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How To Plan Backyard Landscape

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How Can Landscape Design Software Help You

How To Design The Perfect Landscape | Landscape Design 101

The purpose of landscape design software can vary depending on the user. Some people will use these tools to accurately transfer an idea from their mind onto a screen or a printed piece of paper, as a means of helping them visualize what their garden might look like before they commit to making any permanent changes. This is a huge help because it means you can make design decisions virtually rather than in reality, which could save you time and money compared to if you jumped straight in to physically landscaping your garden and made a mistake. Similarly, for a homeowner, a landscape design software gives you the opportunity to fully consider all of your design options and allows you to maximize your space.

Depending on the software you use, there will be an inventory of items available that you can place in your landscape to see how they look and fit. With everything being properly proportioned, this allows you to properly see what will work well in your space, and what sort of changes you realistically have the space for. Some programs also have pre-designed templates, which can give you a starting point for your design if youre unsure of what sort of look you want, and these templates can also be useful for inspiring ideas.

How To Plan Flowerbeds And Borders

Weve said that beds and borders need to go on to your garden plan, but how do you decide on their number, size, position and shape?

Borders go around the edges of the garden, along paths, or around garden buildings. Beds, which are entirely surrounded by a lawn, gravel or paving, are where youll create displays of plants. In some styles of garden, including traditional gardens, they are the most important feature, while in modern, low maintenance gardens, hardscape may dominate.

But as well as their number and size being governed by the style of garden you want to create, it should also be determined by how much time you have for maintenance. Although some plants require less work, generally more beds and borders equals more maintenance.

The shape of beds and borders will also be led by the style of garden youre looking to create.

For more formal gardens, straight lines predominate with rectangular borders and squares and even octagons for beds, along with circles. For more informal gardens, think gently curvaceous borders and, while beds might be circular, soft teardrop shapes are popular, too.

If you’re considering flower bed ideas after all, that is the fun bit bear in mind that what you plant in each bed and border should be determined by the soil type, the climate in your region, whether the garden is exposed to winds or near the coast, and whether its a sunny or shady spot.

How Can I Make My Backyard Look Nice

To make your backyard look nice, sleek, smooth stone that continues inside the house is a chic option if you have a modern extension or folding doors, but it could look too harsh, butted straight up to a red brick period home or a rustic cottage.

There is no shortage of hard landscaping style ideas for gardens, from the charmingly rustic to something more sleek and modern, with everything in between.

In general, hard landscaping tends to be the star of modern backyard designs, and the range of materials suitable for such spaces is more extensive mirror, metal, concrete and painted walls, to name a few.

But there are no rules to say that you could not consider using these in the most traditional herbaceous gardens as well. The trick is to create a single, homogenous design.

Simple, elegant detailing is often the key to a successful space, explains garden designer Robert Myers . People often over-complicate design by putting too many ideas and patterns into a small space, making it look busy and fussy.

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Spend Time In Your Landscape

Coming to quick conclusions about your yard can lead to choices that don’t work in the long term. Live with it for a while before making any changes. After spending more time outdoors, you’ll start to see areas where you want to go and sit that you wouldn’t have thought of at first, Lipanovich says.

How To Evaluate Your Landscape

Planting plans

Before you physically add your dream landscape elements, go outside with a notebook to evaluate what you like and what you don’t about your yard. Walk around the perimeter of your property as if you were a stranger, objectively viewing the space. This site analysis will become your road map for change.

Make two lists of your best assets: One for the house and one for the yard. Notice what’s behind overgrown shrubs or vines. You may have hidden treasures already there, just waiting to be noticed. Concentrate on the details: Steps, paving patterns, views toward and away from each area, and locations of doors.

You also need a list of liabilities. Maybe there’s an unattractive yard or garage next door you’d want to screen out. Maybe one of your home’s attractive features lacks landscaping. Then think about how to turn that liability into an asset. That blank side entry area may be the perfect location to install a kitchen garden, a patio for entertaining, or a place for the grill.

Note the topography, showing which locations are sloped, sunny, or shaded . The southern or southeastern face of your house provides warming rays in winter and sun all day in summer. In regions where you can spend time outside year-round, those are perfect locations for sitting areas because they’re protected from harsh northwestern winds. However, in summer those same spots might be too bright and hot to be comfortable.

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Find Peace With A Pond

A circular pond adds a dose of zen to any backyard space.

