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Landscaping Ideas With Dogs In Backyard

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Add A Viewing Bubble Or Dog Window To Your Fence

Landscaping Ideas for Dogs

While some dogs generally need the barrier created by a privacy fence, eliminating the temptation to bark at every passerby, this isnt the case for every dog. Some pups are super friendly and would love nothing more than to watch the world around them.

If this sounds like your dog, you could install a window or acrylic viewing dome in your fence specifically for your pup. It is a great way to treat your dog with an unobstructed view while still making sure that everyone is safely contained.

Pick An Effective Dog Ground Covers

To complete the look of your backyard, you have to pick the right ground cover. It should be a material that could help maintain your dogs cleanliness and is absorbent to its pee. The grass is very common for dogs but there are other materials that you can use for your backyard. Here are your ground cover options:

Stones are ideal ground for dogs especially if youve been having problems with your dog getting dirty on mud.

A fully cemented backyard is not ideal if you are fond of planting and getting a natural vibe out of your yard. Yet, this option is not so bad too if you want an area that is easy to clean.

But, if you want to have greener ground, these options are for you.

It could be a grass alternative since it is safe and pretty to look at. Although it will easily get ruined if your dog decides to dig in different areas.

A thicker and much better alternative option than the grass because it is good with a dogs pee and not easily ruined by your dogs constant running.

Build A Dog Run Or Pet Area

A dog run is an ideal spot for your dog to burn off her energy, play, and relieve herself without you having to worry about what shell do to the rest of the yard.

With a dog run, waste is contained in just one spot, and brown urine marks are a thing of the past.

Dog run cleaning and maintenance is simple and straightforward.

If you have a large backyard but cant afford to or dont want to replace the entire lawn with a dog-friendly ground cover, building a dog run is a great alternative.

One of the most common residential artificial turf applications is in dog runs and designated dog potty areas.

Its also great for Texas homeowners who like to entertain outdoors, but need to keep excitable pups away from guests.

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Incorporate A Catio Space

A catio is an outdoor enclosure built to offer your cat the experience of being outdoors among birds and other wildlife while keeping them safely contained. These structures are built close to the house to allow the cat to come and go as desired.

They also offer enrichment by providing a new and exciting place for your cat to play. It can include not only a caged-off area outdoors but also ledges, bridges, ramps, and any other cat-friendly structures. Dont forget to add a water dish with fresh water.

Provide A Water Source

58 Beautiful Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards with Dogs ...

If your dog will spend a lot of time in the yard, be sure they have access to water. While a water bowl will do the job, a small splash fountain or small water feature may be even more fun for your dog, as long as you keep the water fresh and clean. Learn how to build a low-maintenance water feature.

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Add A Pond For Swimming And Playing

During the hot summer months, few activities feel as refreshing as swimming. You can provide your dog with this opportunity by incorporating a pond into your yard. To keep your dog safe, you will want to ensure that you use adequate filtration to keep any harmful algae at bay.

Depending on the size of your pond, you may also want to skip adding pond fish unless they have enough space to get away from the dog during swim time to a quieter, less stressful area in the pond.

Landscaping Ideas For Dogs

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Backyard Ideas For Dogs

Your dogs are important members of the family and should be considered when designing or renovating your landscaping. Are you asking yourself, how can I make my yard dog friendly? Or what kind of landscaping is good for dogs? Are you seeking dog friendly backyard ideas on a budget? Then look no further. Our landscape experts can help you curate a happy, stimulating, safe place for the pup, and ways to keep things looking nice for humans too!

Not all properties and yards are created equal, so its important to know that its not one size fits all, and some of the backyard ideas for dogs that we discuss below may work well for some properties and not others. Let this post be a guide to help you plan your dog-friendly landscape design, but feel free to reach out to our landscape experts if you want one on one help throughout the process.

Awesome Backyard Landscaping Ideas For Dogs

10 Budget Friendly Backyard Ideas For Dogs

You find your pooch moping around because theres good weather outside yet they are not allowed to go out. What better way to grant this request than to set up a backyard wherein they can enjoy playing. Springtime will not be wasted since we will give you ideas on how you can set up a backyard that your dog can enjoy.

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How To Make A Cool Flop Spot:

  • Dig a shallow pit that will fit your dog comfortably.

  • Mix up a bag of concrete and line the pit with a thin layer.

  • Before the concrete dries, poke a few pencil-sized holes in the bottom for drainage.

