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Cheap Landscape Ideas For Backyard

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How To Dry Up A Wet And Muddy Yard

10 Cheap Landscaping ideas for Small Backyards

Building a French drain is the most effective method of drying off a wet or muddy yard. It is a pipe that is installed in the ground to drain rainwater from your yard. It is a simple and cost-effective solution that you can implement on your own to limit the amount of water that runs through your yard.

Improve Edging Around Your Patio

If you have an existing patio, you can expand its visual impact while minimizing the lawn space youre responsible for watering by adding a landscaping buffer. The most inexpensive option is to dig out a trench around the existing patio and fill it with mulch. One step up from that, landscaping stones can add a more refined touchwith the added benefit that they dont need to be replaced on a regular basis, like mulch.

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, landscaping stones may be less expensive than you would imagine. Decomposed granite may be available for just $25 per ton, popular pea gravel is $30 to $60 per ton and smooth river rocks cost $80 to $250 per ton. There may be additional fees for delivery, and installation costs an average of $50 to $100 per hour around the country.

However, with the long-lasting impact that it will provide your backyard landscaping, the addition of rock is a relatively cheap landscaping project that will pay off year after year.

Draw The Eye Up With Hanging Flowers

Wisteria flowers look like a chandelier.

It can be easy to focus on the ground when designing your backyard garden, but dont forget that you can hang plants, too. Use hanging baskets or pots to draw the eye up and take advantage of vertical space, which might work particularly well for small backyards with limited square footage.

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Add Some Inexpensive Landscape Lighting

Discussing cheap landscaping ideas for the backyard without talking about backyard lighting would be a mistake. There are so many inexpensive ways to brighten up and improve the look of your lawn simply by adding some lighting. This is one budget landscaping idea where you definitely dont have to break the bank. In some cases, you dont have to spend any money at all.

Are you a Christmas junkie? Do you love decorating your home for Christmas and other seasonal holidays by using string lights? String lighting is a simple and inexpensive way to brighten up just about any area. If you already have some that you use every year, break them out the next time you give a garden party.

Many traditional string lights that are used for Christmas decorating are dark green in color. Im not talking about the light bulbs themselves, but the wire coating and the housing for the bulbs. This makes them perfect for adding to so many backyard landscaping projects.

Their dark green color is virtually invisible in trees, shrubs, and around other plants that are similar in color. This means you dont have a gaudy and unattractive appearance when the lights arent being used. You can also paint string lighting any color you want so it fits into your particular situation.

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Put Gardening Woes To Bed

50 Backyard Landscaping Ideas with Minimum Budget  SWEETYHOMEE ...

Raised garden beds are the perfect solution for a yard frequently plagued by pests or weeds. This cheap landscaping idea comes together in less than a day with wooden boards and a handful of screws. The deep and wide basin offers plenty of room to grow a thriving edible garden full of your favorite seasonal vegetables. The ledge at the top of the bed adds a little flourish to the raised bed.

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Create Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

Build an outdoor kitchen using reclaimed materials

If you love alfresco dining and entertaining, why not check out how to design an outdoor kitchen area in your garden? If you’re handy at DIY it can easily be done on the cheap using wooden pallets, some worktop offcuts, an old Butler’s sink, and a few reclaimed buys to make a practical space.

Alternatively, if your DIY skills aren’t up to the job, you could hire a carpenter to craft your outdoor kitchen ideas from the same inexpensive recycled materials and offcuts. Even taking into account the cost of the labor, it will still be a cheaper option than buying a brand-new outdoor kitchen from a specialist company.

Cook Up An Outdoor Kitchen

BBQ tastes better in an outdoor kitchen.

If the pandemic taught us anything its that sometimes a grill is just not enoughspring for an outdoor kitchen when it comes to revamping your backyard landscaping design. Think about proximity to gas, water, and electrical hookups as you plan.

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Plant Perennials Or Succulents Around Your Home

Rather than buying new plants, use some perennials or succulents to quickly and easily improve your yard. Smaller varieties can work as a border that you simply fill in with flowers or grasses once theyve grown. If your outdoor space is mostly dirt, then succulents are an easy way to add color and benefit from low-maintenance plants that require hardly any irrigation or fertilization.

You can also save money by using perennials as ground cover in the spots where grass wont grow. Even if it dies off over winter youll have a blank slate come springtime.

Easy Raised Garden Beds For Sloped Land

Low Cost Backyard Ideas

I love raised garden beds because its easier to manage rogue weeds! Even if a few weeds sprout up its straightforward enough to spot them when theyre inside of your raised garden bed.

