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Landscaping With Railroad Ties Ideas

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Level And Tamp The Ground

Design And Construction Ideas For Building Landscaping Stairs With Railroad Ties

Every project needs to start with a good foundation. When it comes to retaining walls, this foundation needs to be level and firm. To begin to build a railroad tie retainer, determine the area you will use for your wall. Using your shovel, clear this area of dirt, debris, and other landscaping.

Make sure the space is flat and even using your level. Then, tamp the dirt to create a solid, hard foundation. Using a tamper works to uneven settling and shifting of the wall once it is in place. Of course, it is almost impossible to prevent settling long terms. Tamping as well as possible will minimize the change over time.

Gabion Wall Used As Edging

This kind of garden edging called gabion offers lots of possibilities. It looks natural yet structured but blends in well with the natural environment. Its also quite sturdy, and should hold up well.

This gabion garden wall edging works as a retaining wall holding plants and soil. This edging serves as a garden focal piece.

Ideas For Landscaping With Railroad Ties

Landscaping ideas with railroad ties | ehow, Landscaping with railroad ties can save a lot of money since they are fairly easy to install. railroad ties can be purchased at just about any major.Ideas for landscaping with railroad ties | garden guides, Steps. when a hillside disrupts foot traffic between outdoor living levels, railroad ties can be used to create steps. the ties may be used alone or the ties may be.Landscaping ideas with railroad ties | home guides | sf gate, Driveway edging. railroad ties placed along your driveway make mowing easier by eliminating the need to trim around the edges. if you have a gravel driveway, railroad.

Railroad tie design ideas, pictures, remodel and decor, massive patio structure, which was built from railroad ties from the farm. “i don’t know where those ties originally came from,” cari says, “but i’m glad.All aboard! contemporary landscaping with railroad ties, It’s not unusual to see salvaged railroad ties being offered up for little to nothing on craigslist. they’re an extremely common landscaping material, but that doesn.Railroad ties landscaping timbers, pt pressure treated, Railroad ties are standard commercial timbers, treated with creosote to waterproof the wood, and suitable for any landscaping project. we also carry 10” and 12.

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Other Creative Uses For Wooden Railroad Ties

  • a. an entire garden paved with wooden ties instead of flagstones, gravel or paving
  • b. lawn edging built with wooden ties
  • c. to make walls to divide the garden into different rooms.
  • d. as a pillar to stand a bird feeder or bird bath
  • e. wood carving made of wooden ties
  • f. pile them up to create a giant wooden Jenga like garden sculpture
  • g. line a pit with wooden ties to make a semi-subterranean seating area
  • h. childrens sandpit

Channel A Rustic Vibe With A Woodland Garden

Railroad Ties Landscaping: Everything You Need to Know

Weathered timber gives any space a more rustic vibe

If you love woodland plants for gardens you’re in the right place as weathered looking railroad ties will add the perfect finishing touch to your planting scheme. Use them to define the outline of the bed or purely for ornamental purposes as they fit right in with their timeworn good looks.

It’s a great way of landscaping around trees too. Use railroad ties to build a rectangular base to frame the trunk. If you’re clever and build it high enough this can also be used to create seating.

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Common Uses For Wooden Railroad Ties

  • a. Raised bed Raised bed is a very popular use for vegetable or flower. Raised bed is filled with soil and plants. Wooden railroad ties can be used to build outside container of bed.
  • b. Steps in the garden Steps in the garden can be built by wooden railroad ties, which will make great rustic garden steps and simply be an alternative to concrete steps. They are very easy to be installed.
  • c. Raised pond A pond like fish pond can create a relaxing place, but it is the bigger project for a family garden. People often think that it is quite difficult to dig and built in a garden. A raised garden pond is to use wooden railroad ties to build a wooden container and lay a pond liner for keeping water without any need to dig up the garden.

Level The First Tie In The Wall

Once you have a good bed of gravel laid down and tamped, it’s time to level the first tie in the wall. It’s important to get this tie as level as possible because any error will be compounded the higher the wall is. Take away or add gravel underneath the tie as needed until it is level in both directions. Having the wall out of plumb will also cause the wall to sag, bulge or fall faster. Using a sledgehammer as a tamper works pretty well to tamp gravel under the front or back edge to adjust it.

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Use Railroad Ties To Make Smart Vegetable Beds

Railroad ties are an effective solution for a smart kitchen garden

One of the most popular options for landscaping with railroad ties is to use them for building simple raised garden beds. The solid wood keeps soil contained and acts as a barrier to keep pests such as slugs out. Perfect for drainage, they also protect against encroaching weeds.

