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Ideas For Water Fountains In Landscapes

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Natural Water Feature With Rock Edging

Landscape FOUNTAINS and GARDEN POND | water feature ideas

Heres another example of a natural water feature that you can surround with plants to create a calming effect. This one is bordered by a rock barrier.

Natural water feature pond with rock barrier

Tip: Start with a small pond, add some water, and then branch out. You can expand this type of water feature a little more every year by adding more rocks and plants.

Elegant Water Feature With Rocks And Metal Bird Statues

This water feature uses a combination of big stones and rocks with pebbles and metal statues. Theres also a wooden bench in the background.

If you have a natural hillside in your yard, you may want to try creating a similar design. If you cant get your hands on that many rocks, you can use more plants instead.

Make A Water Feature Pop With A Statue

Photo via @agulinda68

One way to make your backyard water feature truly stand out is with a ceramic, stone, or bronze garden statue. Available in all sizes, characters, and shapes, garden statues add flair and personality to both your garden and water feature. Statues also vary from classic busts to abstract art pieces.

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Small Fountains Bring Big Character

Small fountains are the perfect fit for many landscapes. The sound of running water produces a calming effect for guests while offering a visual treat. Here, blue-tinted bricks form a circular pattern around the fountain’s base, making the blue-gray water feature the focal point. The cool hues fit in beautifully with the blooming plants surrounding the area.

Bowling Ball Garden Water Feature

24 Gorgeous Front Yard Garden Landscaping Ideas

Not many people would have thought water spraying from the top of a bowling ball could make a nice fountain, but here it is. The distressed-looking ball was propped on a white bucket filled with pebbles, which not only gives it some height, but also hides the plumbing necessary to make this fountain work. via instructables

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Tea Pot And Wooden Barrel Water Fountain

This is one of those classic, shower-like fountain projects, where a tea pot or watering can is suspended, letting the water rain down. In this case, there is a barrel on the other hand of the plumbing and support system with a bowl catching the water on top, so you can probably reuse the water in the surrounding garden. via hometalk

Ideas For Planting Around Fountains

While the glitter and gurgle of a garden water fountain adds atmosphere and a sense of calm to patios and gardens, the plants around the fountain complete the setting. For an informal and natural look, surround the fountain with meadow grasses and nature loving wild flowers. For a lush and subtropical feel, create a colorful backdrop with ornamental grasses, ground covers and natural vegetation. From ornate concrete and marble to minimalist Zen designs, a fountain always complements a garden.

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Hanging Fountains As Pretty As A Picture

When space is limited in your landscape, wall fountains are an ideal solution. This fountain hangs on a wall just as a picture would. But the simple fountain adds the soothing allure of running water that a picture could not offer. This Arts and Crafts water feature fits in perfectly with the traditional setting. Ivy and budding plants surround the fountain to make it the focal point of the wall.

Spurting Face Water Feature Idea

Designer Outdoor Water Fountain – DIY Aquarium Landscape Curved Bridge Design Ideas

Are you a bit of a mystic? If so, you might want to add a bit of mystery to your design. We really love the example below, a water feature in which a mans face has water shooting out of his mouth.

Even if your garden is small, this doesnt mean you have to settle for boring water features. Get creative and add a feature that can be a conversation starter, like the one above. What could the story behind it be?

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Diy Water Fountain Made From Plant Pots

Heres another traditional-looking fountain made in a non-traditional way. The tiered design was achieved using three identical stone plant pots of different sizes, all of which were filled with pebbles then stacked. The water sprays out from the center of the top pot, creating the actual fountain. via interiorfrugalista

Different Locations For Different Effects

Your landscape designer will decide on the location for your fountain before selecting the fountain itself. That ensures youll choose the right fountain size and style to fit the available space.

In an expansive landscape, a large fountain may be positioned as a centerpiece to anchor a portion of the landscape design visually. An urban courtyard with limited space would be best served by a small simple fountain. Generally, you want to set the fountain where it will show to best advantage from multiple viewpoints.

You may want to think about positioning your fountain:

  • at the intersection of garden walkways to make a refreshing place to pause for a moment
  • near a patio dining area where you can enjoy the sound during meals
  • between a sitting area and the street to screen out street noise

You will also need to consider the sound level of your fountain as it relates to activity areas in your garden. Water pressure combined with the distance the water drops through the air before hitting a surface will affect loudness. Also, too much splash may over water nearby plantings. Your landscape designer will adjust water pressure to achieve the right amount splash to keep the sound at a reasonable level and protect your plants from being soaked.

