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Dog Friendly Landscape Design Pictures

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Landscaping Ideas for Dogs

If you have a new puppy in the family or are tired of staring at a dead lawn, you probably need some dog friendly backyard landscaping ideas. These popular dog friendly landscaping options can relieve your yard and help you reclaim your time.

  • Switch to artificial pet turf
  • Plant non-toxic vegetation
  • Establish a designated dog area
  • Provide enough shade

You can also use dog-friendly hardscaping options, like patios or stepping stones, to break up your yard and improve curb appeal with functional spaces.

Create Borders To Protect Garden Areas

If the rosemary isnt enough to prevent your dog from tearing your garden up, you may need to consider installing a physical border to keep them out. There are many different options to suit any style or décor, including stone barriers, rusting wooden logs, a short picket fence, cement block barriers, and more.

The key is to find a solution that will keep your dog out, complement your outdoor décor and still allow access to the garden space when needed so that you can care for your plants. If your dog is very determined to get in, you might need to install a taller fence and incorporate a gate for your use.

Install A Water Feature

Make sure your dog can stay cool in the spring and summer by adding a water feature to your backyard. Not only will this keep your dog hydrated, but provide her with hours of entertainment during the warmer months.

Options include:

  • Dog watering system connected to your outdoor hose.

Place the water feature in the shade when possible.

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Fence The People Dogs Run Free

Fun Switch to outdoor dynamics a dog-run makes up the entire backyard with the people space . . . fenced in. When the canine-loving z family invite their friends for a barbecue, their pets are invited too. While they enjoy life inside the fence the dogs can hang together with free rein of the yard. Note the natural grass, concrete stepping stones and river rock in dog area.

Replace All Or Part Of Your Lawn

black crushed marble? stone dog run drought landscaping

Don’t waste time and money on lawn care when it comes to dog-friendly landscaping. Most dog urine burns grass and leaves unsightly spots. Plus, many dogs enjoy digging up lawns, which generally results in mud being tracked into the house. To create a problem-free and low-maintenance landscape, ditch your lawn and add more permeable hardscape. Concrete, brick, wood, flagstone, or smooth river rocks are all popular hardscape materials among dog owners. Tip: Stay away from using sharp-edged crushed stones that can damage an animal’s feet.

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Addressing Dog Path Issues

If a fence surrounds your property, do not try to grow any plants in the area immediately adjacent to the fence. Dogs are territorial, and their favorite walkway in a fenced-in yard will be right along the fence, resulting in unsightly “dog paths.”

Rather than fighting your dog’s predictable tendency, you can choose to install stone walkways over existing dog paths. Now everyone will be happy: the dog still has its path, and you get to have a better-looking yard. Stone walkways exude charm and are a desirable addition to your landscaping regardless of dog problems.

Make Dog Paths Easy On Paws

All dogs like to patrol the perimeter, so youll want to accommodate that and set plants back away from that path, she says. Three feet is about normal. Smooth, paw-friendly hardscape surfaces, such as light-colored, heat-reflecting pavers or flagstone, may be better path choices than pea gravel that gets strewn in lawns, or sharp-edged wood mulch that gets stuck in hair and paws.

Heggem also advises against using eco-friendly mulches made from recycled tires. Theyre a big no-no for dogs, she says. Theyre toxic to dogs and can contain ground-up woven steel, which can be really damaging. Cocoa mulch is another option to avoid. Like chocolate, cocoa hulls can be toxic if dogs ingest them.

Youll also want to watch for areas where your pet likes to rest. Thats often a spot that lets them keep an eye on you and the back door. Make sure they have a shaded area, whether doghouse or plant-covered pergola, to get out of summer sun. A water feature designed to provide fresh, pet-safe water is essential, too.

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Swap Out Traditional Grass For A Pet

Artificial turf in place of standard grass has been growing in popularity due to the ease of care. Imagine having a green, lush lawn without the concern for watering or the wear and tear from foot traffic. However, this is also a great pet-friendly substitution.

Artificial turf will stand up well to the abuse of puppy playtime, as it prevents digging and is easy to clean. Your yard will be free from discoloration from urine burn, and all you have to do is hose it down occasionally to keep it looking clean and bright.

Use Tent Pegs To Secure The Mesh

Dog Friendly Backyard (No MUDDY Paws)

Once youve stapled all your chicken wire to all your fence posts its time to use tent pegs to then double secure the wire in between the posts. Hammer the tent pegs in at an angle to secure the bottom of the wire from tenacious pups!

Ive found that this is the most cost-effective way to secure an area of the garden. Its also super quick meaning even if youve left it to the last minute you can still secure your garden before your pup arrives.

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Incorporate A Sprinkler System To Help Prevent Urine Burn

Lawn burn or urine burn refers to the patches of dead grass that are often left after a dog has used a portion of your grass-covered yard as a toileting area. It is because a dogs urine contains an excessive amount of both nitrogen and salts.

