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Easy Landscape Ideas For Front Of House

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Modern Industrial Cinderblock Planter Bed

100 Simple and Wonderful Front Yard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

If you think a cinderblock planter must look bland and utilitarian, think again. By staggering the layout of the blocks you can create small planters for succulents around the outside of the main raised bed. This kind of block wall creates a simple and clean look that compliments modern landscaping well. Instead of the plants shown here, you can use plants best suited to your climate such as evergreens, ferns, hostas, and so on. Keep in mind that the best way to replicate this front yard landscaping idea is by keeping the plantings sparse and the lines clean.

What Can I Do With A Small Front Yard

Small front yards are full of design possibilities! Consider:

  • Installing broad steps and planting tall grasses leading to your front door.
  • Creating a Mediterranean garden with citrus trees in terracotta pots.
  • Using large plants that take attention away from the small space.
  • Incorporating Japanese garden design elements into your front yard space.
  • Using a single tree to make a statement.

You can design a beautiful, small front yard. And the great thing about small front yards is that they are a lot less work to maintain.

I hope these simple front yard landscaping ideas have inspired you and youre ready to spruce up your front garden.

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Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Are The Best Options

The design principles of unity and simplicity often go together.

Several plants of the same color and kind have a more significant impact on a landscape than one each of several types. Use only enough variety for sustaining bloom and adding visual interest.

If you want more types of plants, say for continual harvests of many kinds of fruit, try combining plants with similar or at least compatible shapes, textures, and foliage or bloom colors.

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Create A Private Sanctuary Featuring A Water Fountain

A small water fountain can turn your front lawn into a relaxing haven perfect to unwind alone with a great book or entertain guests if the situation calls for it. Planting some colorful flowers around the water feature makes it instantly pop, while the old-school benches give the whole arrangement a vintage look.

Define The Borders Of Your Diy Landscaping Ideas

32 Stunning Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas HOUSEDCR

I used an old hose to plan out the edge of the flowerbed and spent a lot of time getting it just right. Once I was happy with the shape of the new beds, I used some leftover spray paint to outline the border. Sometimes borders, like a wooden fence, are defined for you but spray paint allows you to change the plan for your unique design without any work involved.

There were a couple of times I changed my mind after using the spray paint, which was not a big deal. I just used my foot to wipe the old line out of the green grass and sprayed a new line in my front lawn. If you are going to change your mind, now is the time!

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Plan A Functional Entryway

When planning your front yard, pay particular attention to making your home’s entrance clear and inviting. Use plants and structures to lead people where you can greet them most gracefully. You can also dramatize the front door with a lamppost, an accent shrub, a trellis to block the rain or wind, or pots of geraniums.

Be sure knockers and bells are easy to find, at a convenient height, and not inaccessible behind a locked screen door. The best stoops are large enough for two people to stand on with some cover from the elements and for doors to swing open. A bench here is a great help.

Driveways, too, should be readily visible. A simple, low planting can mark the turn. If trees or shrubs obstruct the view, remove them for safety’s sake. Where curves or slopes are involved, the placement of the driveway on one side of the yard or another can make a marked increase in visibility.

For night arrivals, lighting should mark the turn from the road to the drive, from the drive to the walk, any curves or steps, and the front door.

Easy Diy Landscaping Ideas For The Front Of Your House

This video allows you to implement an easy no dig border in your landscape design plan as the rocks do. Check it out to see which one you prefer!What do you think? Its hard to believe the difference that a good landscaping plan can make. But you dont have to be a professional to have gorgeous curb appeal on a budget. With these steps and a good landscaping supplier to buy plants at cost, your yard can be landscaped in one weekend without breaking the bank.


Now its your turn! When you are done, Id love to see how it turned out! So, be sure to post your before and after photos here!

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Small Gardens Big Color

Tight quarters feature luxurious plantings using window boxes and large containers. Identical planting designs keep the look cohesive and feature annuals like sweet potato vine, coleus, petunia and begonia. In sidewalk containers, purple fountain grass adds height as a thriller plant. A large PeeGee hydrangea is tucked into the narrow planting strip, showing just how versatile these hydrangeas are. Design by HGTV fan kmphelps

Simple Flower Beds That Can Withstand Dry Climates

Top 200 Front Yard Garden Landscaping Ideas 2022 Backyard Patio Design| modern House Exterior Design

Living in a harsher climate doesnt mean you cant design a gorgeous front yard. If youre in a dry area, consider desert plants like cactus, agave, or aloe. You can mix them up with pebbles and larger rocks to create a beautiful landscape. Perennials are also a great pick think African Lilies or Balloon Flowers .

