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How Can I Landscape My Front Yard For Cheap

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Figure Out What Landscaping To Get Rid Of

Front Yard Landscaping Project on a Budget

The first step to cheap landscaping isn’t adding, but subtracting. You heard that right! Landscaping is an art, and restraint is an important part of the practice. Carefully removing anything in your front yard that fails to “spark joy” is a great way to give yourself a blank slate to decorate.

Start by surveying your front yard morning, noon and night. What do you love, and what do you hate? Is there any particular element to your yard’s landscaping that seems out of place, in poor condition or just plain ugly? If so, make a note of it it.

Of course, deciding what to remove from your front yard isn’t always so black and white. There may be gorgeous elements that do not work for your space for one reason or another. For example, you may love the flower beds your home’s previous owner added, but you may not have the time or budget to maintain them. If you can’t keep those flowers in tip-top shape, see if a neighbor wants to repot them in her yard instead. You can then pick out a more resilient, budget-friendly plant instead.

Pro tip: if you choose to get rid of something, you don’t necessarily need to trash it. Offer unwanted goods to local donation centers, your children’s school, or check out your local Buy Nothing group’s Facebook page. For more inspiration see our article on the most beautiful gardens in the USA.

Revamping Front Yard Landscaping In 7 Steps

Some homeowners find it surprising when front yard landscaping serves as an introduction to the backyard. But looking at completed projects online or in person can make it seem like their designs were put together in a matter of days.

The truth is that many of the best landscaping projects take years to come together. Ultimately, the amount of money and effort you choose to invest into your yard landscaping project is up to you. But the landscaping ideas in this post should serve as an excellent starting point for more sophisticated front yard designs.

Sprucing up the curb appeal of a house is always a good idea whether youve just moved into your dream home, are renting a beautiful cottage, or looking to sell your home.

But how can your landscape your front yard on a budget while also making it look like a million bucks?

Here are seven yard landscaping ideas that serve as steps in the right direction:

Consider Hiring A Landscaping Professional Now For Savings Later

You might be thinking, I cant hire a professional landscaper. Theyre way out of my budget. That might be the case. Just remember that spending some money on a landscaper now can turn into a money-saving, budget move later.

Hiring an experienced landscaper for your front yard renovation can be the right move for a lot of reasons. The expert is going to know how to create the look you want with the greatest possible upside. He knows how to arrange your materials for proper irrigation and wind flow. Hell also know exactly where to put trees so you can save money on your electric bill.

The Exelon Corporation is an energy provider. On their blog, they offer the following great information about the money-saving nature of planting trees the right way on your property:

  • A young, healthy tree can help cool your property. The daily cooling effect is equal to 10 single-room air conditioning units that run for 20 hours.
  • A tall shade tree planted on the west side of your home can reduce your energy bill by 3% in less than five years. After 15 years, that single tree could drop your power bill by almost 12%
  • Proper placement of just three trees around your house can reduce energy costs by as much as 30%.

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What Can I Do With My Front Garden

50 brilliant garden and landscaping projects youll love. 1 1. Cheerful floral border and planters. Source: 2 2. Mini entrance with fountain. 3 3. Cottage style planted wheelbarrow. 4 4. Path lined with classic boxwood. 5 5. Multi-season flower bed with annuals and evergreens.

Diy Recycled Barrel Planter

Cheap landscaping ideas for your front yard that will inspire you (3 ...

A barrel has inspired this vertical garden. Its diameter and height are perfect to build six elevated sections for plants. Reclaimed pallet beams help closing the plant sections. Some of them close a semicircle, others form a triangle.

This upcycling idea could be used also for creating an elevated fairy garden, a succulent garden or as a planter for cascading colorful flowers.

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Round Flower Bed Idea

You dont have to be a landscape designer to give your backyard a well-organized and elegant look. The keys to a beautiful yard are good maintenance of the lawn and garden beds.

This round-shaped flower garden showcases two kinds of shrubs combined with the vivid lilac color of the hydrangea blooms.

The round shape is firstly defined by pavers hammered in the ground. Then each kind of plant continuous the geometry forming a descending circle.

Define The Borders Of Your Diy Landscaping Ideas

I used an old hose to plan out the edge of the flowerbed and spent a lot of time getting it just right. Once I was happy with the shape of the new beds, I used some leftover spray paint to outline the border. Sometimes borders, like a wooden fence, are defined for you but spray paint allows you to change the plan for your unique design without any work involved.

There were a couple of times I changed my mind after using the spray paint, which was not a big deal. I just used my foot to wipe the old line out of the green grass and sprayed a new line in my front lawn. If you are going to change your mind, now is the time!

