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How Much Do Landscapers Charge To Cut Grass

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What Should I Beware Of

How Much To Charge for Mowing? | Pricing Cheat Sheet

One thing to be mindful of when comparing lawn-mowing prices is whether the quote youre getting seems reasonable.

Also, keep in mind that a lawn-mowing professional or company might try to bump up the price simply because you live in a fancy neighborhood. Why? Because they think you can afford it, Farley says.

Regardless of what sort of neighborhood you live in, there are some things you can do to avoid lawn care rip-offs. The Better Business Bureau, Better Homes & Gardens, HomeAdvisor and the National Association of Lawn Care Professionals offer these tips:

C Whats Included In A Lawn Maintenance Vs Lawn Care Service

Some companies offer more than standard lawn care packages. They might offer fertilizer or weed control applications. Theyll also provide tips for the types of grass that work best in different climates and with different soils.

A full-care lawn service can even install new grass or lay pallets of sod. For physical landscape changes like tree pruning or shrub removal, consider hiring a landscaper instead.

What Is The Best Tool To Cut Tall Grass

The 6 Best Tool For Cutting Tall Grass

  • Gardena 8885-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shears. Powerful lithium ion batteries that provide high power for great cutting results. …
  • Fiskars 36 Inch Long-Handle Swivel Grass Shears. It has a design that makes it ideal for trimming and edging. …
  • BERGER Tools 2200 Grass shear. …
  • Keyfit Tools SOD Knife Stainless Steel Blade Sod Cutter. …
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    How To Save Money On Lawn Care Services

    If you love the idea of professional lawn care but not the added household expense, think strategically about signing on for the long term with a lawn company. “Lawn mowing is a competitive business,” says one lawn care pro. As a result, many companies will negotiate discounts and deals based on frequency of visits.

    If you are planning to become a regular customer, ask about package rates and bundling lawn mowing and trimming with other lawn care services such as landscaping and fertilization. Lawn care pros benefit by providing you with multiple services, your pocketbook benefits from the discounts, and your lawn benefits from the holistic care.

    Types Of Push Lawn Mowers

    How Much Do I Charge for Lawn Mowing?

    You probably noticed that our list includes three different types of push lawn mowers: gas, electric, and reel. Heres the difference between the three:

    Gas push mowers

    As you can guess, gas lawn mowers run on well, gas. That means youll have to store fuel for a gas mower and refill the tank when it gets low.

    Gas engines also require more maintenance than other types of mowers, since most of them need regular oil changes. Gas mowers are loud, and their emissions arent great for the environment.

    On the flip side, gas engines pack the most power, and they arent limited by a batterys run time or an extension cord.

    If you have a large yard with a lot of difficult terrain that needs high torque, a gas mower is your best bet.

    Electric push mowers

    The category of electric lawn mowers includes both battery-powered and corded models. Each type has drawbacks since batteries create time limits and cords deter movement, but each type has benefits, too.

    Electric mowers are eco-friendly, quiet, and low-maintenance. For a small- to mid-sized yard , electric mowers are an excellent choice.

    Reel push mowers

    Reel mowers are old-school. They dont have a motor: You manually make the mower blades spin as you push it.

    Reel lawn mowers are typically cheaper than other types , and theyre the most eco-friendly option since they dont use gas or electricity.

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    Pricing Guide: How Much Does Lawn Care Cost

    How much does lawn care cost? That depends on what lawn care services you need. While mowing costs on average $29 to $65, yard cleanup prices range from $170.50 to $374.30, and overseeding will typically cost $336 to $1,010 depending on the size of your lawn.

    The golden rule: The size of your yard and the services you require will have the most significant impact on how much you spend on lawn care.

    Our pricing guide should help you estimate how much different lawn care services will cost you. Well review their prices, how the services can benefit your lawn, and what other factors can affect total cost.

    How You Can Keep Your Lawn Healthy Year

    If a healthy lawn is what you want, then year-round maintenance is vital. Your lawn needs different treatments and maintenance depending on the season to ensure that it is properly prepared for the months when it is at its peak for growing. Below you will see some of the most common maintenance tasks performed during each season of the year.

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    Landscaping Costs For A New Home

    When starting from scratch on a new lot, landscaping costs significantly more. It is not uncommon for landscaping to be approximately 10% of your homes value. So, a $400,000 home has around $40,000 in landscaping. Expect to pay about $200 an hour to get your landscaping started, with most projects taking several weeks to grade, add topsoil and seed, and do the basic planting and hardscaping.

    How Much Does It Cost To Have Someone Cut Grass

    Extremley Overgrown Lawn (What I Charge and How To Cut)

    Grass cutting is offered by landscape and lawn care professionals. This page of Costimates focuses specifically on lawn mowing, trimming and edging walkways and the driveway, and blowing debris off hard surfaces tasks done on every visit. Typical rates are $.01 to $.08 per square foot.

