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Lawn Mowers For Sale At Lowe’s

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Who Defines The Best Well I Do

Honda Lawn Mowers Now Available at Lowe’s

Best means different things to different people. Some folks are looking for best-selling walk-behind mowers, while others seek top-rated models. Some people even think best and cheapest go hand in hand!

For me the best lawn mowers are easy to handle, safe to use and are a great value. They should be easy to start, low maintenance and keep your lawn looking good. As a lawn and garden manager at Lowes, Ive sold hundreds of mowers through the years and seen them all-good, bad and somewhere in between. This year, I have finally put an electric model on my best value list.

Can I Return A Lawn Mower To Lowes Without The Receipt

In order to protect you against fraudulent charges, we request a credit card on file when you register. As a result, you can be charged for any transactions on your credit card that occur AFTER you register.

If you cannot retrieve a receipt, Lowes will do its best to issue you a refund at the items current selling price.

But if you bought it with a Lowes credit card, such as the Lowes Advantage Card, Lowes Business Advantage, Lowes Commercial Account, or the Lowes Business Rewards card, you may be entitled to a refund.

If the lawn mower is returned to the dealer, they will be able to see you purchased the mower.

So Whats The Best Month To Buy A Lawn Mower

Although it might take more than just intuition to determine the best time to shop for mowers, there are resources to assist you to find the way. Consumer reports have it that the best months to purchase a lawnmower are April, May, August, September, and October.

Another popular school of thought is that its best to purchase a mower right after the mowing season ends. Moreover, if you know the specific model of the model you want, then dealers and manufacturers will be more than willing to let you know when they offer special prices on mowers.

That said, October is regarded as the best month to make the purchase. The fact that lawnmowers are considered a seasonal item, means that their lowest possible price will be when the demand is low. i.e. after summer as fall begins. But this will only mean something if the mower youre considering in April makes it until October.

During early falls, dealers are scheduled to dispose of old models in stock. Physical stores, in particular, often have limited space for lawnmower displays, therefore unsold ones need to go as soon as possible.

Keep in mind summer is a busy season for the outdoors. It also tells homeowners to perform some yard upkeep. Even so, it also has three popular sales holidays that can lure mower buyers: Fathers Day, Independence Day, and Memorial Day, which is the last Monday of May.

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Lowes Lawn Mower Return Policy

The lawn mower return policy at Lowes allows all lawn mowers, including gas, electric, and ride-on models, to be returned within 30 days of purchase. Lawn mowers must be in new, unused condition gas lawn mowers with gas in the tank are ineligible for return. We confirmed Lowes lawn mower return policy with a corporate customer service representative and Lowes store associates at locations in California, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska, and Rhode Island.

For a full refund to your original payment method, youll need to bring your receipt. A Lowes store associate may be able to look up your receipt if you used a Lowes card or another credit card. If you dont have the receipt, your return will be subject to a store managers approval and your refund will likely be in the form of store credit for the current sale price of the item. To make a return without a receipt, youll need to show a valid photo ID.

Lawn mowers purchased on cannot be shipped back youll need to return the lawn mower to your nearest Lowes store. If you cant find your online order receipt, contact Lowes customer service at 445-6937 and a representative will email you a copy so you can complete your return in-store.

Occasionally, a lawn mower will have a manufacturer defect, in which case you can call 775-6937 for Lowes certified general assistance. A representative can set up an at-home service appointment, if necessary.

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All About The Lowes Labor Day Sale


With rollbacks that will knock your DIY socks off, Lowes Labor Day Sale event is the place to shop for everything you need to complete projects around the house and yard.

Find massive reductions of up to 40 percent on some of the top brands you know and love like Craftsman, Kobalt, Whirlpool and Vaspar. Remember, these bargains wont last forever, and the best deals will sell out fast.

Sign up for the Lowes Advantage Card to get 20 percent off your first days purchase, making it more affordable to spruce up your space, Youll also take off five percent on every additional purchase, or get six months special financing on qualified purchases. Cha-ching!

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Let’s See What All Those Reviewers Have To Say About This More Affordable Mower From Honda

Pros:Starts on the first pull and mulches great, cut my 1/2 acre in 1/2 the time, Starts in one pull, relatively quiet, easy to maneuver and mulches extremely well, best mower I’ve ever owned, It mulches the grass in very small clippings, easy to control, grass bag is easy to empty, made of sturdy metal, cuts great , doesn’t use a lot of gas, I can actually jog behind this mower once it is in the self-propelled mode, works great and it’s easy to use, powerful to handle any grass no matter how high, very happy with this mower and am happy to recommend it to anyone, mower does cut the grass nicely, I love this machine!

