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Backyard Landscaping Ideas With Pool

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Bring Colors & Aromas To The Backyard Pool Landscape

Arizona Backyard Design Ideas: Modern Mesa Backyard | California Pools & Landscape

Turn ordinary concepts into extraordinary features that stimulate the senses in more ways than one. A flower garden can add stunning beauty to a backyard pool landscape while uplifting ones olfaction when flowers are in bloom.

With separate pools for swimming and visual admiration, this unique landscape blends a combination of water elements designed for both enjoyment and tranquility.

Advice For Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

No matter your landscaping, layout, and décor, remember to be true to yourself. Choose a pool landscape design that feels right to you and that will make you happy. Dont follow trends just because you think you should.

That said, you should absolutely consider your budget, backyard size, and maintenance time during the planning process or you may end up regretting your decision. Talk with your pool dealer or landscaper they are experts who will be able to guide you towards a cooler, more relaxing future in your very own backyard.

Where Should I Put My Pool In My Backyard

When deciding where to put your pool, go back to how you want to use it. Will you need a lot of space surrounding the pool, or are you looking to tuck it into a hidden corner? If youve already spent significant time and energy on landscaping your backyard, choose a location that complements the work youve already put in.

You also want to consider your budget. If you have a more conservative budget and need to streamline your décor ideas, you may want to place your pool closer to your home so it doesnt look awkwardly stranded in the middle of your yard. If your budget is more substantial and youre looking to splurge, you can allow more space around the pool for lavish landscaping or tiling.

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Add A Splash Of Color With Flowers

Flowers are a great way to add color and life to your backyard pool landscaping. They can be used to create beautiful borders or focal points. Its a good idea to mix and match different varieties to create a unique and beautiful space.

Look for flowers that can thrive in an outdoor pool environment. You should also consider the color and size of the flowers when selecting them for your space.

When To Call A Landscaping Professional

32 Awesome Small Pools Design Ideas For Beautiful Backyard Landscape ...

Some pool landscaping projects might be DIY, but calling a professional is a good idea if you have a more complicated pool design in mind, such as a terraced landscape or a new patio. After all, if you already have professionals handling your lawn care, pool care, and pest control, why not add a professional landscaper to the list?

Landscaping pros have construction capabilities and botanical knowledge that you probably dont have on your own. They can take your wildest dreams for your backyard pool landscape and make them a reality.

With these landscape design ideas and tips, you can take your in-ground pool from drab to dramatic. The next time you go swimming, youll enjoy the view.

Main Image Credit: zachstradling/ Pixabay

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How Do I Design My Backyard

Designing a backyard can feel like a big task, especially if youre working with a large surface area. Luckily, its more than manageable if youve got a solid plan. Banken explains that although its common to design a backyard in phases , its important to always know how each part will eventually fit into the whole. When you have an overall plan for your space it gives you something to work toward and also makes sure youre not wasting time, he says.

Add Structure And Shade With A Pergola

Create a cozy nook with a pergola.

Use a pergola, or a canopy, to separate different areas of your yard. These structures, which can be freestanding or attached to your home, add a roomlike feel to the backyard without compromising fresh air. Think about putting a seating or dining area beneath the structure and dress it up with string lights, flowers, and plants.

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Incorporate Tree Logs And Branches

A rustic pergola made from reclaimed logs.

For a rustic backyard that gives a nod to nature parks, make a garden path from tree logs in place of concrete or other artificial materials. This give-back-to-nature DIY is especially useful if you have a fallen tree or branch and are looking for a way to put the scrap material to use. Cut the logs into two-inch chunks, and seal with a waterproof wood sealer. Arrange and connect with heavy-duty wood glue where the logs touch.

Use Lighting To Enhance The Landscape

50 Amazing Tropical Landscaping Ideas Around a Pool – Backyard Pool Landscaping ð?ð´ð¿

Lighting is the perfect complement to pool landscaping. It can emphasize certain features and enhance the overall ambience of a newly landscaped space.

