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Landscape Along Chain Link Fence

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Want To Camouflage An Outdated Fence Plant These 6 Shrubs And Flowers Along Your Property Line

Converting my chain link fence to a stone wall

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If you’re looking to camouflage a chain link fence in your backyard or add a lovely backdrop to your garden, planting a combination of shrubs and flowers along your property line will do the trickand will also provide food sources and a habitat for birds, bees, and butterflies. To help you cultivate this area of your yard, we tapped several landscape designers. Ahead, they share the flowers and shrubs that work best along fences, so you can plant your way to a better-looking partition.

What About Ground Covers Near A Chain Link Fence

Ground covers are an option that will make it easier for you to mow your lawn. If you plant ground covers instead of grass near the fences, you wont have to mow in that area.

Some good choices are:

  • lambs ears has soft pretty flowers and fuzzy leaves.
  • liriope use the variegated kind. Normal liriope is very invasive.
  • ice plant drought tolerant succulent that gets covered in small flowers.
  • bugleweed brilliant purple flowers in spring and the plant grows quickly.

There are plenty of chain link fence covers that you can purchase , but for my money, I prefer the look of ugly fences that are hidden by careful landscaping. How about you? What tips do you have for landscaping along a chain link fence? Id love to hear about them in the comments below.

Installing Vines Along Fences

  • Space the vines along the fence based on their mature spread. For example, if the vines will spread 10 feet, plant them 10 feet apart.
  • Plant vines against the fence to protect the plant from trampling. Sometimes it is best to plant the vines just on the other side of the fence outside the outdoor learning environment, so the roots will not get compacted by little feet.
  • Train the vines to grow on the fence. After the vine is planted and as needed through the growing season, tie vines back to the fence to insure proper growth and even coverage of the fence and in the case of fruiting vines, ease of harvesting.

Edibles on fences. Perennial fruiting vines such as hardy kiwi or annual vegetable vines such as beans can be planted along fence lines, supported by the fence. This saves space and allows some vines to be more productive. If space allows, ground-level vegetable beds can be installed in front with the vertical garden as a backdrop.

Green gates. Vines can be used to naturalize chain link gates. Plant along the fence near the hinged side of the gate. As the vine grows and spreads, it can be trained across the gate. Because it is growing from the hinged side, gate use is not impeded.

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Roots Are Kept Inside The Container

Pin on Landscaping Ideas

Large and uncontrolled roots in the ground can do damage to the surrounding hardscapes such as walkways, building foundations, and foundations of your fence. Often roots can creep under the fence and do damage to your neighbors property. This can lead to all kinds of ugly situations, and at the very least, your plant will have to be removed.

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Evergreen Shrubs For Winter

This picture does not show the expected season, but evergreens grow magnificently during the time. With no flowers, evergreens explain virtually of how important foliages are. In white freezing winter, evergreens show all the colors plants should have.

The bests among the group to plant in colder climate are Mahonia japonica, Nandina domestica firepower, Nandina domestica obsessed, Viburnum davidii, Pinus mugo, Leucothoe, Hebe, Pseudowintera colorata, and Ilex aquifolium.

Chain Link Fencing On Uneven Ground

Do you have a rolling landscape, small hills here and there impeding a flat lawn for your home? You might think only wood fencing will work for the type of yard you have, but chain link is actually a great option for uneven ground. You have a few options for how to install chain link fencing on an uneven landscape to get it looking perfect and ready to protect your home.

  • You can install a retaining wall to fill in the uneven areas. This can be a great option for some landscapes, and the mixture of stone or brick and metal can lend a rustic aesthetic appeal to your property. Pick the material for your retaining wall based on your tastes, and consider adding design elements you like or that match your home to make the installation your own.
  • Consider filling in a slope with cement to make your installation even. Stair-step cement installation can allow chain link to be installed on even a long slope with a steep grade. This installation will allow you to take advantage of the benefits of chain link fencing in an area where you thought it wouldnt work.

Depending on the needs of your property, you may want to employ all of these techniques in different areas of the fence to ensure the sturdiest and most attractive fencing installation.

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Install Colored Padlocks/beaded Glass Marbles On Chain Link Fence

Installing colored padlocks is relatively straightforward. You can create patterns by locking individual padlocks on the chain-link fence. Couples often engage in the activity along public ground fences, where lovers often engage in it to symbolize their unity and love. In essence, the idea is that as long as the fastener remains locked, their affection for one another endures. In contrast, glass beards have a less symbolic yet equally colorful effect. You merely place glass beads strategically on the fence and create a pattern, design, etc.

