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Corner Of House Landscaping Ideas

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Decorative Stones To Outline Garden Around The House

5 DIY Landscaping Tips on a Budget
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The variety of fabricated stones is big and nowadays we can even make such ourselves, using a pattern.

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Use narrower stones to outline the garden and square as steps in front of the green part from the garden.

If you are lacking molds for artistic stones, use pavers that are easy to be found and more affordable garden edging supplies.

Amazing Corner Garden Ideas For You To Get Inspired


Would you like more greenery in your backyard? Corner gardens are a great way to do that. Whether you are looking for ideas to spruce up your garden or just want to see some fantastic examples of what is possible, this list will provide you with plenty of inspiration. Here are 23 corner gardens that will get your creative juices flowing and give you some ideas.

Corner Yard Landscaping Ideas With Sculpture

You can create a marvelous composition using a sculpture. In this case, the giant clay vessel is the backyards sculptural focal point. It instantly draws attention to the corner.

Moreover, the border garden nicely surrounds the huge clay vessel. The plants and colorful flowers make this backyard garden more mesmerizing. However, they require lots of care.

The white picket fence produces a clean look. It contrasts tastefully with vibrant flowers and plants as well.

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Simple And Modern Garden Corner Ideas

Do not overdo the greenery in your living space, just make sure the corner is filled with a touch of greenery. It can also be added to the wall as a wall-mounted plant to make the plain wall more interesting.

The spikes might be a better choice instead of lush leaves. You can avoid the narrow look on a small space in your home by using this type of design solution.

Add the white pebbles to the garden to beautify it, then add the deck tiles to make it look attractive.

Deal With Small Space

Pin by Pearl Griffin on Landscaping

A small area in your house can be perfectly decorated with various types of green plants to provide you more fresh air. Plant the tree in the spaces corner, then create lush vegetation beneath the tree.

It is a pleasure to look at the different types of plants that create a unique atmosphere within the space, giving it a sense of freshness. Other than that, adding a Budha statue works to create an additional boost of appeal.

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Create A Pretty Seating Space Surrounded By Planting

Fill your front garden with flowers and foliage

Welcome guests into a botanical haven as soon as they step onto your plot by filling your front yard with plants. It’s ideal for a more laid-back, cottage garden scheme.

‘Don’t fill the space with evergreens which can become oppressive if overused,’ advises garden designer James Scott MSGD of The Garden Company . ‘Use specimen plants and underplant them with textural varieties to create long-lasting seasonal interest.

‘Embrace the change in the seasons. Cut back herbaceous plants late and enjoy the emergent growth in the spring. Add bulbs to increase early color and create layering.

‘Avoid narrow borders around the garden edges,’ James continues. ‘Pushing planting to the boundaries of a small front garden will accentuate any lack of space. Instead, keep the eye in the garden. Also, fill in “extra” spaces with beautiful planting to add more depth, interest, and softness.’

You may wish to consider adding one of the best trees for small gardens in your front yard, too. Ones with pretty springtime blossom make a particularly lovely choice, adding beauty and structure to a space. And don’t forget to add some seating perhaps a bistro set for making the most of the view.

Get Creative With Trash Cans

The Curious Eye/Shutterstock

Trash cans dont always have to be disgusting to look at. They are a chance to get creative and make them a focal point of your entrance. Paint the exterior with a color paint that blends with the rest of the coloring.

Then go a step further to crown the bins with plants or flowers. Low-growing succulents and alpines are a perfect combo to create a year-round landscape. Be sure to get good potting soil and water the plants regularly.

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Small Garden Strips Can Make A Big Difference

When you lay the paving stones for your garden path, why not leave a little room between them and the side of your house for a small garden. You can plant a few perennials along the way, add a couple of planters if you run out of usable ground and create a very inviting path that leads to the back door or garage.

Corner Block Landscaping Ideas

56 Landscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard

Designing your home or landscape on a corner block comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. They are often particularly large, approaching a corner block for your future home and/or garden is all about perspective. There are pros and cons to a corner block that can be enhanced or diminished through design. Corner blocks can offer flexibility in design, they can provide extra access or entertaining area due to their larger size. For some people utilising these spaces can be difficult, and due to their size landscaping the area is often more expensive. These are our tips for making sense of these unusual blocks, creating privacy, limiting noise, and making the most of the opportunities presented by your corner block property. If youre designing and building a new home, well talk a bit about designing your landscape alongside your home. If youre in an existing property, well touch on how landscaping can make the space much more comfortable. Lets get into it.

Privacy & Openness

One big advantage of a corner landscape is that the front garden can feel more open and expansive, this is particularly beneficial if youve got a nice view or a quiet street. The downside of this openness is that some people begin to feel overly exposed and begin to have privacy concerns. Corner block properties might also be more at risk of noisiness and light from the street. Fortunately, landscaping and planting can help to create privacy and dampen street noise and light.

