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Best Solar Spot Lights For Landscaping

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Best Solar Landscape Lights
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  • Lerekam 40 Led Waterproof Solar Garden Lights

    With 40 LED lights, this is one of the brightest spotlights you will find. I have two of these at my home and I am loving it. The build quality is great, you can use it as an in-ground or a wall-mounted light. With 1000 lumens, Lerekam is super bright.

    I have installed these in my garden where they get at least 6 hours of sunlight every day. The solar lights turn on at around 7 in the evening and stay on till 3 AM at least. The brightness dips towards the end though.

    With 1000 lumens, these solar spotlights are brightest Ive seen

    LEREKAM is available in different versions, warm white, cool white, blue, etc. I prefer cool white but the warm white looks cool too.

    There are 3 light modes, each determining the brightness. I have kept it in medium mode if I am not wrong. The angle of the solar panel is adjustable but since the panel and the lights are attached, you will be changing the direction of the spotlights too.

    Moreover, this is a long-lasting garden spotlight with an IP55 waterproof rating made of robust high-impact ABS material. Therefore, it can usually work all year round under whatever weather conditions. Apart from solar charging, you can also use a USB cable to charge these outdoor lights making them perfect for lighting your pathways, garden, landscape, patio, or even the driveway.

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    Key Features

    Best Outdoor Solar Spotlights For Landscape Lighting

    Categories Garden Landscaping

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    Landscaping can make or break a property, not to mention its a fun activity to design the outside area of your house. If youve got a centerpiece that deserves some attention, maybe a giant shrub shaped into a unicorn or a massive sculpture of your favorite celebrity, then its time to think about investing in some solar spotlights. Or, if youre more of the understated garden type, outdoor solar spotlights can still be an excellent way to illuminate the pathway during the night or make your garden look nice and welcoming with some warm white lights.

    Solar spotlights charge up during the day and release all their saved up energy after dark. This eliminates the extra hassle of cords and switches which come with most garden lights. You can set them to automatic so they turn on, turn off and charge without you having to do a thing. That makes them the ultimate accessory for people who dont have much time to landscape and garden.

    • Only come in cool white.
    • One reviewer experienced intermittent flickering lights.

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    What Are The Best Solar Lights

    After extensive testing, we found the best solar lights to be the Brightech Ambience Pro LED Outdoor String Lights. These string lights give off a gorgeous warm, vintage glow and theyâre as aesthetically pleasing as they are durable. You can wrap them around your deck with ease, and theyâre sure to impress guests.

    If youâre after path lights instead, then the Aogist Solar Ground Lights are the ones to get. While priced very reasonably, these ground lights feature a stainless steel design which is both low profile and effective. Ease of use canât really be beaten here either.

    If you need flood lights, then you should invest in the Aootek Solar Outdoor Flood Lights. These solar lights are super bright, hold up well to the elements and feature a reliable motion sensor too. If anything, theyâre a little too sensitive to movement.

    Roshwey Outdoor Solar Spotlights

    Best Solar Lights for Garden Ideas UK
    • Compose of bright 18 LED beads
    • With two way installation process
    • Can be set in low and high light modes
    • Larger size of solar panel
    • First time use requires 5 hours of direct exposure to sunlight which may be tedious for those who need it immediately

    Competition among solar powered spotlights is getting tight because each brand has something special to display. But take a look first of the Roshwey Outdoor Solar Spotlights. Its oozing good features are simply captivating.

    The Roshwey Outdoor solar powered spotlights outdoor has the solid features were looking for. A complete set is composed of four united solar spotlights. Each piece promotes gorgeous aesthetics, practical cost and long lasting service.

    I think a row of these Roshwey Outdoor Solar Spotlights will make any private or public place look livelier. Just check on the specs of these items and you will be as impressed as me to know that it has ultra-bright 18 LED beads.

    The 18 LED beads are crazy for solar spotlights because a premium brand competition doesnt have the same level of brightness. So these floodlight items can clearly make any stairways or pathways illuminated and make them safer to step in.

    According to its enlisted features, its solar energy conversion rate is a whopping 18% which can produce a more stable and efficient lighting. Not all are fans of high intensity lights. So I like it that these set has an option for low or high lighting modes.

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    What Are The Best Places To Add Solar Spotlights

    The best use of solar spotlights is in places where electricity is hard to pull to, or spots you want to be highlighted in your landscape. Here are just a few examples:

    • spotlight a tree or two
    • create focal points in your around outdoor statues, or flower planters
    • want to light up a path to the house? Yep! Use some solar lights.
    • do you have an interesting landscaping feature? Shine the spotlight on it.
    • do you like using flags for different occasions throughout the year? Try solar spotlights for your garden flags

    Aogist Solar Ground Lights Review: Durability

    The Aogist Solar Ground Lights stood up to hot, humid, wet, windy and freezing weather. No cracks appeared due to weather, nor were there any issues of water getting inside them. However, the plastic stakes are very flimsy, so, luckily, the company sent a couple of extras. The discs also don’t stay very well on the stakes. My toddler could pull them off quickly and broke a couple of the pegs off the stakes in the process.

