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Front Of House Landscape Designs

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Hire A Gardener Pros And Cons

100 Simple and Wonderful Front Yard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

Whether you find a landscaping company in your local area or find one online, you want to do your research. Compare provides and look beyond the price.

Look for a strong online presence with plenty of reviews from previous clients. Youre also going to want to look for pictures of their work to see if it fits with your style.

This is a very large field, so youre going to want to make sure the company you choose fits with your ideas.

Give them a call or an email to see if theyare good communicators, as this is important in the relationship you will havewith your landscaper.

Remember that this can be an expensive service costing thousands of dollars.

Also, make sure to check:

  • If they are insured
  • If they have a good reputation in the industry/have been going for a while
  • If they specialize
  • How long will the job take
  • How will your budget be spent

Pros of Hiring a Landscaping Architect

  • You will have professional advice all throughout the process of designing your garden
  • You will be able to have physical help with difficult tasks
  • You wont spend as much time on the project yourself: good if you dont have much free time
  • You will be introduced to ideas and concepts you may have not figured out on your own

Cons of Hiring a Landscaping Architect

  • It can get expensive
  • You have to spend a lot of time searching for the right company
  • You dont get to do serious work yourself, which is good for your health

Divide Up Your Front Yard With Freestanding Panels

Concerned with curbside privacy or just want to create more usable outside space then take a tip from landscape designer Matthew Giampietro and divide up your plot. ‘We incorporated free-standing wooden fence features that helped define and separate the front yard of this newly renovated home in South Florida into a series of outdoor rooms. Modern in style, these rich wooden fences are made from IPE, a Brazilian hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot, weather and insects and is twice as dense as other hardwoods.’ Slatted in design, with narrow spacing between battens, they crucially let air and light flow through, promoting healthy plant growth as well as providing tantalizing glances of the space beyond.

Match Your Flower Beds To Your Homes Exterior

Brick flower beds to match the house exterior.

Looking to include flower beds in your landscaping design, but dont know how theyll look next to your house? Try matching the beds to your homes façade. Using the same material will ensure a unified look, but if thats not possible, you can find a bed color similar to that of the house. Ask your contractor to save extra brick for future projects.

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Hedges For Front Of House

Making the right shrub choices for your front yard is key to increasing your homes curb appeal and its property value, from an exterior perspective. Not to mention, pride of ownership.

Weve seen some fantastic evergreen and deciduous examples that will add beauty and visual interest to your garden, as features or foundation plantings.

Yet, there are shrubs that take garden interest into the realm of architectural form, such as hedges. These final picks for best front yard shrubs do just that, in the most stunning and low-maintenance way.

Shrub Summary

The cold-hardy Gulf Stream Nandina adds a tropical touch to hedges, in zones 6-11. Maturing to 2.5-3ft tall and wide, at a rate of 12 per year, this prefers partial sun and fertile soil, with a 3.7-6.4 pH.

Shrub Appeal

New leaves on this fuss-free shrub emerge scarlet red and mature to blue-green by summer, as small white flowers appear. Vibrant, red foliage develops as autumn temperatures cool.

Shrub Care

Water well when soil is dry, down 2. Fertilize in early spring and mid-summer with an NPK for acid-loving plants. Prune to remove dead and spindly stems, in warm climates and down by half, in colder ones.

Showy Succulent Stone Planters

65 Best Front Yard Landscaping Ideas &  Garden Designs (2021 Guide)

Modern yet rustic, dramatic but easy to care for, this succulent display is perfect for a xeriscape or low water yard. Succulents are available in many color varieties and require very little care. Be sure to use a mixture of textures and types including small yuccas or aloes for height and creeping succulents to fill in gaps for the best results. Western gardeners will appreciate how little water and care this kind of display requires, but this kind of succulent planter can be used in almost any climate. If you live in an area with cold or wet winters, bring your planters inside to keep your succulents happy.

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Make A Stylish First Impression With Supersized Planters

Corten steel planters from Adezz add cool color and structure

Make a bold impression at the very first glance with a distinctly contemporary garden. This design is all about clean, straight lines, industrial materials, and architectural container gardening ideas.

Black-painted timber cladding and gray engineered brick and sawn granite paving create a stark and formidable backdrop to a pair of giant Corten steel planters. Planted with tough daylilies and Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’, the rust-colored cubes zing against the garden’s cool tones and a small multi-stemmed tree or shrub try Persian silk tree or Himalayan birch to make a stunning feature.

How Do I Create A Landscape Plan

First, you will need to determine the size and shape of your desired landscape. Next, you will need to select the type of plants and other features you would like to include in your landscape. Finally, you will need to draw a sketch of your proposed landscape and submit it to a professional for approval.