Be Different With A Planted Wheelbarrow

Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH/Shutterstock

That old wheelbarrow that you no longer use can be an excellent planter. Imagine a shabby chic wheelbarrow overflowing with colorful flowers on your front hard. The idea brings out a statement of style and class. You dont have to be a landscaping expert to create a planted wheelbarrow.

Clean and prepare your wheelbarrow, then look for drought-resistant flowers and plants if you are not always around to water them. Wheelbarrow planter landscaping is a perfect project for DIY lovers, and the possibilities are endless.

They have ample bed space, so you can design the planter and plant multiple types of flowers in one wheelbarrow. You may shape the flowers to look like a cage for a more outstanding design. Also, invest in great potting soil for better results.

Let Your Imagination Go Wild

Tall trees, shrubs, and structures obstruct views into the garden, but secluded locations arent always like that. This little plot is overflowing with low-growing bushes, giving it a welcoming atmosphere. A small wooden archway and the almost-buried seat at the end contribute to the secret-garden vibe.

The takeaway: In a natural, cottage-style landscape, pack em in and minimize too organized plants for a feeling of solitude.

Low Maintenance & Minimal A Feature Tree In A Courtyard

Perhaps the most minimalist example youll see but it could work in certain situations.

If you have a simple colour palette you want to use, and keep it low maintenance, you could hardscape the space.

And like this example, maybe you opt for a feature tree of some kind to provide interest. You could also add pot plants if you wanted to spice it up.

Material choice is very important with less distractions you want the ground, wall and tree/plant choice to be perfect for your style and/or to match your house/ garden.

Beauty And Privacy All In One Go

curved corner garden near driveway

Image courtesy of Modern House Design Ideas

Not everyone wants their neighbors to be able to see what they are doing in their backyard. While fences can help to keep prying eyes at bay, why not choose a more natural barrier as part of your landscaping ideas for the side of your house.

Privett hedges make a great privacy barrier and grow relatively quickly. You choose how high you want them to grow and how much privacy you want Add in a garden filled with your favorite ferns up against the side of the house and create your own special place.

Things To Consider When Landscaping

If you wish to invest in front yard landscaping, it is critical to consider all aspects that could result in the success or downfall of your project. Some essential things to consider include:

  • The architectural style of your property
  • Consider the functional design of the landscaping ideas
  • Ensure the landscaping ideas dont compromise the privacy of the street side of your property

Pure Relaxation: Deck Chairs In The Garden Corner

Even if you only have a small garden, it does not mean that you have to do without a retreat to relax and unwind. You can find an example in the image below. The space available in this garden is limited, but it was possible to combine a relaxation area with natural plants.

If you think that deckchairs are only suitable for the pool area, you are wrong. Because even in a natural garden you can relax on a comfortable deck chair. When the rest of the garden is filled with plants, vegetable patches, or trees, you can turn the garden corner into your own retreat.

Mix Up The Textures Underfoot

Break up large expanses of paving by adding low-growing plants in between the slabs

Softening large, paved areas with just a handful of plants is better for wildlife and your wellbeing, too.

An issue long championed by the RHS as part of their Greening Grey Britain campaign, they have discovered that the UK’s front gardens are ‘disappearing at an alarming rate more than 4.5 million of them contain no plants at all, and a quarter of front gardens are now totally paved over.’

Replacing a few stone slabs with sun-loving creepers such as ajuga, thyme, stonecrop or New Zealand burr can make a huge difference. Fast-growing and drought-tolerant, these miniature beauties all form dense, compact flowering mats that will handle being crushed occasionally and re-root easily in gravel.

Covered in tiny blooms during the warmer months, they also attract insects and pollinators, turning an often gray and barren area of our homes into a valuable natural resource ideal if you’re looking for a more wildlife-friendly garden. Plus, the contrast in textures looks gorgeous, too.

Sharpen Up Your Front Yard’s Boundaries

100 Simple and Wonderful Front Yard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

These Cedar fence panels are from London Stone

No matter how lush or beautiful the plants are, a fresh backdrop can make all the difference. There are plenty of smart and contemporary front garden walls and garden fence ideas out there, and they can make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your plot.

In front gardens, where perhaps appearances matter most, it’s worth seeking out a design and finish that complements your property’s exterior and any existing planting that you wish to keep.

Dark stained timber or composite fence panels immediately throw dark green and purple foliage into relief while Corten steel screens and rich-toned timber such as these cedar panels accentuate lime and lighter foliage. Add in extra flowers and foliage plants such as heuchera and carex that echo the color of your chosen boundary to tie the finished look together.

Checkered Flower And Paver Garden

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Do you have a large open area in your garden? Reduce your workload with this clever checkered pattern. It looks striking, and youll only have to do half of the watering and weeding.