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Create A Path With Stones Or River Rock

If you have a ton of grass and want to create a walkway to get to the front porch or maybe the back yard then its really easy to create a path with concrete. You can easily make them look like large stones but for a fraction of the price!

Artsy Pretty Plants created this stone-stepping path using concrete! It looks like incredibly expensive stones but was made for a fraction of the price! What a pretty and cheap way to create a path to get around your home without having to walk through the grass or mud.

If you have a low part of your yard or want to create a path then river rock is a great idea. River Rock is great for that area that is constantly wet and grass wont grow. Creating a path for water to run and drain helps everything in your yard.

But if you need to create a path you can use River Rock too! Just make sure you have good edges so the rock doesnt go into the grass.

River Rock can be purchased at any of your local hardware stores for a couple of dollars a bag.

Create The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Glamorous And Outclass Front Yard Landscape Decoration Ideas And Organization||Home Exterior Ideas

If you or someone in your family enjoys hosting birthday parties, pool parties, barbecues or summer soirees, choose landscaping features perfect for entertaining. For example, build an outdoor kitchen with comfortable seating so your guests can lounge and eat. If you have the budget, why not install a pool or play equipment for the kids to enjoy?

Before you dive into creating a multi-use backyard, consider its functionality and ask yourself, how do I see my household using this space? From there, create a list of backyard features that will make everyone happy.

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Find What Landscaping Doesnt Fit In The Yard

Step number one to beautifying your front yards landscaping is not adding but removing elements. To pull off cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas, you will first need to rid the space of anything that takes away from the charm of the yard. Removing these elements will give you more space to decorate.

Dont start ripping the front yard apart right away survey the yard in the morning, at noon, and at night. Note the elements that bring you the most joy and those that dont look as good.

Additionally, take note of the elements that look out of place or are in poor condition since these elements also make the yard look less attractive.

Coming to terms with what design and decor elements to get rid of is rarely straightforward. You may find that certain elements look gorgeous but do not look good in the yard for some reason.

For instance, the flower beds that that previous homeowner added may look attractive, but you may not have the time or money to keep them looking tip-top. In such cases, its best to see if a neighbor would like to keep the flowers in their yard and plant some resilient, pocket-friendly plants in the same spot.

When you decide to get rid of some elements from the yard, know that you dont have to trash them. You can give these items away at local donation centers, at a nearby school, or to someone interested in the item on an online forum.

Considerations For Picking The Right Plants For Your Diy Landscape Design

Light Requirements

Most plants will have different lighting requirements so its important to take that into account as you pick the best plans for your lighting situation. If you have tall trees in your hard, there are lots of beautiful flowering plants and shrubs that like full or partial shade. Hydrangeas are an example of a shade-loving plant that produces huge, colorful blooms.

Pick Plants for Your Climate

Not all plants work well in the same climate. This is one of the benefits of buying plants from a Site One distributor or private nursery as they should only stock plants that will do well in your area. Be careful with big box stores as they are notorious for stocking plants that wont thrive in your climate. For example, I love azaleas but they dont grow in cool climates BUT rhododendrons are a great alternative that thrive in the cool weather.

If you are in Florida or Texas, use plants flowers and shrubs that dont need much water like palm trees or zeroscape-type plantings. For northern states, you can go wrong with evergreen plants and trees that can handle the cold climate.

Acidity and Alkalinity of Your Soil

As I mentioned before, be aware of the acidity of your soil if you are shopping at a home improvement store. You can tell if your have acidic soil based on how many pine trees are growing in your area. Lots of pine trees mean you have pretty acidic soil and thats a good thing! Popular options for acidic soil include gardenias, azaleas, and camelias.

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Grass Pavers For An Eco

Geometry meets nature.

You can use grass pavers, also known as grow-through pavers, as an alternative to concrete or asphalt pavers in your front walkway or driveway. Usually made from concrete or recycled plastic, they have holes to allow grass to grow through and around them. Once complete, youve got a unique design, and since they can absorb water, they reduce stormwater runoff, which is one of the most common sources of water pollution.

Add Pathway Plants And Shrubs

Pin by T MR on Seamstress1955

For a put-together look, install evergreen shrubs or ornamental, mounding grasses along the edges of the pathway that leads to your front door. As mentioned above, creating a sense of entry adds powerful aesthetic value to your landscape.

Plants with a naturally round shape will create a nice rhythm and are less work to maintain than plants with a less defined form. Experiment with the spacing between plants to find an interval that feels best and that allows enough room for lighting or flowering annuals in between. When planting immature plants, take into account their mature sizes.

