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Landscaping Services In Houston Tx

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Lawn Care Service In Houston

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In need of the best rated Houston lawn service? Lawn Love is your lawn care service near me answer. If you’re in need of Houston lawn care and have ever said I need lawn services near me with a push of a button then Lawn Love is the answer to all your lawn care prayers. By bringing the lawn service industry into the 21st century Lawn Love makes it easier than ever before to get lawn care to your door. Get an instant quote for lawn care services near Houston such as lawn aeration, lawn mowing, leaf removal, gutter cleaning, gardening, yard care, weed control and more. See why we’re rated the #1 Houston lawn care service company.

Take the heavy-duty mowing, shearing, mulching, and seeding off your to-do list-our lawn care professionals have got you covered. Our experts have the know-how to keep your lawn at its best, even through those infamous Texan summers. We’ll bring the green so you can spend your weekends on you. You and your lawn deserve the best: Houston, we have a solution.

Hang up the old shears and give us a call at or get our two-minute quote right here. Love for your lawn is only a moment away. We’d love to hear from you!

A Commitment To Excellence

When it comes to landscape design, we have worked with some of the most unique and creative designers in Houston. At Archer Services, weâve learned to take the knowledge that weâve gained to strategize and develop our own distinct style.

As one of the top landscaping companies in Houston, Archer Services has the experience and knowledge to provide you with a full Landscape Master Plan, using todayâs technology to help with your design. We provide a 3D landscape design video that tremendously helps you understand the scope of the project BEFORE itâs installed.

Landscaping Architecture & Design

If youve got a specific idea of what you want, our landscape architects are happy to help you turn it into a reality. If you have no idea at all about what you want, thats okay too. Our designers have years of experience creating unique and beautiful outdoor spaces. In either case, youll end up with a custom landscape design that will thrive for years in your specific climate, soil, water, and sunlight conditions.

No project is too big or smallhere are some typical design projects:

  • Full-featured front yard redesigns
  • Tree trimming and tree limb removal
  • Flower bed cleanout and mulching
  • Seasonal clean-up and plant replacements

Schedule an appointment today to get a free, no-obligation estimate.

Step 1. Contact Us

Let us know what you need – over the phone or during an in-person meeting at your home. Usually, we can schedule a free consultation in a few business days.

Step 2. Free Estimate

After the consultation, well provide you with service options and a free estimate based on what you want. Once we get your approval, we’ll put you on the schedule.

Step 3. Beautification

Our trained landscaping specialists will complete all agreed-upon services. When were done, we will clean up any debris to keep your yard neat and looking great.

Step 4. Maintenance

Depending on what services we performed on your property, well provide you with care instructions and recommend additional follow-up or ongoing services.

ABC Houston Landscaping Services Q& A

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Should I Be Collecting The Grass Clippings Or Blowing Them Onto The Grass

First things first, its always a good idea to sweep up your grass clippings from any roadways and sidewalks. They can cause problems for the local sewer system. Its a good idea to collect the clippings if your grass is sick as to not spread the diseases. Otherwise, its just a personal preference on whether to collect the grass clippings or to blow them back onto the existing grass.

How Much Does It Cost For A Water Feature

Houston Area Full Service Landscaping

A landscaping business should be able to install water features on a customers property. This is a difficult question to answer as a water feature could be as simple as picking one up from Home Depot, filling it with water, and plugging it in or it could require a ton of landscaping design especially if its located in the front yard. The prices would vary greatly as well. If you are indeed interested in water features or any other hardscaping, please dont hesitate to give us a call and ask for a free quote.

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Collaborate With A Truly Creative Greater Houston Landscape Architect That Will Create Something Unique Just For You

Dont be fooled by the industry jargon. A landscape designer doesnt have the same expertise and credentials as a licensed landscape architect.

Our licensed landscape architect is skilled at designing projects from the ground up. Well take your ideas and create a personalized design thats unique to your property. You have the assurance that every feature is based on sound landscaping design and built to last.

Colourscape Inc in Sugar Land, TX is a registered and licensed landscape contracting company in the State of Texas with Houston Better Business Bureau affiliations. Our business can be found under Landscape Architect – License #1453

Landscaping In Houston Tx

Your home extends far beyond its four walls. For everyone from passersby who are in the market for a new house to your kids seeking fun and excitement right in their own backyard, your homes lawn, yard, and garden is a key part of the overall look and feel of your home sweet home. Thats why its so important to make sure that your Houston landscaping is just as beautifully designed and lovingly maintained as the rest of your home!

When youre working to keep your landscaping looking its best, however, its easy to get overwhelmed and start neglecting a few things here or there. Thats why its so worthwhile to consider relying on our team of experienced, local Houston landscaping specialists for all of your particular planting, pruning, brightening, and bettering plans! Whatever specialized landscaping Houston, TX services youre interested in having done, we have the equipment, training, and proven reputability needed to make your home look as beautiful on the outside as youve made it on the inside!

