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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Bulbs

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Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Kits: Buying Facts

How to Change Low Voltage Landscape Lights

So, wed assume you would add a bit of spice to your backyard. Apart from lighting up your environment, landscape lighting could improve the ambiance of your home and add some little security.

The trick here is selecting the best landscape lighting that will make your environment look decent and secure. So, what things should you consider?

The tips below will help you out in knowing what landscape lighting will fit you best.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Incandescent Bulbs Versus Led Bulbs

Landscape lighting expands your hours of enjoyment and the security of your outdoors. Low voltage systems provided better versatility in lighting, as compared to 120 volt systems and solar lights. If you have decided to install a low voltage system, you will need to choose whether you want to install incandescent fixtures or LED fixtures. While LED bulbs are available to retro fit most low voltage fixtures, the real value in LED comes with the installation of the system. If you have ever looked into replacing light bulbs inside your home with LED bulbs you’ll find it’s more expensive they are and difficult to justify the cost. The same is true for existing landscape lighting systems. However, on new installs it’s easier to justify some of the cost because it decreases the cost in other areas for a quicker return-on-investment. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of installing LED fixtures as compared to incandescent fixtures.


  • Upfront lighting cost. An LED fixture is going to cost roughly 1.5 to 2 times as much as an incandescent fixture.
  • There is very little flexibility in the fixture. While you can move them around easily, the way the fixtures are built dont allow you to just switch to a bulb with a different beam spread or a dimmer or brighter shine. This means the correct design and install is vital to making the lighting system work the way you want it to.
  • The smaller the system is, the longer it will take to make it as cost effective.
  • What Is The Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

    Hykolity Low Voltage ORB LED Landscape Path Lightings is the top low voltage landscape lightingon the shelves.

    This model possesses so many features and functions that whets buyers appetite into purchasing it.

    For instance, the brand builds this garden lighting to magnificently illuminate your way into the house.

    Also, it adds extra elegance to your outdoor décor. This landscape lighting is sturdy and durable.

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    Led Mr16 Landscape Bulbs

    The most common bulb for landscape lighting, the MR16 is used in our lamp-ready spotlights and downlights, as well as in-grade lights, well lights and underwater lights. VOLT® has the industry’s largest selection of MR16 bulbs to accommodate a wide variety of applications. Our MR16 bulbs are fully encapsulated to keep moisture away from the LED and are specifically designed for landscape lighting. Plus, our single source LEDs produce much crisper shadows than more common LEDs.

    • Made for use in damp locations
    • ETL & UL Listed
    • Conformal coating on circuit boards to prevent corrosion and water damage
    • Available in 2200K, 2700K and 3000K 4000K available on select bulbs
    • Available beam spreads: 15º, 38º, 60º, 110º
    • Lifetime Warranty
  • $16.97

    Three beam spreads conveniently offered in one LED bulb – rotatable optic for manual adjustment.

    High efficiency, UL & cUL® listed, multi source CREE® LEDbulbs. Rated for outdoor use in damp locations and thermalprotection for use in sealed landscape lighting fixtures.Engineered specifically for landscape lighting and outdoor, lowvoltage lighting. Choose the ideal wattage when adding to cart. Patent Pending.

    The Forever Bulb® – LifetimeWarranty

  • Most Common Problem With Led Landscape Lighting Is The Bulb

    GOODSMANN 4 Pack Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Flood Light 1.1 Watt ...

    There’s no question that LED landscape lighting can beautifully accent your home and property. The real issue is that not all LED bulbs are created equal. If you want to learn how to avoid the biggest problem with LED landscape lighting, you’ll want pay close attention to the LED bulb you select.

    There are two reason why people’s LED landscape lights fail: poor quality & taking a one size fits all approach.

  • From a quality standpoint, the landscape lighting fails because low quality bulbs fail/don’t last.
  • From a design standpoint, the landscape lighting can fail when the bulbs all create the exact same effect .
  • Selecting a low quality bulb and approaching the a lighting with a one size fits all mentality is a recipe for a poor lighting system.