String lights are a pool lighting idea that’s more about form than function, but the ambience a set of bistro lights will add to your pool area is second to none.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool house, use it as an anchor point for your string lights, and stretch them above the length of the pool, like The Fox Group did, above. No pool house? Try filling the bottom of whisky barrel planters with cement, then inserting a wooden post to create a semi-permanent anchor point for lights. Don’t forget to finish off the planters with soil and your favorite annuals.

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Lighting Your Swimming Pool Landscaping

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of backyard pool landscaping ideas for summer is the lighting. Adding lighting when landscaping around a pool sets the tone for your space and makes it into something special. Not only is it stylish, but it also helps improve poolside safety, which should be at the top of your list, as well.

With seemingly endless options to pick from, adding lighting to backyard pool landscaping ideas lets you enjoy your space during the days and evenings. Create the ultimate backyard entertaining space to enjoy with friends, family, or by yourself!

We hope this guide to backyard pool landscaping ideas for summer has been both informational and inspirational. From shady trees and colorful flowers to patio installations, water features, and lighting, landscaping around a pool provides nearly limitless design options. Need a little help to get going? Check out the NVS Project Planner to build some ideas and budget your next project. Save your plans or submit them to us and one of the NVS Landscapes professionals will be in touch to get started!

Want some more landscaping ideas and inspiration for this summer? Check out these guides:

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Poolside Patios And Walkways

Opportunities to implement backyard pool landscaping ideas for summer include more than plants, trees, and water features . A new patio installation and using hardscaping to create walkways also add to the overall look of swimming pool landscaping

Patio spaces are great for creating seating areas in your backyard and can really amp up the space. From patio water features to custom outdoor barbecues and more, having a professionally-built patio installation lets you enjoy your poolside landscaping to its fullest.

Pavers, stepping stones, and other hardscaping walkways offer the chance to add some visual interest and functionality to your backyard pool landscaping ideas, too. In addition to pure functionality, you could also use pathways to create smaller, more intimate seating spots when landscaping around a pool. Getting creative with hardscaping ideas can really make a difference in the overall look!

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And Finally Work With What Youve Got

Whats special about your backyard? Maybe your inground pool was built against a natural rock wall. Maybe your lawn is so green that it speaks for itself no decorative plants needed. Maybe its an interesting shape, lending to a unique surrounding hardscape. No need to fit a square peg into a round hole: think about all of the things that made you fall in love with your outdoor space in the first place, and play to its strengths!

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For more inground pool landscaping ideas, look at our backyard landscaping lookbook, or take a dive into our mosaic guide.

Landscaping Ideas For Pool Areas

45 Stunning Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

Jeremy Samuelson / Image Bank / Getty Images

Now that you have a pool, turn it into a luxurious oasis by surrounding it with luscious plants. But, you’ll want to carefully choose the plants that will go near a swimming pool or hot tub. Something that is attractive at 2 feet tall can grow quickly and drop leaves and debris into your pool in just a couple of years. Research the best plants, shrubs, trees, and ornamentals that will survive and even thrive when planted close to a pool full of splashing chlorinated or saltwater. Whether you are choosing plants for privacy or ornamentation, there are three main considerations when choosing plantings for your pool area:

  • They should unify, balance, and fit in with the rest of your landscaping and home.
  • They should be easy to maintain and safe for children and pets.
  • They should be able to grow well in your native climate or microclimates on your property.

Here are 16 plant selections for landscaping your pool that will bring color, texture, and scent to your backyard.

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Landscape With Rocks Trees And Overgrown Grasses

If you are not one for a traditional pool area, then consider a more natural landscape for your outdoor swim.

Todays natural pools or swimming ponds as they are often known are welcomed into the border garden, whether in a formal setting of lawns, surrounded by flowers and grasses, or even made to look like a natural garden pond.

For a rugged appearance, take inspiration from creative rock garden ideas and lay down plenty of misshapen rocks, pebbles and limestone. The main highlight of a rock garden is the quiet, zen-like aesthetic they add to your backyard.