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Return On Investment: Houston Landscaping Makes You Money

Most all homeowner improvements will directly increase the resale value of your home. Whether its a new kitchen or new siding and new roof, you will get back your investment when it comes time to sell your home. However, most of the time, people overlook one of the most important aspects of home improvement. Yes, its landscaping. When people decide to renovate their homes, landscaping is always at the bottom of the list. Read more.

Do You Give Free Estimates

Lawn Guru brings yard service to Houston

Yes, we absolutely give free estimates on almost every landscaping or hardscaping job you require. Sure, there might be sometimes when we can just quote over the phone but in general, a landscaping technician would have to come out and assess the situation. Lighting systems and snow removal quotes are difficult to provide over the phone so we would definitely have to to see the area for those but things like weed control or lawn care can be estimated over the phone. Either way, the estimates are completely free!

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Houston Backyard Landscape Services Company

Our experienced staff in Houston is trained in all aspects of landscape design and implementation. In addition to basic chores such as gutter cleaning and leaf removal services, we can plant and tend flower beds, till gardens, expand or contract existing features, arrange stones, lay brick, and replenish soil, mulch and gravel.

We help clients design their landscaping projects with a professional eye, creating a sense of flow and enhancing the natural qualities of the yard. Some of the services in a landscaping package might include hedge pruning, tree planting, trash removal, installing solar and holiday lights, and construction of special features such as fountains, pools, stone walls, and fencing.

Other services like power washing and mobile car detailing can be added on as needed.

Flagstone Pavers Pergolas & Custom Landscaping Across Houston Tx

Beautiful, well-maintained landscaping greatly enhances the property value of your home and adds to your overall quality of life. Whether your home sits on a spacious terrain with limitless possibility or on a standard suburban lot Stevens Landscaping Services can help transform it into a beautiful oasis that will be a source of pride and enjoyment for years to come.

No landscaping job is too big or too small for the landscape professionals at Stevens Landscaping Services. We have the experience and knowledge to help you plan and implement a landscape design that suits your taste and lifestyle. Whether your landscape is a blank canvas or a work in progress, we can help make your dreams a reality by helping identify the right vegetation for your propertys terrain, soil type, and exposure.

From selecting the perfect centerpiece tree to accent flowers, groundcover and hardscaping, including patios, walkways, retaining walls, fire pits or even an outdoor kitchen we integrate all these elements into beautiful, harmonious works of art that will provide you with outdoor enjoyment year round.

Stevens Landscaping Services will help you identify the best native or hybrid plants, perennials or annuals depending on your taste and vision. Through our association with reputable growers, Stevens Landscaping Services will select only the healthiest, hardiest specimens for your lawn or garden.

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Our Dedication To You

Brokers Grass is dedicated to our customers, and with our years of experience, we do all that we can to make your landscaping project a success. We pride ourselves in our grass, mulch, and dirt delivery because we only use quality products. Plus, we can help you find tree services, lawn maintenance services, and other landscaping services if you need them.

Is Hiring A Landscaper Worth It

MLS Landscape Restoration

A landscaper is worth it if you don’t want to invest a significant amount of time and effort into planting, trimming, raking, weeding and performing other operations on your garden or yard. Hiring a landscaper to perform regular maintenance in your yards and complete bigger projects is valuable if youre looking to sell your house. A professional landscaper can make your house more appealing to potential buyers.

Some landscapers may perform maintenance duties remove leaves, mow lawns, trim trees and shrubs, etc. but they can also help you bring bigger projects to life. This may include adding a misting system, an outdoor fireplace, water features, artificial turf, a patio and much more.

Start contacting landscapers near you to get free estimates and start planning your project today.

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Dedicated Support To Our Customers

Much of residential property maintenance is preventative and proactive, and lawn care is no different. Because the spring and fall are the ideal time to fertilize, it is these seasons that truly cultivate a lush, hydrated summer lawn. The trick is to properly care for the grass in the non-extreme seasons to help it survive during the summer and winter.

Guaranteed Residential Landscaping Service Results

We work with each client to create a customized landscaping service in Houston at an affordable price. Our expert landscaping exterior home care comes with a service commitment and satisfaction guarantee.

We work throughout the Houston area and are available for landscaping consultations, estimates and appointments at your request.

Contact us online, or call us at to create your home landscaping and lawn maintenance services package today.

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Which Kind Of Lawn Care Is Best For Me: Diy A Subscription Package Or A Full

The amount of money that you want to spend and how much work you plan to do will both influence the type of lawn care that is best for you. Going with a full-service lawn company in Houston such as TruGreen will cost the most, but will also require the least manual labor on your part. On the other end of the spectrum, doing everything yourself will cost the least amount of money, but will require the most planning and hard work. Subscription companies fall in between the other options.