One simple way to manage and prevent this damage is to install a sprinkler system to water down and wash away the dogs urine before it can do too much damage. Its not a foolproof solution, but it can help considerably.

Designing A Landscape For Dogs

Dogscaping your backyard typically includes solutions for the following problems:

1) lounging and crushing plants and lawn2) digging holes in the garden3) unsightly dog paths4) fleas5) plant chewing

If your dog is upending the planting beds or lawn for a good roll in the earth, they may be too hot. Dogs use the cool soil to lower their body temperature. Consider providing a cool spot out of sight in the shade. This could be a patch of tough groundcover, such as thyme or moss. Dogscaping ideas for this problem also include putting the watering bowl in the shade, setting up a small kiddie pool, or installing an attractive, shallow water feature or pond. If you install a little water feature, have it match or blend in with the existing landscaping and build it appropriate to the size of your dog. Make sure it isnt too deep or difficult for your dog to enter or exit.

On the flip side of overheated dogs, we have dogs who seek out warm places to lounge. Dogscaping your backyard may include providing a warm sitting spot. Nicely placed boulders are attractive in the landscape. Install a flat-topped boulder in a warm spot and give your sun-loving dog a good resting spot where they can survey the territory.

Dogs digging up plants may indicate the dog is bored or hungry. Give your dog some extra attention. Provide some additional healthy snacks. Get the tempting grubs out of the lawn. Build a cute sandbox, stock it with some dog bones, and train your dog to use it.

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Transform Open Spaces Into Landscapes

Whether it is a front yard or back yard, landscaping provides touch artistry to the house. You can choose to keep it as a patio if you dont want to do much work. But if you are in for some major transformation, then Elite Landscape Designs provides you the best designs and services in Richmond Hill and Thornhill Ontario.If you are a nature person, then nothing suits you better than the lush shrubbery around the house with a small pond in the middle, helping you stay close and connected to nature.Food is all that matters you, then we got you covered. Set up an outdoor kitchen for the barbeques and grill parties. Embrace your passion for food along with staying close with your friends and family.If you are more into swimming and enjoy the water, then add lovely swimming pools, ponds, fountains, or falls to your open space. We help you create a recreational landscape.Even if you are a person who just needs some relaxation, then what better place than cabana or pergola. Landscape your yard into a luxurious and relaxing space.

We strive for the success of our clients. Our services areas include landscaping in Richmond Hill, Thornhill, and GTA

Regardless of whether you have a lifestyle block, home, or business, we can create inspiring landscape designs and construction, including plantation, stonework, and design. We also have professional and experienced artists in our office here at Richmond hill that can create a strong visualization of your project.

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Add A Pond For Swimming And Playing

landscaping ideas #housegardenlandscape

During the hot summer months, few activities feel as refreshing as swimming. You can provide your dog with this opportunity by incorporating a pond into your yard. To keep your dog safe, you will want to ensure that you use adequate filtration to keep any harmful algae at bay.

Depending on the size of your pond, you may also want to skip adding pond fish unless they have enough space to get away from the dog during swim time to a quieter, less stressful area in the pond.

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Add A Viewing Bubble Or Dog Window To Your Fence

While some dogs generally need the barrier created by a privacy fence, eliminating the temptation to bark at every passerby, this isnt the case for every dog. Some pups are super friendly and would love nothing more than to watch the world around them.

If this sounds like your dog, you could install a window or acrylic viewing dome in your fence specifically for your pup. It is a great way to treat your dog with an unobstructed view while still making sure that everyone is safely contained.

Landscaping Ideas For Dogs

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Create A Decorative Dog Path

Does your dog have a go-to path for moving around your yard? If so, you may have noticed that he has worn down the grass along this regularly traveled route, which can be a bit of an eyesore.

Rather than trying to regrow grass somewhere where its sure to be trampled once again, try building a dog-friendly path along this route using pavers, bricks, or flat stones that will be easy on his paws.

Don’t Plant The Perimetera Dog Will Patrol His Territory

How to Create a Renter-Friendly Mobile Garden | GARDEN | Great Home Ideas

If your garden is fenced in, this is an important concept to consider. Some dogs will cruise perimeters and enthusiastically investigate every time it hears a noise. This, unfortunately, translates into plants being crushed and trampled, especially tender ones. A good solution? Observe your dog’s patterns and clear out a small and simple perimeter paths along a frequently visited fence line and mulch to provide a mud-free surface. Also consider planting a sturdy hedge in front of the dog runway. Some evergreen plants to consider include silverberry, juniper, crimson bottlebrush, southern wax myrtle, sweet osmanthus and Camellia japonica.

