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Best Wifi Landscape Lighting Controller

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Best Wifi Landscape Lighting Controller

How to Install Wi-Fi Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Best Wifi Landscape Lighting Controller. Get it as soon as wednesday, jun 8. An analog timer is simply a mechanical timer.

Sold by lightkiwi and ships from amazon fulfillment. There are a number of options to control a landscape lighting system with a transformer using a smart device. The plug is a substantial 4.9 x 2.4 x 2.3 inches, but housed.


Best best choice controller landscape lighting top 7 wifi. This is an excellent transformer that offers nice aesthetics and good power performance.


The mechanical gears inside the timer rotate to turn the timer’s outer clock face. All you need is wifi or a data connection.


Through the app, the homeowner can dim or brighten the lights, change the time the lights turn on and off or change the color of the lights if the system has that feature. Learn more about the best landscape lighting transformer on the market!


Sold by lightkiwi and ships from amazon fulfillment. Best wifi landscape lighting controller types of comparison tables 2022.


9 rows comparison table of best wifi landscape lighting controllers: Ip66 waterproof rgb complete color changing landscape lights kit bluetooth app control, 48 watts.

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Dekorkonnect Wifi Light Controller

$194.38 CAD

DEKORKONNECT enables wireless control of your DEKOR® installation from anywhere in the world. Enjoy remote control of your lights when youre at home or away. Fine-tune brightness, set schedules, and see the status of all your zones from the easy-to-use Bond Home app on your mobile device, even when youre nowhere near home. The obstructed range is 150 ft, with a range of 200+ ft unobstructed.

Curious about setup? Watch our quick setup videos below.

Benefits When The Use Of Wifi Landscape Lighting Controller

When you buy a wifi landscape lighting controller, it has several benefits, including convenience and safety.

1. Putting the control of your system in your hands, you can schedule times when your lights will turn on or off. You can also choose to dim them according to your preference, saving energy and money.

2. You dont have to worry about manually switching your lights on or off because the timer settings will do this for you.

This is also a convenient way of ensuring that you dont come home to a dark house after work, especially if there are children at home.

3. Safety is another big issue for outdoor lighting fixtures and systems. With these controllers, you can ensure that your landscape lighting is turned off when theres a lightning storm.

4. Since you are scheduling times for your lights to turn on or off, you can also do this even before arriving home, so it would be easier to find your house key.

5. If you have pets at home, you can also use your controller to create an outdoor lighting plan that will keep your furry friends from getting caught outside of the fence.

6. The wifi landscape lighting controllers installation is effortless, and depending on the model, this can already come with a power adapter you need to plug into an electrical outlet.

Just make sure that there is no moisture or wetness to install the system. If you want something more permanent, you can hire an electrician to help you install it.

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Wifi Led Controller Is The Trend Of Led Controller

Due to the precise control and convenient programming and storage function, WiFi LED controller has become more and more popular with LED users all over the world. More importantly, it is able to perfectly integrate with intelligent control systems. So, WiFi LED controller is the trend for LED controllers. It can be used as a smart LED strip controller, WiFi landscape lighting controller, WiFi Christmas light controller, and many more.

WiFi LED controller not only has the trend of intelligent control, but also has the trend of multi-functional integration, such as the 5 in 1 WiFi LED Controller that we are going to explain more in details.

The 5-in-1 WiFi LED controller is powerful. It is perfectly compatible with intelligent lighting control Amazon Alexa. It not only accepts mobile phone WiFi control, but also is compatible with RF remote control.

This 5-in 1 WiFi LED controller is super versatile and can drive five types of LED strip lights: monochrome , tunable white, RGB, RGBW, and RGB+CCT. The WiFi controller is compatible with Apple or Android mobile device.

Dewenwils 120w Smart Wi

Holman Wi

as of August 19, 2022 3:04 pm


  • Voice Control & Remote ControlDewenwils smart low voltage transformer works with Alexa and Google Home Assistant, control your landscaping lights by simply giving voice commands to it or by your smartphone no hub required.
  • Schedule & Timer Function5 Timer modes are available- programmable timer/ countdown timer/ astronomic timer/ holiday random/ security random modes. By astronomical timer mode, the lighting turns on automatically at dusk and off at dawn. 120W, convert 120V AC household voltage to 12V AC safety voltage, providing a safer and more practical electrical current level.
  • Easy to Set & InstallConnect it to the internet through Wi-Fi network for controlling spotlights anywhere and anytime. Built-in hanging hole, 3.3ft power cable, mount it on outdoor walls directly.
  • Safe & WeatherproofOverload protection, it automatically breaks off when the current exceeds threshold, preventing plugged-in devices from damage, protecting your lights safely. High performance metal material, protects the transformer from rain, snow, dust and abrasion, withstands years of use.
  • Wide ApplicationCompatible with all 12V low voltage LED, halogen landscape lighting, like spotlight, pathway light, garden light, water feature etc. You can connect to a maximum of twelve Wi-Fi low voltage transformers via the app.

