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Best Way To Market Landscaping Business

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Initiate A Lawn Care Loyalty Program

Lawn Care Business How To Advertise – Complete Marketing Strategy for 2022!!!

The lifeblood of any lawn care and landscaping business is regular customers. Encouraging a lead to sign up for a long-term contract is the holy grail of success. Individual jobs are typically less valuable. One way to improve your success rate here is to launch your own loyalty program. The general concept is that the more services someone buys, the cheaper they get. You could also have a system where customers who purchase ten regular visits get the eleventh on the house. There are many ways you can roll out your loyalty program, but youll need to balance any freebies with profitability, so youre not losing money.

On Your Website Explain The Services You Offer And The Benefits Your Business Gives Customers

When starting a landscaping business, building a website that explains your services to potential customers is crucial. To get customers for your landscaping business, make sure your website explains the services you offer and the benefits your landscaping business offers customers. You also have to have a way for customers to contact you on your website.

To create a website for your landscaping business, follow these steps:

  • Choose a domain name that reflects the type of services you will offer.
  • Create your website using easy-to-use web hosting and design tool like Mighty Sites.
  • Add images of your work on your website so visitors can see how skilled and creative you are at landscaping design.
  • List references or testimonials from satisfied clients on the website so visitors can read about their experiences with your landscaping business.
  • Highlight What Makes Your Business Unique

    There are dozens of landscaping and lawn care maintenance contractors out there. How do you make sure that customers choose your business out of everyone else?

    It isnt enough to just list your landscaping services in your lawn care marketing materials. Everyone does that.

    You need to have a unique selling proposition . This is what makes your landscaping business have an advantage over your competition. Your USP should be something that your business does well and that your customers want. Because what use is pushing a service that nobody needs anyway?

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    Why You Need To Create A Detailed Marketing Plan For Your Lawn Care Business

    Many small business owners fail to realize the importance of putting together an annual marketing plan. An annual marketing plan will guide you and your business the same way that a map does, pointing you in the right direction towards achieving your goals and KPIs.

    But before we get started on our guide to creating a lawn care marketing strategy, lets get one thing out of the way. What is marketing anyway? And how is it different from advertising?

    Think of marketing as a pie, with advertising as just one slice of the pie. Marketing involves understanding and predicting customers needs, while advertising is about communicating a businesss answers to those needs.

    If you want tips on how to advertise a lawn care business, take a look at our article on lawn care advertising ideas.

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    Q: How Long Does It Take To Become A Landscape Designer

    The Best Ways to Advertise a Landscaping Business in the Digital Age

    A: The amount of time it takes to become a landscape designer will vary depending on the path you take. If you choose to get a degree or certification in landscape design, for example, it could take anywhere from two to four years. However, if you choose to learn through an apprenticeship or online course, it could take less time.

    If you were to train with QC Design School, for instance, your online Landscape Design Course would be entirely self-paced. So, even though youd be given two years to complete it, you could use as much or as little of that time as needed. As a reference, many QC grads found that by devoting a mere 1-2 hours per week to their studies, they were able to graduate and earn their internationally-recognized certification in as little as 3 short months!

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    Leverage The Power Of Handwritten Notes

    For many, this tactic is the most unfamiliar entry on the list. Not coincidentally, its also one of the most effective. Thats because the rarity of handwritten notes in the modern world makes them such an effective way to deliver marketing messages. When someone gets a handwritten envelope in the mail, their curiosity always gets the better of them they open it.

    In fact, handwritten direct mail enjoys a 99% open rate. This is better than standard direct mail, email, PPC, etc. no other marketing tactic comes close to such a stellar performance.

    Additionally, handwritten marketing pieces feel immensely personal, as if someone at the company were writing to speak directly with each consumer. These cards have the capacity to build an instant rapport, dramatically increasing response rates relative to standard printed mailers.

    Best of all, you can send out hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of handwritten mailers without ever having to lift a pen. Simply Noteds fleet of advanced handwriting robots allows you to send out handwritten marketing campaigns as easily as email. Your prospects wont be able to tell your handwritten cards werent written by a person. Our AI-powered smart fonts ensure a thoroughly convincing handwriting experience. Theyre indistinguishable from the real thing!

    How can you use them? In all sorts of ways.

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    Start A Landscape Ppc Marketing Campaign

    Pay-per-click or PPC is a form of advertising where you pay a small fee each time someone clicks on one of your ads. PPC ads appear in carousels at the top of search results on mobile and desktop, and in the right column on desktops in blocks called knowledge cards.