    In short, one of the biggest problems we see in landscape lighting is often caused by the LED bulbs people put in their fixtures.

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    Here Are The Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting You Can Buy In 202:

    • Best Overall: MEIKEE 7W LED Landscape Lights
    • Best for Backyard Fences: Hypergiant 12W LED Landscape Lights
    • Best for Deck: ZUCKEO Landscape Lights
    • Color-Changing: APONUO Solar Spotlights RGB Landscape Lights
    • Wall Wash Light: Hykolity Low Voltage LED Landscape Wall Wash Light
    • Best for Driveway: Moonrays 95557 1-Watt Light Fixture
    • Best for Pathway: Hykolity 6 Pack Low Voltage LED Landscape Pathway Light
    • Best for Patio: LEONLITE 12-Pack 12V Low Voltage LED Landscape Light
    8 Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting
    Best Overall
    • Easy to change the light direction 279-degree adjustable head
    • Durable and long-lasting – IP66 Waterproof rating, anti-corrosion polycarbonate material lamp & thick aluminum body


    • The U-bracket holding light is weak

    This landscape spotlight is the newest update version from MEIKEE with an emphasis on the IP66 Waterproof rating, polycarbonate material lamp, and thick aluminum body.

    It resists corrosion and other impacts phenomenally well to be able to keep working under heavy snows or rains.

    Each bulb gives you 800 lumens of brightness with 45 degrees in beam angle, which is perfect to illuminate walls, fence, flags, and trees. Additionally, you can adjust its head up to 270 degrees for the best light.

    Its also simple to use. No need for screws, just stick its stake into the light base and plant it into the ground or any suitable position as wanted.

    MEIKEE 7W LED Landscape Lights Specifications


    For backyard fences, this is the most suitable.


    Light Source Led Vs Halogen

    Prior to the LED revolution, tungsten halogen lamps were the primary light source for landscape lighting. These lamps had better energy efficiency than older incandescent types, but they still produced a great amount of heat, had limited life , and required a very narrow voltage range for normal operation.

    Now we have a much better light source, Light Emitting Diodes . LEDs can achieve the same light output with up to 85% less energy . They also produce far less heat than quartz halogen and have a wider acceptable voltage range . Perhaps the most astonishing difference is longevity. VOLT® LED lamps to have an estimated life of between 40,000 hrs. and 60,000 hrs. They are essential lifetime light sources.

    While the initial investment in LED lamps is somewhat greater than with low voltage halogen bulbs, that investment is paid off very quickly and results in a lighting system that requires no bulb replacements ever.

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    The Flood And Bullet Lighting Technique

    This technique works best with yards with gardens, flowers, and trees. They brighten the lower parts of large objects.

    For example, tree trunks become more visible with floodlighting. Flowers become more noticeable along with other plant lives.

    The floodlighting technique requires just a few light beams to prevent casting shadows.

    Avoid clusters of lights when using the flooding technique and ensure at least 20 feet distance between light sources. Other techniques and patterns to consider include:

    • Moonlighting

    You should talk to an expert to know which would work best for you.

    Amount Of Power Consumed

    How To Fix Low Voltage Lighting

    This is another good factor you should consider before purchasing landscape lights.

    You should check the lighting specifications, electrical specifications, bulb brightness, etc.

    If a single light consumes 50 Watts of power, it means 10 beams will consume close to 500 Watts.

    If you dont want your electricity bills to triple at the end of the month, solar lights are your best option.

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    Why Hykolity Low Voltage Orb Led Landscape Path Lights Is The Best For Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

    Even in an intense competition with other products, many users regard this landscape lighting as the best. This decision comes with lots of reasons.

    For instance, path lights are stylish and eye-catching. Thats not all! Users would also have no challenges in installing the path light outdoor.

    The brand also offers enough path lights to brighten your home.