A backyard pond adds a tranquil element to your landscaping, turning it from a basic plot of land into a relaxing escape. Consider elements like size, style, and whether you want it to be habitable for koi fish, or the like.

When Draw Landscape Plans

So when do you truly need complete, detailed landscape plans? Those moving into new homes, where the landscaping is virtually non-existent, need to have such landscape plans with which to work. Likewise, homeowners engaging in makeovers of existing landscapes that they consider obsolete will profit from the guidance offered by detailed landscape plans. In these cases, even if you have to pay a pro to come in and draw the landscape plan for you, it will be worth it. Such undertakings are just too complex to be left to guesswork. Detailed landscape plans provide a birds-eye view of your property and allow you to determine whether one projected component will mesh with another.

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Important Things To Consider When Planning Your Landscape Design

Whether you are interested in completely redesigning your landscape or simply making a few changes there are some important factors to consider before you start planting.

While many people head straight to their local gardening supply store to browse the selections, creating a plan beforehand will help you chose plants that will best fit your needs and thrive in your landscape.

It’s easy to go out and be tempted into buying plants that look beautiful at the garden store, only to get them home and realize they are wrong for your landscape. These tips will help you develop a plan and put you on the road to creating a beautiful, cohesive, and thriving landscape.

How To Design A Garden

10 Clever Landscape Design Plans and Improvements for a Small Backyard

Need help designing your garden? Browse our list of tips for inspiration.

When designing a garden it can be difficult to know where to begin. How do you assess the space, draw up a plan, start planting? And what about paths, boundaries, seating and screens?

Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas or have inherited a garden that’s been designed by someone else, if your plot is small or shady, or you’re designing just one border, help is at hand. We’ve assembled a selection of garden design features to inspire and guide you through the process, from ways to break up a space to ideas for garden seating.

Browse our garden design features, below.

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Free Garden Planner Online

Are you searching for the perfect and easy-to-use garden layout software? Planner 5D caters to all your needs from drafting a general layout to adding intricate details to your 3D draft. The platform is simple enough for any beginner to be able to handle it online free. In addition, you can achieve high-quality, professional-looking results in a short amount of time without specific gardening or landscape skills.

Save time and money on 2D and 3D designs with the online free Planner 5D tool for homes. Create projects of any shape and size you can be proud of!

How Do I Layout My Backyard

To layout your backyard you can either decide to use a garden designer or create your backyard yourself. There are many decisions to be made regarding materials, so it pays to understand the pros and cons of each.

Your first priority will be to establish the functional spaces, from patios to paths. The expanse of an area and its use will dictate which materials are most suitable.

For instance, a hard standing for a table and chairs needs to be flat and stable, and you might want to keep granular aggregates such as gravel or bark away from the entrance of the house so they are not trampled inside.

Think about how materials combine to add color, texture and interest, and how they will interact with plants, and dont forget how they will complement the house when viewed from the garden.

Check the ownership of every boundary when erecting fencing and walls. Where dividing lines are shared, by law you must involve the neighbor in the design decision and ask for their permission to go ahead in writing.

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Use Screens To Hide Eyesores

If youve been looking for a way to hide an air conditioning unit or an electric meter, this is a great opportunity to use a privacy screen. A screen can be a built structure or a series of planted trees or shrubs. A strategically placed trellis screen or a row of evergreen hedges can hide less attractive areas in your landscape.

Make An Entrance With A Gate

Landscape Design Software

First impressions are lasting impressions. An easy way to set the tone and feel for your entire backyard garden is with an entryway. Nothing welcomes a guest to your outdoor space like a gate or an arbor. A gate or arbor is not just a functional outdoor doorway it can also be an artistic statement.

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Who Will Be Using Your Yard

Think about who will be using your yard and how they will use it. Will children be using your yard? Do you have pets? Are you hoping to use your yard for outdoor entertaining? Remember you can create different spaces for different uses in your landscape using strategic plantings and hardscapes. Walkways can be used to move people from one area to another.

Since you will be using and maintaining your yard consider what your maintenance style and budget are. Be as realistic as you can. How much time will you truly have to put into your landscape? Or if you won’t have the time will you have the money to pay someone else to put in the time? How much do you have to invest in your landscape? Determining the answer to these questions will help to ensure the success of your landscape for years to come.

