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Line Voltage Landscape Spot Light

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What Is Line Voltage Landscape Lighting

How to Install Outdoor Landscape Lighting | Ask This Old House

A line voltage lighting is a plug-and-play landscape lighting system that runs on the standard line voltage of 120 Volts. You only have to connect it to the ordinary supply socket, and they start running. So, you do not need a transformer in a circuit, unlike Low Voltage Lights.

The power cables for 120V line voltage lights must be safely buried 2 feet under the ground. Its better to use plastic conduits and sealed junction boxes at the end. These heavy-duty line voltage lights work best in a large landscape or residential places with lots of greenery. Lights are much brighter, but modern low voltage lights also produce somewhat similar lumens.

It is a popular design choice for outdoor, security, commercial lighting as they require less money to purchase, easy to set up and maintain. Line voltage lighting is more common in landscape lighting, and they can cover a large area, guaranteed proper wiring is done.

Their applications are numerous, and despite their large consumption of electricity, the line voltage lights have their significance.

What Is Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low Voltage lighting is the lighting system that uses 12/24 Volts to operate. It requires an additional transformer to step down the regular line Voltage of 120/240V to 12/24V. The transformer is usually built in the fixture, and if not, a remote transformer is used you have to ensure that the wattage rating is equal to or greater than the lighting systems combined wattage rating.

These are popular choices for Landscape spotlight, LED Post Lights, LED Bollard Lights, etc. You can find many LED fixtures for low voltages, and they are more versatile than line voltage lights. Low voltage lights are best for landscape lighting, which has restricted access.

The low voltage requirement greatly pleases the energy-conscious people, and rightly so. Due to their efficiency, Low Voltage lights are becoming the preferred choice for outdoors. You can find these in many areas of interest, such as safety, commercial, and decoration of outdoor landscapes.

Energy efficiency is not the only criteria when it comes to selecting landscape lights. Other factors play a role in the selection of landscape lighting too.

Whats The Difference Between Low Voltage And Line Voltage Landscape Lighting

You can choose a lighting system based on the various aspects of both line voltage and low voltage landscape lights.

Both are popular choices for landscape lighting, but the final decision depends upon the following factors in general. By going through these, you can decide which lighting system is best suited for your project.

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A Closer Look At The Best 120v Landscape Lighting Products

Kichler is one of the biggest names in line voltage landscape lighting. Another manufacturer to consider is Hinkley. Shoppers choose between floodlights that you might install overhead or high voltage pathway lights you could place in flowerbeds. In some cases, landscape designers opt for installing them inside a path along with stepping stones. When you frequently make changes to your landscape, we recommend post-mounted 120v pathway lights that are easy to move as needed.

Should you select incandescent or halogen lights? When you prefer low voltage landscape lighting, LEDs or incandescent bulbs are good choices. They are well-suited for virtually all installation spaces. When you prefer halogen, look for landscape yard lights that illuminate a larger portion of the garden.

Energy Efficiency In Both Cases

Red Dot Line

The low voltage LED light of 50 Watts consumes approximately the same wattage as that of a line voltage lamp of similar power, but the low voltage bulbs produce far more lumens than the standard line voltage one.

The modern LED technology has dramatically enhanced low voltage LEDs capabilities, and you can find these to be brighter than before. They are also replacing low voltage halogens-MR16 lamps due to their better efficiency.

Regular Low voltage lights have a 6000+ hour life compared to line voltage bulbs with only 800 hours . Low voltage lights also produce less heat which makes them more energy efficient.

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Why Landscape Lighting

We listen to homeowners, who tell us they consider landscape lighting as an investment in beauty, safety, and entertainment for their home. Professionals value our product innovation and warranty our unmatched design, engineering, and testing standards and our support. See More Benefits


Achieve that look. Bring your home’s best features to life by creating a dramatic effect with shadowing or illuminating paths and entryways. And, since the fixture is as important as the light it gives off, you can select from a variety of styles and finishes to find the look thats best for your spacewhether its path lights along a walkway or a fixture that matches your patio furniture.


Create functional, livable spaces outside around pools, decks or patios with the right light. A wide selection of fixtures and color temperatures allow you to create unique lighting effects, while different applications and timers give you easy control at your fingertips.


Besides adding curb appeal to your home, landscape lighting gives off essential illumination for nighttime navigation and helps ensure safe passage around decks, patios, and entryways.


Landscape lighting works to provide additional security at night. The right lighting system can illuminate a homes dimly lit spots making for a well-lit outdoor space

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