Houstons Best Landscaping Companies:

Bushmaster Landscaping in Katy, Texas

The top rated Landscaping Companies in Houston are:

  • Natural Wonders Landscaping provides landscaping services using sustainable methods and native plants
  • Sienna Landscape and Design Company has experienced and creative designers specializing in landscaping
  • Oasis Landscape Architects provides unparalleled customer services and sophisticated landscapes to their residential and commercial clients
  • Southwest Property Landscaping showcases professional landscaping services to commercial and residential customers
  • The Spencer Company has more than 50 years of proving commercial horticultural management services

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Residential Landscaping Services Offered In Houston

Caring for a home in Houston, Texas takes time and energy, so it makes sense to hire residential landscaping services to maintain your yard, driveway, and other exterior elements of your house.

Many residential landscape design and lawn maintenance services companies in Houston offer basics like mowing and watering, but not much else. Were different: As part of our property maintenance services, our high-end landscaping services can be supplemented with options like power washing and pest control.

What Should You Look For When Hiring A Landscaper

Landscaping can be costly though it usually pays off in curb appeal and home resale value so finding a landscaper who is worth the investment is important. When hiring a landscaper, look for proven success with the type of results you want. For example, if you know you want a drought-tolerant yard, research websites, reviews and portfolios that showcase beautiful drought-tolerant yards that the landscaper has installed. In addition to relevant experience, youll want to find a landscape contractor who has good client reviews. Good communication skills are another important quality in a landscape contractor, since everything from plant selection to hardscape installation needs to be discussed and agreed upon. A landscape contractor who is reliable, easy to understand and able to listen to what you want will help make the process seamless and enjoyable.

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Our Team Always Gets It Right

As the choiceHouston residential lawn care provider, our team of landscape specialists takes their job very seriouslyand not just when it comes to the yard work itself. When we talk about providing quality service, we arent just talking about trimming hedges, installing landscape lighting, and mulching flower beds. Were talking about providing remarkable customer service.

What Is The Importance Of Using Good Mulch


The whole point of using mulch is to keep the moisture in the soil that the plants are grown in. When water is evaporating at a large rate from the soil then the root structure suffers. Mulch also greatly reduces the amount of time you need to water your yard and it also breaks up clay while increasing air movement in the soil. The difference between good mulch and bad mulch is the amout of nutrients in the mulch. Ideally, a good mulch would be put out in your yard periodically that would replace the depleted nutrients in the soil.

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Choosing A Houston Lawn Care Company

When it is time for you to choose a company, you first should verify that the one you are choosing is reputable. If a technician will be applying chemicals like pesticides to your lawn, they’ll have to be licensed through the Texas Department of Agriculture. If the package from your lawn care company includes landscaping services, such as mowing or edging, you can verify that they meet all of the landscaper licensing requirements for Texas. After you have confirmed that a company is licensed, you can see if they belong to an organization such as the National Association of Landscape Professionals , an optional association that encourages members to collaborate and provides information regarding best practices in the industry. You can also look up reviews online and check the company’s website to find out exactly what guarantees they offer.

“For more than two decades, the NALP Foundation…has supported education, research, and scholarships to strengthen the future of the landscape and lawn care industry.”

Next, you’ll have to decide if the company provides all of the services you need. Houston lawn care companies can provide you with fixed plans or one of their “a la carte” options where you can pick and choose your services.

Where Can You Buy Landscaping Rocks

You can shop for landscaping rocks from a variety of different sources. The first option is large chain retail stores specializing in home improvement and gardening. Often, landscaping rocks like slate and other slabs arrive on pallets and are sold in bulk, giving you a great deal. Your local landscaping store also carries rocks, and you may even have a stone or quarry seller nearby who can sell you the rocks you need. When in doubt, contact landscaping companies near you to see if they have rocks you can purchase.

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Sunday Lawn Care In Houston

Sunday Lawn Care uses each customer’s individual soil and climate data to deliver “custom lawn nutrients, herbicides, pest control, grass seed, bare spot repair, pet spot solutions, garden fertilizer, flower bulbs, and wildflower seeds” at the appropriate times throughout the year. With Sunday, you can choose from one of three different subscription plans, all of which are customized to your individual lawn and backed by the company’s Sunday guarantee.

Fundamental Principle Of Landscape Design Houston

Lawn Services Houston

An extraordinary Houston landscaping design is highly dependent on the artistâs eyes. These eight fundamental principles of landscape design Houston TX are the same principles we implement in our services.

Unity Unity in Houston landscaping design is the consistency and repetition of design. Repetition is used to realize unity in your structure by repeating similar components, including decor and plants in the landscape.

Consistency is implemented to achieve unity by combining various landscape components to make a common unit or theme.

BalanceBalance is essentially a feeling of equality. There are two kinds of balance in designâsymmetrical and asymmetrical balance. With symmetrical balance, both sides of the landscape are identical. On the other hand, asymmetrical balance means the landscape composition is balanced utilizing various components and items with practically similar imaginary weight.

Contrast and HarmonyContrast helps highlight particular components in your design, while harmony enables features in a landscape composition to appear unified. Contrasting pieces get the attention of viewers when theyre placed next to each other. Contrast and harmony are accomplished by juxtaposing any components of art or utilizing complementary hues next to each other.

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