There are concerns about the safety of using creosoted railroad ties for kitchen gardens. Since creosote can leach out into the soil, many people say that you should never use railroad ties for surrounding a vegetable garden. So be careful what you pick up from salvage yards.

If a railroad tie is old and worn though, the chance of leaching is minimal. Whether or not plants actually take up creosote in the soil is also not established for sure. For safety, consider lining your garden beds with plastic as a precaution to stop the wood from contacting the soil.

There are plenty of other options though if you love the idea of landscaping with timber for your veg plot, including buying new untreated timber.

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Stairway Built With Concrete And Railroad Ties – Landscaping Ideas

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Level And Tamp Down The Area

First, we leveled the area where to wall was going to be. Actually, it is slightly sloping down away from the building. We then tamped the dirt to make a nice, hard foundation. Tamping the dirt will also help to minimize settling and shifting of the wall. Although, it will settle and shift a bit no matter what you do.

Railroad Ties For Gardens

Railroad ties, also named railway ties, railway sleepers or rail sleepers, are the rectangular supports for rail tracks. Generally they are laid perpendicular to the railroad steel rail, which can transfer heavy loads to the tracks, ballasts and sub-grade base, helping to hold the rails upright and keep the correct gauge.

Railroad ties were traditionally made of wood in the past, but now pre-stressed concrete ties or composite railroad ties are widely used all over the world, especially in Europe and Asia. Huge quantity of wooden railroad ties is removed out. How to deal with seemly useless used wood? Of course, people can find many ways to further make use of them. The more common and important way is landscaping with railroad ties.

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Helpful Products From Gardens Alive

Railroad Ties are NOT Legal for Home Landscape Use

Q: Pattie writes: “I recently bought a house just over the Pennsylvania border in Maryland. The previous owner had many garden beds, and the one he used for vegetables had old timbers surrounding it that looked questionable. I asked him if they were ‘treated wood’ and he said he didn’t know that they were there when he purchased the house over ten years ago. The timbers are rotted and in bad shape. How do I find out whether they are treated wood and if they are, do I need to remove all the soil? Is there a place I could take a piece of wood to show someone or have it analyzed?”

A. Pattie attached photos that show badly rotted timbers some with a telltale green colorwhich might be mold, but more likely it’s a sign that the wood was treated with arsenic or other toxic wood preservative. So I went to the EPA to see what kind of advice they had for people who discover that they have the worst kind of wood on their property: Old railroad ties. And what I discovered was shocking.

Every EPA site said the same thing about the main preservative in old railroad ties: “Creosote is a possible human carcinogen and has no registered residential use.” So it’s actually illegal to use old railroad ties in a home landscape.

If you see old railroad ties for sale, report the seller to the EPA and warn your friends not to buy them.

And people like poor Pattie, who ‘inherit’ them?

EPA on railroad ties:

Iv Where To Buy Railroad Ties

Client had deteriorating railroad tie walls and steps, along with ...

Just send enquiry to us. Tell us what kind of railroad ties do you need, you will get the price and more details from our expert.

Where can I buy railroad ties? Where to buy used railroad ties? Now it is Internet times, you can get information from all over the world. In China, nowadays most of railroad ties are made of pre-stressed concrete, so you can buy used railroad ties for sale from here.

In China most of wooden railroad ties are made of Larch. National standard specification: 220mm×160mm×2500mm in size, 70kg/pc in weight. For the other ties in the other shapes, sizes and treatments, believe that we can find and provide for you!

In China, railroad ties prices are relatively lower, so railroad ties cost for building your own garden or public garden is absolutely lower than the other countries and areas in the world.

Wooden railroad ties are the extremely versatile and stylish components to include in any kind of garden design. They can be a fantastic way of adding unique personality to your garden or public garden and can allow one to really explore exterior space.

Thanks to their rustic nature, wooden railroad ties can comfortably fit in a large range of creative garden designations from the traditional to the contemporary. These resilient ideas will last for many years compared to the other flimsier options. Because wooden ties are completely natural and made of nothing but solid wood, so they are bound to fit into any garden comfortably.

