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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas With Pavers

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Go Green To Create A Lush Entry

41 Beautiful Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas | diy garden

Keep it classic with a traditional lawn and path design

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Houston, Texas, the Heights boasts a charming mix of Victorians, bungalows, and brick cottages. The owners of a cottage tasked David Morello Garden Enterprises with a remodel that would make them feel more ‘at home’. In just three months, DMGE transformed the outdoor spaces, making the inviting front yard lush and green with plants that soften the entrance.

Morello and team found it a challenge to design a year-round garden with low maintenance plants that would be able to withstand Houstons summers, which are hot, humid, and can be oppressive.

Meeting the requirements were redbud trees like the Cercis occidentalis var. texensis Japanese yew Japanese boxwood hedges Sunshine ligustrum with year-round golden foliage and cardamom-leaf ginger . The vivid green lawn is St. Augustine .

Other Houston-tolerant choices include wood ferns and foxtail ferns, lilyturf , irises, and dwarf yaupon holly . Three terracotta garden planters changed-out with annuals provide seasonal color.

Working with a budget, DMGE used fieldstone set in mortar for the front landing, while Blackstar gravel was used on the concrete driveway and service areas. Planting beds are delineated with brown steel metal garden edging ideas, which help to contain the soil, mulch, and plants.

Create A Water Feature

Pavers are also an excellent choice to help create a water feature in your front yard. They will bring additional dimension with their texture and sizes. Whether it is a fountain or a stream, pavers can be easily used to create a feature that will be a relaxing and soothing spot for you to enjoy the outdoors while adding a focal point to your landscaping ideas for front yard pizzazz.

Design A Plot With Year

Wild meadow planting suits the naturalistic look of this sloping front yard

While the coastal town of Asbury Park, New Jersey, is known for its beaches, boardwalk, and Bruce Springsteen, its also home to a few lakes.

The buyers of a run-down lakefront cottage in Asbury Park, asked Refugia to give their property a naturalistic look in keeping with the area. The landscape design and build firm created cedar decking with built-in hot tub ideas to enjoy during all four seasons. The hot tub suspends over a slope planted with meadow and native grasses that are drought tolerant and attract pollinators.

Each of the gardens become part of the Ecological Greenway Network. This is an initiative to map and track the progress of restoring ecosystems and building a network of native habitats throughout the Philadelphia area. So far, more than 100 native gardens in the region most of them residential work together as part of larger ecological corridors. In other words, sustainable gardens start at home.

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Get Creative With Container Planting

If you want to add pops of color without disrupting the existing landscape, one of the more creative landscaping ideas for front of house areas is to add accents in containers.

The types of containers available range from recycled whiskey barrels to massive glazed ceramic pots, and even custom-built steel planters. Container planting is an easy way to add volumes, color, texture and layers to an existing space instantly.

Don’t Overlook Lighting In Your Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Perfect Patio Paver Design Ideas (With images)

While backyard lighting ideas are a key part of your backyard design, front yard lighting ideas can often be overlooked. However, since you are much more likely to be crossing your front yard after dark , the right outdoor lighting is paramount.

Start by highlighting areas that would benefit from practical lighting such as pathways or any steps. Consider using solar garden lighting ideas for an easy way to illuminate your front yard. They will come on when the sun sets and offer plenty of practical illumination without the hassle of needing to lay wiring. You can also add pretty solar lights to highlight aspects of your planting scheme.

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Plan The Perfect Entryway

A beautiful front entry walk elicits an almost immediate emotional response one you can enjoy using daily and welcoming guests into. To maximize usefulness and impact, the size of your entry walk matters. If you go too small, its more of a path while too wide means it may compete with your driveway. Ideally, youll want an entry walk thats between six and eight feet wide so two people can walk side-by-side comfortably. Vertical elements such as pilasters or walls can enhance the entry walk look while better connecting it to your homes architectural style. These can also be graceful tools to accommodate grade changes in your yards terrain.

Mini Water Feature Entryway

You may not think that you have enough room for a water feature in your yard, but with a little creativity you can add a small fountain virtually anywhere. This small nook between the front door and the garage makes use of an otherwise underutilized space for a pondless fountain. A small pump inside the glazed pot keeps the water circulating. If you have a shaded corner where plants struggle to grow, a small fountain makes a great alternative to a rock garden . This option is also well-suited to homeowners who like the sounds made by a water feature but do not want to care for a pond or large fountain.

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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas With Pavers: If Youre Looking To Make A Striking First Impression With Your Home You Can Use Pavers As The Foundation For Your Front Yard Landscape Design

The natural stone pavers create a distinguished aesthetic design. Planters and pots will reflect your personal taste and style, while Birdbaths will add a splash of water. For added security, you can also add a fence. This is an excellent way to keep unwanted people out of your yard.