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Top 12 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Best time for starting front yard landscaping

You want to plant when the temperatures in your area are mild. It gives the plants time to acclimate to their beds without harsh weather. Spring is always a good time to plant front yard, but in many southern regions, fall is even better.

Cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas

These inexpensive, simple front yard landscaping ideas will go a long way in helping you design and install a beautiful front yard while staying on a budget.

Plant one or more trees for contemporary

Trees are a beautiful and budget-friendly solution for any front yard. Professionals recommend this idea for small front yards. A large tree can be the main focal point. You can invest in mature tree specimens to make them attractive, but you can save money by buying saplings instead of old trees. Trees can also help block unsightly views and reduce noise and air pollution if you live near a busy road. The conversion of carbon dioxide in the air into oxygen is of great benefit to nature.

Create a plan for your landscaping Ideas

Also, take a step back and think about the best placement for the larger elements you want to incorporate into your landscape design. Some ideas include a seating area, a water feature, a small water feature, outdoor lighting, or even a white picket fence. Landscaping is about completing your home, making it open and inviting. It has to go if an aspect dominates or distracts from the front of the house.

How To Select Appropriate Plants For Your Front Yard

The key to choosing the right plants is knowing your landscape well. For example, where does the sun rise and where does it set? Certain plants thrive when they receive morning sun, but don’t do well with hot Western sun. If you have questions, we recommend talking to a pro at a garden center. Staff members at these retail outlets will know which plants, trees,

If you have questions, we recommend talking to a pro at a garden center. Staff members at these retail outlets will know which plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers are right for your landscape . They will assist you as you develop your landscape design and flower beds.

Also, consider the color palette of flowers. It’s best to choose no more than a couple of complementary tones. Too many colors tend to overpower. They are hard for the eye to absorb and appreciate. Your sense of color and proportion will come in handy as you learn how to landscape your yard.

To finish your front yard landscaping, add window boxes and hanging baskets if you wish to. They are charming additions which add a lot of beauty and character in an instant. Once you’ve finished the front yard, repeat the same steps in the back yard and side yard. Putting the right finishing touches in place is part of knowing how to landscape your yard to perfection.

Why not start the project today?

You can find more resources below from the experts here at Better Landscaping to help you decide on your landscape designs:

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Water Conservation Important In Saving Money

But landscaping on a budget goes beyond obtaining cheap plants. Some plants require more water than others, and water is an increasingly precious commodity. Drought-tolerant perennials are better than most at fending for themselves, which lowers your water bill. Selecting drought-tolerant plants is one part of an overall water-conversation approach known as “xeriscaping .” You can also save money on watering by installing automatic irrigation systems and by applying mulch.

The Spruce / Almar Creative

Install A Stepping Stone Walkway

41 Beautiful Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas | diy garden

This classic front yard landscaping idea is surprisingly cheap but does require a little more work. You can install stepping stones in a variety of ways, including digging holes and filling with cement or purchasing stones separately from a landscaping supply store. These generally run in the neighborhood of $15 to $35 per stone according to HomeWyse, with both the cut and quality determining the total cost.

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Landscape With Large Rocks

Big rocks are your friends if you’re looking for front yard landscape ideas on a budget. A few artfully positioned rocks in a front yard bed can go a long way toward creating a modern, bespoke look. If you live in a mountainous area, you can easily find rocks for free, but you can also buy them from a landscaping retailer or even your local garden center.

Tiered and sculpted looks and rockeries won’t require much DIY expertise, but they will require some patience as you’ll have to dig in properly to make sure they stay in place.

Cheap Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Setting out to improve your homes curb appeal can seem like an expensive ordeal. However, there are many cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas that do not require thousands of dollars to pull off.

One of the best things about front yards is that there are numerous ways to achieve a beautiful front-of-house look with them. For most homeowners, its only a matter of taking inspiration from the right ideas on a budget ideas that do not compromise on style.

Weve inspected a lot of homes in Dothan. And Ive found that a combination of simple materials, thoughtful planning, and cute accessories can give your front yard a facelift of a lifetime.

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Diy Landscaping Ideas For The Front Of Your House With Rocks

We had help with the mulch and rocks because of a service project at Texas A& M University called Big Event. A group from the American Childhood Cancer Association at Texas A& M covered our beds with mulch and meticulously placed the stones along the flower bed edges. We are so thankful for their hard work and attention to detail!

The rock boarder created contrast and made for clean lines on the borders of our front garden.

You could also use rocks to add some contrast and interest to your design. Consider a large rock in a bed or even a rock garden in an area that gets too much shade.

For all of the above steps in check-list form, download the FREE DIY Landscape Design Cheat Sheet by filling out the form at the end of this post.

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