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Grades Of Railroad Ties And Cost Variables

There are several grades of railroad ties: Relay, No. 1, 2, and 3 grades comprise the whole of grades. Lets take a look at the various grades of railroad ties:

  • Relay Best possible grade available
  • No. 1 Grade Premium grade
  • No. 2 Grade Fair condition railroad ties
  • SISTRIX No. 3 Grade This is the lowest grade of tie and the least expensive

Relay-grade railroad tiesare the best possible tie you can buy. They are straight, dark in color, and look new. There are very few or no cracks or splits. They are also the most expensive.

No.1, or premium grade railroad ties are relay grade railroad ties that arent good enough to be relay grade. They have 3 or 4 good sides and may have some cracking, slight warping, or minor splitting on the ends.

No.2 grade railroad ties look good on 2 or 3 sides and may have some warping. They usually have larger cracks and splitting that will cause them to lose their premium grade. This grade of a railroad tie is described to be in fair condition.

No.3 grade railroad ties are the lowest grade of railroad tie sold. They have one or two good sides and are usually even more warped or cracked and have heavy splitting on the ends.

After carefully considering whether or not you want to use them, railroad ties can be a great addition to the right landscaping application.

Rustle Up Some Simple Raised Beds

Make an area for growing your own fruit and veg

There are many benefits to introducing raised beds in your garden to grow a wide range of plants, fruit and vegetables, including making your crops easily accessible as well as protecting them from creatures that will nibble on them.

Learning how to build a raised garden bed from railroad ties is a relatively easy DIY project, especially if the pieces of timber are pre-cut to length. Buy pressure-treated wood as it will last for many years and treat it with wood preservative before you start.

There are many types of railway ties and lookalikes on the market that all have their own characteristics, but always be aware that some may contain unpleasant chemicals. You can also get the look with made-to-measure raised beds but these usually end up being a much more expensive choice.

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All Aboard Contemporary Landscaping With Railroad Ties

Its not unusual to see salvaged railroad ties being offered up for little to nothing on Craigslist. Theyre an extremely common landscaping material, but that doesnt mean they have to be used in common ways. Here are some ideas for using them in your landscape with a contemporary twist:

For more content like this follow

  • This idea for stepping stones from Nicolock is a great use for old ties.
  • The Aspen outdoor seating collection at Restoration Hardware practically channels Donald Judd.
  • Troy Rhone Gardens used railroad ties in a raised bed design, but it was crafted with just enough precision and care to elevate it above your typical raised bed of the same material.
  • A large railroad tie lifted up on cross pieces forms a generous and sleek bench in this garden by Creative Union.
  • One more modern bench by Richard Wintersole Architect.
  • Railroad Ties For Landscaping

    How to Landscape with Railroad Ties

    Plenty of us are looking for unique solutions for common backyard landscaping projects. One of these landscaping projects is the basic retaining wall. Often constructed using natural stone or concrete, you can take this common landscaping project up a notch by using a less common materialrailroad ties! Using railroad ties for landscaping or retaining walls is a unique way to elevate your outdoor space.

    Railroad ties are sought after for their appearance, durability, and unique look. Done right, they build a wall solid enough to stand the test of time. Not only can they hold a retaining wall firmly in place, but a railroad tie retaining wall is a project you can do yourself.

    In this article, well take you through the basics of railroad ties. What are railroad ties? How can you use railroad ties for landscaping? And how can you take a basic railroad tie and turn it into a complete railroad tie retaining wall?

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    Landscape Railroad Ties Into A Sensory Garden

    Railroad ties are a really simple way to introduce texture and interest

    If you love the idea of creating a sensory garden a pond is a must as it’s one of the best places to immerse yourself in nature. It doesn’t have to be a big pond either to feel the benefits.

    Add some smooth pebbles and a weathered railroad tie to sit on and you introduce some texture into the mix too. It will soon become a favorite spot for moments of quiet contemplation.

    Make Your Pins To Secure The Ties Together

    Next, you’re gonna need to make some pins or “dead men.” Most people use rebar because the ridges help to grab the dirt and railroad ties to hold the wall solid. We didn’t have much rebar on hand but we did have these square bent 1/2″ steel rod things with eyelets on the end we found in the barn. So we just chopped those up. The first set of pins that are going through the bottom tie are very important. These will pin the wall firmly to the ground. Our wall was 8 feet long, so we used 4 pins. Each of the pins should be about 2-2 1/2 feet long so that you get a good solid hold into the ground. If you cut one end at an angle, it will be a lot easier to drive the pin through the soil or through the railroad tie. Sometimes it can be near impossible to get a pin through a railroad tie without cutting a point on it.

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