Cons:Great for flat lawns it struggles with hills and uneven terrain, disappointed in the mulching feature of this mower, refused to start after initial start at store, The thumb drive Smart Drive system will make your thumbs cramp up,

This Honda is definitely a great mower at an affordable price! Knowledgeable Home Depot staff will even recommend it to you.

When Do Lawn Mowers Go On Sale At Lowes And Other Big Box Stores

Lawn mowers typically go on sale at big box stores when they need to sell them. Thats usually the Spring prior to the start of the cutting season, the Fall after the season, or on holidays specifically Christmas and Fathers Day.

Youre typically not going to find a mower on sale in these stores during the busy cutting season. If somebody is looking for a mower in July, it usually means its a pretty urgent purchase. Of course these big box stores cant just mark up something a huge amount during these months either, because the consumer will just go to a competitor.

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Do Lawn Mowers Go On Sale In Winter

Its possible to find a few lawn mower models on sale during winter as most homeowners will be looking for other things for the lawn. So instead of shopping for lawn mowers, buyers will be looking for snowmelt, shelves, snowblowers, and such.

So if you really want to buy during winter, you may bump into three lawn mowers in the discount section.

While these mowers are probably whats left from the previous months, keep in mind that you wont be getting the best type that youre interested in should you consider purchasing any of those deep discounts. Shopping at this time might sacrifice your preference on what your desired lawn mower should have.

Should You Rent Or Buy A Ride On Lawn Mower

2021 Mowers at Lowe’s !

Renting or buying a riding lawn mower depends on the nature of the project. Riding lawn mowers as earlier mentioned, are on the expensive side, thus, whether you want to rent or buy a riding lawn mower depends on the nature of the project.

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If you require the riding lawn mower only for a one-time or seldom mowing of your large-area lawn, renting a lawn mower is cost beneficial owing to the fact that its need would be minimal.

However, if you need a riding lawn mower for large scale commercial lawn mowing, say over a golf course, buying the riding lawn mower would be your best bet. You should also be prepared to spend additional costs on maintenance and storage.

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Can I Return A Used Lawn Mower To Lowes

To buy a new lawn mower, you will need to open your Lowes return envelope and then put cash in the return envelope to buy the mower.

à However, when it comes to opened mowers, Lowes can let you return them if they were never used.

However, if you have a used gas lawn mower, you can return it within 30 days of purchase, but you must fully drain the gas from it and have the receipt with you, and your lawn mower must be in good operating condition.

What Types Of Lawn Mowers Can Lowes Repair

Through its Protection Plan and manufacturers warranties, Lowes can repair virtually all lawn mowers.

But, its unlikely Lowes can repair lawn mowers you have not purchased from it. However, Lowes does sell parts for lawn mowers.

So, if your lawn mower is the same brand as what Lowes sells, it may be easier to find parts to fix it yourself.

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Why Would Lawnmowers Be On Sale In Fall

More often than not, if theres not an incentive to buy a mower in the Fall most consumers will not. Who wants to store a new mower all Winter? Why not spend the Winter months continuing to add to the mower budget and get a real high end model in the Spring? What if I need the money Id spend on a mower now for an emergency like a furnace repair?

These are all viable questions that homeowners have until a price drop makes it so they almost cannot afford not to buy the mower in the fall. Moving mowers in the Fall or Winter creates a win-win situation as the homeowner gets a deal on something they need, while distributors move product to create room to display more topical products .

Home Depot And Lowes Waive Shipping Fees On Mowers And Grills

Lowes Lawn Mowers On Sale

A little competition can be a good thing for the consumer. Both Home Depot and Lowes are offering free shipping on lawn mowers and tractors and Lowes also promises free delivery on grills that cost more than $249. The lawn tractors come fully assembled but youre on your own when it comes to the walk behind mowers and grills. So is it worth ordering a big box from a big box?

That depends on your skill level and whether you want to take a chance on having a large bulky item delivered to your home that you may have to return later at your own expense. That said, both retailers are offering mowers and gas grills that have done well in our tests including John Deere and Cub Cadet lawn tractors and Weber and Char-Broil gas grills. Before you order, consider the following:Mowers and tractorsConsumer Reports just wrapped up its latest mower tests and the results will be online and on newsstands in early April. Putting a walk behind mower together isnt that complicated, says Peter Sawchuk who oversees the mower testing. But if youre having a riding mower or tractor delivered, there are some things you should check.

Gas grillsNot everyone has the skills, tools or patience to assemble a gas grill and weve seen problems with mis-assembled grills in which the hose of the gas tank was too close to the firebox. Steve Bova, who put together many of the grills in our latest tests has these tips:

Reporting by Gian Trotta

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Lowes Lawn Mower Return Policy In 2022

All purchases are fully refundable under certain conditions. There is a 30-day time limit on returns of unused appliances, which means you must return them within 30 days of purchase. You also cant return lawn mowers, even if they are in their original packaging. Some lawn mower manufacturers also offer their own return policies.

