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How To Landscape The Front Of Your House

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Pair Pavers With Pockets Of Plants

How to Landscape the Front of Your House |Part 1|

Soften paving with springtime bulbs

Level out your front yard into sturdy, paved tiers and make access to your home easy. There are tons of styles of slabs to choose from from cool, gray porcelain pavers to warm-toned natural stone and reclaimed red bricks. Just ensure you opt for a type that’s non-slip.

Break up the hard surfaces with pockets of bright planting, as shown in this scene. Geometric-shaped flower beds symmetrically positioned on either side of a path will keep the appearance neat and orderly, or go for more natural forms for an organic look.

Simple Landscaping And Border Ideas For Your Yard And Garden

Today, for a change of pace, Im excited to take you outside for a look at our front and backyard landscaping, as well as some landscape border ideas for the front, back, and around the sides of the house.

If youve been following the blog for some time, you might be aware I love gardening and getting my hands in the dirt. My husband and I spent the last few years landscaping our front and back yard and sides of our house with curvy landscape borders, adding in shrubs, flowers, trees, and river rocks.

Since we live in an area with a well-traversed walking path running behind our house, we have lots of people passing by our back yard every day. So its important to us that both the front of the house and backyard landscaping look inviting and cohesive.

So today Im sharing a few photos of the landscaping around our house, along with some some simple ideas and tips for how to landscape around your home with borders, with front yard landscaping ideas, shrub and flower ideas, landscape curbing ideas, tips on how to make the sides of your house look good, easy landscaping ideas on a budget, and much more.

If youre currently thinking of updating the landscaping around your house and are looking for some simple landscape border ideas, I hope youll find some great ideas and inspiration for all your outdoor areas.

What Is The Best Way To Landscape My Yard And Keep It Low Maintenance

When you want to keep your low landscaping maintenance, you want to keep it simple and clean, especially with smaller yards. The less maintenance a landscape needs, there will be less time in the space. Foot traffic can compact the dirt, soil, or mulch and can put wear and tear on the plants.

You also want to create borders that are well maintained and easy to determine. The best choice is flowers and plants that are able to withstand a drought. This means plants that do not need a lot of watering. Gravel around flowering plants also helps to retain water.

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Lush Hydrangeas And Hostas

Southern elegance meets cottage charm in this front garden design. While it may seem monochrome to many, the lush combination of hostas and hydrangeas creates a simple but pleasing spring and summer option. Ideally, you should pair these two plants with a few evergreens to ensure year-round interest, as the verdant beauty of the hostas will fade with the first frosts. Both hydrangeas and hostas like and even prefer some shade, so this combination is best suited to yards with mature trees or in areas where they will be shaded by the house itself during the afternoon.

Add In Some Furniture

8 Landscaping Ideas For The Front Of Your House

After you spend time and energy bringing your front porch landscape idea to life, shouldn’t you carve out some space to enjoy the lush view? That’s exactly why Molten loves to pair greenery with great seating. “Simple furniture can elevate your front porch,” she says. “Pairing greenery alongside a cozy seating area makes your guests feel welcome.” Here, white chairs complement the home’s crisp façadeand offer a comfortable place to sitwithout upstaging the plants that line the front door.

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Plant Up A Retaining Front Wall

These raised flower beds were designed and planted by The London Gardener

Bring a touch of elegance and softness to your landscaping ideas for front of house with raised garden beds of billowing plants in pale shades. This beautiful brick border lends a cheery note to the driveway and looks good year-round.

An imaginative mix of evergreen grasses, white flowering leucanthemum, and valerian create a relaxed and contemporary feel perfect for brightening a part-shady spot. Hardy and happy growing in poor soils, they also need very little care and attention.

Simple Diy Ideas For Front Of House Landscaping

Curb appeal is more than just a trendy buzzword that real estate agents throw around. Your front of house landscaping speaks to both the general appearance and the condition of your home, and it can have a very big impact on its value. In fact, a nice looking and well-maintained front yard can boost the value of your property by as much as 5.5% to 12.7%, which can translate to ten of thousands of dollars.

Even if you have no intention of selling your home anytime soon, putting time, effort, and a bit of cash into your front of house landscaping can increase your satisfaction with how your home looks and inspire you to put that same level of effort into other exterior and interior design projects. So if youre looking for a place to start with home improvements, curb appeal might be just the ticket.

Where to begin? Here are some of our favorite fun and easy DIY projects for taking your front of house landscaping to the next level.

Landscaping your front yard costs, on average, about $1,500 to $5,000, according to HomeAdvisor. However, you can save a lot of money by choosing to do all or most of the work yourself. While some front of house landscaping projects are generally best-handled by the pros , there are tons of simple things that you can do on your own to improve your homes curb appealand many can be accomplished in just a couple of hours or over the course of a weekend.