What Should I Plant In Front Of My House

65 Fabulous Front Yards, Landscaping Ideas | Part 6

Low maintenance plants that make an impact, year-round, are definitely the way to go when planning a front yard planting scheme. Shrubs and perennials tend to need minimal care, and watering once established, and put on a reliable show for little effort. Selecting varieties that thrive in your climate zone is key, but bear in mind that your homes specific location can also play a part, with air and ground temperatures of low-lying homes regularly dropping below the average for the zone, while those homes perched on top of a hill can be several above. Good all-rounders to consider include:

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Vacation In Your Own Backyard

Photo credit: Achieve Remodeling

Instead of spending a small fortune to stay at a resort every summer, why not create a vacation spot at home? If you already have a pool, you just need a few more elements to bring the vision to life. For example, plant a few bright, tropical plants outside . Install well lights in the ground to spotlight plants and other landscaping features around your pool, or use vertical light torches for a tropical-luxe atmosphere.

Next up: seating. Buy lounge chairs and place them around the pool. You can get lounge chairs that can be submerged halfway into the water for even more or a vacation feel, or try hanging a few hammocks on your deck or patio. Achieve beach club vibes by building a backyard cabana, gazebo or canopy and placing comfy couches or chairs on the patio. Decorate your sitting area with bright, colorful accent pillows and cushions, and use string lights to create a soft glow.

Finally, if you really want your outdoor area to feel like an all-inclusive resort, consider adding an outdoor shower, sauna, spa, kitchen, bar or even a small water slide to your yard.

How Do I Design My Front Yard

Want to up your homes curb appeal, these simple front yard landscaping ideas are just the ticket.

  • Frame your doorway with a pair of statement planters. Colorful annuals will add a dash of seasonal color while a stately pair of small standard trees try Ornamental Crabapple or Sweet Bay will add year-round style.
  • Edging borders with pavers, pebbles or treating turf to a good, sharp cut with a yard edger will work wonders for smartening up the look of your front yard.
  • Short on space, make the most of it with a babbling water feature for extra sensory charm and movement.
  • Lighting always adds an extra dimension to planting. Experiment with simple low voltage LED spots, uplighters and path lights for varying effects of outdoor lighting.
  • Add year-round structure and interest with reliable evergreens such as Boxwood, Azaleas, Euonymus, Yew and Daphne.

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Don’t Restrict Your Greenery To Just The Garden

Incorporating trees and shrubs into your front yard landscaping ideas will provide the backbone to your front garden planting scheme. However, this greenery should not just be reserved for your garden incorporate it into your front porch ideas, too.

‘Unite your home with your front yard by bringing nature right to your doorstep! Weave your porch balcony in garlands, frame your door with flowers and turn your steps into podiums for your plants. This will create an effortless transition from lawn to lounge and add an inviting presence when guests visit your home,’ recommends Volodymyr Barabakh, co-founder of Structural Beam .

Refresh With Annual Flowers

Front Entrance Brick Paver Walkway

Zinnias brighten a walkway.

On the other hand, especially if youre commitment-adverse, annual flowers give your front yard a refresh every year because they only last a season. Take advantage of the versatility to dream up new landscaping design. Popular annuals include petunias, zinnias, and dahlias.

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Use Pavers As Edging Between Gardens

Just as the rain garden pictured above uses concrete pavers as a border, you can use pavers for landscape edging. Geometric pavers will create a clean outline for your garden bed, while irregularly shaped flagstones will give it a quaint, vintage look.

Interesting Walkway With Beautiful Flowerbeds

This is another simple yet beautiful front yard landscaping ideas with pavers that youll love for sure. The walkway can be either functional or be benefited as a method to offer a tour of your landscape features.

Designed with a water feature as the center point and beautiful flowerbeds on both sides, the walkway serves interesting sight for any visitor.


  • The combination of white hydrangeas and the evergreen makes a lovely sight in the walkway.


  • You may need to work with professionals to get the most of this front yard landscaping.
  • Regular maintenance is required to keep the evergreen in shape.

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Install A Mailbox Flower Bed

One of the front yard ideas that we love is creating a small flowerbed around the base of a curbside mailbox. This oft-neglected, difficult-to-mow area can be made into a lovely feature with relatively little effort.

Ideally, you will want to construct the border of the bed using the same material used in the borders around existing flower beds. The best plants for this space are annual flowers and groundcovers that wont grow too high. Just make sure to check with the local regulations to ensure that your bed is in compliance with your HOA and that the plants are an allowable height.

Move A Classic Potager Garden To The Front Yard

100 Front Yard Garden Landscaping Ideas 2022 Backyard Patio Design Gardening Ideas For Home Exterior

If you love the idea of growing your own fruit and veg, large front yards can be turned into a vegetable garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a large space at the front of your property, there are endless possibilities for your front yard landscaping ideas. And as this stunning property illustrates, there’s no reason why your kitchen garden ideas should be restricted to your backyard.

