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Lawn Mowing Prices Per Hour

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How Much Does Instant Lawn Cost

How Much To Charge for Mowing? | Pricing Cheat Sheet

And if you are wondering what maintenance-free instant lawn costs, low to mid-priced synthetic grass can cost anywhere from $50 to $75 per square metre , while better quality lawn will be more like $75 to $100 per square metre . Regular turf or lawn, sold in rolls, costs significantly less, anywhere from $25 to $35 per square metre, but you do have more maintenance costs with real lawn.

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Your Prices May Be Higher When:

  • You have a large lawn.
  • You request the lawn cut using a hand push mower.
  • The property is hilly or difficult to mow.
  • The yard has many garden or plant beds that require edging.
  • Shrub trimming is included.
  • Leaf raking and removal is included.
  • You request a one-time cut on a poorly maintained property.

What Our Research Indicates About Landscaping Rates

GreenPal recently conducted a poll of over 10,000 lawn care service providers all over the country about how much they charge for weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing services.

As it turns out.

78% of lawn care professionals we polled responded they charge at least $60 per man per hour. Or $1 a minute.

Next. 12% responded they charge on average $50 per man per hour

Lastly, 10% responded they charge $40 per man per hour or less

But thats just part of the story

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Lawn Care Costs Per Month

The average cost of lawn maintenance if you have all of your maintenance services billed monthly is between $350 and $450 per month. Monthly service most often includes weekly mowing and different maintenance items based on the season. Because different services will be performed each month, your monthly service cost will be higher some months and lower on others.

Hiring A Lawn Care Company

Lawn Mowing Hourly Rates Price List Grass Cutting

How much does it cost for someone to tender your lawn? Lawn mowing services charge average rates of $25 $150 per hour. Several lawn mowing businesses will also include edging, leaf-blowing, and removal of garden waste after mowing. And since mowing costs are generally subjective, homeowners should study their invoices to know exactly what they are paying for.

The hiring process should be as friendly as possible, the intention is to build a relationship of trust on both sides. This is important because the groundskeeper will still be expected to work on the property even when the homeowner is out of town.

When hiring a specialized lawn mowing company for long term work, a formal contract signed by both parties is essential should disputes occur. However, a casual and less formal agreement can be good enough for irregular, short term work by an amateur.

Irrespective of their mowing needs, homeowners should be prepared to divulge as much detail about the job as possible to get the precise answers.

Below is a list of some questions to ask during the hiring process.

How long will it take to mow my lawn?

This is important if the lawn mowing service is charging by the hour.

What other services am I getting?

Does the service provider offer additional lawn care services like aerating, fertilization, winterization, etc? If so, what are the prices?

How much am I being charged per hour?

Do you provide written quotes?

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Calculate Your Hourly Labor Rate

Labor costs are most businesses biggest expense. So, its smart to start here to figure out how much to charge for lawn mowing.

You can find your hourly labor rate per worker and per job by considering these factors:

  • The average rate for lawn care services in your area.
  • How much you pay your employees per hour.
  • Your desired profit margin.

Its important to note that pricing by the hour does not mean that you have to communicate your hourly charge to your customer.

You can plug your hourly rates into your lawn mowing pricing formula to help you figure out what prices make sense for your business and present the total to your customer.

Factors Impacting The Cost Of Lawn Mowing

Type of lawn

A big expanse may take less time to cut than smaller ones with lots of plantings. If your lawn is difficult to access or hard to mow due to a slope, this can increase the rate. A hand mower may have to replace a riding mower, raising lawn mowing prices per hour.

Size of lawn

If you have an acre or more, your price will be higher. It takes longer to mow a broad expanse, even using the high-powered riding mowers that are used today.

Time of year

At the peak of the mowing season, you may pay higher rates. Cheap lawn mowing services and specials may be available during the slow-growth winter months.

Insured companies

You may get a higher rate from an insured company, but you will also know that they are more likely to take pride in a job well done.

Added costs

Many services include the cost of tidying. They will blow or sweep cuttings from sidewalk and driveway. Edging may be included, especially if you have a contract. This service cuts down on the work that the mowing company will have to do because it eliminates the need for extensive weed-eating. It is advisable to ask what is included when you are getting quotes.


Lawn mowing services prices may be affected by the area in which you live. Your hourly rate will be higher if you live in New South Wales or the Australian Capital Territory. Queensland, South Australia and Victorian lawns will cost about the same per hour. The least expensive hourly rates are in Western Australia and Tasmania.

