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Front Yard Artificial Outdoor Landscaping

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Large Outdoor Artificial Trees

41 Beautiful Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas | diy garden

Sunwings fake trees look so real throughout their lifelike foliages, visibly textured trunks, and bendable stems. These trees for outdoor use with different leaves are perfect for creating multiple vacation atmospheres, quiet bamboo forests, Mediterranean oases, or gorgeous tropical rain forests.

Here weve listed most realistic artificial outdoor trees

Tropical landscapes are lush, colorful, exotic, and pulsing with life. However, there arent many places with tropical climate conditions in the United States. So, for those American landscape designers who show interest in tropical vacation ideas, some large Fake Palm Trees, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Bird of Paradise, Orchids, and Monstera are excellent choices.

Mediterranean landscaping is famous for its casual elegance, inspired by the coastal areas of Spain, Italy, and France. Our customers favorite artificial outdoor plant for this style is the olive tree. We have various outdoor artificial potted plants trees from small to large dimensions, meeting all your exclusive requirements. You can emphasize them with romantic European planters to decorate any outdoor space.

Hide An Ugly Light Pole

Sometimes, lighting is necessary to illuminate our space but old light poles such as this one are just an eyesore. Adding two artificial azalea bushes and two artificial azalea hanging plants up at the top transformed this utilitarian object into one of true beauty. The saguaro cactus and natural plants and the base of the pole complete the look.

Latigo At Rancharrah Development

From artificial turf to grapevine vineyards, our talented installation crews can do it all! Landscape installation is where Reno Green Landscaping shines.

When you visit the new Latigo at Rancharrah model homes, you will see the versatility in our landscape installation experience. For a luxury landscape installation, Reno Green Landscaping’s installations withstand the test of time.

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Do Artificial Plants Fade In The Sun

Yes, artificial plants do fade in the sun but only the ones which are crafted for indoor use. Contemporary fake outdoor plants like ours can resist fading till times to come as they make use of UV blocking technology with durable, colorfast pigments creating fade resistant foliage which can be used outdoors without any worry from extreme heat or downpour.

Snwa Water Smart Landscape Program

Fake Grass For Lawn

Rock landscaping has become one of the most popular trends because it doesnt require watering or fertilizing. With the effort to conserve water resources in Nevada, finding grass alternatives is paramount, especially in the front yard. SNWA Water Smart Landscape Program is an incentive that currently offers a rebate for grass converted to water-smart desert landscaping.

We often have customers who still want the grass look. Take a look at the photo examples in this blog because we install effective artificial grass that is easier to maintain than love turf and looks stunning.

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Add A Paving Stone Driveway Or Walkway

If you want to make an immediate, significant improvement to your front yard, upgrade to a paver driveway or paver walkways. Paving stones are available in a variety of colors and styles, which means you can find an attractive option to complement any architectural style. Pavers allow you to express your personal style as well and provide unparalleled durability and longevity. Learn more about paver driveway designhere or get an estimate for your projecthere.

Low Maintenance Evergreen Border With A Pop Of Color

Do you want to steer clear of annual flowers altogether, but still enjoy a flashy bit of color in your front yard? While evergreens certainly keep a yard from feeling bare in the winter, azaleas have the added benefit of producing breathtaking floral displays during the spring and early summer. They come in a wide variety of colors from deep fuschia to white and are adapted to a large number of climates. Mixed with other non-blooming evergreens, as they are in this example, they add interest to an entryway display without the extra work of maintaining blooming annual flowers or bulbs.

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What Should You Look Out For When Purchasing Outdoor Artificial Plants

Plastic plants

Generally, plants made with plastic have a more natural, realistic look and feel than plants made of fabric. Some plastic plants are even filled with foam to give a more realistic appearance and are also way more durable than fabric plants. Fabric plants lose their color with time as they are not UV protected. Finally, plastic plants are resistant to water and heat which makes them really easy to maintain.


The purpose of an artificial plant is defeated if it does not bear a near-perfect resemblance to its natural counterpart. The last thing you want is for everyones attention to be drawn to how fake your plant looks. You shouldnt get a plant with very glossy leaves or fake raindrop designs as these give off a non-natural vibe. Plants with rugged looks have a more lifelike appearance and should be preferred.

Low maintenance

If you are going to be keeping your plants outdoors where they are most likely to gather dirt, then you should particularly look for ones that have easy cleaning requirements. For example, the plants you choose should be washable or have detachable leaves that you can clean easily under the sink.

Premium quality

UV protected

Plants that do not come with UV protection are a no-go area, especially since they are going to be kept outside in the sun. This is because they have a higher tendency to fade away, and this means that their leaves would lose color and turn white in no time.