    Wattage To Lumen Equivalents

    Back in the days when most lights were of the incandescent filament types, wattage was a good way to describe light output. Everyone knew what a 40W or 60W bulb looked like. If you wanted a bright bulb for reading, you would select the 60W. If you just needed a light for a hallway, 40W was probably enough.

    That changed with the introduction of fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. A 20W CFL bulb had a light output equal to a 40W incandescent bulb. Now, with the introduction of LEDs, a 10W LED is equivalent to that same 40W bulb. Clearly, wattages are no longer a good way to assess light output. Instead, we use lumens.

    Efficacy is used to describe lumens per watt. In simple terms, efficacy describes the power needed to produce the amount of light . For instance, a fixture that is 5 watts and produces 500 lumens has an efficacy of 100 lumens per watt. Likewise, a fixture that produces 300 lumens at 3 watts also has an efficacy of 100 lumens per watt. A fixture that produces 300 lumens at 2 watts has an efficacy of 150 lumens per watt. So the actual wattage used may not necessarily affect efficacy. Instead, efficacy will vary due to multiple factors related to the light source, such as how hard the LED is being driven and how well the heat it produces is dissipated.

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    Light Output & Brightness

    When we compare the output of lighting fixtures, we need to use the correct language. The light that exits a lighting fixture is called light output. It is measured in lumens .

    If you look at the specifications of a fixture, you will see such terms as fixture lumens or fixture output. These both describe the same thing a measurement of lumens that exit the fixture.

    Lamps also have their own lumen specifications. However, lamp lumens only apply to the light output of the lamp when it is not in a fixture. Once you put the lamp in a fixture, not all of these lumens exit the fixture. Some manufacturers claim a certain number of lumens for a fixture, but they neglect to say whether these are lamp lumens or fixture lumens. Keep this in mind when comparing fixtures.

    Is brightness the same as light output? No, light output is an objective measurement it can be measured with a light sensor. Brightness, on the other hand, is subjective. If you look at a lit bulb in a dark room, it seems very bright. If you look at the same bulb outdoors on a sunny day, it will seem very dim. Thats why lighting pros avoid the terms bright or dim. Instead, they refer to differences in light output.

    Is It Possible To Control My Lights From A Smartphone

    LCARED Low Voltage led Landscape Lights 12W Waterproof 12V 24V 6Pack

    Yes, its definitely possible. Modern outdoor lighting systems use modern tech control systems that enable you to control your lights from smartphones.

    Many modern manufacturers integrate outdoor system control. You can definitely control your landscape lighting network using software apps provided by manufacturers.

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    Beautiful Lighting Isn’t A One Size Fits All

    One of the key elements to a good lighting design is the design itself: Seeing and experiencing something beautiful at night is the goal. If the design is going to fail, then what’s the point?

    The same light bulb shouldn’t be used in every single fixture, unless they are all lighting the exact same object and trying to achieve the exact same effect.

    What do I mean by the same light bulb?

    For a simple spot light, we have 30 different bulb options we can place in the fixture depending on what we are illuminating, and the effect we are trying to achieve.

    For example, a small ornate tree, like a Japanese maple should be lit with a different lighting approach than a large established cottonwood tree. In the picture below, you can see how these small delicate trees are lit with a single softly diffused light, while a large towering tree will require multiple lights with a lot more punch.

    Beam spread, lumen output, and Kelvin temperature should all be taken into consideration when crafting a tailored lighting effect.

    In our company’s lighting designs, our light bulbs aren’t a one size fits all. We use LED bulbs with multiple options so each piece in the landscape can be made beautiful when the light hits it appropriately.

