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How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades Without Removing

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Sharpen Blades When The Gas Tank Is Empty

How to Sharpen Lawnmower Blades WITHOUT removing them! 4k video

Maybe you dont have much of a choice, but if you can, its best to do this project when youre out of gas. Since your mower will be tilted on its side for quite a while, it helps to do this after youve run the gas out of your mower. This will prevent gas from leaking anywhere it shouldnt be. Chances of leaks are slim, but try and prevent them if possible.

Sharpen The Blade One Last Time

Once you have used the clapper blade clamp or lawn mower blade clamp on your blades, then you need to sharpen them one last time before putting them back on your lawn mower. This step may seem unnecessary, but it is actually very important! You want to make sure that all sharp edges are rounded off properly so that they dont cause damage when they come in contact with grass or other parts of your lawn mower! After sharpening the blades one last time.

Keep The Blade Balance

Once you have tilted it carefully, you have to pick up a wooden block and position it on the opposite side of the mower.

Your job here is to keep the blade balancer of the lawn mower and make it stable enough for the next steps. You might think that it is not necessary to do this but trust us if you do not go for this one, there is a chance that your mower will fall.

So, whenever you plan to sharpen the mower blade from the lawnmower without removing it, this is a must-follow step for you.

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My Final Thoughts On Sharpening Your Lawn Mower Blade Without Removing It

Keeping your lawn mower blade sharp doesnt have to be difficult. Sharpening your lawn mowers blade without removing it is quick, easy, and very effective.

Its one of the simplest ways to keep your lawn mowers blade in good condition without just replacing the blade.

Plus, your grass will definitely appreciate the sharper blade. It will be healthier, grow faster, and less vulnerable to disease when you keep your lawn mowers blade in good condition.So, now that you know how I know how easy it can be theres nothing to get in your way.

Keep your lawn mowers blade sharp, keep your lawn mower effective, and enjoy your beautiful lawn.

Rhiannin Bunney

Get Your Lawn Mower Ready

How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades Without Removing (Step

The first step is to get your lawn mower ready. Mostly, that means making sure its not connected to any power sources, and that its in an area where you can easily turn it on its side and reach the blade underneath.

I recommend moving your lawn mower onto a tarp or a sheet to help make cleanup easier if there are any grass clippings stuck underneath the lawn mower.

If you have a battery-powered lawn mower, now is the time to disconnect the battery. If its a cord-powered lawn mower, unplug the power cord. For gas-powered lawn mowers you should remove the spark plug.

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What If You Dont Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

Some lawn owners consider sharpening the lawn mower blades just a fuss. Why do you need to bustle and hustle if your dull blade still can cut the grass?

So, is it really okay to skip sharpening the mower blades?

The answer is yes, but not for caring lawn owners. Mowing with dull blades is still possible, but poor-quality. The worn lawn mower blades leave the torn tips of some grass clippings, and that is inevitable. As a result, your lawn grass quickly turns brown and poor. Moreover, it is much tended to be vulnerable to plant disease and lawn pests.

When you mow the grass with sharp blades, it is much easier to cut the grass fast and evenly. Proper mowing is key to a healthy lawn, thats why you should sharpen your lawnmower blade regularly. Do it especially before the start of each mowing season to keep the lawn in the best condition.

Clean The Lawn Mower Undercarriage

Once the blade is locked in place, you should take this opportunity to clean out the bottom of your lawn mower. Clean lawn mowers are more effective, tend to be able to move faster, and put less stress on the lawn mowers motor.

A shop rag and simply cleaning solution is all you should need. Scoop out any remaining grass clippings, mulched leaves, and twigs, and then gently clean the bottom of the lawn mower around the blade.

If you use any water during this process, make sure the undercarriage of your lawn mower is completely dry when you stop. If you leave the metal wet, its more likely to rust and corrode over time.

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Should Both Sides Of The Lawnmower Blades Be Sharpened

The response is never exactly like scissors, a side of the mower blades should be sharp, while the opposite should be dull. One side of the lawnmower blade should be sharpened at a 45-degree angle, while the opposite side should be kept rough save for flattening any edges that are uneven. If both surfaces of the blades are sharpened, the edges will become needlessly dull far more quickly.

Blade Balancing And Reinstalling

Sharpen blades on your mower WITHOUT taking deck OFF (John Deere)

Once you have sharpened both the cutting edges of the blade, the next step is to balance it. When you sharpen the blade, there are chances that more metal is removed from one end as compared to the other, and you get an unbalanced mower blade. Using such an unbalanced blade for mowing can result in excessive wobbling, thus damaging the motor and putting unwanted pressure on the mower.

There is a great way to check if a mower blade is balanced. Slip the center hole of the blade over a nail on a wall. Keep the blade in the horizontal position and see if it remains level. If one end rotates down towards vertical, you can determine that it is unbalanced. In this case, you can consider sharpening the heavier side to remove extra metal and retest it to get a balanced blade.

