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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Colorado

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Project : A Private Oasis In Longmont

100 Simple and Wonderful Front Yard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

The Challenge: When the owners of this Longmont home moved into their new build, they were literally starting their landscape from scratch: a dirt lot with nothing to screen the small backyard from the neighbors. Their outdoor living goals included privacy, a large deck with plenty of seating for guests, a vegetable garden, and minimal upkeep . They also wanted a budget-friendly plan that they could install in phases.

The Plan: Tilly designer Stephen Ulman maximized every inch of the backyard, incorporating an elevated deck with space for dining and lounging a ground-level gravel patio with firepit and raised garden beds for fresh produce. On one side of the property, he placed a trellis planted with pink, climbing Bourbon roses on the other, he specified an apple tree , dwarf mountain pines , a dwarf Colorado spruce , and pollinator-friendly lavender . Along the back of the property, theres a row of columnar evergreen conifers that will grow into a privacy-providing hedge.

Add Rendered Walls And A Rustic Gate For Added Privacy

Front garden wall ideas offer a great way to add privacy to your front yard landscaping ideas. ‘As well as providing screening, they also define boundaries and are a great backdrop for abundant planting or climbers. They also serve the practical purpose of protecting the more delicate plants in your garden,’ explains Ben Macdonald, garden designer and founder of Ben Macdonald Gardens . ‘When deciding on front garden wall designs, remember that the materials that you choose should compliment the existing architecture and local vernacular.’

Rendered brick walls provide the perfect choice for a wide range of front yards, its white facade brightening the space and offering a plain backdrop against which the colors of your planting will really stand out.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

These front yard landscaping ideas are the perfect starting place for inspiring your front yard redesign.

If you are planning to totally redesign your front yard then it is important to fully research front yard landscaping ideas and curate the perfect selection for your property. ‘Always take the architecture of your home into consideration when creating the design and make sure your plant material works in harmony . When you follow these simple guidelines the front of your home will always be a welcoming place,’ says Dawn James.

From small additions such as adding some of the best shrubs for the front of the house or introducing outdoor lighting ideas through to larger front yard ideas such as planting some of the best trees for front yards, or building new driveways and walkways, there are countless ways to give your home’s exterior a new lease of life.

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Paint With Living Color

This hunter green Colonial features a front yard that oozes cottage garden charm. A staggered-picket fence dons a gold-hued skirt of annual marigolds and perennial coralbells that echo a duet of gold thread cypress shrubs flanking the porch. Russian sage forms a purple drift on either side of the front walk, repeating the vivid purple petunias in the paired porchside urns. A standard tree finishes foundation plantings with storybook flair. This home was featured in HGTV Magazine.

Xeriscape Front Yard Ideas


Xeriscaping the front yard of your home can be a great way to save money, reduce your households carbon footprint, and improve the appearance of your home. This method involves using plants and flowers in the landscape design of your front yard, and it involves creating a greener living environment inside and out.

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Landscaping Services Company In Colorado Springs

The key to turning your Colorado Springs landscape design into a place you would be proud to host is to hire professionals with years of experience in the Colorado area and a vision that will match yours. Fredell Enterprises is a Colorado Springs landscaping company that strongly believes in outdoor living spaces that balance your lifestyle with your homes unique layout.

If youre wondering when a good time to start Colorado Springs landscaping, the time is now! Call us today to schedule a consultation. One of our talented architects will design your outdoor living area and transform your yard into a lush garden that showcases your home. The possibilities for front yard and backyard landscaping are endless.

More Landscape Tips From The Pros

Alan Rollinger: Look at the plant design objectively. What will it look like through the winter? Without sturdy structural plants like shrubs, trees and well-placed boulders or objects, it can look like a moonscape for seven months. Give plants room to grow. While letting plants get established, use annuals to fill in the gaps. Never plant a shrub in a small space when it wants to grow large theres too much shearing and improper pruning going on out there.

Tom Trench: Smaller 1- and 5-gallon-sized plants are much easier for the homeowner to plant. Bring in professionals for large tree planting.

Laurie Duke: Do your own research on plants and design. CSU and local nurseries are very helpful. Plant plants with similar soil and water requirements. Look for help from local professional organizations like the ALCC , CNGA and ISA .

Felecia Ashby: Bounce off your ideal landscape ideas with a professional the right plan for the space can make the whole house sing. Projects can be completed in stages based on time and budget. Study and keep plant tags for sun requirements. Accept limitations in your setting: A full-shade plant that you love will not grow in a mostly sunny location.