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Large Stream And Pond

Streams and ponds can work together to make a landscape look amazing. The stream can wind its way down and around your yard until it spills over a waterfall into your pond.

You can even have multiple drops in your waterfall to make the sound of falling water even more noticeable.

This is more Lois speed but she wants to see what other backyard water features ideas are out there.

Natural Stone Pond With Arched Wooden Bridge

10+ Impressive Front Yard Landscaping Ideas With Fountain Design ...

Reminiscent of Japanese gardens, natural stone ponds recreate natural water features. We are big fans of DIY garden projects that use natural stone like this one.

Heres a beautiful large natural stone water garden decorated with interesting elements that would be the envy of anyone in your neighborhood. If you already have a small pond, you can surround it with stones for an even more unique look.

Tip: There are many different types of landscaping rocks and stones to choose from. Which one you choose usually boils down to availability and pricemake the most of local resources.

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Backyard Water Feature Idea With Spiraling Staircase

Stairs can be unique whether they are located inside or out. When you include stairs in a backyard water feature, it can take things to a whole new level.

In the example above, we love that the water feature is raised above the ground, which draws attention to it. Its surrounded with stones and includes natural elements like lily pads and plants. The perfect mix!

Make A Courtyard Fountain The Focal Point

Photo via @alexsmithgardendesign

Designed to fit a range of outdoor living spaces, including courtyards, atriums, or gardens, a courtyard fountain is truly a work of art. These fountains can be made from stone, bronze, copper, and concrete. For a similar effect, you can add a DIY wishing well to any entryway or porch.

Photo via @lisapalemorealtor

Show off your sense of style with a fun, decorative backyard fountain! Old-fashioned pumps, wine glasses, and teapots are just a few items you can use for your one-of-a-kind water fountain. Try making your own outdoor water fountain as a fun backyard DIY project!

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Bridge Over Untroubled Waters

There is something magical about traversing a stream, like crossing it transports you from the everyday drudgery into a fairytale. This custom stone bridge carries visitors to different areas of the backyard while the water beneath flows over natural stones and masonry walls that echo its construction. A surrounding landscape of diverse colors and textures encapsulates the passage in a storybook setting.

Rock Pond Garden With Water Plants

Beautiful landscaping ideas: garden fountains and waterfalls! 50 examples for inspiration!

On the lookout for something a bit more exotic? Just take a peek at this simple but beautiful set-up.

Using a water feature can enhance your garden by generating wonderful sounds, but dont forget about the smells.

Plants can make any outdoor area look and smell amazing. This is something that you cant replicate with faux elements.

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Water Ideas For Modern Landscape Design

Its no secret that water has always been an integral part of what keeps lawns healthy and green. Yet landscape maintenance isnt the only area where water makes its mark. Whether designed for aesthetic purposes or recreational use, hardscape water features have become a popular choice in modern landscape design as well.

When the phrase water features comes to mind, you might initially think of traditional designs like tiered water fountains or in-ground rectangular pools. But as well discuss here, modern landscape design embraces new twists on these old classicsones that are bound to enhance the visual appeal and use of your outdoor space.

From Water Trough To Fountain

With a bit of creativity, you can craft an outdoor fountain from an unusual item. It will delight guests and make them wonder what other surprises are in store in your yard. Here, a galvanized-tin water trough is transformed into a fountain ideal for a country setting. A stone frog adds a fun twist while water hyacinths soften the lines of the tub.

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Keep It Simple With A Birdbath

Photo via @litdigitalart

One of the simplest and most affordable outdoor water features is a birdbath. Without pumps, filters, or costly installation, birdbaths are a budget-friendly way to add a water feature to your outdoor living area. Not to mention, they come in all shapes and colors, making it easy to find the option that fits both your space and your style.

Statue Fountains For Formal Appeal

Adorable 60 Stunning Front Yard Landscaping Ideas ...

Statues can be an ideal starting point for a more formal appeal for your outdoor fountain. Water trickles over a cherub and into the basin below in this fountain. Add character to the landscape by surrounding the fountain with blooming plants and lush greenery. The fountain’s soothing sounds and aesthetic appeal beckon visitors outside.

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Diy Tiered Blue Planters Fountain

This fountain is perfect for the place where it was built, as the blue really matches the ground around it. It was made using three glass or acrylic planters which were stacked together with lids of sorts in between for support. The water comes out from the top vase in a really nice way. via jparisdesigns

Waterfall And Pond Landscape Water Feature

Source: familyhandyman, ohmy-creative

Are you looking for an attractive fountain with low maintenance costs to put up in your garden? I will suggest you take a look at our number 4 DIY Garden Fountain Landscaping Ideas.

