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Landscape Lighting Kits With Transformer

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Timers And Motion Sensors

How To Install a VOLT® Landscape Lighting Kit From Costco®

Most of these devices arenââ¬â¢t connected to switches back at the house that you can use to turn them on. This is true in the case of solar lights for garden that have no connections at all. There is thus a reliance on motion sensors, light sensors and timers that allow these devices to light up when required.

If you only want lights that will come on when someone is approaching your house, you should go for the motion sensor options. Those of the timer and light sensor variation turn on at night and go off in the morning.

Features To Consider When Choosing A Landscape Lighting Kit

Everything that you need to know about a landscape lighting kit is listed in the features section. That data should tell you how bright the light is, its color, durability, the installation process and more. These elements all work to tell the story of whether the tool is suitable for you or not. In the section below, we decipher the jargon that you might encounter so that you can look at all options and judge their suitability objectively.

Escape The Limitations Of Light Sensors And Timers

Our smart, low voltage, outdoor lighting transformer takes the frustration out of scheduling the on and off times for your low voltage outdoor lighting. Simple scheduling with the Haven app is all it takes. With our Automatic Time Adjustment feature, you won’t need to worry about sunrise and sunset times changing throughout the year. It even adjusts for Daylight Savings Time. All the schedules are downloaded to your controller so your lights will never miss a beat even if your internet is down. You’ll never be frustrated with antiquated lighting technology again.

Whether you’re choosing to use our high quality LED fixtures or want to use it on your existing lighting system, this landscape lighting transformer will work with any low voltage lighting system. Don’t settle for an under featured, hard to use transformer, when you can have the ultimate in flexibility and control.

Haven Lightings Cloud Based Lighting System is proprietary, reliable and versatile. Customer information is stored in both the Haven cloud server and the smart transformer. The Haven cloud server can be accessed and controlled from anywhere in the world. In the event of a power outage, the battery-backed landscape lighting transformer’s schedule will pick up right where it left off when power is restored – even if your wifi network has not.

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How To Install Low Voltage Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design Techniques

by Cal Drouin | Sep 12, 2018 | 0 Comments

There are some great landscape lighting ideas and techniques for installing your Landscape Lighting in the most beautiful and cost-effective way. Here are just a few of them. At the end of this post I will include a link to one of my videos that offers more detail…

How To Install Landscape Lights

Hampton Bay Low

The process of installation very much depends on the type of lights you select. Solar-powered options are, of course, the easiest to work with. In most cases, you push a stake into the grounds in your backyard, attach the light and position the panel for optimum sunlight collection.

Wired devices are much more complicated. You may still need to drill holes in your wall or to push a stake into the ground. However, you need to consider distance to the power pack and the low voltage transformers.

Doing this allows you to make the most use of the low voltage cables you are using. In some scenarios, you may need to dig trenches to cover these wires. If you have cable connectors such as those provided with the purchase of the Lumina SFL0104-BZLED6 Landscape Lights, connecting the said wires will be much easier.

The transformer needs to be connected to your electrical grid in the house using a power outlet. Also, a distance of about 10 feet is to be allowed between lights. Once you have the system set up, you can go ahead and test the lighting by turning it on.

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Do Led Lights Take All The Complication Out Of Landscape Lighting Or Do They Perpetuate A Myth

In recent years, LED lamps have become a standard in the lighting industry: as well they should be. They are incredibly energy efficient with awesome life spans of up to 50,000 hours While LED is more expensive, they are well worth the price.

In the world of low voltage landscape lighting, LED lamps have also become prevalent. In fact, they have allowed us to create larger lighting systems, often, without the need for larger transformers. In addition, LED lamps will turn on at both higher and lower voltages without having their brightness affected like old school halogen lamps would.

LED lights also give lighting designers greater controllability over the effects they are looking to create. Without the need for larger transformers that require more involved planning & engineering, LED lamps have also brought a strange myth to landscape lighting: that landscape lighting is simple & easy to do.

Voltage Drops: How Do We Know

The great thing about being able to boost power is that if the last light in a run doesn’t have enough power, we can simply boost the line until it does.

But how do we know if gets enough power? Contrary to popular belief we don’t discover the voltage a fixture is getting by reading shadows or listening to crickets. We find out the voltage by using a voltage meter. By checking the voltage of each light in the wire run, we can dial in the voltage to be exactly where we need it.

Plain & simple: if the person installing / working on your lighting system doesn’t know how to use a voltmeter, you should be wary. Our experience is they don’t even carry a voltage meter in their tool box. It’s always a good idea to go with a professional.

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Light Output And Brightness

How to Install Landscape Lighting – Transformers, Connectors & LED Fixtures

The lumens or light output was a critical factor in determining each lighting kits place on our list. You should know that the higher the lumens, the brighter the light. Consequently, if you want superior levels of brightness, the SUNVIE 12W Low Voltage LED Landscape Lights is your best bet on the list above.

You can as well make do with less brightness depending on the area you intend to light up.

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Tools Required For Your Landscape Lighting Project

by Cal Drouin | Nov 8, 2018 | 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered what tools will be required when it comes time to install your landscape lighting? Here is a list of the tools that may be required. Along with a small explanation on each of the tools that may be needed throughout the course of your project. We…

How To Install Low Voltage Landscaping Lighting

by Cal Drouin | Jul 26, 2018 | 0 Comments

You may be thinking Oh I how I would love to have some great landscape lighting, but I dont even know where to start or how to go about installing the lighting. Well we at Lighting Doctor have released an excellent video on How to Install Low Voltage Landscape…

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Why Landscape Lighting

We listen to homeowners, who tell us they consider landscape lighting as an investment in beauty, safety, and entertainment for their home. Professionals value our product innovation and warranty our unmatched design, engineering, and testing standards and our support. See More Benefits


Achieve that look. Bring your home’s best features to life by creating a dramatic effect with shadowing or illuminating paths and entryways. And, since the fixture is as important as the light it gives off, you can select from a variety of styles and finishes to find the look thats best for your spacewhether its path lights along a walkway or a fixture that matches your patio furniture.


Create functional, livable spaces outside around pools, decks or patios with the right light. A wide selection of fixtures and color temperatures allow you to create unique lighting effects, while different applications and timers give you easy control at your fingertips.


Besides adding curb appeal to your home, landscape lighting gives off essential illumination for nighttime navigation and helps ensure safe passage around decks, patios, and entryways.


Landscape lighting works to provide additional security at night. The right lighting system can illuminate a homes dimly lit spots making for a well-lit outdoor space

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