Focus On Scale And Pacing

It’s the trickiest principle in landscape design for beginners, but scale and pacing give your yard a pulled-together look. There will be variations in size, shape, and color, with tall plants against a building or in the back of a flowerbed, and paths that lead people through the space. Lipanovich emphasizes the importance of finding a good balance between repetition and new elements. Repetition gives a sense of cohesion, but you also don’t want it to be monotonous. An occasional new element is better than having all different elements throughout.

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Build In Shade With A Pergola

Create a shady resting spot in your landscape with a pergola. Pergolas add architectural interest while also providing cooling shade. If building a pergola is not in your plans or budget, consider getting a pavilion instead. Pavilions are easy to install and will quickly transform a backyard into a crowd-pleasing entertainment area. Best of all, pavilions are mobile and can be placed anywhere in your landscape without much effort.

Seating For The Landscape Design

How to Design the Perfect Backyard Landscape

One feature we tend to underestimate is seating. An area may appear to be big enough for a dozen guests, but once the tables, chairs and actual people are there, it could become quite crowded. When determining the size of the seating area, take into account how many people you plan on having at most, how big the table youre planning on using is, and how many chairs you can fit around it. Plus, youll want to have enough space so the chairs can be easily pushed back and there is room to walk behind them. Although it would be comical, you dont want to see your guests pushing back their chairs and falling into a hedge.

How much space should you leave around an outdoor dining table to comfortably accommodate chairs and guests?

A good rule of thumb is to leave at least 36 inches on all sides of an outdoor dining table. That equates to 3 feet on all sides.

Example: If an outdoor dining table is 42 wide by 72 long , thats 21 sq. ft. When you add the 3 feet surrounding space for the chairs, thats an 18 + 18 + 28.5 + 28.5 sq. ft. which is an additional 93 sq. ft. The total square footage you would need for the outdoor dining space is 21 sq. ft. + 93 sq. ft. which totals 114 sq. ft.

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Plan Your Garden The Smart Way With These Online Planners

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The Spruce / Autumn Wood

Using a garden planner to plan the layout and contents of your garden is a great way to stay organized and get everything you want out of a garden.

Each garden planner has various tools that will make it easy for you to come up with a plan of action. You’ll be able to specify size, shape, and terrain, add boundaries such as fences or walls, plan a sprinkler system, place plants, trees, or bushes, and much more.

Many of these programs let you zoom and move around to get all the features placed exactly where you want them. You can also start out with a garden design template or create your own plan from scratch.

After you’ve planned your garden, many of the planners let you print out or save your garden layout, including a list of supplies you’ll need to buy to implement your design.

How Do You Do A Simple Landscape

To do a simple landscape, planting with evergreens to provide structure rather than hard landscaping it simpler. Being patient can also cut your backyard landscaping costs. If you can wait for plants to grow youll save compared to going for larger specimens.

A more relaxed backyard design could also prove a winner when it comes to cost-saving, as the accurate finish of a contemporary design involves extra labor.

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What Is Landscape Design Software

Landscape design software can be a downloadable program, an app, or a browser-based tool that facilitates the design of an outdoor space, such as a backyard, a driveway, or a deck. These can be aimed at different markets, from homeowners and DIY enthusiasts to professional landscapers and architects. A landscape design tool seems to be much more complex than a garden planner tool. And many landscape programs can be used to plan a garden as well.

What Plants Should Be Planted Together

Small Vegetable Garden Mapping Design and Layout

Companion planting, or planting plants that are symbiotic together, is a way to ensure your garden stays healthy. Companion plants offer benefits to one another depending on the pairing, and can include shade, pest deterrence, and improved soil quality.

Some common companion plants include:

  • Onions and cabbage
  • Carrots and beans, peas and peppers
  • Basil and tomatoes
  • Cucumbers and lettuce, dill and oregano
  • Garlic and most vegetables, since it deters aphids

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Draw The Eye Up With Hanging Flowers

Wisteria flowers look like a chandelier.

It can be easy to focus on the ground when designing your backyard garden, but dont forget that you can hang plants, too. Use hanging baskets or pots to draw the eye up and take advantage of vertical space, which might work particularly well for small backyards with limited square footage.

Install An Outdoor Conversation Pit

A sunken back yard with a cozy sectional and firepit.

Conversation pits became popular architectural features in the 1950s and found fame through the 1970s. The built-in seating in a depressed section of a room is an idea that can be transported into a backyard. Create an outdoor version of the midcentury staple with wooden benches, gravel, and a modern firepit.

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