    How Much We Charge To Mow This Mansion

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    How Much Does Professional Lawn Care Cost

    Professional lawn care costs anywhere between $48 and $211, depending on the customers yard. If the customer only wants basic lawn mowing services, then they can expect to pay $25-150 per week.

    The numbers cited above are national figures, so professional lawn care fees in your area may be different. The numbers can also differ if you take per hour and per square feet rates into account.

    Many factors play into the pricing of lawn care services, but the most prominent ones are:

    • Lawn size: Naturally, larger lawns lead to higher costs because theres more work to be done. However, especially large lawns may cost less per square foot because its not as detail-oriented.
    • Labor requirement: Especially large lawns may need more lawn care professionals. The more lawn care professionals are assigned to a job, the higher the cost.
    • Lawn layout: A flat, empty lawn is easier to take care of than hilly lawns with fences and trees. More complicated lawns will lead to more labor-intensive jobs and higher costs.
    • Travel expenses: Generally, travel costs are included in your hourly quote. However, clients who live especially far away may be charged a travel surcharge to cover excess fuel costs.
    • Equipment costs: Advanced equipment helps lawn professionals get the job done more effectively but usually at an increased cost due to more expensive upkeep.

    Are The Lawn Care Products The Gardener Uses Organic And Safe For The Environment

    One of the main concerns for lawn treatment is that it is safe for pets and children to go on afterwards. There are organic treatments and you should check with your contractor about the safety of the products they use and if there is any recommended period that children and pets need to be kept off the grass after it has been treated.

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    What Does A Landscape Architect Do

    Landscape architects have a university degree from a school accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects in landscape architecture, and they have secured a license at the state level. The scope of their work covers architectural elements of a more structural nature, including the design of and solving issues with the following:

    • Any and all design or implementation around driveways, entries, and/or service lines
    • Design of exterior structures
    • Drainage and irrigation issues and systems
    • Retaining walls

    Architects focus more on larger commercial projects, while designers are engaged in smaller-scale projects like residential development.

    An architect will charge about twice the price a designer

    Lawn Care Price Sheet

    How Can Landscaping Increase Your Homes Value in Mountain Home, Idaho ...

    A lawn care price sheet lets your customer know your prices in advance and gives you a baseline to help develop accurate estimates for your customers.

    To create your lawn care price sheet, you should use a lawn mowing pricing formula to determine your prices.

    Heres what your lawn mowing pricing formula will look like:

    Hourly labor rate + overhead + profits + taxes = Total job price

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    Why Use Professional Grass Cutting Services

    From the front of a property to the back, gardens are the first impressions people get of our homes and theyre our own little slice of the outdoors. But, theyre also hard work! Its no surprise people often say gardens are like a DIY project that never ends. And, whilst some may love the challenge, theres no shame in hiring a professional to take away the hard work or make everything look absolutely perfect.

    Youll save time and can even throw away that old mower thats taking up space in the shed.

    Hiring a grass mowing service is also an ideal way for those less physically able to continue to enjoy the garden they love.

    Regular grass cutting by a professional ensures your garden stays in good condition all year round. Youll get a new appreciation for your garden and gain fantastic outdoor living space. Plus, your grass cutting services cost is likely to be reasonable when split over the year.

    Find gardeners your neighbours recommend

    National Average Mowing Cost

    Lawn mowing price per acreLarge lawns are usually priced a bit differently than small yards. The cost per acre will decrease as the number of acres increases. Prices vary from $70 per acre to $40 per acre .

    Lawn mowing cost per square footFor smaller lawns, the mowing costs are usually calculated by the square foot. The average price per square foot is around $0.02.

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    Do Gas Mowers Play A Part In The Cost Of Mowing A Lawn

    One aspect that often goes overlooked by professionals and customers alike is the cost of running a gas mower. Many companies are moving away from gas mowers to avoid fluctuations in their service pricing.

    Since these mowers run on gas, international gas prices will impact the cost. It might only be by a few dollars, but if the markets spike or drop, customers will see it in their pricing.

    How To Keep Your Lawn Looking Its Best All Year Round

    What Do We ACTUALLY Charge For Mowing? Answering Your FAQ!

    Mowing the lawn may seem easy in principle, yet achieving the perfect lawn is something of an art form. From getting perfect stripes and framing, to keeping it in good condition all year round no matter the weather, theres a lot of little things to remember.

    Regular grass cutting is key, with weekly cuts from spring to autumn ensuring the grass stays in good condition. Following the one third rule only cutting off the top third of the grass helps keep moisture in the grass and reduces the damage done. You should also mow in the evening or early morning for the best results and especially not when the grass is wet.

    Dont neglect your mower either. Keep blades sharp and make sure it isnt underpowered for the work required.

    Regular lawn maintenance should include:

    • Lawn feeding, ideally twice a year or more.
    • Regular watering in line with any seasonal rain growth to ensure you dont overwater.
    • Prompt removal of weeds and leaves.
    • Regular removal of dog waste as it can damage the grass if left out. Bear in mind its not a fertiliser.