    A few online reviewers mentioned they sit low enough to the ground to be able to mow over them safely, but I did not find that to be the case. When I mowed over one of the lights, its glass cover cracked, although the light still worked afterwards.

    The lights come with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

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    Some Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where should I install solar spot lights?

    Most of the solar spotlights are need 8 hours of direct sun exposure to last all night. So, it is important to install them where there is adequate sun exposure. Make sure the lights are cleaned thoroughly once in a while to prevent any debris or dirt as it can hinder charge time.

    2. Do solar lights require sun light or just light is also enough?

    It is not necessary to have direct sunlight for charging up the lights. Even light in any form like electrical lights is also enough. Artificial light source like LED lamps or incandescent bulbs can be used to power up the solar lights during rainy or snowy days.

    3. How to install the solar spot lights properly?

    Xibolar 32 Led Outdoor Solar Spotlights

    Best Solar Landscape Lights 2022

    Read our hands-on review: Xibolar Solar Spotlights

    The Xibolar Solar Outdoor Spotlights come in packs of 6 or 10 and put out a cool white light at 6500k and 320 lumens. Each light contains 32 LEDs, which function with a spread of 120° to ensure a broad output. Choose between 2 lighting modes, depending on the brightness you require, and for how long. On low, this light will last up to 12 hours, and up to 6 hours on high. They are controlled by an ambient light sensor, which will turn the lights on at dusk, and off again at dawn. IP65 waterproofing and high-quality ABS casings will ensure that these lights get you through the roughest of nights, and allow the lights to survive temperatures between -4 and 174° Fahrenheit.

    Install these staked into the ground or mounted to the wall, and adjust them to suit your needs, as they are vertically adjustable. The 1200 mAh, 5.5-volt batteries will charge fast during the day, as long as they are exposed to full sunlight, and will offer 6 to 12 hours of light for your property at night.

    Whether youre throwing a party, night swimming in your pool, walking to the house from the street, or wandering the garden on a hot night, these lights will offer all you need.

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    Unifun 30 Led Waterproof Solar Lights

    • Affordable and quality
    • Highly efficient solar panel

    UNIFUN 30 LED Waterproof solar lights should not be forgotten when youre shopping around for solar lights. The solar-powered lamps are with the solid features and functions that you will love and are ideal for the patio, garden, yard and posts, among other places.

    The UNIFUN wall lights are with dual head spotlights that also make it ideal for illuminating and decorating a space. They are super bright and are 360-degree rotatable, making them more flexible.

    I would also like to note that the lights are with a unique angle design, offering your outdoor space a larger coverage in terms of luminosity.

    I would like to mention that these lights are also with 16 led lights in the middle and 14 led lights in both sides. I also noticed that these lights can be flexibly rotated independently, allowing you to adjust it at any angle want.

    In addition, the motion lights for the outdoor are with great sensors, which can detect people for up to 26 feet within 120 degrees angle. It works with a 2000 MAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery and in a dim light and sensor mode. It can turn on for 30 seconds after motion is detected before dimming the light.

    This item is also heatproof and waterproof at IP65, making it suitable for outdoor uses. You can install them in eth lawn, porch, garden or wall. Or you may also choose to set them up in the gutter or pathway. Nevertheless, you can expect that they can work no matter the conditions.

    How We Picked And Tested

    Solar garden spot lights are popular in all modern residential homes, business establishments and public places like on parks and streets. Its market blooms extensively but the challenge to shoppers is to find the best among the rest.

    There are many solar LED lights so the users should be certain first of the type of lighting that best fit their purpose and landscapes. Solar spotlights are particularly most appropriate if the landscape owners need a piece to highlight home structures.

    Usually, Solar Spotlights produce cove of lights, hence, it intently use to draw attention or emphasize a certain spot. But just like the other solar LED lights, spotlights are also beneficial due to the following advantages.

    • Safety and Security Solar spotlights are very good source of illumination. It guides people to watch theirs steps on pathways and staircases. Intruders to private properties are also discouraged with spotlights installed around an area.
    • Emergency Lights Since solar spotlights dont need electricity to operate, it can be a reliable source of light in times of power interruption or inclement weather condition.
    • Additional Home Decor Its becoming a trend now that solar spotlights are getting in demand not just for lighting purposes but enhance the existing beauty of landscapes. Spotlights uplift any place into a more vibrant ambiance.

    Quality of lights

    Installation Prescription

    Resilience of the Spotlights

    Recharging and storage capacity of solar panel and batteries

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    Best Overall: Innogear Upgraded Solar Spotlight

    Product Ratings

    • Ability to rotate solar panelsd decent lifespan

    What We DidntLike

    • Longer charge time
    • Not the most durable because they are made of plastic

    The first thing we noticed about these solar lights is the price. Each solar spotlight can stand independently and is easy to install. There are no wires for these solar lights.

