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Landscape Bed Edger For Sale

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Worx Wg896 75 Inch Electric Landscape Edger And Trencher

Bedscaper/Bed Edger | The Home Depot Rental

When you get this WORX WG896 electric landscape edger and trencher, you get a powerful motorized lawn edger equipped with a 12 amp motor spinning a sharp 7.5 inch blade at a max speed of 4700 rpm.

At that speed you can cut through and shape the turf surrounding your walkways, driveways, mailboxes and your flowerbeds with ease.

Therere are 3 depth adjustments of 1 inch, 1-1/4 inch and 1-1/2 inches, allowing it to be used not only as an edger but also for trenching wires and cables to a shed or garage.

This WORX WG896 is design so anyone can use it easily. It comes equipped with an adjustable shaft connecting the handle with the trimmer. No the height of the user, the length of the shaft can be adjusted accordingly for comfortable use.

Apart from the adjustable shaft, the handle also pivots freely and easily affording the user maximum control during use.

All in all, this WORX WG896 is definitely one tool you can absolutely rely on especially as a homeowner who needs it to keep the lawn edge neat and well-kept.

Its well balanced with 3 tires, 2 behind and 1 guide tire at the front, making it very easy to guide and maneuver along the lawn and flower bed edges.

Work Faster Do More With Less Increase Profitability

  • Complete dedicated use machine starting at $5,250
  • Attachment starting at $3,200
  • Machines typically ship within 48 hours

The TURF TEQ Power Edger is a one-of-a-kind machine. It is the only self-propelled, walking forward bed opener on the market. In addition, it offers a variety of blade profiles that make trenching, bed opening, edging and grooming a breeze. In a nutshell, this innovative edger helps experienced landscapers do more work, faster, and with less manpower, to increase the profitability of their business.

Our Power Edger is an efficient and operator-friendly machine that will dramatically increase the productivity and profitability of your business. This makes it the perfect tool for professional grounds care crews. With fast operating speeds of up to 170 ft./min., its the best choice when you need exceptional results quickly.

  • Edging sidewalks, cart paths, and tree circles
  • Cutting trenches up to 2.5 x 7
  • Nine blade profiles available, with custom options available
  • Adjustable blade angle
  • Up to 5 of blade depth adjustment
  • Line of sight to the blade when cutting
  • Tight turning radius
  • Honda GXV390 or Briggs & Stratton 344cc engines available
  • Variable speed, hydrostatic transmission w/ optional differential lock
  • Edge at 150 ft./min. and groom at 170 ft./min.
  • Controls at the operators position
  • Multi-use model is compatible with all Turf Teq multi-use attachments
  • Friendly, expert support
  • Made in the USA with high-quality steel components

Husqvarna Be650 Bed Edger 48hp Honda Gx160 Engine

  • 5.5 hp Honda GX160 engine
  • Maximize edging possibilites
  • Dynamic edger used for shaping landscap beds, pet fencing, paver bricks and more
  • An option to use blade and shield attachments
  • Creates seamless edges
  • Oil bath clutch for premium performances and durability
  • NORAM centrifugal clutch
  • 12″ pneumatic, smooth tread wheels
  • Lockable rear wheels
  • Vertical 14 in. x 3/8 in. wide cutter wheel with pocketed tungsten carbide tipped teeth

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What A Lawn Edger Is Used For

Lawn edgers as a term for the specific form of landscape equipment can sometimes be somewhat ambiguous.

Specifically, lawn edgers are intended to create a clean-edged border between lawn and landscaped bed.

The intention of bed redefiners design is, as the name suggests, that of re-defining an existing bed edge. They arent meant for chopping a new edge like a lawn edger is intended to accomplish.

With the previous clarification in mind, there are both handheld and ground-based edging machines. These machines come in both electric and gas-powered models.

Take a look at the video , where Doc explains power edging your lawn. For those of you who love to read, lets continue.

Black+decker Le750 Landscape Edger And Trencher

Black &  Decker LE750 Edge Hog 2

If you still arent impressed by any of the landscape edgers listed above, then you should check out this one by Black+Decker.