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How To Make A Lawn Care Pricing Sheet

A lawn care pricing sheet lists the costs of all your services. It helps you keep your pricing consistent across all jobs. When youre estimating a job, you can look at this sheet and get a base estimate to build on.

Create a price sheet once you know how much you want to charge for each service. This should include your most common services and yard sizes so you have consistent pricing to refer to when making lawn care estimates.

In addition to the lawn care pricing sheet sample at the start of this article, heres an example of a basic lawn care pricing chart:

Lawn care service

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What Type Of Grass Do You Have

How To Calculate Per Man Hour Pricing for a Lawn Care Business

There are two main categories of lawn grass: cool-season, which typically grow during early spring and fall, and warm-season, which flourish during late spring and summer. Popular cool-season grasses include rye, Kentucky bluegrass and fescues. Two examples of warm-season grasses include Bermuda and zoysia grass.

Each of these different types of grass require different lawn care regimens. For example, lawn care pros will typically cut Kentucky bluegrass shorter during warm weather than Bermuda grass. The different types of grasses also have different sun and shade needs, different needs for fertilization and watering, and even different needs for how often to cut during cool or warm months.

All these factors are compounded by your geographic region and local climate. By working with a lawn care professional you can be sure your grass will get the proper attention and treatment to allow it to flourish.

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Experience Of The Lawn Care Provider

A service providers training, experience, and expertise can affect your total lawn care costs. If youre hiring a pro who is new to the industry, you can expect to pay much less than hiring a pro with years of experience. Keep in mind that hiring a more experienced professional is likely to provide better results.

Cost Of Lawn Mowing Price Guide In Texas Areas

When it comes to the cost of lawn mowing price, different factors have to be considered. On average, most lawn mowing service plans cost $30 for a simple lawn mowing service.

Some lawn mowing services can charge an hourly rate ranging from $20 to as high as $50 per hour in some areas. Factors like the size of the lawn, the mowing frequency needed, the number of extra services needed, etc can influence the lawn care price list.

In this guide, we have discussed the cost of lawn mowing and everything you should know about pricing and getting the best deals for your lawn yard.

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What Are The Alternatives To A Large Lawn Area

You could opt to lose some of the lawn and incorporate it into other areas of the garden so increase the size of the borders or flower beds or create a designated play area for the children. Another possibility is to take the lawn up and install hard-surfaced areas such as a patio or decking. This has an initial upfront cost but thereafter is relatively cost-free just requiring some cleaning and maintenance at the beginning and end of the season.

Dont Forget Overhead And Equipment

How Much Is Lawn Care Per Hour / 2021 Lawn Care Services Prices Mowing ...

Once youve calculated the cost of labor, you will factor in overhead and other costs.

Your lawn care companys overhead costs may include:

  • Administrative staff.
  • Other bills
  • Equipment.

After labor, your businesss second-largest expense is equipment. Just like labor, equipment costs money, so you have to make sure that youre always in a position to maintain or replace it if necessary.

As a result, equipment should always be factored into your overhead costs. You should markup anywhere from 11 50% to cover your total overhead costs.

From there, add a markup for profit. Your markup should be based on how much profit you are looking to make from every job and is determined by your other expenses.

Before arriving at a final price, double-check that youve included every element of the job in your calculation and have priced any special factors correctly.To give your customer an idea of your prices beforehand, you can create a lawn care price sheet.

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How To Use The Mowing Calculator

Our calculator can be used for two different things. So, to start, you need to . You have two options to choose from:

  • The cost of getting your lawn mowed by professionals,
  • or,2. How long it would take to mow your lawn with your own mower.

    If you pick the first option, all you need to do is to:

    • Pick whether your chosen company charges per unit ofarea or perhour of work
    • If they charge by area, input the price per unit and how big is your lawn and
    • If they do it by the hour, you’ll need to know how much an hour of work costs, how many hours mowing your lawn should take – roughly. If you’re not sure, don’t worry – you can use the other part of our lawn mowing cost calculator to find out!

    If you want to calculate mowing time and efficiency, you should pick the second option and follow these instructions:

    Getting Your Lawn Overseeded

    Overseeding your lawn via a professional usually cost around $1,200, which you saw in my lawn care pricing chart.

    Overseeding can boost the health and appearance of your lawn by encouraging the grass to continue growing even when older and problematic patches die.

    When you hire a company to overseed your lawn, you can specify that a disease-resistant or drought-resistant grass seed be used. This will be helpful for you if you live in a harsh climate.

    I have an article with detailed recommendations about the best seed to use for overseeding if youd like to learn more.