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Upcycle An Old Bathtub

If youve got a taste for vintage, find an old cast iron bathtub and fill it up with soil and plants, turning it into a giant front yard planter. Choose casual, fun flowers like geraniums or tulips, or, if you want to get bigger, go with hydrangeas, foxglove, and gladiolas.

Be sure to plant some ferns for greenery, and maybe some vines to drip out of the tub for a beautiful and natural feel.

If the tub happens to have chipped paint, you dont even need to fix the paint its perfect just as is.

How Do I Design Landscaping In Front Of My House

Our favorite landscaping ideas for the front of your house
  • Color Your Space With Window Boxes and Floral Borders
  • Be Different With a Planted Wheelbarrow
  • Plant Perennial Shrubs
  • Add Flowers Around the Mailbox
  • Invest in Landscaping Lights
  • Create Flower Beds Around Tree Trunks
  • Add a Potted Border
  • Go Formal With Straight Intersecting Paths
  • Add Movable Entry Way Barrier With Plants
  • Get Creative With Trash Cans
  • Install a Mini Water Fountain
  • Use a Bicycle as a Planter
  • Use Cinderblocks for Planter Beds
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    What Plants Look Good For The Front Of A House

    Selecting the perfect plants for your front garden is worth taking your time over. It’s not just a matter of which plants capture your imagination there are practicalities to consider, too. For instance, which direction does the property face does it bask in the sun or sit in shade for most of the day? If lack of sun is an issue, choosing shade-loving plants is a good move.

    If planting directly into the soil, note whether it is free-draining or moist, as this will all help decide which plants will thrive. Garden designer Joanna Archer has transformed many plots and has this advice: ‘As space can be limited, I try to include climbing plants and hedges to green up the vertical boundaries. Scented climbers such as jasmine or climbing roses are so welcoming by the front door.’

    Make the most of vertical space with climbing plants, as seen in this project by Joanna Archer Garden Design

    Make A Plan For Your Diy Landscaping Ideas

    34 Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on A Budget # ...

    Also, take a step back to think about the perfect place for large elements you want to include in your landscape design. Some ideas include a seating area, water fountain, small water feature, outdoor lighting or even a white picket fence.

    This was a large project that had to be tackled in several steps as we had to clear out all the underbrush and small trees in the front yard garden.

    None of the small trees were in good shape and each was in an odd location, right in front of the view of the front door.

    Also, I hate to be a tree snob but many of the tall trees were trash trees like Hackberries or Tallowwoods. They are fast-growing trees that dont always have the best shape and crowd out native plants and trees which give your yard a more natural look and lots of visual appeal. Dont feel guilty about cutting these down if they can be replaced with a native hardwood tree or something like a Japanese Maple or flowering tree that helps to increase your homes value.

    The function of landscaping is to complement your home, making it open and inviting. If any aspect overwhelms or distracts from the front of the house, it has to go! Notice how much more light comes in by losing the small trees.

    Below is the before picture and you can see in the next picture that so much more light comes in with removing the small scraggly trees.

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    Get It Done By Yourself

    You dont need to hire an architect or professional landscaper to get some interesting layout designs. With a little research and the help from photos like this one, you can easily see some ideas and recreate them to fit your specifications.

    Cut-out shapes in planters and sidewalk areas can offer an interesting yard focal point or even add to an already existing design. Use your imagination and cut shapes out to fit into your lawn via garden beds or even gravel and rocks.

    Succulents Are Great Plants For Your Garden

    If you love succulents, design a gorgeous outdoor display by using your favorite plants. While this works great in warm climates, there are succulents that can survive freezing temperatures as well, like Sempervivums and Stonecrop Sedums. These plants are low-maintenance, but keep in mind that they will require watering, especially during high temperatures.

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    Diy Spray Painted Concrete

    If the concrete layer before your front door looks too weathered and unwelcoming, you can give it a natural look with spray paints.

    You can limit your makeover to two colors or use all three colors as shown.

    The interesting stone-line shapes are achieved with a concrete mold that costs under $20. Dont forget to seal the painted concrete in order to enjoy its bright texture longer.

    Elegant Mediterranian Inspired Fountain Bed

    17 Awesome Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Beginners ð

    Mediterranian features not only make a yard feel more balanced and elegant but are another great option for drought-prone gardens. Broad paved pathways converge to create a small plaza in the middle of this yard. The entry gate is flanked by planted urns which add interest and height to the garden, and also help to highlight the simple but charming fountain and its flower bed. Petunias are hardy plants and will continue to flower in hot weather, making them an ideal choice for this type of display. Water-wise annuals and groundcovers ring the fountain without crowding it.