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How Do I Design My Front Yard

Want to up your homes curb appeal, these simple front yard landscaping ideas are just the ticket.

  • Frame your doorway with a pair of statement planters. Colorful annuals will add a dash of seasonal color while a stately pair of small standard trees try Ornamental Crabapple or Sweet Bay will add year-round style.
  • Edging borders with pavers, pebbles or treating turf to a good, sharp cut with a yard edger will work wonders for smartening up the look of your front yard.
  • Short on space, make the most of it with a babbling water feature for extra sensory charm and movement.
  • Lighting always adds an extra dimension to planting. Experiment with simple low voltage LED spots, uplighters and path lights for varying effects of outdoor lighting.
  • Add year-round structure and interest with reliable evergreens such as Boxwood, Azaleas, Euonymus, Yew and Daphne.

Modern Lakehouse Luxurious Landscape

Front of House Face-Lift: Part 3 | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas

At this contemporary home, blocky concrete walls interplay with a gravel walkway and fine textured plants, including ornamental grasses and black Liriope. A trio of clustered white paper birch trees add vertical interest to the plantings with an open form that contrasts nicely with the concrete walls.

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How Do You Landscape A Small Front Yard

2:373:4541 Beautiful Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas | diy gardenYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipUse these tips to create a timeless landscape that is easy to maintain. And great to look at justMoreUse these tips to create a timeless landscape that is easy to maintain. And great to look at just like you should plant grass that is specific to your region. Pick native plants for less upkeep.

Diy Landscaping Ideas For The Front Of Your House With Rocks

We had help with the mulch and rocks because of a service project at Texas A& M University called Big Event. A group from the American Childhood Cancer Association at Texas A& M covered our beds with mulch and meticulously placed the stones along the flower bed edges. We are so thankful for their hard work and attention to detail!

The rock boarder created contrast and made for clean lines on the borders of our front garden.

You could also use rocks to add some contrast and interest to your design. Consider a large rock in a bed or even a rock garden in an area that gets too much shade.

For all of the above steps in check-list form, download the FREE DIY Landscape Design Cheat Sheet by filling out the form at the end of this post.

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Your Guide To Front Steps

Make steps as wide as the walks they connect. Steps should be emphatic and noticeable. A plant accent can help. So can a change of texture. Never use just one step. If the slope is that slight, use a ramp. Three steps are the ideal minimum, though two are acceptable.

Check regularly that your steps are safe and not slick in snow or rain. Try to create at least one entrance without steps into your house for wheelchair visitors or possible future or emergency use. Or make conditional plans for a ramp, avoiding any plantings that would interfere.

Create A Log Succulent Planter

51 simple and small front yard landscaping ideas for low maintenance 16 ...

Succulents are one of the most interesting collections of plants youll find but planting them into a unique planter adds all the more intrigue for the stunning and unique earthy-toned plants.

This unique planter of an old log is a beautiful, natural, and incredibly unique way to add a touch of color. Try a mix of jade plants, spiral aloe, Gymnocalycium mihanovichii, or cape aloe to have a smattering of shades.

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Plant A Beautiful Rose Garden

Rose gardens are a fragrant and beautiful way to add some color and greenery to your front yard. You can plant the bushes in a collected design like this, accented with statuary and other decor, or you can keep them trim and neat.

If you let the roses grow wild, youll pretty much have a country cottage feel to your front yard or if you keep them trimmed and neat, youll have that English manor feel.

For The Most Attractive Front Yard Landscaping Start With Streetscaping

The place to start your design for your front yard landscape is the streetscape, the view of your front yard from the street. Dont settle for the bit of lawn, one or two trees, and a few foundation shrubs that most builders will deem adequate for your front yard landscaping.

Instead, think in terms of capturing your visitors eyes as they approach your home from the street. Dont force them to gaze over a grassy landscape to find a small shrub right next to your house. Create a front yard landscape that is beautiful to passersby as it is to your family and your guests.

As you are considering your streetscaping, dont forget to pick a theme for your yard. Whether you live in a Victorian, a farmhouse, a modern ranch-style house, a home in the Spanish colonial or Tuscan style, or any other architectural genre, make sure your yard and your house are decorated on the same theme.

You also need to consider whether your neighborhood calls for formal or informal landscaping. Formal landscaping relies on straight lines and geometric shapes. Informal landscaping allows a more free-flowing choice of plants. Houses built on a slope usually require informal landscapes. Houses built on flat ground can go either way.

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Symmetrical Front Yard Landscaping

At its core, symmetry is about balance. With this example, we see how a modest space can enhance a home above and beyond due to its front yard landscape design. When the elements are balanced, you can achieve a big bang for your landscaping buck. With evergreen bushes as a focal point, a palatial vibe is created.