Flexible, sturdy body, and strong base

How Artificial Turf Helped Newtex Landscaping Offer Innovation & Flexibility To A Client

Front Yard Remodel 5 : How to install Artificial Turf Step by Step Guide

A poor economy can often open the doors to new revenue streams for contractors. It can also make designers and installers think outside the box to give their customers the very best value on quality landscaping.

For Newtex Landscape owner Mike Martinez, and designer/landscape architect Patrick Penticoff, the serious downturn in Las Vegas landscaping markets led to diversification of the landscape design and contracting company. When new jobs became few and far between, and the demand for green alternatives reached the residential world, Martinez invested in new green technology by purchasing Field Turf of Nevada. This company manufacturers, designs and installs such high quality artificial turf, it is the top brand for professional sports. So naturally, if it’s resilient enough for the football field, it can certainly do well in American backyards.

It would hinge upon plenty of green so that the family dogs and grandchildren would have space to play without demanding undue amounts of water for traditional turf grass. It would also feature crisp ribbons of green that are all the rage in cool, rainy northwestern homes. These accent strips criss crossed the precast paver patterned walks created to link all spaces to the new addition. While a hot summer climate like southern Nevada would prevent this look due to heat absorption that makes turf in paving next to impossible, the artificial turf proved an outstanding alternative that was also, blessedly, care free.

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Achieve A Sprawling Lawn

Artificial turf is a great solution for small and big spaces alike. Create unmatched curb appeal by donning a large front yard with artificial grass. It takes the time, money, and frustration out of trying to keep a real lawn up to par. Plus, it never has to be watered, making for an eco-friendly upgrade that also saves money on your water bill. With your lawn mower in retirement, you get to reclaim your weekends.

Mini Water Feature Entryway

You may not think that you have enough room for a water feature in your yard, but with a little creativity you can add a small fountain virtually anywhere. This small nook between the front door and the garage makes use of an otherwise underutilized space for a pondless fountain. A small pump inside the glazed pot keeps the water circulating. If you have a shaded corner where plants struggle to grow, a small fountain makes a great alternative to a rock garden . This option is also well-suited to homeowners who like the sounds made by a water feature but do not want to care for a pond or large fountain.

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Elegant Mediterranian Inspired Fountain Bed

Mediterranian features not only make a yard feel more balanced and elegant but are another great option for drought-prone gardens. Broad paved pathways converge to create a small plaza in the middle of this yard. The entry gate is flanked by planted urns which add interest and height to the garden, and also help to highlight the simple but charming fountain and its flower bed. Petunias are hardy plants and will continue to flower in hot weather, making them an ideal choice for this type of display. Water-wise annuals and groundcovers ring the fountain without crowding it.

Artificial Outdoor Garden Plants

Artificial Grass Melbourne

Our artificial garden plants are hugely beneficial for vertical landscapes because they do not require water, sunlight, and trimming. Depending on your businesss needs, you can choose the artificial plant wall coverings treated with UV protection and fire retardant, making them incredibly safe both indoors and outdoors.

Whatsmore, good gardening is a highly specialized field that is difficult to conquer unless you are willing to invest much time and money. In that case, a faux greenery wall deserves to become your landscaping solution.

Country landscape design has gained popularity over the last few years and has become the main trend. This rustic style consists of topiaries, flowers, and shrubs, bringing a cozy feel to urban areas.

Made of high-quality fresh PE, our faux topiary series, likeboxwood balls, spheres, or trees with incredible realism and natural-like features, becomes a part of patios, porches, courtyards, etc.

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Outdoor Artificial Plants And Trees

An outdoor landscape of a commercial space featuring colorful flowers and refreshing plants greeting you as you walk in will cheer you up, wouldnt it? Or a barren landscape devoid of any color or charm will appeal to the masses? Obviously, the former. Thats the beauty of greenery. It welcomes you. It excites you. It makes any space feel special. But its also a lot of work to create such a flourishing landscape. And this is the reason most businesses opt for outdoor artificial flowers and plants. They create a beautiful display all-year round without any extensive efforts or costs. They also make a beautiful statement to the outside world and welcomes people in. If youre looking to bring a refreshing jolt of color to your outdoor landscaping project, then outdoor-rated artificial plants and trees is the best way to go.

Mix And Match To Create A Complete Landscape

Each of our artificial plants are gorgeous enough to showcase on their own but something truly amazing happens when they come together to design one complete landscape. This landscape used a combination of ferns, ribbon grass, azaleas, artificial trees, and artificial bushes to create a maintenance-free flower bed. The only real plants in the whole thing is the line of coleus around the border, which can easily be switched out year after year.

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Modern Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

With the extra time spent at home over the last year, people are suddenly going in completely new directions in the way they approach front yard landscaping. Were now seeing the value in all of this additional outdoor space, and instead of maintaining it for strictly ornamental purposes, were finding innovative, modern ways to use it.