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The Most Popular Colorado Landscape Additions

You could say that Coloradans have their own unique culture the state is full of craft beer drinking, bike riding, jeans sporting, trail hiking and overall friendly folks. From our perspective, Colorado landscaping has its own culture as well. Here are a few popular landscaping additions that we often see in Colorado yards and could be great additions to your yard as well:

Designing With Local Plants Brings Home A Win For Colorado Landscaping Firm

DIY Landscaping – Front Yard Makeover on a Budget

For other professionals looking to join Tree of Life Landscapes in the ELITE ranks, Moore suggests crafting a thoughtful perennial design.

The Associated Landscape Contractors 2021 ELITE Gold Award for Residential Plant Design went to Tree of Life Landscapes well-deserving Lince Rossa project in Colorado. So, what set Tree of Life Landscapes design apart from the competition? The Lince Rossa projects landscape designer, Johnny Moore, shares his experience working on the project.

The Power of Perennials

Tree of Life Landscapes has made its mark by using perennials in landscape designs. These robust plants are able to weather the Colorado environment while borrowing the colors and feel of the natural setting.

I think perennial-driven design is becoming a thing a lot of people are doing now, but I think it’s something that’s still not really well known, Moore says. Not a lot of designers are really specializing in that.

For the Lince Rossa project, the Boulder, Colo.-based residence sat on a hilltop where the land was subject to dramatic extremes between incredibly hot and frigidly cold or windy weather.

The plants had to be able to tolerate some real extremes, Moore says. With those kinds of stressful factors and constraints, it caused the plant palette to become really unique.

Natures Touch

As with any residential landscape design, the customers vision is the driving force behind the design concept. The Lince Rossa project was no exception, Moore says.

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Professional Installations And Service Available For:

Sidewalksâ There are many kinds of sidewalk options available, and our experts will be able to guide you through them to make sure the layouts work for your new landscape.

Fountains, and custom water featuresâ This is a popular option among our Colorado customers that we specialize in. We want to make sure that this finishing touch really makes your new landscape stand out.

Irrigationâ A good irrigation system is vital to the health and well-being of your new green life. Our experts will design an irrigation system tailored to your lawn and landscape to ensure an optimal watering system is in place to perform the job you need for them.

Project : Functional Beauty In Highland

The Challenge: The owners of this Highland home had a property that will sound familiar to many Denver residents: Long and narrow, with a hodgepodge of lawn, garden beds, patio pavers, and mulched areas, it offered plenty of space, but lacked functionality. And with square footage at a premium inside their house, these owners needed outdoor rooms that worked hard to accommodate their family, which includes a toddler, and guests. Their wish list included a larger, winterized garage a pergola that would allow them to enjoy a new firepit year-round multiple areas for guests to gather a kid-friendly play area and artificial turf instead of a natural lawn.

The Plan: Tilly designer Carolyn Mulnix created a selection of shaded seating areas, including an expanded flagstone patio that has a large cover, a barbecue area with a counter, and a raised garden bed/seat wall for additional seating and privacy planting. Theres also an intimate gravel firepit area where a vintage Malm fireplace is surrounded by a built-in wood bench and raised planters that double as seating above, theres a U-shaped pergola with café lighting. In addition to a variety of perennials with varying bloom times and flowers in shades of pinks and purples, with pops of white, Mulnix proposed evergreen shrubs, a deciduous shrub with winter interest, and trees with distinctive bark and form. Not included in the plans? A water-guzzling lawn. In its place, Mulnix placed swaths of artificial turf.

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Choose Your Plants Design Your Space

Next comes drawing in and choosing the plants, which for some folks is the fun part. If you are a self-learner or ambitious gardener with a good eye for design, by all means give it a go and see where your dream landscape plan takes you.

But if you are not comfortable with your own plant knowledge, bring in a pro. The outcome and the small monetary investment will net years of enjoyment and remove the frustration of a disorganized collection of plants that are not working. A knowledgeable, experienced landscape designer can help make your vision a reality, or at least get it started. They can address trouble spots like awkward access areas to side entrances or garages. Clever plantings to cover up neighborhood or alley eyesores are easily fixed by a professionals expert eyes and plant prowess. Fees are generally affordable for a design plan. Already have your own plan? A pro may charge a small consultation fee to look over them a second set of eyes is a good thing to avoid costly mistakes.

When planning on your own, ask yourself which existing plants are working? Which ones need to be shovel pruned ? Is there too much shade for the roses now that the spruces and linden trees are 30-plus years old? Is the lawn growing sparse and looks tired? Has it become a pain to mow?

Refresh Your Front Yard Landscape

Colorado Springs Utilities Xeriscaping

The changing season requires a fresh look at your front yard landscape. Are your plants past their prime? Could your front walk benefit from fall interest? If your deciduous trees have dropped their leaves, its the ideal time to contact a professional landscaping crew to prune them. Note the areas that need work, and then use these front yard landscaping ideas to get a refreshed look.

Increase your bed size. Were your flowering eyes bigger than your garden beds could accommodate this summer? One rule of thumb is to have planter beds that span at least half the width of your house. If your beds are on the small size, use this season to expand them and amend the soil, so it is ready to plant in the spring.