Though this nail technique works and is a simple method, you can use a mower blade balancer for more accurate results. It is a cone-shaped, multi-tiered metal fixture that can be placed on a flat surface with a blade set on the top. This tool works with a blade with a varying diameter of center holes. When you use a balanced blade, it remains level otherwise, it tilts towards either side, indicating the heavier side of the blade that needs more sharpening.

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Sharpen The Lawn Mower Blade

Now, its time to regain the older strength of the blades. Take a flat-file and place it over the cutting edge of the blade.

Always start the sharpening process from the center of the blade and try to maintain a proper angle. After properly sharpening one side, switch to another side of the blade to complete the sharpening process.

How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades Without Removing 3 Easy Steps

Lawn mowers are considered essential landscaping/gardening tools for the houses that contain lawns or gardens but their work efficiency depends on the sharp blades.

So each year before going to mow your lawn, you have to sharp your lawn mower blades for a smooth and healthier grass cut. If you want to know how to sharpen lawn mower blades without removing then this article will guide you properly.

It is usually recommended by lawn mowing experts that the blades of your lawn mower need sharpening once or twice a year. Does this mean that the blades once got dull, they stop working? Certainly, not. But their efficiency will obviously be affected.

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Tools And Materials Youll Need

Admit it or not, its not safe to sharpen lawn mower blades without goggles and safety gloves. Some may think its a trivial matter, but an additional layer of protection is important when handling sharp objects like mower blades.

Other tools you may need at your disposal for this task are a steel wire brush and angle grinder or flat file. If youre dealing with nicked lawnmower blades, our team urges you to use a bench grinder. This sharpening process will also require you to keep a wooden block and bucket of water on standby.

Remove And Clean The Blade

How To Sharpen Riding Lawn Mower Blades Without Removing

Once youve determined that you need to sharpen the blade, its time to remove the blade from the lawn mower.

Before you begin, disconnect the power source from an electric mower, whether battery or corded. Disconnect the spark plug wire from a gas mower. This protects you from any surprise hiccups of power. Follow these steps to remove the lawn mower blade.

  • Put on work gloves and protective eyewear for safety.
  • Drain the gas tank to avoid fuel spills.
  • Carefully turn the mower on its side. Be sure that the air filter and the carburetor are facing up.
  • Find the nut that holds the mower blade to the drive shaft. Use a ratchet and socket or a wrench to loosen the nut until the mower blade releases.
  • If its tough to grip the nut, get more leverage. Brace the blade with a piece of scrap wood and clamp the blade still. You should be able to remove the nut now.
  • If the nut and threaded shaft are rusted or stuck together, apply penetrating oil and allow to sit for a few hours.
  • Clean the blade with a dry rag or microfiber cloth before sharpening it.
  • Sometimes the blade is unusually dirty or caked with grass clippings. When thats the case, spray it with some penetrating oil. Let it sit as directed, then scrub the debris away with a stiff brush.

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Three: Tilt Your Mower

To get to the blade, tilt your lawnmower to the side. Make sure the carburetor and gasoline tank are at the top of the mower whenever you tilt it.

To make the lawnmower more sturdy in the raised position, place a block diagonally on the far side. Before you start working, make sure your lawnmower is as steady as possible.

Can You Sharpen A Lawn Mower Blade Without Removing It

You can tell when a mower blade needs to be sharpened by looking at it. If there are visible nicks, dents and small chips, the blade needs some attention. Aim to sharpen your blades every 25 hours of runtime or twice in the mowing season.

There are a few ways that you can sharpen your lawn mower blade without removing it. One way is to use a file. You will want to use a medium-grit file and make sure that you are moving the file in the same direction as the blade is spinning.

Another way to sharpen your lawn mower blade without removing it is to use a bench grinder. You will want to use a medium-grit wheel and move the blade back and forth across the wheel until it is sharpened.

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Should You Sharpen Both Sides Of A Mower Blade

No, only one side should be sharp, and the other side isnât. A typical mower blade should have a sharpened edge at about a forty-five-degree angle, and the other side remains rough and dull.

If you make your mower blades sharp on both sides, they will become dull quickly and need constant sharpening.

Remove The Spark Plug Or Battery

How To Easily Remove AND Sharpen Zero Turn Mower Blades

Theres another task to perform to prevent accidents. Before attempting to remove the blade, the spark plug should be removed to avoid the risk of the machine accidentally starting, say the experts at Mowers Online . In the case of a battery powered machine the battery should be removed. As should any safety keys.

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How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades Without Removing: Important Tips

Being on top of the state of the blades is important if you care about the good maintenance of your lawn mower. Ive gathered below some extra tips related to this topic that I think can be useful.