The glass beads aesthetic effect is best viewed during sunsets and sunrise . Adding an aspect of beauty to your chain-link fence can be fun, inexpensive, and relaxing for some people. Fence decoration relies more on creativity and the willingness to try out new concepts. Some decoration techniques are ideal for residential homes, while others are particularly well suited for public spaces.

Use Large Fiberglass Planters To Create A Fence

GORGEOUS! Landscaping Along a Fence ð?ð³ð?// Bobby K Designs

If you are looking for an easy and quick way to accentuate your fence then using fiberglass planters, with their countless sizes, shapes, colors, and materials is the best idea.

For example, our rectangle fiberglass planters have a simple design but are effective at planting any kind of plant, from shrubs to trees and vines.

Plus, our fiberglass planters are suitable for installation anywhere, whether it be outdoors to create a border, or indoors to simply decorate a room. While also elegant and modern, the depth and height of our rectangle planters are perfect for growing a variety of plants.

You can use it to hide your fence by placing it along your border and growing some bright, interesting flowers for extra impact, or create a living fence by planting formal hedges in it.

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Covering Chain Link Fences With Plants

There are a few things to consider when covering chain link fences with plants. Before deciding which plant you will use, think about what you would like the plants that grow on fences to accomplish:

  • Do you want flowering vines for fences or foliage vines?
  • Do you want an evergreen vine or a deciduous vine?
  • Do you want an annual vine or a perennial vine?

Each choice is important depending on what you want for your fence.

How Do You Hide A Fence Line

Shrubs are some of the best plants for fence line screening. You can either cover a fence with a shrub, to create a defined boundary or a green backdrop to the rest of the garden, or choose a lower-lying variety to make a feature of it. These shrubs will not need wires or ties.

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How To Add Privacy With A Chain Link Fence

Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 13 years.

Kelly Bacon is a licensed general contractor with over 40 years of experience in construction, home building and remodeling, and commercial building. He is a member of The Spruce Home Improvement Review Board.

Chain link fences are a functional way to enclose an outdoor space. They’re known for their durability and strength, In terms of home security, their lack of privacy is definitely a plus since keeping sight lines open to the street is important.

But this style of fence isn’t known for its privacy or aesthetically pleasing properties. Other than being an inexpensive, effective method of keeping pets and children safe, chain link is sometimes viewed as a blight on yards. In fact, some communities even ban chain link fences in incorporated, residential areas.

Replacing the chain link fence with a solid fence is always one option. Yet if you try to remove this fencing, you might have a hard time. When installing chain link, the posts are buried deeply and held tightly in place with concrete anchors, much like the roots of a sturdy tree. Removal is made even more difficult since the metal posts are filled with concrete and can be hard to cut. Once you do remove the posts, the chain link itself is unwieldy and often difficult to dispose of.

Vines For A Chain Link Fence

Driveway Chain Link Fencing

If you are looking at getting the most bang for your buck when you are trying to figure out how to hide a fence with landscaping, try vines.

To me, the best vines for chain link fences are those that wont completely take over the fence. While you want coverage, the weight of a fence covered with vines could make it unstable over time.

Since I am using other plants to hide the fence, as well, I like to keep my vines in check.

You also have to consider the type of vine that you want to grow. There are several types of vines that will cover an ugly fence:

  • flowering vines these add pops of color along the fence line
  • foliage vines these give a solid green look
  • annual vines need to be replanted each year
  • perennial vines these overwinter and come back the next year
  • evergreen vines will add coverage all year long

In our case, the decision was made for us and was cost effective. We already had honeysuckle growing on two fence lines.

Honeysuckle on chain link fences grows quickly and we just have to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesnt grow into other shrubs or take over the fence. Pruning in mid-summer works well.

Some other good choices for flowering vines are morning glory, clematis, and Black eyed Susan vine.

If you are looking for foliage types of vines, Boston Ivy, English Ivy and Carolina jasmine are good choices.

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Climbing Roses On Chain Link Fence

We planted some rose bushes and a few other plants along the border of the fence line, and they do a good job of keeping the front part of the border lush and full.

Climbing roses on the actual chain link fence are even better at camouflaging the fence.

For tall chain link fences, climbing roses hide the fence and add so much beauty to it. Plant the bushes close to the fence and they will grow up easily and will use the fence for support.

Space climbing roses about 6 feet apart to give them room to grow and spread out their long canes.

Make sure that you tie off the canes in the direction that you wish them to grow. Climbing roses can easily grow out of control.

Lake St Clair Retaining Wall & Chain Link Fence

AJB Landscaping & Fence installed this retaining wall to cut down on hill erosion, along with a chain link fence around the perimeter to provide a safe envioronment for the homeowner’s terrier mix.