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Customer Rating For The Best Wifi Landscape Lighting Controller

The best wifi landscape lighting controller can be found by reading what people talk about in online reviews. The company is one of the trusted places for people with diverse tastes to find their ideal choice. Whether you’re looking for something comfortable or stylish, our search will lead you to products for every occasion and at every price point. What are you waiting for? Find your personal review today through these sites:

The Best Control / Timer For Your Outdoor Landscape Lighting System

With different smart home automation control systems, automating your outdoor lighting is becoming as simple as plugging your transformer into the wall and letting your smart home know, via app, when you’d like your lights turned on & off.

With a variety of different transformer control systems available, there is bound to be a control system suited to your specific needs & budget.

What is the best control for your outdoor lighting system? Well that really depends on what your needs are and what you are looking to have your controller do for you.

There are two types of transformers: ones with an integrated control that can’t be switched out, and ones with space available inside for plug and play. We are going to be taking a look at some of the controls that are used in transformers that can have their controls swapped out and outfitted differently.

In this blog, we will go over a number of different control systems. Some control systems are fairly basic, others can be a bit more sophisticated. As we take a look at some of these control systems, we will do our best to hit on some of the pros and cons of each.

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Smart Outdoor Lighting Gen 2

The next generation of Brilliance Smart Socket is even better. They modified the position of the wiring, so that it fits even better into Landscape Lighting Transformers. The landscape lighting is easy to control using the Brilliance app from my iPhone to change run times, change the light colors and dim the landscape lighting.

What? Did he say colors?

Yes! Colored outdoor lights, traditionally associated with hardscape and cacti in the Western Region of the U.S., have made their way to Alabama!

Full disclosure, I really wasnt sure if we would like colored outdoor lighting in our back yard. We rarely see them where we live in Birmingham, AL. Will it be too West Coast to have colored lights? I wondered. Will we like them?

Are you thinking, Why now? Why did colored outdoor lighting arrive with Wifi control of landscape lighting?

The answer is Brilliance Gen 2 Smart Socket also works with Brilliance LED Chameleon lamps. The Chameleon LED Lamps have the built-in ability to change color. Consequently you gain the creativity of colored outdoor lighting and the control from the Brilliance App. So I tested them for Blue Sky Rain Sprinkler Specialists and Landscape Lighting customers. And we love them! Now we have a green wall fountain, a blue dogwood and a purple large oak in my dusk landscape lights. The colored lights are a fun addition to my many 2700 kelvin uplights and path lights. We love it!

Wifi Light Controller Set

How to Control your Landscape Lighting with Wi-Fi

The DEKORKONNECT wireless controller is compatible with all DEKOR® power supplies and Transconnect cables. We do not recommend controlling more than 60W with a single controller, so high-power installations should be split into zones using multiple controllers and our 5-Way or Y splitters. Do calculations for a 60W controller here or contact our support department to further discuss your project and how to use the DEKORKONNECT.

The free Bond Home app is available for iOS and Android in the App Store and on Google Play respectively. This app provides access to all features via your smartphone, including smart home integration and live support, so youre never left in the dark.


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Wifi / Bluetooth Smart Control

There are numerous different products that offer you the ability to outfit your lighting system with a control operated smart device. There are several different products out there that offer a variety of different features. Rather than get into the specifics of each, what we’ll do is briefly skim over some of the neat features of this type of control system.

1. On / Off Can be set

2. You can manually turn your lights on and off with your phone.

3. With certain systems, this can even be done when you are away from home.

4. Certain systems give you the ability to dim your lighting and control different zones.

5. Advanced systems give you the ability to control the color of your lights.


1. If you are looking to have full control over numerous aspects of your lighting system, a smart control is a good fit for you.


1. This is not as affordable as some of the other timers we previously mentioned.

2. These systems are pretty incredible in terms of the control they provide, but just keep in mind that they often come with an incredible price tag. Smart design & strategic planning can certainly save time & experience when considering these options.

For Entertaining: Philips Hue White And Color Ambiance Calla Bollard

Compatible with: Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, IFTTT, SmartThings

Who its for: This light is for anyone who likes to entertain outdoors and has a pool or patio area, or a large yard. Besides lighting your way, multicolor path lights can match the scenery or add a splash of color whenever you want it.

Why its great: Though the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Calla Bollard is the most expensive of our picks, its also the best-looking outdoor smart lighting fixture we tested. Its bright enough to illuminate landscaping or to light the way for family and friends enjoying a late-night dip in the pool or a backyard barbecue. If you like to add variety to your backyard, you can shift the Calla through 16 million colors to complement any activity, holiday, or mood.