Home Address Display Ideas

How to Landscape design FRONT YARD for beginners

If you want to draw attention to your home try this idea for an address display. The idea is affordable and original. You dont want to spend time and money on big projects and renovations. If you dont like this idea, there are many ways you can display your homes address.

Rather than just putting it up on a wall try putting it on some beautiful flower pots instead. This idea comes from diyshowoff.

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Plant Ground Cover To Hide Unsightly Areas

Not all yards are flat, and grass wont grow in all places. You can use a ground cover, like Pachysandra, to add greenery and color to areas where shade or slopes make it difficult for grass to grow. With seasonal maintenance, ground cover can look neat and professional without overtaking the parts of your yard where grass and other features shine.

Industrial Cinderblock Planter Bed

A cinderblock planter may seem bland and clinical, but it truly is not. Instead, it creates a look that is simple, clean, and easy to care for. It is complementary to modern landscaping and a modern house design.

With this design concept, you may see rocks in place of grass and cinderblock planters on top of the rock garden, the planters house mulch and succulents. You can use any type of plant that is suited to your environment.

When using this landscaping idea, one tip to keep in mind is less is more. You want to maintain clean lines and keep your plantings limited and sparse. You do not want overflowing flowers and vines. This is a basic landscaping plan that is easy to maintain.

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What Plants Should I Put In My Front Yard

We favor boxwood, dogwood, hydrangeas, junipers, elderberries, weigela, dwarf lilac, mock orange, pyracantha, and spirea for shrub plantings, and astilbes, hostas, irises, coral bells, phlox, and yucca for low-maintenance bedding plants. Even better, recreate a prairie or woodland scene of plants native to your area.

Take A Formal Approach At The Front Of Your House

Minimalist Front Yard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget12

This front garden is by Abigail Hazell and Belderbos Landscapes

Always a winning combo, clipped topiary and straight intersecting paths create a smart yet elegant impression. Stately no matter what their scale, they suit all types of property from country cottage to modern townhouse.

In this exquisite small front garden, a grid of smooth, pale stone paths form a series of beds edged with box and planted with hardy geraniums, kniphofia, and white and purple alliums. ‘It was important to create a modern front garden with clean lines, to match the architecture of the house,’ explains Claire Belderbos of Belderbos Landscapes .

As the framework of the design is evergreen, the garden looks great throughout the year with glamorous blooms popping up to make seasonal guest appearances.

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Mix And Match Bushes For A Unique Hedge Row

For a lovely, wild look, try mixing and matching a variety of bush species for a unique hedgerow along the front of the yard or directly in front of the house. Mix in flowering bushes with colorful tall grasses, and other greenery pieces for a truly beautiful and natural look for the front of the yard.

You can let the bushes mostly grow wild, without need to trim, unless youre placing them directly in front of the house. If the bushes border the building, youll have to keep some things trimmed to still see out the windows.

Smart Home Smart Landscape

For a low-maintenance landscape, generate color and interest using a variety of evergreen shrubs. Look for types that feature naturally small sizes and slow growth rates. Choose a home exterior color like the dove gray of this HGTV 2014 Smart Home to make evergreens in every hue of green, gold and gray-green shine.

Take a Tour: HGTV Smart Home 2014

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Grow A Cacti And Succulents Border

If you live in the right climate, you can plant some cacti and succulents along the way to your door for a lovely border. Create some beds with scrap wood, old railroad ties, or pallet wood, and plant the arid plants, then surround them with sand or small gravel or pebbles to keep the natural appeal of the desert.

Be sure to mix and match cacti and succulents for a variety of colors. You can plant flowering cacti like Christmas cacti, some prickly pear for tall accents, and Echevaria Black Prince for some lovely, rich red/brown.

Tips For How To Landscape The Front Of Your House

Front of House Face-Lift: Part 1 | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas

Knowing how to landscape the front of your house can drastically increase its curb appeal and instantly make you the envy of the neighborhood! Whether youre looking for flower landscaping ideas or thinking about a water feature installation to add value to your home, coming up with a landscaping plan is a must. Keep reading for tips for how to landscape the front of your house this year!

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Greet Guests With A Lush Lawn

A beautiful front garden designed by The Garden Company

This front garden, designed by James Scott, complements the home’s Edwardian architecture, continuing and softening its geometric lines with neatly clipped evergreen hedges. We love the addition of a luscious lawn here, too it’s always a soothing sight and a great way to utilize a larger space at the front of a house.

With a front yard, you’ll need to think about practical considerations as well as the aesthetic appeal, including car parking. ‘It is entirely feasible to combine a parking space with an attractive front garden,’ says James.

‘Usually, planning permission is not required if you are going to use permeable paving,’ he adds. Gravel is another effective choice to add to your driveway ideas.

If you don’t want too much hard landscaping or want to cut down on the costs, you can minimize the paving required by positioning two tracks within the space, situated under the vehicle’s wheels, as James suggests.

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