Its a landscape edger and trencher in one tool. You can swap between both tools by simply pulling the edge guide up or down.

Assemblying it together is tool-free. You dont need any tools. You can use it to edge your lawn, walkway and driveway, sidewalks and patios. Edge around flowerbeds and mailboxes with ease.

With its 3-position blade depth adjustment, controlling and maneuvering it is very easy. You get to shape the edges just the way you want it.

The 3 tires it comes with makes it easy to maneuver it even through rough terrain. If youre looking for a budget-friendly landscape edger, this one is one by BLACK+DECKER is one of your best bet.

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Background On Using A Garden Bed Edger

To begin with, these tools find their home when maintaining flower beds or landscaping beds. You may find these in the middle of a lawn or bordering a home or structure. You probably didnt need that explanation, but its free!

Many of these beds have borders made from brick, concrete, timbers, or even metal/plastic edging. In this case, you typically dont need a bed edger or redefiner. A typical string trimmer can clean up the mess along these edged borders.

For those beds which have no border, this is where we encounter grass or weed encroachment on the flower beds. To clean up these edges and bring them back to the point to be manicured or maintained, a bed redefiner is used. A bed edger will work fine too. This brings us to the next section

Money In The Slow Times

Regardless of your choice in the type of equipment for edging Bed Redefiner vs Bed Edger this may be great work for the slower season. Sure, part of the country lies under snow, but much of it gets little to no snow at all. In these places, finding work like redefining beds can keep your workers employed, and/or keep the money flowing.

Have some additional thoughts? Did we forget to cover something? Let us know in the comments below.

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Ego Power+ Ea0800 8 Inch Landscape Edger Attachment

The EGO Power Head System is one landscaping equipment every homeowner can benefit from provided you have all the attachment that really makes it work.

The Power Head System powers different tool attachment which include a pole saw, a string trimmer, a pole extension attachment and a landscape edger.

With the edger attachment, you can use the EGO Power Head system to create that straight line you need between your lawn and your pavement.

The edger attachment consists of a solid 8 inch blade you can attach to the power head system. Once attached, you can use it to cut clean, crisp and precise edges around your driveways, patios and sidewalks.

It features a guide wheel and a depth adjustment knob you can use to customize and shape every edge to your taste.

When you get the EGO Power Head system and the edger attachment, youre assured of a long tool run-time because it comes equipped with a powerful 56 volts lithium ion battery , which does not only delivers the power but the performance you need to tackle the most demanding edging jobs.

How Does A Bed Redefiner Work

EDGE walk forward bed edger

A bed redefiner works in the same way as a lawn edger. At least, that is most certainly how things appear when you visit the Stihl manufacturers website to see what they say about edgers and bed redefiners, they sell both.

A bed redefiner is commonly just a type of edger that is hand-held. The intention is to use this tool to redefine the border of a lawn to the garden. But, lets get to how it works.

The handheld landscaping power tool, a bed redefiner, uses a spinning blade on the end of a handheld unit to chop the dirt and mulch the blade contacts.

Bed redefiner tools are designed to be light enough to carry easily and powerful enough to obliterate dirt and mulch. But, these machines do not have the robust build of their heavy-duty cousins, the lawn edgers.

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Bed Edger Vs Bed Redefiner Blades

The ECHO bed redefiner uses a blade they call the Claw, and the picture below shows why. This claw/blade includes 6 carbide tips that handle the dirty work. The beveled arrangement of the cutting fingers on the claw leaves a ramp on the bed edge. The cut from the claw is lowest at the bed edge , which becomes more shallow as it moves further into the bed. Echos claw does seem to move a lot of material and actually re-define the bed, but it requires more torque to spin the heavier blade.

Stihl takes a more conventional approach to their bed redefiner, as their blade looks more like a bent edger blade. It almost looks like a mulching-edger blade. This style blade requires more torque/power than a straight edger blade, however, it takes less power than the claw style.