For maximum drama, choose light-colored pavers that contrast with your flowers its a great way to brighten a dark corner.

Have Your Path Set The Tempo Of The Space

This is a lovely space. The plants suggest a cottage garden feel, accentuated by the arbour, wooden gate and the lone chair.

What ties it together is the expanding and contracting path of gravel and stone pavers. Its simple, but gives the space little points to inhale and exhale as you move through it.

It would have been easy to have a simple gravel path with straight edges even using the same materials. But this one little addition really makes the space.

Make sure you explore different widths and patterns for your paths and garden beds, so you dont miss opportunities like this.

Back To The Landscape Design Photo Shown Above

Notice that I used the Table Top Juniper on both ends of this planting and I used three of them in each place. Plants are much more effective when you use them in multiple numbers and its usually easier to work them into the planting if you use odd numbers. A loose landscape design rule to follow is . . .

Relaxing Corner Garden Ideas

Landscape Design Installation and Services Monmouth County NJ ...

A row of Phyllostachys bamboo plants is planted both functionally as a privacy screen and brings a lot of relaxation and freshness to the garden as well. By using a bench in your garden, you will add the easy feature of making the garden seem cozier.

It would be a great idea to plant some flowers in your garden to make it look more attractive. Also, add an artistic touch through the statues surrounding it.

Cutting Into Yard Decks Corner

Talking about corner yard landscaping ideas, careful planning is very important for certain. You should observe every small aspect of the landscape before changing them.

In this case, the homeowner did smart moves. He trimmed the corner of the deck. This undoubtedly makes the sightlines more attractive. It creates a better connection between the surrounding nature and man-made work as well.

Moreover, the outdoor space has a harmonious appearance, thanks to the minimalist deck design. The wood decking boards are simple yet striking. Well, this area is perfect for sitting back and enjoying the jaw-dropping views.

Cascade Landscape With Pots And Planted Bushes

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Ground plants like different evergreen bushes can be complemented by flower pots if the entry to the house has wide stairs as in the photo above or in case that you are having a small yard that doesnt allow planting of all the flowers you would like to.

This is a simple landscaping idea that will add a variety of colors thanks to the blooming potted plants. The garden around the house will look like a floral cascade that welcomes everyone with its aroma and colors.

Planting Beds With Different Levels

Are you looking for sensible landscaping solutions for your corner garden? Take a chance on this garden design. The stacked stone gardening beds here are a lovely addition to the yard.

They make the most of their innate attractiveness. In addition, rock garden beds are decorative. On the top tier, there are small bushes, and on the bottom, there are flowers.

Mass Grasses Beneath The Trees

Small Landscape Design Ideas (10 Secrets)

The designer, Clyde Oak, talks about his design process in the Medium article. He mentions he only uses three plants here, and how less is often more in landscape design.

I tend to agree, and love the effect of the feathered grasses mass planted beneath the light green pepper trees.

This space is less functional not really an access way or to create privacy. Its much more a space to enjoy being in, and looking at.

To create something similar youd need to find grass and trees that create a similar feel in your region, determine how much space they need to grow, and plant them appropriately.

They would be quite unusual and fairly low maintenance. That said, youd want to periodically prune them to ensure the area doesnt become a tangled mess.

So, having looked through these different examples, its time to see how to apply some to your space by outlining the other steps in the design process.

If you have read my landscaping ideas posts before, Steps 1,2 & 3 are the same.

You will still want to do them you just wont need to read through them, so Ive hidden them to reduce clutter. Where I discuss something relevant to designing the side of a house, Ill keep the text visible to you dont miss anything.

If this is your first time here, simply click on the heading to see the step in more detail.

Butterfly Bush In Pot

Shrubs are the ultimate best buy when it comes to filling container gardens. They deliver strong color all season long, even year-round in warmer zones. After spending their first season in a container, you can transition shrubs to a permanent home in a planting bed, where theyll enhance your landscape for years to come. Its not hard to design container gardens with a few shrubs in the mix. This galvanized tub features a patriotic theme with red Superbena Scarlet Star verbena, Superbells White calibrachoa and blue-purple dwarf butterfly bush , which grows 2 feet tallan ideal shrub size for a pot. Hardy in Zones 5-9.

Stately urns or traditional stone and resin pots of flowers and foliage will catch a buyer’s eye, but they don’t suit every home style. Galvanized tubs, half barrels and other informal containers add charm to cottages, ranch houses, mountain retreats, log cabins, farmhouses and more. This blue-purple butterfly bush,Lo & Behold ‘Lilac Chip’ Buddleia, grows 18 to 30 inches tall and plays nicely with redSuperbena Scarlet Star verbenaandSuperbells White calibrachoas. The butterfly bush is hardy in Zones 5-9, while the other plants are annuals in cold winter areas.

Tip:When combining plants, be sure they have the same basic needs for water and light.

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