Each Calla Bollard measures 10 inches high, but the 600-lumen LED on top takes up less than 3 inches of that. Included in the base kit are a power supply and a cord, which allow you to place the unit up to 11½ feet away from a covered outlet and can support up to five lights. The cords are thick and should withstand the elements, though we recommend running them against the side of the house or through shrubbery, to prevent tripping or lawn-mower mishaps.

The Calla Bollard doesnt have a built-in motion sensor, but Philips Hue does offer a separate outdoor sensor, which you can use to configure your lights to automatically turn on when someone or something walks by.

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Top 7 Best Wifi Landscape Lighting Controller

There are many network-enabled devices on the technology market, but not all of them are qualified enough. Some items may be over your budget others may not live up to your expectation. What to do?

If you are a newbie to the high-tech world, the text below is for you. To meet consumer demand, we have listed the top 7 best wifi landscape lighting controllers and other information about utilizing the machine.

I hope this helps you make the best choice!

Classic White Wifi Landscape Lighting System

Holman Wi

Need a classic white, wireless outdoor landscape lighting system? With the Stratus WiFi Transformer, our smart low voltage WiFi enabled lighting transformer, our simple, mobile app, and our high quality LED fixtures, be the envy of the block with a classic look for any season. Control and schedule your lighting from anywhere.

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Find The Best Wifi Landscape Lighting Controller By Reading Online Reviews

The best wifi landscape lighting controller can be found by reading what people talk about in online reviews. The company is one of the trusted places for people with diverse tastes to find their ideal choice. Whether you’re looking for something comfortable or stylish, our search will bring you to the best wifi landscape lighting controller for every occasion and at every price point. What are you waiting for? Find your personal review today through these sites:

1.2. How to Choose the best wifi landscape lighting controller Based on Customer Reviews

Finding the best wifi landscape lighting controller based on customer reviews can be difficult when you need something really useful and beat the competition in value, quality, and design. Instead of trying every item until you find the “right” one, consider consulting other customers who have purchased it before! Online review sites like this one help you find the best wifi landscape lighting controller based on customer reviews. Popular review sites are the best because they have a large audience to attract.

1.3.How to choose the best wifi landscape lighting controller by reading online reviews

Finding the best wifi landscape lighting controller by reading online reviews can be difficult when you need something that truly outperforms the competition in value, quality, and design. Instead of trying every item until you find the “right” one, consider consulting other customers who have purchased it before!

Wifi Transformers And Color Changing Products

October 6, 2021Travis Lerdahl

Natural Night-Scapes remains informed on the most user-friendly control systems. Weve recently been seeing a lot of color-changing controls, finally in low-voltage.

Natural Night-Scapes was the first in the Midwest to install a full-color changing, app-based, zoning lighting system in early 2016. We are proud to continue these projects through Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.

Our systems are currently compatible for integration with Lutron, Creston, and Control 4.

They give the ability to create custom lighting themes for any type of atmosphere. These themes can be changed with just a couple of quick swipes on your smartphone.

These features come in handy during the design phase. With many color and dimming options, we have more confidence in the ability to fine-tune your new lighting system during our testing phase.

The FX Luminair Luxor ZDC lighting controller provides the ability to create a spectrum of 30,000 colors using RGBW LED technology with all the same zoning and dimming features as the Luxor ZD. With the ZDC, custom colors can be created for outdoor holiday displays, team spirit themes, company colors, or special events. Color temperatures can be adjusted to match vegetation and architecture, offering unique landscape looks throughout the year.

  • No matter where light is within a system, it can communicate with the transformer to receive its schedule, dimming percentage, and group

  • Astronomical Timing Function with Map Placement

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Malibu 120 Watt Power Pack With Sensor And Weather Shield For Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Spotlight Outdoor Transformer 120v Input 12v Output 8100

2 new from $76.99 as of August 19, 2022 3:04 pm


  • Multi Function Transformer: AUTO-dusk to dawn sensor that detects dusk and dawn to turn the lights on and off TIMER-turn on and turn off on the set time 4/6/8/10-turn on at dusk, turn off 4/6/8/10 hours later ON OFF etc
  • Wide Application: The output voltage is 12V AC safe working voltage and compatible with all 12V AC low voltage LED and Halogen landscape lighting system, such as spotlight, pathway light, flood light.
  • Weatherproof: The control panel and mode switching dial can be covered with the attached door, weatherproof and durable, enables it to withstand tough weather conditions over time so that it can effectively protect the transformer
  • Easy Installation & Simple to use: The plug of the transformer can be inserted into 120V household power supply, the low-voltage cable can be directly connect to the output port at the bottom of the transformer. Two hanging holes on the back and attached mounting screws for installing transformers. Turn the dial to switch the mode, and the LED display screen is easy to check and set the TIMER. The light sensor is equipped with a power cord for placement flexibility
  • Best After Sales Service: Despite our best effortswe still can’t guarantee that our product are 100% trouble-free. So if you encounter any issues when you use it, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours, we are willing and will do our best to help you solve this problems

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