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    Factors That Influence Lawn Mowing Cost In Manchester

    When a contractor comes to your house to provide you an estimate, they will consider several factors that can increase or decrease the cost of your project. Pricing for your lawn mowing project will vary based on the size of your lawn and your geographic location. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

    Cost Of Fertilizing Your Lawn

    EASIEST Way To Price Lawn Mowing For Beginners (Also The Fastest)

    Your lawn needs the proper nutrients to look its best and your soil does not always have enough nutrients. This is where fertilizer comes in. Fertilizing your lawn is the best way to improve the health and appearance of your lawn.Fertilizers contain the necessary minerals and nutrients that your grass needs to grow to its full potential. But it is important to note that different types of grass require different fertilizers.

    • The minimum cost for lawn fertilizer is $0.08/sf
    • The maximum cost for lawn fertilizer is $0.48/sf

    If you do not have the time or the tools to fertilize your lawn on your own, you can hire a contractor to do the job. If you hire a contractor, the cost of fertilizing your lawn is about $12-$15/hr. You can also hire a lawn care expert or professional lawn care company, which will bring your lawn fertilizing cost up to about $60 per hour, on average. The more experience someone has, the more it will cost. That said, if you go with an expert you will do the least amount of work and you will likely get the best results.

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    Find Out The Track Record

    Ask how long a lawn care provider has been in business. What level of experience and education does the person or a providers staff have? Also, is the provider properly licensed and insured?

    Unfortunately, some providers are fly-by-night operators that havent been in business very long and are interested only in taking your money, not in providing top-notch service. As noted by MarketWatch, providing lawn care requires little more than some equipment and a business license. Almost no training is required.

    Number Of Lawn Care Visits

    The number of service visits performed within the lawn care program also directly impacts lawn care prices. Each visit could be made up of a varying number of applications.

    Before agreeing to any services, make sure you know how many visits and specific applications the each visit on the program will include. You want to be able to feel confident that your lawn care company is including just the right number of actual treatments .

    Knowing whats included is important. Otherwise, you may fall victim to a common marketing scheme in the lawn care industry which is to underprice services just to hook you. This occurs when lawn care companies give you their rock bottom price knowing that it doesnt actually include everything you really need. In the end, you may wind up paying just as much with all of the add-on services and upcharges you have to tack on than you would have with another company that offered everything you needed from the start.

    At Master Lawn, we have found that the sweet spot is 7 to 10 visits, which allows us to get all important services completed. This also helps people to choose the program that is best for them both based on their own needs as well as what Master Lawn feels will help their lawn the most. When applicable, we are able to combine certain applications in order to pass savings along to the customer. It is never our goal to upcharge for services that we can offer at a more affordable price when possible.

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    Lawn Care Service Prices

    Lawn care professionals provide many different service outside of just mowing. Depending on where you live, and how long its been since your yard has been maintained, some additional services may be needed. Let’s take a look at some common lawn services and their prices:

    • Lawn Mowing: Average cost $25 – $50
    • Tree Trimming: Average cost $250 – $500
    • Lawn Aeration: Average cost $80 – $175
    • Lawn Weeding: Average cost $20 – $40 /hour
    • Lawn Winterization: Average cost $350
    • Lawn Fertilizing: Average cost $40 – $60 /application
    • Lawn Seeding: Average cost for professional $700
    • Leaf Removal: Average cost $50 – $80
    • Landscaping: Average cost between $3,000 and $15,950

    What About Big Commercial Properties

    How much does it cost to mow a lawn?

    Properties like schools and industrial lots take a lot more time and effort to mow. I would advise that you keep your price ranges the same and allow the formulas above to help you earn more money from doing more work. Remember, just because a company has more finances than a household doesnt mean that theyre any more willing to spend their money, and they can always take their business elsewhere if they think youre charging too much. I would also advise you to not mow commercial properties if youre just one person unless you have a riding mower, but even then you might want to wait until you have more workers so you can get the job done without spending all your energy.

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    Sod Or Turf Installation

    For obvious reasons, turf installation is an expensive process. Whether you are installing sod, or artifical turf, its a labor-intensive process which requires expensive materials to complete.

    You should expect to pay as much as $4,800 for this to be done professionally.

    Before the company gives you a quote for a flat rate, it will need to visit your property to determine its size.

    Some companies can do the estimate remotely via satellite images.

    Average Cost Of Lawn Mowing Per Square Foot

    On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $0.01 to $0.05 per sq.ft. for mowing. Mowing costs are sometimes calculated by the square foot, especially for smaller yards. Keep in mind that as the size of the area approaches a full acre, your costs may switch to acreage to make the estimates more accurate. Your professional may also choose to charge by square footage if your yard has large, landscaped areas.

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