Building raised beds on a slope is a genius use of space and uses less building materials especially compared to constructing them on flat land.

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Install An Outdoor Conversation Pit

A sunken back yard with a cozy sectional and firepit.

Conversation pits became popular architectural features in the 1950s and found fame through the 1970s. The built-in seating in a depressed section of a room is an idea that can be transported into a backyard. Create an outdoor version of the midcentury staple with wooden benches, gravel, and a modern firepit.

How To Plan Your Backyard Landscape

Before you head to your local The Home Depot Garden Center to buy plants, patio furniture or landscaping supplies, you need to have a plan. You don’t need to be a professional landscape designer to develop landscape designideas. An easy way to develop a landscape plan is to sketch it down on paper.

  • Measure the backyard area you want to landscape and transfer the basic dimensions to graph paper.
  • In one corner of the paper, mark the direction north. This will help you remember the type of sunlight that parts of the landscape get during the day.
  • Sketch in areas you want to add to your landscape. Include large features like water features or hardscapes you want to add. Roughly sketch in new garden beds or areas in which you want new trees or shrubs.
  • Add in the details. Color in trees, shrubs and garden beds, as well as patio areas. This will help bring the landscape plan to life. Sketch in the details of the paver stones or brick. These details will help you envision the overall picture.
  • Make a list. Now that you have a plan of your landscape, you can get all the tools and supplies for landscaping your backyard.

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Plant A Tree Or More For A Contemporary Cheap Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Trees are a beautiful and budget-friendly solution for any front yard. This idea is recommended by professionals for small front yards. One big tree could be the main focal point. You can invest in mature tree specimens to make them attractive right away, but you can save money by purchasing saplings instead of older trees.

If you live near a busy road, trees can also help block unattractive views and keep out noise and air pollution. Converting carbon dioxide in the air to oxygen brings great benefits to nature.

You can also plant multi-trunked trees to create an elegant canopy layered underplanting. Or, you can also plant them alone to make a striking structural statement to create an architectural showpiece.

The cost of a tree with planting work will vary greatly depending on the species you plan to plant in your front yard, but expect it to be $1,000 or more, while a young tree wont exceed $100.

Stock Tank Swimming Pool Built Into The Slope

Yard Landscaping Ideas Budget Small Backyard

I love the creativity of this sloped landscape! Who else wants to go for a dip? Having a hilly yard was never so relaxing and refreshing!

Dont think you cant have the luxuries in life just because youre on a tight budget!

This excellent swimming pool built into a sloped backyard derives from a stock tank. You may be able to pick a secondhand tank up for very little money or even barter or swap!

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Seek Out Free Plants And Landscaping Services

  • A friend of mine lives on a very busy corner. She needed landscaping done and called a new company that had left a flyer on her door. They offered organic landscaping services. She offered to let them put a sign in her yard in exchange for free service. They agreed and did her yard. Now they are getting more business than ever as a result of being able to use her yard as an example. This works especially well for companies that are first starting out and need referrals.
  • Drive by houses that are having construction or renovation done. I have found perfectly good rose bushes on the curb because the owner didnt want to care for plants that needed a lot of maintenance.
  • When I go to yard sales, I frequently see unusual plants in sellers yards. I will admire the plant and ask where they bought it, or ask if I can buy a root cutting, etc. Most people are so flattered at the compliment that they will give me the cutting rather than charge anything. I always remember to carry a plastic bag and a few gardening tools in the car, so I dont have to inconvenience them while they are tending their yard sale.
  • Nurseries will sell dying or broken plants at a discount . Ask them to give you a deal on quantity or anything that is likely to be thrown out. Dont forget to check with them at the end of the season when the planting season is over. You can find the best deals then.
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    Install Edging Around Plants

    When considering landscaping ideas for the front of the house, always look at the simplest solutions first. Existing planting beds are a good place to start. If your planting beds are borderless, adding a border to the edges is one of the most impactful upgrades you can make. Popular edging options include low-profile steel edging, bricks, precast concrete pavers and stone and wooden timbers.

    Borders give your beds a clean, defined look. They also help control weeds and keep mulch in place. Costs vary by material, so first determine a budget and then consider your options. Take the style of your home and landscape into account, and choose a material that complements the overall design.

    Chopped stone or custom welded steel can be used to create geometric, modern beds that reinforce clean, straight lines and add strict symmetry. Dry-stacked natural rock lends a naturalistic, rustic look. Brick borders are traditional and formal, and precast concrete pavers give a tidy, contoured edge and are easy to install by yourself.