    Shop 12v Landscape Lighting

    Easy-Install Kits

    These specially-priced kits are the easy way to add a low voltage landscape lighting system to your home


    LED spotlights and accent lights emphasize specific architectural or landscape features

    Path Lights

    Pathway lights add safety, security and beauty to walkways, driveways, gardens and patios

    Well Lights

    Use in-ground well lights and in-grade lights to uplight trees, columns and walls

    Flood Lights

    Use LED flood lights to illuminate wide areas like walls, signs and tree canopies


    Mount downlights in trees for low level illumination that resembles natural moonlight

    Step Lights

    Step lights are recessed fixtures for illuminating ramps, walkways and areas next to walls or around outdoor kitchens

    Hardscape Lights

    Place hardscape lighting in retaining walls or under railings, benches or outdoor kitchen counters

    Underwater Lights

    Our fully submersible, waterproof underwater lights are ideal for fountains, ponds and other water features

    Bollard Lights

    Bollards and other decorative pathway lights add beauty to your home, day or night

    Specialty Lights

    Explore unique fixtures for an array of low voltage outdoor lighting applications

    Dark-Sky Approved

    These fixtures minimize lighting pollution into the night sky and carry the International Dark-Sky Association seal

    Turtle-Safe Lighting

    Protect sea turtles with fixtures approved by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

    LED Outdoor Bulbs

    Low Voltage Transformers

    Cable & Accessories

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    Everything To Know About Bulbs For Landscape Lighting

    When selecting 12V light bulbs for landscape lighting, they should meet the following minimum requirements:

    • Designed for use in damp locations so it can handle the challenges of surviving in an outdoor environment
    • Have an ETL and UL Listing
    • If LED, it should have a conformal coating on the circuitry of the bulb to protect the sensitive computer components from corroding or being damaged by moisture

    Hykolity Low Voltage Orb Led Landscape Path Light Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

    Do it Yourself Low Voltage Landscape Lighting
    • Heat and weather-resistant
    • Comes with a quick-install wire connector

    Starting off the list for the top low voltage landscape lighting is this incredible path light from Hykolity. Unlike other landscape lightings, this unit is available in 6 pieces.

    So, you can easily install each path light at the center of attention. Meanwhile, this walkway light comes with simple installation processes.

    Since the product includes a quick-install wire connector, you can quickly mount the light all alone. However, there are other accessories you need to purchase separately.

    For instance, users would have to purchase low voltage wires and transformers separately.

    Moving on, Hykolity Low Voltage ORB LED Landscape Path Light comes with a strong crackled shade. The crackled shade protects the light from heavy rain and snow.

    Also, the brand designs the hat from aluminum to make it immune to heat. Another significant feature of the path light is maintenance. These walkway lights are sturdy and simple to care for.

    Even when its dark, these lighting devices help illuminate your walkways with great brightness.

    Aside from walkways, the path light also provides nighttime aesthetics to your gardens trees and fences.

    Unlike other landscape lightings, this model has cast-aluminum construction, which makes it weather-resistant and durable.

    Since this walkway light is low voltage, you dont need a large transformer to illuminate your private garden.


    • Eco-friendly
    • Designed from aluminum material


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    Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting: Experts Review

    Purchasing the best low voltage landscape lighting can be a tricky project. This is because there are hundreds of thousands of landscape lighting devices on the shelves.

    For instance, the step light and in-grounds light are two popular landscape lighting. Other kinds of landscape lights include pole-mounted lights, building-mounted lights, floodlights, and pathway lights.

    Therefore, you need to choose the landscape lighting ideal for your private garden. In this post, we walk you through picking the top low voltage landscape lighting.

    Unlike other outdoor décor options, landscape lighting is an amazing tool to illuminate your pathways.

    Aside from design, these lighting ideas also provide adequate security, especially when you hike in the dark. So, what is the top low voltage landscape lighting?

    How Do You Want Your Lights Installed

    Some lighting comes with simple installation systems, while others will need the services of a landscape lighting expert to be installed.

    On the other hand, you can mount some bulbs on walls, on fences, or mounted on the ground. Some landscape installations require step-down transformers.

    Its likely you may not install a transformer yourself. Dont try to, as it could be very dangerous. Employ the services of a specialist.

    Some landscape light manufacturers also provide their staff to help you with the installation process if you purchase directly from the manufacturer.

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