    With this type of paid advertising, you have complete control over your budget, targeting, and ad placements. With some experimentation , you can find the perfect balance between your budget and positive results.

    While content marketing and SEO can take time, landscape PPC marketing creates a middle-ground between nurturing potential new clients and serving the middle of the marketing funnel by providing downloadable resources, seeking email subscription signups, and hard-selling services.

    Visitors from targeted PPC ads are 50% more likely to make a purchase than those derived from organic traffic. When you refine your research and use the correct keywords, you wont only get high-quality leads, but youll also climb in organic search engine results.

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    Before Vs After Photos

    Content isnât limited to text for landscaping businesses, one easy theme would be to build content with âbefore our workâ and âafter our workâ photos placed side-by-side in one image. You could just share this on your blog but a better option would be to create one blog post and keep adding more photos to it. Write a little about what went in between the before and after, for the content. Now use these photos and text snippets and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Remember each of these social platform works differently but you can use a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to publish to multiple social media sites at once. You can also use more sophisticated features such as scheduling and automatic posting.

    Beyond Basic Landscaper Marketing: 10 Advanced Tips To Get Landscaping Customers

    Lawn Care Marketing | How to Consolidate your lawn Mowing Business customers for CHEAP!!

    Over the past two years Ive spent a lot of time scouring YouTube and the Internet. Ive wanted to get a really good sense of what kind of marketing tips are out there for lawn and landscape companies.

    Ive made a few general observations

    • The large majority of content addressing marketing for landscapers is geared towards entrepreneurs and businesses under $2 million in annual revenue.
    • Most of the people offering these tips are either A) well-intentioned small business owners sharing their personal advice or, B) landscaping marketing agencies that specialize in small businesses.
    • And lastly, most of the popular “influencers” make money by producing videos .

    None of these things are bad. However, these landscaping marketing strategies may not apply for companies with an annual revenue of over $2M or for companies pursuing aggressive growth goals. These tips are aimed at the bulk of the landscape industry, small startup businesses.

    Just like you dont want to be Just Another Landscaper, I dont want this to be just another article about marketing for landscapers. These are not basic tips. They are specifically for companies that plan on surpassing $2M in annual revenue .

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    Target Your Marketing Efforts

    Look for ways to find the best opportunities for your business. Some jobs may be more profitable than others such as lawn care jobs that demand higher pricing such as organic treatments or landscape installations. What about upselling to existing clients? It could be as simple as reminding customers of the full range of services you offer or turning one-off jobs into maintenance jobs.

    Or perhaps you may decide that it makes more sense to invest your marketing dollars in high-density routes such as a 20-mile neighborhood radius to maximize revenues and decrease the time and cost spent traveling between jobs.

    Marketing Strategies For A Landscaping Business

    Landscape gardening is a highly rewarding industry to be in. You can make a huge impact on your individual customers. There is the potential to bring them a wonderful home or work environment. It can improve their physical and mental health. However, there are many professionals in this line of work. Therefore, getting jobs and differentiating yourself from others can be a challenge. How do you compete with other established businesses and get customers using you? It can feel like an uphill struggle.

    There are many things you can do to promote yourself. Many marketing strategies are quite small and easy to implement. However, the impact they can make is quite substantial. Take a look at our approach to developing your marketing. Many are low-cost and can have a deep impact on your work. Just taking up one or two can make an improvement to the work you are asked to do. Get your new season of jobs, working for you.

    Have a robust plan in place for marketing to ensure you complete it. Work through as a month by month and set aside a half day in your calendar to do it. Plan different activities across the year. Have a variety, with fewer in the very busy summer months. Create your plan and then measure new enquiries each month. This will help you to see what works for your specific business. Things that were particularly good, you might consider doing again.

    2. Your brand identity

    3. Market Before Busy Season

    4. Build a Great Website

    5. Make Social Media Work for You

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    What To Do On Google Business Profile To Optimize It

    You need to optimize several areas of your Google Business Profile to help boost your landscaping business.

    Your profile name and address should be the same across all platforms, including your website.

    • Include your website URL. You can even add tracked links to your contact information section to see how many people are calling or visiting your site from Google Business Profile.
    • Use all three available categories for your business. For example, if youre a landscaper and a tree service, include both categories.
    • When it comes to photos, Google recommends using landscape images in landscape orientation and portrait images in portrait orientation. You should also only use high-quality original pictures of your business no stock images! Take the photos yourself but enlist a professional photographer if necessary for the best results.
    • Ensure any videos posted to your profile are high quality and represent your brand appropriately.
    • Obtaining reviews is one of the most critical aspects of managing your Google Business Profile because it builds trust with potential customers and helps improve local search rankings. If you have negative reviews on your profile, respond to them directly to help show other customers that youre responsive and willing to do what it takes to make things right with unsatisfied

    Optimize Online Business Listings

    5 Tips for Flyer Design for Landscaping Companies

    Help customers find you by being present on relevant business listings. List your business on Google, Yahoo, Yelp, and Bing.