Does your landscape flow? Now that some of your blooming plants are beginning to shed their summer glory, it might be time to add new bursts of color that will continue the flow of your landscape design. First, consider adding perennials that do well in Colorado and will continue to do well year after year. Then, look for annual flowers, like alpine ivy geraniums or impatiens, that do well in our cooler climate. You can also use containers to plant a burst of seasonal color next to your front door entryway.

Enclose your porch. This is a desirable option for those of us who arent as fond of winters chill. An enclosed porch adds a significant number of days to your outdoor living season and comes in handy in the summertime too.

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How To Design A Colorado Style Landscape

Feb 3, 2020 | Blog, Landscaping

What do you picture when you imagine Colorado? Skiing in the soaring Rocky Mountains? Rolling plains and lush farmland? Log homes and scenic vistas? Wherever you go in Colorado, people seem to be pretty relaxed and very connected to the outdoors. Landscaping tends to focus on taking advantage of the local materials, embracing native plants, and creating comfortable and relaxed outdoor living spaces.

When we think of a Colorado-style landscape, we think of big trees, big boulders, and big views. Evergreens, hardy , prairie grasses, and hardy native flowering plants are the most common plants for Colorado-style landscaping.

Here are a few ideas, along with some Colorado-inspired landscaping plants, to bring a touch of the Centennial State into your Illinois backyard.

The Benefits Of Xeriscape Landscape Architecture

The major benefit to xeriscape landscaping in your front yard & backyard is to reduce your usage of precious natural resources like water. Saving water is extremely valuable.

Additionally, instead of mowing the lawn each week, aerating the ground, and trimming the edges of your grass, a xeriscape design will offer more enjoyable yard maintenance. Some examples of xeriscaping maintenance are trimming plants and watering flowers.

There are more reasons and options to create a xeriscape front yard. Xeriscaping in the front yard makes your home appear marvelous and creates a very elegant and delightful display for yourself of course but also for others to glance at as well. Xeriscaping the backyard is more for your family and your own enjoyment. This can be thought of as an easy escape to find some quick tranquility and peacefulness. Remember, its important to take care of your beautiful new yard, so be sure to look into our sprinkler system installation to keep your yard fresh.

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What Does Colorado Landscape Look Like

If youre looking for a beautiful landscape, Colorado is the place to be. With its Rocky Mountains, rivers, and forests, Colorado has something for everyone. And no matter what time of year it is, theres always something to see.

In the winter, the mountains are covered in snow and the air is crisp and clean. Its the perfect time to go skiing or snowboarding. And in the spring, the flowers start to bloom and the trees turn green. Its a beautiful time of year to go hiking or camping.

Smart Home Smart Landscape

65 Fabulous Front Yards, Landscaping Ideas | Part 6

For a low-maintenance landscape, generate color and interest using a variety of evergreen shrubs. Look for types that feature naturally small sizes and slow growth rates. Choose a home exterior color like the dove gray of this HGTV 2014 Smart Home to make evergreens in every hue of green, gold and gray-green shine.

Take a Tour: HGTV Smart Home 2014

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Tips For Vegetable Gardens

If you dream of tending a backyard veggie patch, the first step is to get your soil quality tested. This test allows you to see if you need to add any organic supplements such as compost or pea-size gravel to your garden beds.

Many housing divisions in the Front Range have compacted clay soil thats difficult for roots to penetrate. The way to solve this problem is by opting for a raised garden bed filled with a mixture of soil and pea gravel from a nursery, or by tilling soil into several inches of your ground-level garden beds. Raised beds are also a good option for those who prefer to garden from a standing position or want to keep pets and tiny tots away from fragile seedlings.

Choose Informal Cottage Front Yard Landscaping

If youre partial to a front yard thats dramatic and whimsical in equal measure, these front yard cottage garden ideas from Grace Design Associates provide the best of both worlds.

The wild array of flowers and stone walkway are reminiscent of a charming, modern-day fairytale. However, the greens on the roof offer a touch of drama, making this front yard look great from all angles.

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+ Top Xeriscape Landscaping Colorado Inspirations You Need To Know

The benefits of a natural landscape are endless. But the maintenance can be quite costly. A landscaping colorado designed to attract wildlife is the perfect solution to both problems. This article provides an in-depth analysis of the Xeriscape design and explains what it can do for your home. Its a great source for inspiration.

As the name suggests, xeriscaping is a form of landscaping colorado that focuses on utilizing water-saving methods in order to achieve an efficient and beautiful landscape. Xeriscaping is particularly popular among homeowners with a limited budget or who are interested in improving their homes appearance without adding too many additional expenses. It can be a great option for anyone who wants to get the best bang for their buck in terms of both style and value.

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