Best Landscape Edgers For Lawn And Flower Bed Edging

Edges are very significant wherever they prove to be, especially when it comes to landscaping. The edges of your lawn, garden, walkways and driveway helps define its boundaries and helps it stand out, especially when a lot of work has been done to mow the grass and keep it in good condition.

No matter how often you mow your lawn, no matter how much its cared for by removing the weeds and raking off the grass and weeds, without edging it with a good landscape edger, its still going to end up looking as if something has not been done right.

Edging the lawn and flowerbeds helps keep the home and surrounding landscape looking crisp, neat and cool.

It involves neatly cropping and trimming the thin strip of grasses surrounding your walkway, driveway, patio, sign posts, mail box, trees, light poles and other stationary objects in your property.

When these areas are well-trimmed and edged, youll increase your overall curb appeal and end up with a garden and surrounding landscape that looks appealing not only to you but to everyone else around.

Now, you can hire a professional landscaper to take care of your lawn, which will also involve edging it, but if you want to take the DIY route and do it yourself, then youll need the right tools to get the job done.

Here, you dont need a lawn mower. Instead, you need a landscape or flower bed edger.

There are different types you can choose from, which Ive written about and reviewed here in this article.

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Can You Use An Edger On Flower Beds

Edgers could find use on flower bed edges. However, often is the case where a flower bed has a curved edge. Ground based edgers may be challenging to operate around tight curves. A hand-held edger may prove more effective than a wheeled unit.

Similarly, a hand-held edger and a hand-held bed redefiner may work equally well if a border only requires a clean-up. And a flower bed wont usually have a concrete barrier like lawns commonly have adjacent sidewalks. Bed redefiners are not usually as sturdy as edgers.

How Does A Lawn Edger Work


Lawn edgers are a specific purpose landscape machine. The unique design allows the device to quickly and effectively cut, chop, dig and throw a narrow trench of dirt along a path directed by the equipments operator.

Lawn edger equipment works by rotating a metal blade at a high rate of speed. The blade cuts a trench in the earth at a determined depth controlled by the machines operator.

There are both hand-held and ground, wheel-based machines. The wheel-based ground machines are usually more substantial and more comfortable on your back to operate.

A hand-held machine might be an easier option if you have many rounded or sharp-curved edges to do.

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Bed Edger Or Redefiner Whats The Difference

Some major differences in the bed redefiner and bed edger are pretty apparent. A bed redefiner is a handheld tool that works much like a string trimmer or edger. These can be standalone units, or they may be attachments that go on a powerhead. Echo and Stihl both make these bed redefiners, although some differences occur in blade geometry.

The bed edger is more of a walk-behind unit that sits on 4 wheels and stands on its own. Brown and Bluebird are a couple of well-known bed edger manufacturers. Bed redefiners will run in the hundreds of dollars , while bed edgers cost anywhere between $2,500 and $3,200. You have quite a big difference in price.

If the beds have been defined in the past , then the bed redefiner can be a great choice. However, if youre cutting in a new bed, then the bed edger is the way to go this is too much work for a handheld redefiner. Many lawn pros even swear by the bed edger for redefining the beds as well, but others would consider this a little overkill.

Soil And Bed Composition

Something else that may drive you towards the more expensive solution of a bed edger is the soil composition in your area. Less powerful handheld bed redefiners are less effective in rocky terrain. In addition to rocks, areas with lots of clay can create more work on the lighter tools as well.

Bed redefiners still may be an option, due to being less expensive, but this is something to definitely take note of. The bed edgers offer more power to tear through the clay and move it away from the rocks.

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Do You Need A Bed Redefiner

Whether a requirement for a bed redefiner exists or not is entirely up to you. If you already own an edger, you may not feel the need for a bed redefiner. However, it depends on several variables.

  • Whether you already own a lawn edger.
  • If so, if the machine is hand-held or wheel based.
  • How much edging requires maintenance
  • If you already have an edger, you likely dont feel the need to buy a bed redefiner, but it could be a complementary tool that lessens the edgers burdens.

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