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    Create A Relaxing Meditation Space

    Photo via

    Give your outdoor living space a facelift with a calming meditation space. Find a secluded spot in your yard and set up large pillows and blankets for lounging and a table for incense. If your relaxation station is near a tree, hang decorative ornaments or a swinging chair for some extra flair.

    Make A Statement With Color

    5 DIY Landscaping Tips on a Budget

    The walls in this space are painted in ‘Mazarine 256’ intelligent masonry paint and the table legs in ‘Mono 218’ intelligent exterior eggshell, both from Little Greene

    A lick of paint, no matter its color, can do wonders in smartening up a lackluster space. And, seeing as you only need to buy the paint and a few brushes, it’s an affordable update to make.

    To really turn heads this season, why not create a statement feature wall with a bold hue? This vibrant blue will instantly make a space feel on-trend.

    ‘Decorating the exterior not only weatherproofs and protects your home, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to add design personality to the outdoor space,’ says Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director of Little Greene . ‘I love to use color in unexpected or surprising ways to update an outside area. Even the smallest outdoor space can be transformed with a splash of color into a place in which to escape and retreat to at the end of the day.’

    It’s a perfect solution if you’re after low maintenance garden ideas, too.

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    Pick Your Plants Precisely

    Sure, those tropical carrion flowers are incredibly beautiful, and as a bonus, they smell like rotting meat. But are they really going to thrive in a backyard in Boulder?

    If your green thumb actually has coloration that’s closer to black than jade, take heed — you can’t pick and choose plants willy-nilly and expect them to survive in your yard. You can easily spend hundreds or thousands of dollars hoping that various a species or two will finally stay alive for more than a week or two. Or you might spend that much trying to eliminate a non-native, invasive plant that has taken control of the entire place after you made the boneheaded mistake of planting it.

    For starters, you can get a rough idea of whether a plant will survive by checking an interactive map like the ones from the National Gardening Association, Better Homes and Gardens, or Mother Earth News. But don’t depend on solely little colored climate region maps that supposedly show places that are suited for certain plant types. Success depends on more than weather patterns. Soil type, other plant life, animals, and many other variables also factor into the equation.

    When it comes to picking plants, experienced local gardeners can offer tips that will save you a ton of time and money. Local government agencies, like a county extension and university horticulturists, also are happy to help you determine which plants work best in the area, and how to avoid the kinds of foliage that amount to no more than pestilence.

    Incorporate Edging For A Simple But Powerful Change

    Edging your landscape beds is one of those simple task that can have a really big impact. It makes plant bed lines look crisp and clean. Weve also written about how edging can reduce maintenance.

    Edging can be achieved by physically cutting the edge in with a sharp tool, but this will require ongoing maintenance to keep that edge fully intact. For that reason, a lot of homeowners like the idea of adding decorative edges or edgestones to their plant beds.

    This creates that delineation, adds some visual pop, and wont need to be repeatedly maintained like a cut edge would need to be.

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    Change The Focal Point Of Your Yard

    If your yard is full of grass, consider adding a fountain or fire pit as the main focal point instead. This will give you endless options for landscaping around it and transform your yard from boring to beautiful in no time! Try using a large outdoor urn or planting some tall plants as a backdrop to give your landscape real depth and visual interest.

    Preparing Your Garden For Spring

    20 Cheap Landscaping Ideas For Backyard

    The warmer temperature and the flurry of activity in your garden is more than enough to compel anyone to do a little spring gardening. Heres a brief checklist of the things that you might want to do to prepare your garden for spring. Off to the right start Before you focus your attention on gardening,

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    See How We Used Lights And Lanterns In Our Backyard During The Fall

    Dont forget that candles and tiki torches are considered outdoor lighting too! These are budget friendly options that you can often find at Lowes or Home Depot! Just dont be afraid to be creative or try new things. If they dont work no problem, because you didnt spend a lot on them. If they do work, then you are frugal landscaping genius!

    Create A Plant Container Focal Point

    Arrange four 12-inch by 12-inch concrete stepping stones into a square patternperhaps on a patch of your lawn that refuses to growleaving 1/2 inch to 1 inch between the stones. “Shop” around your yard, shed, and garage, or peruse online listings for plant pots of various shapes and sizes. Fill the containers with potting soil and affordable 4-inch plants from a garden store . Group the pots together on the pavers to create a dramatic focal point. Work to achieve various heights for greater interest. Turn an old pail upside down and place a pot on it, for example, to add some height.

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