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How Do I Arrange My Front Garden

As it depends on the size, shape, and level of maintenance you are willing to do on your front garden. Some people opt for a very simple design with a few low-maintenance plants, while others create a more complex design with multiple levels and a variety of different plants. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what you want your front garden to look like. If you need some inspiration, you can look online or in magazines for front garden ideas.

Amazing Front Yard Landscaping Designs And Ideas

33 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Front House – DecoNatic

April 27, 2016 by Lisa Diaz

Having beautiful front yard landscaping is crucial if youre seeking a lasting impression for visitors when they come to your home. Not only that but the curb appeal that your home alone will add to the neighborhood value will make your neighbors extra happy. There are a wide variety of styles that you can aim for and we will show you some of the most beautiful front yard landscaping designs.

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Up The Level Of Security With A Chic Gate

This front yard, designed by The Garden Company , makes a smart first impression

This front garden was re-designed to create an elegant space more in keeping with the architecture of the house and the flow of people and cars.

The existing front wall was replaced with more delicate iron railings that add character while keeping security levels up. The matching garden gate makes the perfect finishing touch to mark the plot’s boundary.

Note, too, how planting is used to blur the boundary between the house and the gravel driveway. ‘This creates a softer, more pleasing effect which links the house to the landscape,’ says garden designer James Scott.

Tip #: Front Yard Landscaping Has To Make Sense

During my landscape design studies, one of the underlying concepts we learned was relationships of forms. The dominant, sub-dominant and subordinate design forms, to be exact.

Think about it, when you look at a front yard whats the most dominant factor standing out? You guessed it: your house.

You now have this hunk standing on top of your property dominating the space. You have to surround the rest of it to make it make sense.

If there is a slope, I always recommend doing a small retaining wall. To some, spending $3000+ on a tiny front yard may seem crazy, but trust me when I tell you that slopes should always be taken care of with retaining walls in Calgary. This would be your sub-dominant form.

The subordinates are, most often than not, your softscaping: plant materials, groundcover and grass.

Add colour. Depth. Scale. You have to make sure youre doing this. Otherwise, itll look just like another boring front yard.

They seem minor, but they make a big difference!

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Add Drama With Lighting

Back yard lighting ideas go a long way in a front yard, and as Anderson points out, ‘today, there are countless solar-powered lighting solutions for your front yard, allowing you to add mood lighting without spending a dollar on an electrician.’ Solar-powered stake lights are very cheap and easy to install by simply sticking them in alongside your front yard path.

If you’re feeling more adventurous and have a bigger budget to play with, especially if you are building a front yard from scratch, you can start looking at spotlights built into the hardscaping of your front yard for really beautiful illumination at night.

Plan A Functional Entryway

Design Your Landscape

When planning your front yard, pay particular attention to making your home’s entrance clear and inviting. Use plants and structures to lead people where you can greet them most gracefully. You can also dramatize the front door with a lamppost, an accent shrub, a trellis to block the rain or wind, or pots of geraniums.

Be sure knockers and bells are easy to find, at a convenient height, and not inaccessible behind a locked screen door. The best stoops are large enough for two people to stand on with some cover from the elements and for doors to swing open. A bench here is a great help.

Driveways, too, should be readily visible. A simple, low planting can mark the turn. If trees or shrubs obstruct the view, remove them for safety’s sake. Where curves or slopes are involved, the placement of the driveway on one side of the yard or another can make a marked increase in visibility.

For night arrivals, lighting should mark the turn from the road to the drive, from the drive to the walk, any curves or steps, and the front door.

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Landscaping Ideas For Backyards

Backyards can vary a lot from property to property. A backyard can be anything from a small private area for growing some vegetables to a vast meadow to serve canapés and champagne to guests at dinner parties.

Here are some landscaping ideas suitable for all types of backyardsbig or small, grand or cozy.

Succeed With A Succulent Garden

Succulent landscaping is sculptural and modern.

Just because you dont have a green thumb doesnt mean you cant enjoy a front yard garden full of living plants. Even if your plant care skills are up to par, a succulent garden will add greenery with potentially less headache. Just like flowers, succulents come in all shapes and colors, so youll still be able to get creative with the garden design and layout.

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Play Up The Architecture

Channel your home’s personality with blooms that complement the architecture.

What works for a neighbors home might not look right at your house. Thats because every house will have its own unique design elements. When planning, think about the era when your home was built as well as the design ethos of that style. For example, a Victorian-style home might benefit from gravel pathways, pastel florals like hydrangeas, and manicured hedges.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

41 Beautiful Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas | diy garden

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Bill and Charlene Tuttle garden. Photo: Janet Loughrey.