  • Line the depression with at least six inches of clean white playground sand.

  • Sprinkle with water to the point of dampness.

  • Keep Your Landscaping Toxin

    Some common landscaping plants are toxic to dogs, including sago palms, azaleas, and even lilies. Keep your landscaping dog-friendly by avoiding lethal plants .

    Chemicals within landscaping materials can also be problematic for dogs. These include: snail bait, cocoa mulch, chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides. If you must use these products, make absolutely sure that your dog can’t get them.

    A permaculture designerâs tips on how to keep your pets and veggies safe â naturally.

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    Doggie Run With Vertical Plant Wall

    Synthetic turf doggie runs are super convenient and easy to clean up. The Gibsons wanted to give their pets a place to get out the wiggles, do their business while containing it to one space. A vertical plant wall is placed opposite the office window as both a privacy screen from neighbors view-window as well as a pleasant nature-effect for desk-bound homeowners.

    Keep Landscaping Toxic Free

    36 Awesome Backyard Landscaping Ideas Low Maintenance (With images ...

    There are a huge number of plants that are highly toxic to dogs. Its important to remember which plants should never be kept within a dogs reach. Be sure that your dog is not able to ingest any of the following highly toxic plants:

    Sago Palm, Tomato Plant, Aloe Vera, Ivy, Amaryllis, Gladiola, American Holly, Daffodil, Babies Breath, Milkweed, Castor Bean, Rhododendron, Tulip, Chrysanthemum, Begonia, and Oleander. Consumption of any plant material can cause vomiting and gastrointestinal upset in dogs, but be sure to check a full list of the toxic and non-toxic plants for your dogs before planting. If you think your dog has ingested a poisonous plant, be sure to contact your vet right away.

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    Create Shady Spots With Trees And Taller Bushes

    Another priority for your dogs safety on a hot summer day is the need for shady areas where he can relax and stay cool. While you can build shaded structures like dog houses and patio areas, a great way to incorporate shade while focusing on your landscaping is to use trees and larger bushes.

    If you plan on relaxing outdoors with your dog this summer, consider setting up a seating area where you can both enjoy your time together comfortably.

    Avoiding Plants That Are Toxic To Dogs

    First up on our list of dog-friendly landscaping ideas is probably the absolute most important one: avoiding plants that are toxic to dogs. While theyre cute and cuddly, dogs are also notorious for sticking their noses where they may not belong! This includes potentially eating a little bit of anything that comes into their paths, even when its not dog food.

    Unfortunately, as much as 5% of all pet-related health emergencies are reported to be after ingesting toxic plants. Even though you may think something is beautiful, its best to ask our Capital Region landscaping professionals which plants are safe for your dog before putting them in your yard.

    A few common plants and flowers that are toxic to dogs are:

    While there is an extensive list of plants toxic to dogs, there are also a plethora of types that are safe. The ASPCA has put together a huge list of toxic and non-toxic plants for dogs. Use it when gathering your dog-friendly landscaping ideas to keep your pup safe.

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    Adding Shade To Keep Your Dog Cool

    Speaking of keeping cool, our next item for dog-friendly landscaping ideas is to make sure your yard has plenty of shade. We arent the only ones who love shade to help beat the summer heat! Our dogs are covered in fur and can become overheated in the sun.

    Planting and landscaping around trees can help provide shaded spots for both you and your dog to enjoy. Some of the best trees to plant in Upstate NY such as a hedge maple or northern red oak are favorites for adding shade and creating a beautiful backyard space.

    Backyard Water Features Make Doggy Splash Pools

    Dog Friendly Backyard (No MUDDY Paws)

    During the hot summer days in the Capital Region, temperatures can get hot. If youre hot, your dog is, too! Last, but certainly not least, on our list of dog-friendly landscaping ideas comes dog splash pools. While you may have previously used plastic kiddie pools to let your pup splash around in, backyard water features can do the trick, too.

    Not only do water features add value to your home, but they can make the perfect spot for your dog to get wet and keep cool. Different types of water feature designs like garden ponds or larger fountains can give your pup a chance to wet their paws and beat the heat. Be sure that the base of any pond or fountain is clear of sharp, jagged rocks or debris, however, to keep your dog safe!

    Before you hop into your next project, we hope this guide has given you some dog-friendly landscaping ideas to think about. We love our dogs, but we want our landscaping to stay nice, too! Creating a few dog-focused elements can make a huge difference. Our landscaping professionals in Albany, Saratoga, Colonie, Schenectady, and the surrounding areas can help you plan the backyard of your dreams that you and your pup can enjoy together. Give us a shout and lets get started!

