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Front Yard Drought Tolerant Landscape

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Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas For The Front Of The House

Drought TOLERANT Landscape Design

Simple landscaping ideas may be the most budget-friendly and the prettiest. As an illustration, check out these pictures of farmhouse-style landscape ideas for the front yard.

Are you a fan of Farmhouse style? Check out these ideas:

In this case, a less formal style of landscaping will feature lots of green grass, shady trees that are native to the area, and an occasional flower bed under the tree.

For instance, perennials planted in the partial sun will provide blooms that multiply yearly. Most importantly, you plant them once and enjoy marvelous flowers for many seasons.

A paved meandering trail surrounded by splashes of greens and blooming irises is a good example of an easy landscaping idea on a budget. This front yard doesnt require a lot of costly maintenance or weekly lawn mowing while providing lots of lush greens and blooms.

Increase Permeability And Infiltration

Permeable surfaces allow water to soak back into the ground, where it builds back groundwater reserves, improving plants ability to endure dry spells. Planting, mulched areas, gravel patios, and decorative stone beds all make for excellent permeable zones.

As added perks, capturing and infiltrating water onsite also reduces pollution in local waterways and mitigates local flood risk, in both cases by keeping water onsite and out of city drainage systems.

Maximize permeable surfaces on your property, and use permeable areas to capture runoff from impermeable hardscape surfaces. It is particularly important to capture runoff from driveways, which is laden with heavy metals and other toxic chemicals from vehicles.

Tree roots increase the rate at which water soaks into the ground, while groundcover planting is highly effective at slowing down surface runoff long enough for gravity to coax it down into the soil. Adding trees, groundcover, and planting in general will give your onsite water management a big boost, keeping your soil moist, your ground cool, and your plants water reserves well-fed.

Simple Front Yard Landscaping

If you have a very modern house it is equally important to create a landscape that organically enhances the architectural style of your dwelling. Generally speaking, you want to create a delicate dialogue between the house and the landscape elements.

Surprisingly, this will emphasize the beauty and originality of both.

Using crushed rocks , metal bunting, tall grass, and succulents create an interplay of textures, shapes, and colors. Equally important, using native grasses and heat-tolerant hardy plants cuts water consumption and maintenance while providing year-long color.

In summary, the front of your house a not only the calling card of your house but also the representation of the whole neighborhood. When visitors see the front yard landscaping that is practical and well-maintained, it creates a good impression.

Furthermore, landscaping ideas for the front yard on a budget will enhance the property values in your neighborhood.

Are you looking for more outdoor projects for your home? Check out these ideas:

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Does Mulching Help With Drought Resistance

Yes, mulching can help with drought resistance, although it does not work in all situations. While it does help the soil retain moisture, it can also prevent the rain from penetrating the soil.

Some benefits of mulch in creating a drought-tolerant landscape design is that they help prevent evaporation and dryness by maintaining moisture. It really depends what you want from the mulch and how youre addressing your water-saving landscape design!

Drought Tolerant Shrubs And Mosses

Native, Drought Tolerant Front Yard That

Use shrubs and mosses for a low maintenance drought tolerant front yard. Place them in between the stones on the path and to the sides. Remember to choose shrubs and evergreens that dont consume much water. Grow mulch to keep the soil moisturized and to improve its health. Furthermore, place some thyme around pavers, if you have any in your drought-friendly landscaping yard. It will help to prevent the accumulation of heat.

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Drought Tolerant Landscape Design In Sacramento

Landscaping your Sacramento home is a great way to not only invest in your property but also a great way to maximize the usable space in your yard. With plummeting rainfall stats, you may notice that keeping a lawn lush and green is harder than ever. That is why Capital Landscape is committed to providing the Roseville and Sacramento area with water conscious landscape alternatives. The experts here at Capital have a wide selection of drought tolerant landscape options from artificial turf, softscape, and drought tolerant plants to keep any lawn looking luxurious all year round no matter the water limitations.

Drought tolerant landscaping means creating a lawn that uses little to no irrigation in an attempt to preserve the natural resources in Californias long lasting drought. Rather than watching a once green lawn turn brown, you can invest in any number of landscape alternatives. From learning where and how to mulch to switching to more drought resistant greenery, you can keep a luscious lawn without wasting precious water. Follow our blog this month to keep up with landscape alternatives and other projects you can do to cut down significantly on your monthly water bill.

Plant Your Parking Strip

The spaces between the curb and sidewalk are sometimes known as “hell strips” because they tend to be hot, dry places. But they can also become a lush oasis with the right water-wise design. Drought-tolerant plants such as ornamental grasses, low-growing evergreens, and artemisia in this parking strip garden help catch rainwater runoff before it hits the street, reducing soil erosion and downstream pollution while conserving water.

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Drought Resistant Landscaping: Cover Bare Ground

Speaking of hard-packed soil, this is what it looks like when its exposed to hot, drying sun during times of drought. Not very pretty. And not very hospitable to plants either. Keep the soil coveredeither with a mulch or with a drought-tolerant groundcover such as sedum. Covered soil will also hold moisture longer than bare soil.

Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard On A Budget

50+ Amazing Drought Tolerant Garden Landscaping Ideas ðª´

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If you are looking for landscaping ideas for your front yard on a budget, weve collected an amazing array of clever yet simple solutions to make your home beautiful. As you know, curb appeal is important not only when you are planning to sell your house.

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What Is The Most Drought

Whether you live in California, Arizona, or any dry region theres a lot of great benefits to implementing drought resistant landscaping. But first, before you begin you need to think about what drought resistant plants or perennials you want to incorporate into your garden design. Take it from us, you cant go wrong with any cacti or succulent type of native plant to your area!

Therefore, heres a list of our favorite plants that you can put in a drought tolerant garden and they will thrive with very little water and maintenance!

  • Creeping Sedums

Planting The Best Tree For You And Your Yard

When deciding on the best drought-tolerant, fire-resistant tree for your yard, read our previous blog post to learn four tips for landscaping with trees, including how they fit with existing landscape elements. Remember that newly planted trees need extra care until they become established. Also, consider the long-term care each variety will require.

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A Nice Californian Styled Drought


This beautiful drought-resistant landscaping is a combination of succulents, Mondo grass , and Liriope spicate. You can create flower beds with similar plants.

Once established, it is very easy to look after the monkey grass and you can basically forget it is in your yard unless its time to divide it.

Here are some tips on how to grow a nice and healthy monkey grass :

  • It doesnt need lots of fertilizing .
  • It should be divided every 3 years if you want to enjoy longer its seasonal beauty.

How To Conserve Water In The Garden

Grass Parkway turned Drought Tolerant

The first step to conserving water in the garden is to change existing habits. When you head for the garden, do you grab your garden hose first? Reach for the garden shears instead, spending time in the garden pruning, weeding, cutting flowers and harvesting vegetables.

Assess your lawn or gardens needs before you water. And when you do water, install a manual or digital hose timer to your spigot to monitor use and shut off the valve when its maxed out.

Setting up a rain barrel to collect water will reduce your reliance on municipal water. A rain barrel will collect the rainwater falling on your roof.

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Trap Moisture In Soil

Apply mulch to exposed soil in planting areas. This insulates the soil, keeping it cool and preventing it from losing moisture to evaporation.

A Yardzen front yard in Los Gatos, CA with trees and mulched planting areas to soak up water on-site

Groundcover planting is even better than mulch, because its roots enrich the soil . In place of bare mulch zones, try adding small patches of native groundcover in open areas between denser moments of ornamental planting.

Shade from canopy trees or structures can also help to keep soil cool, in turn helping it retain its moisture.

Note: When placed in full sun, rock mulches absorb and reradiate heat, and can contribute to warming up the soil. This isnt necessarily a problem, provided the plants in a full sun rock mulched bed are tolerant of heat.

Fill Your Yard With Gravel And Stone

Grass indeed gives a fresh and green look but you cant deny the truth that if you use Gravels, rocks, and stones, your garden will give a contemporary and minimalist look. You can even replace the grass with gravel and stones. With just a few succulent plants, it will change your yard from a boring vibe into an earthy and contemporary vibe. Build a sitting area with a bench or few chairs that match the vibe and you are done. Once you set the stones, your yard will not need any attention from you.

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Succulent Garden For A Drought Landscape Design

When you want to create a drought tolerant garden, succulents will be the best choice. Succulents are amazing space and water savers. They are also known for the highest growth category in the nursery business. Furthermore, you get a rich variety of shapes and numerous colors of succulents. Therefore, you can easily make your drought tolerant garden interesting with these incredible drought-resistant plants. Just add a few unique stones with them and your yard will look mesmerizing. Place the succulents and stones on the sides of the path in your yard and see the difference it will create.

The best quality of succulent plant species is that they only need watering once a month. This quality makes them perfect for anyone who doesnt want to spend lots of time in the garden for watering the plants.

Drought Tolerant Landscape Design With Artificial Grass Paver Stones And Much More

Front Yard Remodel – Drought tolerant yard with pavers, and rain garden

For a drought tolerant landscape design contact us today for a free, no strings attached, consultation and you can hear about ingenious ways to turn your Roseville backyard into an oasis of water conservation. Keep a beautiful front and backyard this summer by beginning the process of a water conscious landscape design. Our experts are always prepared to give you the best advice and award winning designs that are the height of efficiency and beauty.

You drought tolerant landscape design is as easy as 1,2,3 with our Design, Bid, Finance system. Drought Tolerant Landscaping for Sacramento is the way to go in our low water year!Find out how you can start the transformation today by calling or making an online appointment.

For a list of drought tolerant plants or to read more about California Native Plants that will benefit the environment and your yard visit our friends at the UC Davis Arboretum and read more about contributing to state wide water conservation and drought tolerant landscaping. Follow this link to begin plannent to talk with one of our landscape designers. From curb appeal to smart irrigation, you can have form and function together with Capital Landscape.

To begin planining just what plants are ideal for your garden follow this link to our partners at the UC Davis Arboretum and see just what will survive this year in your lawn.