If your front yard consists of plain lawn grass and little more, thats a whole lot of available real estate that isnt getting used to its full potential! Give it a modern update with these landscaping ideas that totally transform your front yard into a livable, functional space.

Hilton Cape Rey Resort & Spa

Glamorous And Outclass Front Yard Landscape Decoration Ideas And Organization||Home Exterior Ideas

With its oceanfront views Cape Reya Hilton Resort and Spa located in Carlsbad, California, is a popular destination for weddings and corporate events alike. The CEO of the hotel management group reached out to us to provide a solution that would help them manage several large exterior event spaces.

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Plant An Island Flower Bed

Island flower beds serve a variety of purposes. First and foremost, they are perfect for adding a pop of color. This is particularly true if your yard is mostly one color, like a green lawn or a gravel driveway. If you have a no- or low-water landscape for water conservation but would like to give your yard a bit of life and a softer texture among hardscapes, an island flower bed is a great way to create just a small area that requires regular watering. You may also want to read30 Flower Bed Ideas for more ways to incorporate flower beds into your landscaping.

How To Landscape With Rocks And Boulders

Think about what purpose you want your rocks and boulders to serve. Perhaps you are being environmentally conscious and cutting back on plants that need to be incessantly watered, or youd like a couple feature boulders in your landscape to bring focus to something, or even to be a focus themselves. Below are some ideas that will help you decide.

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What Steps Should You Take Before Getting An Outdoor Artificial Plant

Proper landscape planning

As soon as you make the decision to get an artificial plant, your next course of action should be to do an audit of your landscape. The purpose of this is to figure out your requirements for artificial plants, and the best places to fix them up. You should pick focal points that would get a lot of attention, and book them for the new faux plants that you are about to order. Doing this would also help you identify the number and type of faux plants that you must order to decorate your space.

Type of plant

The decision of what type of plant to opt for is largely based on the location. There are certain plants that would look perfect in one part of the house, but not in the other. For example, banana trees would look great next to a pool, but not on a balcony, while ferns would look amazing by the sidewalk or at the entrance of your home.


This is another important part of planning. Once you know the number and size of plants you require, you must check the prices for your desired plants to estimate the budget. Once you have a set budget in place, only then start shopping for artificial plants. You must remember that these are long-term investments, so it’s okay to spend a decent amount of money on these plants as they will stay with you forever.

Artificial Outdoor Landscaping Hacks That Can Improve Your Curb Appeal

Fake Lawn Spring Garden, California City Landscape, Front Yard Ideas

Here are 5 artificial outdoor landscaping elements that helped us revive our flower bed while still being able to salvage some of the native prairie plants .

  • Tumbled Garden Stone
  • Tumbled garden stone is typically a man-made precast setting of a liquid stone mixture. Once set, it is then agitated gently to knock off the hard edges. What this creates is a natural stone appearance. This type of stone comes in countless shapes, colors, and sizes. The benefits include competitive prices, easy access and durability because its still made from natural resources.

    We went with 3-1/2 x 4 x 12Belgian edger block in tan. As you can see the edges are rustically irregular creating a more natural appearance that blends into the landscape.

  • Artificial Boulders
  • Are you ready to laugh? Because when I was shopping the isles of our local home improvement store with these fake boulders in my cart, I was getting all kinds of attention.

    Wow, you dont look strong enough to lift those heavy things. Hahaha!

    Heyare those for real?

    What in the?

    And, It was all worth it because now that these fake rocks are in place in our garden space, they dont look half bad. Would you agree?

  • Precast Flagstone Pavers
  • Once again you can also find precast flagstone at most home improvement stores. They come in a variety of shapes that can be pieced together kind of like a puzzle, but they also work well as stepping stones through a garden pass. Benefits: the price point and easy access.

  • Rubber Mulch
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    Porch Full Of Petunias

    Petunias are often overlooked by green thumbs and experienced landscapers, but this humble but tough flower can not only add to your front yard landscaping idea but can even be the star of the show. In this yard, petunias are used both in the hanging baskets on the porch but as a highlight in the flower beds as well. This is not only practical but helps to visually tie the look of the home and yard together with color. Because petunias dont mind dry soils and bloom for an extended period of time, they are a perfect choice for hanging baskets no matter where you live.

    More front garden ideas on the next page

    Use Your Fence As A Trellis

    A bare fence is a missed opportunity! There are so many gorgeous vining plants that can be woven through a fence, adding some drama and romance to the landscape. And, lets face it, a plain chain link fence isnt exactly awe-inspiring, but if you can suddenly make it dramatic and romantic by covering it in lush, flowering vines, thats a major win. Even wooden picket fences can act as a trelliswe just recommend using annual plants like thunbergia or morning glory on wood fences. Perennial vines can chip off the paint, and repainting a fence is pretty difficult if its covered in vines!

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