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    Porch Full Of Petunias

    Petunias are often overlooked by green thumbs and experienced landscapers, but this humble but tough flower can not only add to your front yard landscaping idea but can even be the star of the show. In this yard, petunias are used both in the hanging baskets on the porch but as a highlight in the flower beds as well. This is not only practical but helps to visually tie the look of the home and yard together with color. Because petunias dont mind dry soils and bloom for an extended period of time, they are a perfect choice for hanging baskets no matter where you live.

    More front garden ideas on the next page

    Front Yard Curb Appeal Ideas On A Budget

    This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Create a welcoming first impression for visitors on a budget with these cheap and easy DIY front yard curb appeal ideas.

    From easy landscaping ideas for your front yard to DIY walkway ideas, these front yard ideas will show you how to add curb appeal to your home on a budget. Whether you are wanting to add some charm to your homes exterior for potential buyers or guests, there are plenty of curb appeal projects for inspiration. You will find ideas for the driveway, entryway, yard, porch, and more that will add some greenery and a pop of color to your home.

    Adding a few accent pieces and fixtures like potted flowers and plants, shutters, house numbers, and solar lights will add to your homes curb appeal. Creating some curb appeal doesnt have to be time-consuming or expensive and these ideas will show you how to do that without much time or money. Be sure to check out these DIY front porch ideas and easy patio furniture projects to give your porch a makeover too!

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    Install A Mini Water Fountain


    You dont necessarily need a large front yard to include a water element in it. Get creative with mini water fountain ideas. Whether you want to go all out with a front yard landscape design, or looking for a simple DIY project, adding a fountain, pond or waterfall is a thoughtful upgrade to your property.

    The location of the fountain depends on the style of the front of the house. If your front garden is formal, make the water feature the focal point.

    It is best placed at the intersection of pathways. On the other hand, if your gardens design is informal, the fountain is best placed at a corner or along the path.

    How Can I Landscape My Front Yard For Cheap

    Simple clean modern front yard landscaping ideas (55)

    Gravel is a great ground cover option if money is tight for your landscaping ideas for front of house. Relatively inexpensive and readily available, it’s perfect for spreading over large and small areas, will help suppress weeds particularly if laid on top of landscaping fabric and will let rainwater soak through, too.

    Vary the look by adding in some small rock garden ideas. Groups of large pebbles or boulders mixed with grasses, houseleeks, and low-growing conifers will create a stylish setup that needs little maintenance. For less sunny situations, opt for decorative clump-forming plants such as heuchera, tiarella, epimedium, and Japanese spurge.

    Gravel and small rocks can be an affordable way to add interest to your front yard landscaping

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    Showy Succulent Stone Planters

    Modern yet rustic, dramatic but easy to care for, this succulent display is perfect for a xeriscape or low water yard. Succulents are available in many color varieties and require very little care. Be sure to use a mixture of textures and types including small yuccas or aloes for height and creeping succulents to fill in gaps for the best results. Western gardeners will appreciate how little water and care this kind of display requires, but this kind of succulent planter can be used in almost any climate. If you live in an area with cold or wet winters, bring your planters inside to keep your succulents happy.

    Build An Outdoor Fire Pit

    Theres no better way to bring the family together than with smores over a fire pit. But you dont need to spring for a contractor to put one in with one trip to the home improvement store, you can have your own backyard campfire station in just a few minutes. If you need to get rid of rocks from another project, building a fire pit with them is a great way to do it.

    Here are a few ways to make your own fire pit without overspending:

    Fire Pit Ideas on a Budget

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    Grow Flowers And Veggies In A Raised Planter Bed

    For a lovely but simple landscape design for front yards, add some bright, colorful touches to your yard with some raised planter beds. Choose a colorful planter box or paint your own and plant a wide range of vegetable and flower plants to create some of the most unique and beautiful landscaping in your neighborhood.

    Step : How To Create The Best Front Yard Landscaping Ideas And Design For Your Home

    50 Simple Rock Garden Landscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard 𪨠ð»

    When it comes to front yard landscaping on a budget, its so much easier to move things on paper than in real life. Make sure to get every aspect of your plan on paper. This is the key to creating a simple front yard landscape design because some things are hard to correct once plants are in the ground.

    Here are some great sources to get front yard landscaping ideas:

    Remember to take your time on this step. Its so much easier to erase part of your design than pull plants out of the ground!

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