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Need A New Yard Solution Try These Ground Cover Superstars

Courtesy of Monrovia

Ground cover plants may not be the sexiest plants in the garden, but if you have a patch of bare earth between flagstones in a path, in a rock garden, under a stand of trees, or anywhere unsightly, you know how lovely they can be. Think of them as the quiet workhorses of the gardenfilling in the nooks and crannies, replacing a thirsty lawn, or spreading across a shady patch. Now are you starting to see the appeal? Learn more here.

Add A Lot Of Green To Your Garden Without Using Much More Water

Thomas J. Story

Trends come and go, but Flora Grubb, the face of iconic San Francisco plant store Flora Grubb Gardens, grows plants that are right for Californias Mediterranean climate. Right now, green and leafy is all the rage. Lush feels like abundance to people, she says. It feels like life. The challenge is to find plants that arent water-guzzlers. Check out these four plants that will up your outdoor landscapes foliage factor and, once established, use less H20.

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Use Artificial Grass Instead Of Actual Grass

The grass is the most water-consuming and needs much attention. In other words, the grass is the largest water waster and is the highest maintenance item if present in the yard. It is because the grass needs mowing, mulching, aerating, fertilizing, re-seeding, or re-sodding. So why not replace it with artificial grass? Artificial grass is best when it comes to drought areas.

Artificial grass frees you from all the extra work. It will surely give you a fresh, lovely, and green look and it doesnt even need water. Also, there are many different styles of artificial grass from which you can choose. All of them will be able to satisfy you with their fresh feel.

Drought Resistant Landscaping: Get That Grassy Feeling

Fresh And Modern Drought

Dont forget about ornamental grasses either. Most of them are useful for drought-tolerant landscaping, too. There are tall and short grasses, upright and splaying. Most look good in groups. Some are big and architectural enough to serve as a focal point. Pair them with rocks for a pleasing natural effect. Here are 10 ornamental grasses you should get to know.

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Create A Beautiful Drought Resistant Front Yard

Six sustainable landscaping alternatives for your front yard.

California is no stranger to drought, and as it moves firmly into the middle of its fourth year in one, its time to rethink the landscaping options for your front yard.

With statewide water restrictions in place, many homeowners have let their once green lawns wither away, or removed them completely. While these moves were necessary for water conservation, oftentimes the result is dried up patches of dead grass left in the front yard.

This drastically reduces the curb appeal of the house and makes the neighborhood unappealing for visitors and homeowners alike. Luckily, there are more options than ever to create a beautiful, drought-resistant landscape thats easy to maintain and doesnt depend solely on cactus or succulents.

Here are six landscaping alternatives that will make your neighborhood sing no matter how hot it gets outside:


A hardy groundcover can take over where the lawn left off, putting down roots to prevent soil erosion and adding a splash of color while requiring little maintenance to keep them healthy.

There are many drought resistant plants to choose from, and these two examples both do well in the Sonoma County climate. The biggest consideration is whether the yard is primarily in the sun or the shade during the day.



Native Plants


How Would You Design A Drought

Many homeowners dont realize it, but there are a lot of ways you can use less water and still have gorgeous garden beds. Here are some of our favorite design ideas/tips to landscape your front yard or backyard with using low water.

Firstly, you always want to keep your soil covered, especially in really bad drought conditions. Mulch is a great resource for this, as is a drought-tolerant groundcover such as sedum. If you didnt know, covered soil holds more moisture than bare soil.

Secondly, if you live in a really desert-y area then you may not actually want to use mulch. While its inexpensive and easy to find, they do hold too much moisture for some plants. Therefore, you may want to look into finding another focal point such as stones or pebbles for your flower beds. Personally, I really love pavers.

Thirdly, find plants that are the right choice for your drought-tolerant landscape! Whether youre focusing on backyard landscaping or a front yard garden path, you want to make sure you incorporate plants that will thrive in full sun and require less water use. Some of these plants are listed above but there are a variety of other garden ideas as well that well discuss below.

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+ Drought Tolerant Front Yard Landscaping

May 5, 2022 3 min read

30+ Drought Tolerant Front Yard Landscaping. It can be a mix of plants, a bench, and some open space covered with gravel. It holds the moisture longer than bare soil and prevents very firm soil in case of too much exposure to the hot sun.

Learn more about our selection criteria and vetting process. Grace uses gravel directly on soil, although gardeners in rainier regions should use a base layer of landscape cloth to keep the gravel out of the mud. It holds the moisture longer than bare soil and prevents very firm soil in case of too much exposure to the hot sun.


with statewide water restrictions in place, many homeowners have let their once green lawns wither away, or removed them completely. Learn more about our selection criteria and vetting process.


with statewide water restrictions in place, many homeowners have let their once green lawns wither away, or removed them completely. Amended soil is better at holding moistureand also better at capturing rainwater.


On the other hand, drought resistant landscaping means you are conserving water as much as possible and maintaining all your components to living and growing. If you plan on keeping your grass, the first step in learning how to create a drought tolerant yard is creating a better watering plan.


If you can make distinct footprints, it’s too deep. 1 to 4 feet tall, 1 to 2 feet wide uses:

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