    They can be spotted around the yard or lined up together.

    Features & Considerations

    Each Innogear Upgraded Solar Spotlight consists of four powerful LED lights.They produce 50 lumens each, making each solar spotlight shine at 200 lumens.

    You can find the perfect solar panel angle with the rotating light head..

    They come in either white or warm white. We prefer white light since it is a bit cheaper. The white LED lights have a color temperature of 6500K.

    One of the strongest points of the Innogear Upgraded Solar Spotlight is its run time to charge time ratio. With the high or low settings, you can choose the setting that has the most run time versus brightness.

    Run time on the high brightness setting is 4-6 hours, and it is 8-12 hours on the low setting. Both are based on a complete charge, which takes 8 hours in direct sun exposure.

    This LED solar spotlight is reasonably water-resistant. It ranks IP65 in terms of water and dust resistance, meaning that it is fully resistant to particles entering and resistant to water jets.

    What Reviewers Say

    The solar powered spotlights did run for most of the night despite that.

    Linkind 16 Led Solar Landscape Spotlights

    Best Outdoor Solar Path Lights

    Brightness Modes: 2 | Lumens: 650 | Mounting Options: Ground & Wall | Battery Life: Up to 12 hours | All-Weather Resistant: Yes

    These dusk to dawn solar garden lights are built for brightness, offering up to 650 lumens from 16 LEDs, which is a much higher output than most of their competition is producing. They come in various color temperatures, including daylight white, warm white, multicolor, and dual color. Be sure to choose the color temperature that suits your needs best.

    You can also buy the Linkind Solar Landscape Spotlights in packs of 2, 4, or 6. There are 2 brightness settings on these lights, allowing you to choose your lighting solution based on how long you need the battery to last. Low mode will keep the lights on for 12 hours, and high mode for 6. A 90° beam angle allows for a bright and well-distributed light output.

    These strong and durable lights are made from anti-UV ABS and can withstand temperatures from -4 to 122° Fahrenheit. They are water, dust, cold, and heat resistant, with an IP67 rating. Their ground pegs are strong and stable, and they can also be mounted to the wall should you not be looking for landscape lighting. The angle of the lights is fully adjustable, with a 180° horizontal adjustment ability, and 90° on the vertical. The low charging time of these lights, and their surprising battery life, considering the brightness, are due to the 18650 lithium batteries with auto-stop charging capability.

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    Magictec Warm Light Solar Spotlights

    In case you are looking for a spotlight for decoration purposes, this warm white spotlight option from Magictec can be a good pick for you.

    Instead of a cool white light throw, this spotlight offers a comforting warm white light throw, which can be easily concentrated on any sculpture to highlight it in the nighttime. We personally liked these spotlights because they are built with highly durable and rugged material. Although there is no IP rating given to this product, the brand claims its waterproof and heatproof as well.

    The installation process is too easy as you need to drill a few screws for wall-mounting. Otherwise, you can just stick them to the ground directly. After installation, you can fully adjust the solar panel and the light up to 180-degrees for optimum usage.

    The solar panel is quite efficient and charges up its 2200mAh battery fully in about 5-6 hours. Since the power consumption of the LED lights is low, the battery easily lasts for more than 10 hours. Thanks to the Auto On/Off feature that helps to save a lot of battery power. You can even adjust the brightness levels on this spotlight as it offers high and low brightness modes as well.

    You wont find any flaws in the build quality of this spotlight still, if anything goes wrong with the lights, Magictec offers a 3-years long warranty also.

    What we liked about it:

    • Dual Brightness modes

    What we didnt like:

    • Light and Solar Panel angles cannot be adjusted separately.

    Most Colorful Light Options: Itscool Colored Solar Spotlights

    Product Ratings

    What We DidntLike

    • Longer charge time
    • Some had issues with the remote

    We loved how the Itscool Color Solar Spotlights combine fun colors with the excellent functionality of a normal solar spotlight.

    Features & Considerations

    This light features an excellent run time of 16 hours. More than any other light. The charge time is 7 hours, which is less than some others we tested.

    These outdoor solar spotlights are also reasonably weather-resistant, with an IP rating of 65. They are made almost entirely of durable plastic, so theyll withstand most weather conditions.

    The brightness varies from color to color. Some colors are brighter than others. The lights are 200 lumens in their brightest setting.

    There are high, medium, and low brightness settings.

    Various color options include red, orange, yellow, green, and more. There is a setting that auto changes the light color mode.

    The lights can be set to change every 30 seconds or every 30 minutes.

    What Reviewers Say

    The all-around favorite aspect of these lights from many reviewers is the remote.

    They say that having the remote to control the color settings and the timer settings is much easier than toggling through options with just one or two buttons.

    Reviewers also generally love the actual colors, saying that these are a lot better compared to other colored yard lights that they have had in the past.

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