    Other online and local directories include Yellowpages, BBB, Manta, Angies List and Citysearch.

    All business pages should be consistent and up to date. Have your contact information and business hours easy to locate.

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    Establish A Referral Program

    Want to take your word-of-mouth marketing another step further? Try offering your customers a referral discount. How does this work?

    After doing business with your customers, you can offer them a referral code which they can share with friends and family. When new people sign up for your services with the code, youll know which of your previous customers referred you. You can then offer a gift check or a discount on the next service to your customer.

    Not only does a referral program get you more clients, it also creates happy customers!

    Only Use Paid Advertising With A Proven Roi

    Its very common for landscaping companies to waste time and money on ineffective advertising campaigns. Larger, more successful landscaping companies often approach advertising differently.

    How Just Another Landscaper Advertises

    • Cannot clearly state how much they spent on various campaigns and what is working
    • Spends money on costly sponsorships, print, and digital ads that dont generate many qualified leads
    • Invests a lot of time and money into exhibiting at events and sees very little benefit

    Advanced Advertising for Landscapers

    • Can easily understand and prove ROI based on website visits, calls, form leads generated, and ultimately sales closed

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    Get Involved In Your Community

    Community involvement strengthens your reputation and can bring about new leads. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your brand values.

    Give back to the community by making donations, sponsoring a local event, or planting trees in the park.

    You should also get involved in your online community. Write guest articles or posts for local publications and blogs. Contribute as an industry expert to get links back to your website.

    Close Up To 80% More Sales By Automatically Following Up With Leads

    Starting A Lawn Care Business? DO THESE 2 Things And You’ll Succeed

    Heres the deal:

    The majority of marketing strategies for landscaping businesses will not close 100% of the leads on the first attempt. And neither will your BEST sales person.

    Makes sense, right?

    Take this:

    Lets say you receive an email from someone directly from the contact form on your website.

    This persons reached out to you with some level of interest

    Thats a lead!

    Theyve asked you how much your pricing is for gutting some trees from their backyard, and you quickly provide them an answer.



    You email them, maybe call them , and still no word back.

    No client yet.

    Now what?

    NOW you follow up with them!

    But instead of emailing and calling them every day, you can use email marketing to automatically follow up with this lead for you.

    In a free email marketing software, such as MailChimp for example, you can set up a simple campaign to automatically email leads so that youre continually reaching out to them.

    Also called an email drip campaign, it works in landscape marketing by sending out emails on a predetermined schedule to prospects in a list that you create.

    Instead of you remembering to manually email prospects on a set schedule, have your email marketing system do it for you.

    Plus, you can use this same email marketing tool to send out monthly newsletters to your customers, making them feel like you care to keep them updated on things like:

    And when someone remembers you, theyre MUCH more likely to BUY from you when the time comes.

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    Top 10 Marketing Ideas For Promoting Your Landscaping Business

    Landscaping services providers have become part of property development to enhance its value. Your startup landscaping business, therefore, can register a steady growth due to ever-increasing demand. But you need to be competitive by adopting aggressive marketing.

    Landscaping is a thriving business that attracts many new entrepreneurs each year. So far, according to an estimate, nearly 500,000 businesses are operating in this field in the U.S, with an annual growth rate of 3.5%.

    It generates around $77 billion in annual revenues and employs about 1 million people.

    These stats will encourage you to start your own landscaping business, but be aware of the competition as well. Thousands of established companies are already active in commercial and residential landscaping, and many more new entrants aspire to make it big in this field.

    All such old brands and new businesses devise their own strategies to deal with the competition. So, make sure that you are prepared to face your business rivals in the market.

    Now, to win potential clients and, then, turn them into your loyal customers requires a clear marketing strategy. You must have a clear picture of the local market where you want to target customers.

    Hire A Social Media Manager

    Facebook clocked in roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users in 2021, while Instagram sees about one billion active monthly users. And approximately 4.48 billion people are said to use social media worldwide. Thats over half the worlds population!

    With that being said, not having a strong social media presence is almost like a death sentence for a brand. And social media marketing is so much more than just starting a page and putting your logo on your profile picture. You need consistent, engaging, and relevant content that speaks to your potential customers.

    If you want to make the most out of your social media platforms, hire a professional social media manager.

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