    Want more landscaping tips and inspiration for your next project? Check out these guides:

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    This Choice Is Especially Ideal For People Who Have A Large Yard And Do Not Need To Worry About Their Dog Leaving The Yard

    11 dog friendly backyard landscaping ideas. A happy dog is a happy owner, but it can be tough to keep your dog content when trying to maintain an attractive, healthy backyard landscape. Keep in mind that you need to spend your time to ensure that your backyard provides you with anything that your dog needs.

    Free Your Backyard From Toxic Plants

    Surprisingly, there are plants that you may have acquired that are toxic to humans and animals. They are pretty to look at yet they are dangerous. Some of the poisonous plants that you have to remove from your yard are the following:

    It is also important to note that these plants should be free from any chemicals. Yes, they are safe but if they are sprayed on with chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and fungicides then it may harm your dog. Make sure that you create a barrier if these chemicals are applied. In addition, if you want to make sure that your plants are not poisonous, you can check them on here if they are not listed.

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    Consider Irish Moss Or Creeping Thyme In Place Of Grass

    Are you looking for a natural green surface for your yard without dealing with the fragile nature of traditional grass? If yes, then why not cover your yard with something hardy and decorative like Irish moss? Not only is Irish moss safe for your dog, even if he chooses to make it a snack, but its also a healthy snack.

    Irish moss contains high levels of fiber, vitamin K, calcium, copper, and other important nutrients and is often used to soothe gastrointestinal upset and help with respiratory problems.

    Create A Flop Spot For Your Dog

    black crushed marble? stone dog run drought landscaping

    Dogs donât sweat â they cool off by panting and finding a cold spot to lay in. Many dogs labeled problem diggers are really just trying to keep cool. They instinctively dig nests in shady places to access cooler soil, and they sprawl out in them during the heat of the day. In heavy soils, this makes a huge mess â the dirt stains paving, plasters to the dogâs fur, and litters the yard with clods.

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    Assign A Designated Dog Play Zone

    One of the biggest causes of destruction to a well-cared for and well-manicured lawn is the constant abuse that they take being trampled during puppy playtime. Its not that your dog is doing anything wrong in those moments, it is just running around and playing, but a typical yard wasnt designed for that level of activity.

    You can take steps to reduce the running on your lawn, but that requires limiting your dogs ability to play in their yard, which isnt something that many dog owners want to do. Instead, designate one area of the yard as your dogs play zone, accepting that it is likely going to do a number on the ground in that area. You can install a dog run in this space, fence it off, or train your dog to recognize that is where he is supposed to go for playtime.

    Use Artificial Pet Turf

    Create an evergreen lawn that does not discolour from dog urine using artificial grass! You can enjoy the look of a lush, green lawn year-round while saving loads of time on mowing. Not only that, but youll protect your dog from harmful chemicals that are often used in weed control products and in some lawn maintenance products/fertilizers. We recommend using Pet Turf Artificial Grass by Rymar as the turf is extra durable and made for pets. If you’re on the fence about artificial turf, check out the benefits of using artificial grass to see if its right for you.

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    Let Them Watch The World Go By

    Wood fences often create a barrier between your backyard and the rest of the world. Give your dog a view of the outside world without risking escape or injury with a dog windowa simple form of canine enrichment you can do with minimal participation.

    Dog windows can be as simple as a hole cut into a fence at your pets eye level. But, covered dog windows allow for an extra layer of protection, allowing your dog to view the outside without risk of escape or coming into contact with a passerby.

    What Is A Dog

    Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Dogs

    A dog-friendly backyard is a place your pup can play, run, sniff, chase, and, well, be a dog.

    Its also a spot where you dont have to hover over your pooch, wondering if she will eat the flowers or destroy the grass with urine spots.

    There are several improvements you can install to make your yard more dog-friendly, like pet-turf, for instance.

    Lets dive into a few common backyard problems dog owners deal with and how to solve them.

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    Build Raised Garden Beds

    For gardeners that would like to continue a larger-scale gardening project while keeping their dogs out, you may be interested in installing raised garden beds in your yard. These larger structures lift the garden bed up and out of the reach of your pup while still offering the space that most gardeners prefer in a standard garden bed.

    They are available in different sizes, styles, and materials, including cedar, galvanized steel, wicker, and durable plastics.

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