  • Regularly check on your blades. Failure to check whether or not your blades are sharp could cause you more stress than necessary. By regularly examining the blades, you can sharpen them as soon as they become dull.
  • Notched blades are not useless. Most users tend to throw away notched blades. However, notched blades, once appropriately sharpened, are pretty usable.
  • Ensure the blades are balanced correctly. Unbalanced blades do not work correctly and make annoying noises when your lawn mower is on. Blunt blades are the number one culprit behind improperly balanced blades.
  • Know when its time to get new blades. If the blades are notched all over, unbalanced, or have suffered severe damage, it might be time for a switch. Even after repair, such blades are too damaged to work desirably on your lawn.

How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades Without Removing Them

Lawnmowers are one of the most used garden tools, but they need to be sharp to give a stunning look to your lawn. On average, lawnmower blades should be sharpened twice a year, depending upon the usage. For some owners, that may seem unnecessary as even with dull blades, theyll still cut your grass. But the point is that with worn blades, the cut will be rough, leaving behind torn tips on the individual grass blades ends. Those can cause the grass to turn brown quicker, and it can also leave your lawn more susceptible to pests and disease. This is not something that lawn owners want. Sharp blades also allow you to cut the grass evenly and quickly, thereby giving you a perfectly trimmed lawn. So, always sharpen your lawnmower blade before the start of the yearly mowing season to get the lawn of your dreams.

How to sharpen lawn mower blades without removing them:

  • Collect the required tools
  • Seal the gas tank. Or, in the case of an electric mower, remove the power cord
  • Tilt the mower and place the wooden block under it on the other side to give it support. The mower blade should be facing towards you
  • Clean the blade with water and a steel brush
  • Use the angle grinder or flat-file to sharpen the cutting edge slowly
  • Lower the mower
  • 6 Final Remarks
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    Prepare The Lawn Mower Blades For Sharpening

    There are specific precautions you must abide by when you want to sharpen the blade safely. After gathering all the materials needed, unplug the power cord from your mower deck.

    You must also check if the spark plug cable is disconnected from the mowers ignition wire. By unplugging the spark plug, you will avoid accidental starting while getting the lawnmower blades sharpened.

    Before you sharpen the lawnmower blades, seal the gas tank first. Begin by removing the mower fuel tank lid and placing a plastic bag over it. After that, put back the gas tank lid and seal it tightly. Through this, you can be reassured that there wont be any fuel spillage until youre finished sharpening the mower blade.

    How Much Does It Cost To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

    How to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade

    If you want to get your lawnmower blades professionally sharpened, then this will likely set you back about $20 to $60. Not only will this put a potentially unnecessary dent in your wallet, but getting your mower blades to the shop can seriously cut into the time spent on more entertaining summer activities.

    Youll need to have the tools to take the blades off of your mower and clean them to a degree that shows that you didnt last service your mower a decade ago. Drive to the shop, wait wait maybe come back later, and then drive home and put them all back on again. I dont know about you, but I would rather spend that summer sunshine time doing just about anything else.

    Im thinking of sitting back with an ice-cold lager or two while swishing my feet in a blow-up paddle pool and sniffing the sweet smell of freshly cut grass. I have priorities!

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    Set Up The Riding Lawn Mower

    So, you have sharpened the blade of your mower without removing it from your lawn mower. And as you are done now, you have to take your mower back to the regular stage. For this, you have to hold the mower and slowly, take it down.

    When it is placed on the ground properly, you have to open the lawn mowers fuel tank lid just like before. Now, it is time for removing the plastic bag. Hold it carefully and take it off.

    And once again, you have to go through the lid and replace it again! So, now the push mower is ready with a blade that can work like the new one! Try your mower in your yard and let us know how the sharpened blade worked!

    How To Adjust Your Reel Mower Blades

    To move the cutters closer to the bar so your lawn mower makes that cool “click, click, click” sound reminiscent of an episode of Leave it to Beaver, you just have to tighten the blade tightening bolts on either side of the lawn mower.

    • Your mower’s blades should come as close to the metal bar as possible without actually touching it. Spin the blades . If you can hear metal scraping they need to be loosened on that end.
    • Only turn the bolt a tiny bit to get some clearance.
    • There are 4 bolts. 2 that are visible on either side of the reel and 2 on either side of the cutting bar.
    • First adjust the bolts on the reel. Then adjust the bolts on the cutting bar, turning them in the opposite direction that you turned the bolts on the reel.

    Easy. Your blades should now be evenly spaced across the whole cutting bar, almost touching it, but not quite.

    But sharpening the actual blades is something else entirely. And without sharp blades on your lawnmower, you might as well try cutting your lawn with a sock puppet. You’ll get the same results.

    And then I found out how to sharpen my lawnmower blades. With a blade sharpening kit.

    And angels sang and neighbours joined hands in song.

    My lawn would no longer look like a 1980’s haircut.

    A blade sharpening kit is just some blade sharpening compound and a brush. But it also comes with something very important. A handle that you have to insert into the wheel assembly so you can turn the mower blades over and over again to sharpen them.

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