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Bill And Dave’s Landscape

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Our Firm Also Works With Local Water Agencies In Regards To Any Rebates They May Be Offering To Help Offset The Cost Of Projects Like These

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With water run off being a hot topic in most cities we understand minimizing this problem is a very important issue. We can achieve this by adding retention ponds in the landscapes our team designs. These retention ponds allow the water that runs off the hardscape to be captured and allowed to percolate back into the ground water. Not only does this help replenish our natural aquifers it also helps filter what is known as the first flush during a rain event.

The first flush is when a rain event occurs after a substantial period of not receiving any rain. All the contaminants that are on the hardscape are washed off and would normally go down the drain and out into either the ocean or a natural habitat. By retaining the water on site, the contaminants can be filtered through a bio retention pond before heading off site. These basins and swales are crucial in any landscape to minimize the environmental impact we have on the local wildlife and their environment.

Waiting For Payment From Bill And Dave’s Landscape Maintenance

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Send an Invoice Reminder.Other contractors send an invoice reminder 15 and 25 days after sending an invoice.

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Send a Notice of Intent to Liento push for payment and avoid a mechanics lien. A notice of intent to lien results in payment on more than 95% of projects.

Bill And Daves Is Committed To Providing Our Customers With A Beautiful Water Wise Landscape That Always Looks Professionally Manicured And Maintained

Are you looking for a commercial landscaping service that specializes in commercial landscape maintenance and construction? Bill and Daves Landscape Maintenance and Construction specializes in landscape installation and maintenance of office buildings, retail centers, warehouses, educational facilities, municipalities, multi-family living, and HOAs.

We offer all-inclusive commercial landscape maintenance from landscaping services to all inclusive porter services throughout Riverside, Orange, and San Bernardino counties. Since our founding in 1986 we have demonstrated our firm to be one of the leading providers of professional exterior property services for commercial, HOA, school districts and municipal customers of all types. We provide ongoing maintenance as well as landscape construction services for projects of any size. Our professionals are trained and equipped to handle all of your exterior property needs. We take pride in consistently providing excellent service and results for our clients throughout Southern California.

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Bill And Dave’s Landscape Maintenance’s Past Projects And Payment History

Bill and Dave’s Landscape Maintenance has worked on 6 jobs in the last 12 months.Subs and vendors reported being paid on-time on 100% of projects. This contractor scores a C for payment and ranks in the top 5% of small U.S. contractors.

There are no reported instances of slow payment in the last 12 months for Bill and Dave’s Landscape Maintenance. You can continue to browse their payment performance and typical contract terms.

Daves Landscape Management Company

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Are you tired of chasing 4 different contractors to take care of all your outdoor needs? Maybe youd rather spend time with friends & family instead of slaving over your yard every weekend.Daves Landscape management is a full service landscape company offering complete maintenance, construction, irrigation, tree work, lighting, outdoor Christmas decorating & snow & ice services to both residential & commercial clients in the Metrowest area. Were large enough to be a jack of all trades on a company level but our crews are specialized to provide the highest level of quality service, personal attention, & professional follow through at a great value.

Our mission is to make our community more beautiful by blending people with nature…one yard at a time.

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What People Say

These guys have been so quick to respond and act every time weve called them! They are honest and trustworthy! The owner personally came out late one evening when I had a question, and his crew came out the following morning. Theyve all been such a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!

Monica D, Sun City, CA

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