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Forest Lawn Cemetery Buffalo Ny

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Forest Lawn Cemetery President Placed On Administrative Leave

Forest Lawn Cemetery Part II, Heavy Returns Buffalo, NY

BUFFALO, N.Y. Joe Dispenza, president of Buffalos Forest Lawn Cemetery, is now on paid administrative leave.

A cemetery spokesperson confirmed to News 4 that outside counsel has been hired to ascertain facts about his personnel management as Forest Lawns president.

An interim president, who wasnt named, has been appointed. A spokesperson told us, Forest Lawns operations and legacy are in good hands.

No other information has been made available.

History Of Forest Lawn Cemetery

The first burial was made in the cemetery in 1850. The following year, Clarke commissioned the design of a statue of the Seneca Indian chief Red Jacket. This was the beginning of Clarkes policy of intermingling sculpture and the natural setting of Forest Lawn a continuing policy that has made the cemetery a noted outdoor sculpture museum today. It was these sculptures, mausoleums, and the natural beauty of Forest Lawn that garnered the cemetery inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

Famous Residents Of Forest Lawn Cemetery

| Last Updated October 12, 2020

With fall foliage at its peak in the city, there may be no better time to explore the beautiful landscaped grounds of the citys largest cemetery, Forest Lawn. Founded in 1849, the bucolic 269-acre grounds are an oasis for exploring Buffalos past and learning about individuals whose impact extends well beyond the city limits. A stroll through the cemetery takes visitors through hills, valleys, lakes and bridges. Statues, sculptures and fountains adorn the pathways. And at the heart of the grounds, there are endless stories from its permanent residents.

Forest Lawns most famous residents include artists, inventors, captains of industry and a U.S. president. Here are nine examples:

#TravelBUF photo by Scott Balzer

Millard Fillmore, 13th President of the United States Among Forest Lawns most famous residents, President Millard Fillmore was also one of Buffalos most distinguished citizens. His regional accomplishments included founding the University at Buffalo , helping to found the Buffalo Historical Society and Buffalo General Hospital, and developing Buffalos city charter. He also holds the dubious distinction of having no vice president during his time in the White House.

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Notable Private Mausoleums And Family Mausoleums

In addition to its noteworthy sculpture, Forest Lawn Cemeterys status as a historic outdoor museum owes a lot to its notable private mausoleums and family mausoleums. A few of the mausolea youll find at Forest Lawn include:

  • Letchworth Mausoleum: The Letchworth Mausoleum has been called the most elegant mausoleum in the country. This Classical Revival mausoleum is made with outside walls of Medina and Connecticut brown sandstone, and interior walls and ceiling of Italian and Egyptian marble. A centerpiece statue of Letchworths bride stands inside this ornate mausoleum, which cost close to $100,000 in 1872.
  • Pratt Tomb: The Pratt Tomb is a canopy tomb modeled to resemble a Gothic cathedral, complete with a towering central spire ringed with gargoyles. Gothic arches rest on Corinthian columns, with four classically-draped female figures standing vigil around the tomb, a nod to Classical Revival.
  • Birge Memorial: The Birge Memorial features an impressive open air design, with 12 Doric columns standing around Birges sarcophagus. This simple, dignified memorial represents a good example of the 1920s and 30s trend toward less surface ornamentation.

Forest Lawn Cemetery features a wide array of significant sculptures, mausoleums, and natural beauty that captures the imagination and makes this national historic site a dignified and beautiful final resting place.

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In His Pioneering Concept For Blue Sky Mausoleum

Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, NY

Frank Lloyd Wright “broke the box” of memorial architecture tradition. His design fully manifests his principle of “organic” architecture. The structure is integrated into the landscape, and its granite echoes the stone of nearby monuments. The blue sky is its ceiling, and living greens gently suggest its walls. The edifice overlooks a peaceful pond.

In this serene setting, visitors feel the eternal connections between earth and sky, and lives present and past.

Blue Sky Mausoleum is located in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, New York the cemetery for which it was designed. This venerable yet vital organization owns a distinctive place in American history and has long been regarded as a visionary leader among its peers.