For anyone reading this, if you need to return a lawn mower, Lowes and Sears have a very helpful return policy!

Lawn Mower Sale Summary

The best advice is to keep an eye out if you know your current mower is getting to the end of its service to you. Your local Lowes or Home Depot often has refurbished models for sale at prices 25-30% off or they might have special price match offers where if you find a product for less within 30-days theyll honor that.

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Does Lowes Sell Lawn Mower Batteries

Lawn Mower BatteryLowes

BatteryLawn Mowers Outdoor Power Equipment The Home Depot.

Also, does Lowes sell 12 volt batteries? Deka 12Volt Motorcycle Battery at

In this way, does Lowes have a core charge on batteries?

Lowes will not accept my battery as core charge. Nowhere is it stated that they only accept batteries as cores that were bought from Lowes.

What is the best lawn mower battery?

  • ExpertPower EXP12200 12 Volt 20 Ah Rechargeable Battery With Threaded Terminals.
  • Please enable JavaScript

  • Mighty Max Battery 12V 35AH SLA Battery John Deere Tractor Riding Mower brand product.
  • Universal Power Group 12V 35Ah Battery John Deere Lawn Garden Tractor Riding Mower SLA.

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When Do Lawnmowers Go On Sale At Lowes

NEW HONDA LAWNMOWER Review Sold at Lowe’s

Keeping your lawn nice and healthy is no easy task, especially if youre on a budget and thats why a conversation on, When Do Lawnmowers Go On Sale At Lowest? is worth exploring.

From choosing the best grass and buying enough fertilizer, to getting a breezy water hose and investing in the most affordable, yet reliable lawn mower- homeowners are always looking for ways to get great deals without sacrificing the value of their garden equipment.

While theres the best time to buy almost anything, purchasing a lawnmower at the right time of year can save you money and make sure that youre getting all of the benefits you deserve.

But before we jump onto some of the ins and outs of seasonal mower buying, lets first go through the average price range of a lawnmower.

A typical push mower can set you back a few hundred dollars while riding lawn mowers are often priced at a few thousand dollars. Worry not because if your lawn is smaller than a ½ acre, you will just need a push mower. Any lawn or garden size greater than that will call for a riding lawnmower.

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Do You Need Your Receipt

Typically, NO.

If you dont have your receipt, Lowes can usually use your credit card, MyLowes card, or phone number to find your order details.

If they cant find any record of your purchase, theyll typically issue you in-store credit at the items current price.

Be aware that if you try to return too many items to Lowes without a receipt they may limit your returns or deny them completely.

Push Mowers Are Lighter And Less Expensive

Push mowers will save you money. If you want to spend less on a lawn mower and dont mind putting in a little extra mowing effort, consider a push mower. These models are all under $275 and will provide a great value for many years.

Want to spend a little more money and get a self propelled mower? Look for my review on Lowes self-propelled mowers. Happy mowing!

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What Do I Do If My Lawn Mower Is Damaged

If you purchase a damaged Lowes lawn mower that could not be repaired, you should call Lowes customer service at 445-6937 within three days of receiving the item to report the damage.

After you call the customer service number, they will pick up the item and issue a refund if they are able to. If it is out of stock, they will place a new one in your order which you can pickup at your local store.

What Should I Know Before Buying A Grill

John Deere D100 17.5

General things to consider when shopping for a grill Look for decent workmanship and durability. Look for cast aluminum, cast iron, enamel-bonded steel, and stainless steel in the grill body. Keep in mind that quality stainless steel and aluminum will not rust, but will discolor with use and age. Look for sturdy legs.

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Do Lawn Mowers Go On Sale In Spring

When it comes to buying a lawnmower, the law of supply and demand comes to play, just like what happens when other products and services go on sale. Homeowners usually focus on their yard maintenance during spring, when the climate is ideal for planting and buying a new mower.

Dealers expect this every year, which is why its rare to find lawnmowers at low prices during springtime. Also, retail shops put new lawnmower models on display during this time. This might be very enticing, especially for new homeowners, but lawn mower prices are likely to be very high.

Still, buyers can make the most out of this period by taking note of the good models that will fit their preferences. Getting to the dealers shop is one way to research the various lawn mowers as well as the new technologies present in more advanced models.

It can also be an advantage to see the available models in person and ask some of your concerns to the store sales attendant. Perhaps the best thing about shopping in spring is the chance to take home your dream mower- the one that features everything you need and want.

While it is spring, you can actually put it to the test. If it shows a little trouble, you can always take it back to the shop. You will be lucky if the problems show up during the product warranty period.

Compare this with buying a lawnmower during the last quarter of the year, for instance, and youll definitely park it somewhere in your home.

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