Your front yard is the first thing that neighbors and visitors see, and is your best opportunity to create a first impression. Traditionally, a front yard consisted of a green lawn, a few foundation shrubs, a cement driveway, and sidewalk that leads to the front door. This often-overlooked and underutilized outdoor space presents many opportunities, as well as unique design challenges.

There is no right or wrong way to landscape a front yard. It depends on the look youre after and how you want to utilize the space. Here are some factors to consider, along with garden ideas to get you started on revitalizing your front yard.

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How To Make A Retaining Wall

When your yard is sloped, its challenging to maintain a garden. Thats where a retaining wall comes in it holds in the soil, giving you a level planting surface.

This DIY retaining wall is easy to build with supplies from your local building store. In as little as one day, you can completely transform your yard.

Are you tired of traditional garden rows? Switch things up with a layered landscape design.

This stunning yard is all about the curved line of greenery it breaks up the space into smaller plots. High-contrast plants and flowers draw attention to the unique shapes.

Nice Picket Fence With Colorful Flowers For A Trendy Look

Your fence doesnt have to be boring. Simply plant the fence line with a variety of colorful flowers and youll be reaping the benefits in no time. Roses may be high-maintenance, but they create a stunning effect. You can opt for long-blooming varieties to enjoy the view for multiple seasons. As for the rest, consider repeating two or three flowers in sequence to make things easier for yourself.

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Using Plants In Your Front Yard Landscaping

The architectural features of your yard will be the most expensive and permanent.

You may want to plan them in stages: the driveway first, attractive and durable stairs and walkways next, and a porch or fence the year after that. Select materials that will add to your landscape, not detract from its harmony. Plantings are easier to install and change, but you’ll want to be sure to put them in the right places so they can quickly be part of your design.

Mini Water Feature Entryway

17 Affordable Backyard Garden Landscaping Ideas

You may not think that you have enough room for a water feature in your yard, but with a little creativity you can add a small fountain virtually anywhere. This small nook between the front door and the garage makes use of an otherwise underutilized space for a pondless fountain. A small pump inside the glazed pot keeps the water circulating. If you have a shaded corner where plants struggle to grow, a small fountain makes a great alternative to a rock garden . This option is also well-suited to homeowners who like the sounds made by a water feature but do not want to care for a pond or large fountain.

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Frame Your Home’s Entrance

These Davey Lighting Portico wall lamps are from Original BTC

Nothing says ‘welcome’ more than a beautifully framed and styled front doorway. While straight, wide garden path ideas leading up to the front door create a formal impression, they can still be inviting.

Here, irregular stone paving complete with grass and moss-filled gaps oozes character and country charm. Two elegantly crafted outdoor wall lights enhance the timeless feel and finished in brass, they lend a softness to the sophisticated scheme.

The pair of tall, glazed planters on either side of the door, planted with delicate miniature pink roses, make a gorgeous addition. They work beautifully alongside a potted hydrangea and purple clematis.

Easy Landscaping Ideas For Big Mansions

If you live in a big house with a big front yard, you may be tempted to fill your front yard with plants and trees.

However, theres no need to fill every spacesometimes the best landscaping ideas deliberately focus on creating empty space, like in the example above.

Tip: Yellow flowering shrubs can make your design stand out with very little!

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Simple Flower Beds That Can Withstand Dry Climates

Living in a harsher climate doesnt mean you cant design a gorgeous front yard. If youre in a dry area, consider desert plants like cactus, agave, or aloe. You can mix them up with pebbles and larger rocks to create a beautiful landscape. Perennials are also a great pick think African Lilies or Balloon Flowers .

Mix Up The Textures Underfoot

Top 200 Front Yard Garden Landscaping Ideas 2022 Backyard Patio Design| modern House Exterior Design

Break up large expanses of paving by adding low-growing plants in between the slabs

Softening large, paved areas with just a handful of plants is better for wildlife and your wellbeing, too.

An issue long championed by the RHS as part of their Greening Grey Britain campaign, they have discovered that the UK’s front gardens are ‘disappearing at an alarming rate more than 4.5 million of them contain no plants at all, and a quarter of front gardens are now totally paved over.’

Replacing a few stone slabs with sun-loving creepers such as ajuga, thyme, stonecrop or New Zealand burr can make a huge difference. Fast-growing and drought-tolerant, these miniature beauties all form dense, compact flowering mats that will handle being crushed occasionally and re-root easily in gravel.

Covered in tiny blooms during the warmer months, they also attract insects and pollinators, turning an often gray and barren area of our homes into a valuable natural resource ideal if you’re looking for a more wildlife-friendly garden. Plus, the contrast in textures looks gorgeous, too.

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