This rural property overlooking Lake St. Clair east of Olympia had problems with water run-off and hill erosion during the wet season. When the new homeowner moved in, he wanted to resolve this issue while making the back of the property more usable and safe for his small dog.

We installed a chain-link fence around the perimeter line to provide a safe barrier while still affording a view of the lake below. Because the rear of the property slopes downward, the rear fence line is hardly visible from the house, resulting in minimal obstruction of the view of the lake.

We then constructed a two-tier retaining wall with built-in landscape beds. The retaining wall conforms to the slope of the property with more courses on the lower side, as well as a built-in stairwell. This makes it easy to access the back of the property from either side of the retaining wall.

As you can see in the gallery below, the owner’s terrier mix loves the new setup. He’s safe from wild animals and has plenty of room to roam about. And he loves to perch on the top of the retaining wall to get a good view of the lake.

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How Do I Landscape My Fence Next

Space your shrubs and plants slightly away from it. A curving bed of plants rather than a straight line softens the straight lines of the fence. For great visual appeal, layer the flower beds and plants along your fence. Arrange short plants in the front, medium-sized in the middle, and the tallest ones in the back.

Get Ready To Implement Your Fenceline Landscaping Ideas With Planters Etc

How to Grow Shrubs Against a Chain-Link Fence : Landscaping Tips

We hope you enjoyed our ideas on how to have an awesome fenceline landscape with marvelous plants and planters.

We can also help you with your landscaping needs our high-quality fiberglass planters are made of durable, tough, and delightful fiberglass material. Choose from a variety of 18 stunning colors and as many as four textures to suit your design goals.

All our planters come with an industry-leading warranty emphasizing the commitment and value of our fiberglass planters.

Feel free to give us a call and our sales consultants will be more than happy to walk you through any outstanding questions or requests you might have. However, if youre ready to transform your fenceline into a thriving piece of art, then get shopping!

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Inspiring Landscaping Along A Fence Ideas

When there is not much to look at your house border, consider landscaping along a fence ideas. They could be more than just a solution. Such a landscape provides privacy as well as safety for you and your other house dwellers.

The inside lookers will have an enjoyable view, while for the passersby, it adds curb appeal. The other reasons as to why you should grow plants along the fence are they soften up, brighten up, and solidify your house borders appearance.

You are about to read 22 ideas of landscaping along a fence. The ideas will be according to the fence types, the plants type suggestions, and seasonal planting. Now, without further ado, let us check the listbelow!

Yard Landscape Ideas Around Chain

Chain-link fences mark property lines, protect children and pets and help to keep intruders out. They are known for their function but not their beauty. In order to jazz up the landscape around chain-link fences, add tall perennials, bushes, trees, vines or ground-cover. Plants shouldn’t be placed too close to the fences, however. Check the directions on each plant for how much space to leave between plants, and leave at least that much space between that plant and a fence.

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Can You Beautify An Old Chain Link Fence

There are several ways to enhance an old chain-link fence depending on your intended outcome, your budget, and your style.

The assumption that a chain-link fence can only assume its original design is incorrect and unfounded. You can go for different decoration techniques that fit your tastes and serve to meet a distinct purpose.

A primary drawback of chain link fencing relates to its standardized, monotonous appearance. People often view chain link fencing as a bland type of enclosure that prevents one from expressing their unique taste, inhibits creativity, and is tricky to customize according to individual preferences.

Heres how to make your chain-link fencing look nice.

Preventing Grass And Weeds Under Your Chain Link Fence

Image result for how to make a beautiful backyard when you have a chain ...

Chain link fencing offers a functional solution for homeowners or businesses looking to define property lines and secure yard space. The open weave in chain link fences gives a transparent appearance, which means there is no obstruction of sunlight from either side of the fence. However, chain link fences do add to your regular lawn maintenance routine. Because lawnmowers and weed-eaters cannot reach grass and weeds under a chain link fence, you need to prevent grass and weeds from growing under your chain link fence in the first place. To keep your fence line from looking messy and unkempt, here are some tips for preventing grass and weeds under your chain link fence.

Trench the Fence Line

For starters, mark a line at least six inches into the yard from the fence line using stakes and string. The string marks the edge of the area you will trench and mulch. Dig straight down a few inches deep along the string line with a sharp garden spade. Remove grass and weeds with the spade, using caution not to bend the bottom edge of the chain-link fence.

Spray Herbicide on Remaining Grass

If your San Jose chain link fence was installed over existing grass or weeds that you cannot remove with the spade, spray a premixed glyphosate herbicide to the grass or weeds under the chain link fence. This will ensure that the grass and weeds die before you cover the area with landscape fabric.

Cover with Landscape Fabric

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