heat, had limited life , and required a very narrow voltage range for normal operation.

    Now we have a much better light source, Light Emitting Diodes . LEDs can achieve the same light output with up to 85% less energy . They also produce far less heat than quartz halogen and have a wider acceptable voltage range . Perhaps the most astonishing difference is longevity. VOLT® LED lamps to have an estimated life of between 40,000 hrs. and 60,000 hrs. They are essential lifetime light sources.

    While the initial investment in LED lamps is somewhat greater than with low voltage halogen bulbs, that investment is paid off very quickly and results in a lighting system that requires no bulb replacements ever.

    The Hard Truth About Outdoor Lighting

    Best Low Voltage T5 Wedge Base Socket For Landscape Lighting

    Over the years we’ve seen just about everything that can go wrong with a landscape lighting system. The truth is repair made to a poorly built system with lower quality fixtures will continue having lots of problems down the road.

    When it all comes down to brass tax, you just want your lights to work. And I sympathize with anyone whose fixtures are failing and giving them heartburn: outdoor fixtures should be able to contend with wet environments caused by irrigation, rain, snow, etc. landscape lighting fixtures should be built so that they are able to take a reasonable hit and still work.

    There are many great fixtures being built by reputable manufacturers. These solid products are built to last a lifetime. Its one of the reasons why our company started designing and having our fixtures built for us the way we want them to be built. However, the dilemma many run into is the flood of sub-par landscape lighting products on the market. Its overwhelming to try going online to shop for lights.

    Be cautious when selecting fixtures. Do your homework to insure you’re getting the best value for your money.

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    How To Find A Short In Outdoor Lighting

    A short in lighting is when electricitys going where it isnt supposed to and nothing is slowing it down. What makes it so hard to troubleshoot is it can happen in many places at the same time. Its a lot of time and energy to look for shorts.

    You can find shorts in outdoor lighting by looking for wires that are cut, broken, frayed, are improperly connected, or are stretched by roots or rocks. Wed also look for bad, wet, corroded, or damaged sockets. Wed be checking for any areas that could be exposing wires or bulbs to moisture too.

    Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

    Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

    Low voltage is the most popular outdoor lighting option for residential use. It improves the beauty, safety and security of any home, and lets you enjoy your outdoor living spaces after the sun goes down. Low voltage lighting is a great DIY project because it’s easy to install and involves very little risk of electric shock, with wires that can be directly buried in shallow trenches. Plus, energy-efficient LEDs reduce the cost of running your landscape lighting system by up to 85 percent.

    VOLT® designs, manufactures and sells the industry’s best 12V lighting products at factory-direct low prices. Our brass and copper fixtures, low voltage transformers and LED bulbs are backed by our no-hassle lifetime warranty, and all orders placed by 5 p.m. ET are shipped same-day from our four warehouses. And if you need help selecting or installing our products, VOLT® Certified Lighting Experts are on hand 7 days a week call us at 978-3700.

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    Fixture Sockets Can Go Bad

    Many landscape fixtures share a similar internal component: namely, most fixtures have a socket.

    The socket is the part of the fixture where the light bulb plugs in.

    If one your fixtures has stopped working, you can try replacing the light bulb first. If you’ve tried this and the new light bulb doesn’t kick on, and all the other fixtures in the landscape seem to be fine, its possible you have a bad socket.

    To see if your socket has power or not, try plugging in a new bulb. Another, more precise, way to test your socket can be preformed with the help of a voltage meter. A voltage meter can help you figure out if your socket is getting zero voltage, or just not enough voltage to power the bulb.

    To learn more about voltage meters and what they are used for when troubleshoot landscape lighting systems, .

    It is possible that power isn’t getting to the socket for some other reason, but you can usually tell if a socket has gone bad by just looking closely for certain problems.

    Here are some things to watch for:

    A poorly designed/engineered fixture will continue giving you problems even if you repair the fixture or address the issue when you find it.

    For example, if the socket is corroded, replacing it will not solve your problem. The corrosion was caused because the fixture allowed water to get inside.

    Section Of Landscape Lights Not Working

    Low Voltage Landscape Lights from Harbor Freight

    Its the worst when a section of landscape lights isnt working. It gives off a patchwork quilt vibe .

    To fix this, wed first check the transformer to see if its somehow been flipped to OFF. If it has, wed flip the switch back to ON and see if it works. If thats not the issue, wed turn the transformer off and start hunting for a short.

    If youve had landscaping done recently, well be looking for damaged wires, loose connections, or other problems that couldve been caused by people disturbing the wires.

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