Conceived as a traditional potager garden with even, repeated rows, the front yard contains vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, and cutting flowers like big, cheerful sunflowers. The garden is completely organic, with a large composting area, a small greenhouse, and potting sheds that were repurposed from existing buildings on the site.

‘When you drive into the property toward the house, you pass the garden,’ says landscape architect John Staab of Staab & Olmstead, LLC . ‘It can even be seen from the road.’

Since a heavy deer population is part of the neighborhood in Barrington Hills, Illinois, the firm designed exquisite fencing and gates to keep them out, but be a beautiful part of the design.

Paths and circles have pavers, brick, and gravel, perfect for meandering among the vines, artichokes, tomatoes, kale, and dozens of other fresh produce. There are exquisite touches like fountains surrounded by ornamental grasses, formal planters, benches for taking it all in, and classic garden edging ideas to elegantly highlight the multitude of planting beds.

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Getting The Right Front Yard Ideas On A Budget


We hope these eye-catching and unique budget front yard landscaping ideas can assist boost your curb appeal without making you spend too much money or work.

Once you determine the design and style you want to add to your landscaping, youll undoubtedly build a gorgeous front yard on a minimal budget. After all, much like your house decor and home design, your front yard also demands significant planning and plenty of TLC. We hope these 12 cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas will help you in creating an alluring landscaping look.

Urban Front Yard Landscaping

When you crave for a splendid exterior look for your home, you can incorporate this design. The trimmed turf on both sides of the paved walkway look graceful. The walkway is shaped in a senile manner and widens towards the exterior. Get a few potted plants along the walkway to get a better look.

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Divide Up Your Front Yard With Freestanding Panels

Concerned with curbside privacy or just want to create more usable outside space then take a tip from landscape designer Matthew Giampietro and divide up your plot. ‘We incorporated free-standing wooden fence features that helped define and separate the front yard of this newly renovated home in South Florida into a series of outdoor rooms. Modern in style, these rich wooden fences are made from IPE, a Brazilian hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot, weather and insects and is twice as dense as other hardwoods.’ Slatted in design, with narrow spacing between battens, they crucially let air and light flow through, promoting healthy plant growth as well as providing tantalizing glances of the space beyond.

Front Yard Desert Landscaping

Front Entrance Brick Paver Walkway

The front yards of resorts are often themed like natural topographies. in this setting, you will enjoy a desert look with no grass at all. There are patches of cactus here and there these go well with an arched walkway leading to the house. Rounded pavers in the walkway are ideal for this setting.

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Choose Front Yard Landscaping Materials That Echo Your Home’s Exterior

For a front yard that puts Mother Nature in the spotlight, embrace your spaces natural features. Here, architectural and design firm Ike Kligerman Barkley planted tall grass and leafy greens around the yards large rocks. Paired with a wide, stone walkway, this front yard strikes a balance between organic and manmade and, importantly, echoes the materials of the exterior of the house for a cohesive look.

Integrate Your Mail Box Into Your Garden Wall

The mail box is a staple element of your front yard landscaping ideas, therefore it’s vital that it fits into the scheme.

Why not imbed your mailbox into your garden wall not only is it an aesthetically pleasing way to ensure your mailbox is integrated into your garden design but it will also provide your mailbox with an extra level of security. If you don’t have a front wall, then there are still lots of mailbox landscaping ideas that are sure to add curb appeal to your front yard landscaping ideas.

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Paint With Living Color

This hunter green Colonial features a front yard that oozes cottage garden charm. A staggered-picket fence dons a gold-hued skirt of annual marigolds and perennial coralbells that echo a duet of gold thread cypress shrubs flanking the porch. Russian sage forms a purple drift on either side of the front walk, repeating the vivid purple petunias in the paired porchside urns. A standard tree finishes foundation plantings with storybook flair. This home was featured in HGTV Magazine.

Make It Family Friendly

Front Yard Makeover | DIY Pavers and Concrete

Carefully consider your planting and material choices for a family-friendly plot

A young, outdoorsy family that moved to the Brentwood section of Austin, Texas, enlisted the services of Native Edge Landscape to create livable spaces in the front and back yards of their all-new home.

A compacted red-DG entry walkway is flanked by Zoysia grass. Trees include Texas persimmon , and Mexican palo verde . In addition to their beauty, plants were selected for low maintenance, minimal water use, and kid and pet-friendliness.

Set in gravel at the edge of the property are natives and several types of ornamental grass that include blue fescue , Mexican feather grass , purple fountain grass , and pink Gulf Muhly . Plants were spaced to allow room to grow without overcrowding.

A gate and fenced private area in front is made of long-lasting cedar, which is used in a horizontal orientation for fencing and gates throughout the property. Using the same cedar for their backyard ideas, for a playset and private shower area, helps to visually connect the two spaces.

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