Blue Sky Mausoleum takes its place among a group of distinguished Frank Lloyd Wright designs in Buffalo, New York. Seven were built in the early 20th century three new structures are being added in the 21st. Blue Sky Mausoleum is the first of these.

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Interment In Forest Lawn Cemetery

Forest Lawn Cemetery is still an active cemetery, serving families with a wide variety of interment options. Individuals or families who wish to inter remains at Forest Lawn can choose from:

  • Memorial options

For eco-conscious families and individuals, Forest Lawn offers green burials, which may consist of hand-digging and filling the grave, and using a biodegradable casket or urn.

Families who prefer above-ground burial can choose from a variety of options, including exterior crypts, interior crypts, and private, family, or community mausoleums. Serenity Mausoleum, a community mausoleum in Forest Lawn Cemetery, provides a variety of crypts, niches, and private family rooms. You may also choose a private mausoleum or family mausoleum Forest Lawn is home to hundreds of individual family mausolea.

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A Great American Arboretum

In the 1840s when Buffalo was one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, a Buffalo lawyer, Charles E. Clarke, recognized the need for a cemetery of substantial size to serve the growing city. What he had in mind was more than a burial ground. In 1849, he purchased land in the country two and a half miles from downtown Buffalo, following the vision created by Père-Lachais, the worlds most famous cemetery, established in Paris in 1804. Originally located on a rural estate overlooking the city, Père-Lachais balanced nature and art, allowing civilization to be present without disturbing the grandeur of the romantic setting.

The land Clarke purchased perfectly suited his vision for a picturesque rural cemetery with its rolling hills and charming valleys, spring-fed lakes, and a meandering creek. He designed roadways that curved and intertwined as freely as the landscape itself. His roads were wide, taking up more potential burial space than was truly necessary, but providing interesting vistas and parking for carriages. He thinned out the oak groves on the hilltops to make room for graves, and he planted other trees in the meadows to shade the graves there. In just a years time, he had put a lawn under the forest and the beginning of a forest on the lawn. Clarke had created Forest Lawn, which the Buffalo Commercial Advertiser called one of the most lovely resting places of the dead in the country.


Forest Lawn Cemetery Mausoleums

Tom Was Here – Forest Lawn Cemetery – Buffalo, NY – July 2021

Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, New York is the final resting place for over 152,000 souls. This historic cemetery was founded in 1849 by Charles Clarke, and covers more than 269 acres. Forest Lawn Cemetery is known for its monuments, mausoleums, and sculptures, as this 19th century style garden cemetery serves as a combination of outdoor museum, arboretum, park, and cemetery.

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Forest Lawn Cemetery: Barre Gray In Buffalo

Forest Lawn is one of the worlds most historic cemeteries. Located in Buffalo, New York, this historic American cemetery is situated on roughly 269 acres of unmatched natural beauty, with hills, valleys, lakes, and streams, and is filled with sculptural masterpieces. The final resting place for many famous people, residents of Forest Lawn include Millard Fillmore, the 13th President of the United States Dr. Frederick Cook, who discovered the North Pole Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm Musician Rick James and Red Jacket, Chieftain of the Seneca Indians. Forest Lawn was also one the first professionally landscaped cemeteries in the country, with the first interment taking place in 1850. There are now over 163,000 permanent residents in this nonprofit, nonsectarian cemetery.

As of 2016, the majority of new memorials in Forest Lawn are required to be manufactured from Barre Gray© granite. The Forest Lawn Group of Cemeteries includes four cemeteries: Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, New York Lakeside Cemetery in Hamburg, New York St. Matthews Cemetery in West Seneca, New York and Williamsville Cemetery.

About The Buffalo Forest Lawn Cemetery

The Buffalo Forest Lawn Cemetery, located in Buffalo, NY, is a burial ground that offers funeral and burial services. The Cemetery provides information about their funeral and burial policies, burial records, plot records, and other Buffalo Cemetery records.

Interested parties may contact the Cemetery for questions about:

  • Information about funerals and burials
  • Buffalo burial records

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