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    Landscaping Costs Per Hour

    On average, landscapers charge between $50 and $100 per hour. Prices depend on the size of the job and how many Landscapers it requires. Landscaping labor costs $25 to $50 per hour per crew member. For standard lawn care, it takes a two-person crew 30 minutes to cut your lawn which comes out to about $100 an hour.

    Dont Forget Overhead And Equipment

    Once youve calculated the cost of labor, you will factor in overhead and other costs.

    Your lawn care companys overhead costs may include:

    • Administrative staff.

    After labor, your businesss second-largest expense is equipment. Just like labor, equipment costs money, so you have to make sure that youre always in a position to maintain or replace it if necessary.

    As a result, equipment should always be factored into your overhead costs. You should markup anywhere from 11 50% to cover your total overhead costs.

    From there, add a markup for profit. Your markup should be based on how much profit you are looking to make from every job and is determined by your other expenses.

    Before arriving at a final price, double-check that youve included every element of the job in your calculation and have priced any special factors correctly.To give your customer an idea of your prices beforehand, you can create a lawn care price sheet.

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    Weekly Lawn Care Cost

    Weekly grass maintenance averages from $65 to $125 per week, depending on the size of your lawn and maintenance items involved. Your maintenance company may choose to bill you for the services performed on a specific week or include all of the seasonal items and break it out to a weekly contract price. Most often, contracts include leaf removal, mowing, fertilizing, and aeration.

    Lawn Care Costs Per Acre

    How Much Does It Cost To Plant Grass

    Lawn care prices per acre run from $150 to $250. Just like with mowing, more significant lawn care such as seeding, weed control, fertilization, and aeration is typically priced per acre, with many companies performing more than one of these services at a time. Maintenance costs range widely due to the variety of services that may be needed. They may include one or more services, such as seeding with fertilization or aeration. These services are usually performed and billed separately from mowing. If you have several acres, costs will definitely be higher:

    Number of Acres
    $400 – $700

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    My Lawn Is Beyond Hope What Can I Do

    A lawn that is full of unwanted plants will take a long time to pull back round into something worth looking at so one option is to take the grass up and start again with fresh turf which will be well looked after and weed-free. This may also be a cheaper option if you compare it with the cost of hours of intensive lawn care and maintenance plus the outlay on weed treatments and lawn food.

    Unit Costs: How Pros Price

    Unlike other websites that publish pricing from unrelated jobs in the past, Homewyse creates up-to-date estimates from current Unit Costs. The Unit Cost method delivers high accuracy by using location, details and options for the unique requirements of each job. Contracting, trade, design and maintenance businesses rely on the Unit Cost method for transparency, accuracy and fair profits.

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    Lawn Care Costs: Things To Consider

    Charging the right grass-cutting service price is key for professionals. Youll need to maximize your earnings per hour, account for your overhead overhead costs, and ensure youre making a regular profit.

    Lets take a look at some of the business costs contractors need to consider when thinking about lawn care prices.

    Is It Worth Paying For Lawn Care

    Easiest Way To Price Your Lawn Mowing Service | How To Charge

    Hiring a professional lawn care company in your area saves more time than money, but it can be financially beneficial in the long run as well. If you don’t have the time to keep up with mowing, watering, and treating lawn issues throughout the year, you could end up with costly issues like overgrown thatch, disease, or pests.

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    How Much Is Monthly Lawn Care

    Some homeowners do not want to bother with lawn maintenance. The truth is that caring for a lawn and making it look good is hard work.

    DIY lawn care is an expensive endeavor on its own. For starters, you need to invest in a lawn mower to cut the grass. Then, the mower needs to be fueled and maintained in order to last.

    You will also need other equipment such as a weed whacker or leaf blower. If you decide to fertilize as well, a spreader is necessary as well as lawn food and weed killer. There are other items to put down like pesticides and soil additives as well.

    Not only does DIY lawn care require significant investment, but it is also time-consuming. To keep up with your neighbors, plan to spend at least a few hours each week caring for your lawn.

    Finding Your Landscaping Company

  • Make a list of 3 to 5 landscaping contractors before you make your final selection of who will do the design work and who to hire for the landscaping.
  • A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau, and have high reviews on HomeGuide.
  • Some landscaping companies have a lot more knowledge and experience when it comes to plants, arbor care, etc. Decide in advance how much specialist care you want.
  • Ask landscaping contractors for a copy of their certificate of insurance so you know for a fact that you wont be held liable for any accidents while they are working on your property.
  • Selecting the lowest-priced vendor in any profession is rarely the path to getting the job done, or done within your established timeframe.
  • Find your landscaping designer today, and we hope you enjoy your beautiful new yard for many years to come.

    When you’re ready, get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted landscapers:

    Daniel W.

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