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Build Raised Garden Beds

For gardeners that would like to continue a larger-scale gardening project while keeping their dogs out, you may be interested in installing raised garden beds in your yard. These larger structures lift the garden bed up and out of the reach of your pup while still offering the space that most gardeners prefer in a standard garden bed.

They are available in different sizes, styles, and materials, including cedar, galvanized steel, wicker, and durable plastics.

Install Wire Cages Around Plants Bushes And Trees For Protection

Another option for growing the plants you want most in your yard without worrying about your dog damaging them by digging around them, trampling them, or chewing on them, is to install a chicken wire cage around the plant as a safety barrier.

It works for everything from delicate rose bushes to trees, and shrubs that you would prefer are not used as a toilet post. Chicken wire is thin, allowing you to see and enjoy your plants while keeping them safe. It is especially important for those with young puppies who may not know what they can or cant get into yet.

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Cover Potty Areas With Smooth Stones

If your dog has been trained to go to the bathroom solely in one area of the yard, you may want to eliminate the use of grass in the area. Instead, consider using small stones that would be destroyed from the pH level in your dogs urine.

If you are going this route, stick with smooth stones that are easy on your pups paw pads. You also want to avoid using super small gravel as it can get stuck between your dogs toes, causing discomfort.

Install A Sandbox For Digging

12 Ideas How to Improve Dog Backyard Landscape

Rather than trying to stop your dog from digging, why not create a safe space where they can dig to their hearts content? Its a great way to address the problem while still allowing your dog to be a dog. Frame out your sandbox using a wooden frame or even a plastic puppy pool before filling it up with sand.

Keep in mind that this isnt going to be a quick fix. You will have to train your dog to dig only in that one location by continually redirecting your pups there any time they start digging outside of the designated area. In time, your pups will learn that this is their space.

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Doggie Run With Vertical Plant Wall

Synthetic turf doggie runs are super convenient and easy to clean up. The Gibsons wanted to give their pets a place to get out the wiggles, do their business while containing it to one space. A vertical plant wall is placed opposite the office window as both a privacy screen from neighbors view-window as well as a pleasant nature-effect for desk-bound homeowners.

Protecting Plants From Dogs In Portland Landscapes

Some dogs like to sit outside and enjoy the flowers. But others like to eat, dig or otherwise destroy plants. Here are some tips how to have happy plants and happy dogs.

Carol had the opportunity to be interviewed by Houzz about Protecting Your Pet From Your Yard and Your Yard from your Pet. There are more tidbits and photos in this blog. But first, a story

Some clients of mine had two yellow lab puppies. I say puppies because they were a year old and since they are Labs , I call them puppies.

My clients purchased their plants for the backyard design and planted over the weekend. Monday evening, when they came home, every plant was neatly popped up out of the ground and laying in the hot summer sun. They re-purchased all of their plants and re-planted the next weekend with their dogs temporarily banished to the garage. Many dogs seem to think they are helping in this waygiving their humans something to do when they get home from work. We love dogs, we even pardon dogs who trashed $1,000 worth of plants. Be warned. The first few months of your new landscape means you need to supervise your dogs interaction with the new plantings. You may need temporary fences that will keep your dog away from your new plants until they are big enough to defend themselves. If your pups dont get to have the experience of tearing up plants then when they are older your odds are much better your dogs wont bother them.

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Zoeys Spitting Frog Fountain

Some dogs specifically like to drink the water and make a game of it. Does your dog love it when you get out the garden hose? Your dog would love a water feature. Zoey, a plump black lab loves water. This frog spitter fountain is an inexpensive water feature that pleases people and the pups. Its safe for kids because no pond. The water pump recirculates the water through the frog and is under the round rock surface safe from doggy attention.

Remember to design access to the water for the dog and for kids too. If you plant all around it, expect those plants to be trampled.

Paths And Hard Surfaces For Dogs

Renter-Friendly Courtyard Makeover | GARDEN | Great Home Ideas

Paths and surfaces are the first things I look at in designing a garden for dogs. This is because in our busy lives sometimes, dog owners may have to use their garden as a source of exercise for their dog. Sometimes with work and family going out for that walk through the woods is not going to happen.

Therefore its important that paths and surfaces in your garden allow a dog to walk and run if possible. I always prefer hard landscapes for this purpose. It also means that dogs can scratch their claws as they run, saving the need for endless nail clipping. It also provides a suitable surface for cleaning, hosing down for any accidents!

Gravel is usually a no-no, as dogs tend to get over-excited and dig through it. It can also lead to issues with dog waste and young pups potentially swallowing very small gravel. Scottish cobbles and pebbles, however, are fine for mulching or edging beds. These are about the size of a large potato and only the most tenacious hungry dog would try to swallow one.

The Dogs trust show garden 2016 at Hampton Court used large cobbles in its dog-friendly garden.

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