The pond fountain looks best with trees and shrubs around. To find out what would work best in your garden call tree care and landscaping experts in Fort Worth and get your free advice.

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Concrete Leaf Water Fountain

Here is yet another gorgeous decorative fountain which you can replicate quite easily. You need a large real or fake leaf to serve as you template or cast and some cement, which you will pour and mold over it so your final product looks realistic. After it dries, all you need to do it fix it upright on the floor and let the water flow. via gardenstew

How To Build A Pondless Fountain

Landscape Buddha Water Fountain with Fog & Aquarium | Indoor fountain Ideas ð¡|balcony decor ideas

Regardless of what you choose as a fountain, the steps for the project are the same: Dig a pit for the reservoir, rig up the pump, and cover everything. The trick is figuring out how big a pump to buy, and there are a lot of numbers to crunch to determine that. We cheated and asked Rolf Nelson, of Nelson Water Gardens and Nursery, which popularized pondless ceramic fountains. Assuming you use a reservoir at least 2 feet square and 1 foot deep, the main variable is the fountain’s height. You want a pump with enough oomph, expressed in gallons per hour , to reach the top.

He recommends:

120200 gph for a 1-foot-tall fountain

250350 gph for a 2-footer

350700 gph for a 3-footer

900 gph for anything taller, up to 5 feet.

Find the full step-by-step instructions: How to Build a Fountain

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Spas That Flow Into Pools

Spas and pools were once treated as separate elements of a landscape. In modern landscape design, however, these two amenities tend to cross paths. One example of this integration is a spillover spa attached to a pool. With the mixture of spa and pool water, you can form a more serene outdoor space while minimizing required maintenance since the pool and spa can use a single pump.

Create Additional Ambiance With Lights

Photo via @californiawaterscapes

Outdoor water features with lights provide a more intimate atmosphere in your backyard day or night. Consider adding low-wattage wash lights around waterfalls or fountains to highlight the surface of the water for a reflective effect. LED lights may be more expensive upfront, but their long lifespan may prove to be a cheaper investment over time. You can also work lights into fountains, waterfalls, and pools. Just make sure to use lights that wont increase water temperature and that have non-toxic elements.

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Lines Of Sight For Your Fountain

Another consideration in choosing the site for your fountain is the lines of sight between your favorite locations in your yard and your new water fountain. Your view of your fountain greatly affects your enjoyment of your fountain.

You may want to place your fountain, so you can see from as many vantage points as possible. If this is your plan, you will want to look for low landscaping plants that dont interfere with your view.

If you live in a place that has long winters that limit your time outdoors, you may want to place your fountain where you can see it through one or more windows of your house.

If you have a large backyard or fountain, you may want to treat your fountain as a destination at the end of a long, landscaped walkway. Or you may even want to make your fountain a hidden water feature, behind tall grasses or leafy conifers or a vine-covered trellis, allowing just a glint of sunlight reflected off moving water to entice your guests to explore your landscape.

But you may also want to use your fountain as a hidden water feature. You may want to totally enclose your fountain to block out traffic noise or nearby neighbors. When this is the objective, it is important to choose plants that can grow in the sunlight available at your fountain.

Small Garden Water Features Statue

Check out these Solar Water Fountain in garden ideas and bring a ...

Not every space is fit for huge pieces. If you have a small space, that doesnt mean it has to be a boring one. Heres an example.

Instead of placing a lot of things in the area and making it cluttered, you might choose one or two focus pieces like the statue-inspired fountain above.

Good to know: Mosquitoes do not breed in moving water as easily so choosing a fountain over a pond is a good move. You may also want to plant some mosquito repellent plants.

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Pair Your Fountain With Plants

If you have a freestanding fountain, plant a ground cover around the base. Dichondra argentea Silver Falls, also known as silver nickel vine, provides tiny silvery-green leaves for a delicate effect.

In addition to the climbing roses and flowering vines mentioned above, Thunbergia alata, also known as black-eyed Susan vine, produces yellow flowers with purple centers that accent many kinds of fountain statuary.

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Find The Right Fountain Stone

Begin your search for fountain stone by looking online for stone suppliers in your area that custom drill stones or have a selection of predrilled stones.

  • When you go to pick out your fountain stone, bring several gallons of water with you and pour water over your stone selections to see how it flows.
  • Adjust the stone to alter the flow. Look for a stone that has natural chutes or channels if you’re seeking a stream-like flow, or one that has a natural basin if you’re after a gurgling-up-from-the-ground look.
  • Pro tip:Pick a stone that’s less than 15 inches thick at the fountain hole location. That’s the limit for available drill shafts.

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