Use Natural Stones To Blend Into The Background

It’s not just around the adjacent poolside where you can add stones into your landscape. You can use it around flower borders to keep plants at bay, and provide a little shady spot for extra seating.

Cervoni says, ‘I love the texture and colors that natural stone provides in a landscaped space and they are a wonderful option around pools as well. My go-tos are bluestone and travertine, but limestone, marble and granite are also good options. While these options definitely come at a premium, they are second to none when it comes to longevity and durability so are a worthy investment if your budget allows. Its important that whatever stone you choose has a textured finish added prior to installation to keep them from getting too slippery when wet.’

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Succulent Garden And Other Plant Options

There are even more great plants to complement your in-ground pool that dont fall under the category of trees or shrubs.

  • Try out grasses and succulents: Ornamental grasses and succulents are relatively low-maintenance options that can make a statement when used effectively with the rest of your landscape.
  • Discover ground cover: Creeping plants , such as vines, are an easy way to add greenery without drawing focus away from the more fascinating plants.
  • Add some herbs: If you want to turn your pool into a spa-like backyard oasis, you might consider planting fragrant herbs. For instance, lavender, jasmine, or sage can enhance your pool areas visual appeal while simultaneously releasing a soothing musk into the air.

Inground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Small Backyard Pool Ideas – Pool landscaping Ideas and Designs

What better way to spend a sunny afternoon than reading a book by the pool or taking a refreshing dip? An inground pool can turn any backyard into a tropical oasis, and the cherry on top of your outdoor sanctuary is the landscaping that surrounds it.

If youre looking for creative inground pool landscaping ideas, weve got the inspiration you need to kick off your next big home decor project.

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Include A Putting Green

Your pool landscaping ideas can offer more than just beauty and a bit of shade. Add recreation to the list by installing a putting green adjacent to your pool patio, like interior designer Breegan Jane did at her client’s Southern California home, where the goal of the outdoor space was to ‘surprise and delight.’

Pick The Perfect Pool Deck Landscaping

Poolside provide versatile and cost-effective ways to extend your living area into the outdoors. What’s more, decking creates the perfect focal point for a low-maintenance yard, and is cheaper and easier to use than paving.

At its best, a sturdy, water-resistant timber deck is a handsome, hard-wearing pool area idea that complements most backyard pool settings.

But decks dont only look good: other advantages include being relatively lightweight in comparison to stone, quick and easy to install and forgiving. Plus, timber can be cut to size to fit perfectly round awkward corners perfect if you don’t have a rectangular pool.

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Use Landscaping For Privacy

Looking for a pool fence idea that adds privacy and beauty? Your landscaping can do the job if you plant high trees or bushy shrubs around the perimeter of your pool or property, a la this Florida property.

Another idea we love from this photo? The cabana. When you’re brainstorming your landscaping and pool area ideas, don’t forget to include a shady spot to retreat to when you’re tired of sunbathing.

Combine Traditional Poolscaping With A Lush Fire Pit Landscape

34 Fabulous Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas You Never Seen Before

From one point of view, this poolscape consists primarily of clean brick pavers and simple hardscape structures. But when you pivot your perspective 180-degrees, youll notice a neighboring fire pit space thats abundantly landscaped with various shrubs, trees, and ornamental grasses.

An ideal gathering space overlooking a stunning vista, this fire pit nook provides a welcoming retreat nestled in a flourishing natural landscape.

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Dual And Triple Function Elements

Design can create elements with multiple purposes suitable for small backyards. It is intriguing to see how basic ingredients of landscaping blend in to serve different functions. The image below is a concrete garden planter that also harvests water but also extends into a table top with a fire pit.

Set Up A Seating Area Around The Pool

When considering pool patio ideas and other hard landscaping materials for a pool, your first priority will be to establish the functional spaces, from terraces and patios, to paths and borders around the swimming pool.

The expanse of an area and its use will dictate which materials are most suitable.

For instance, a hard standing for a table and chairs needs to be flat and stable, and you might want to keep granular aggregates, such as gravel or bark, away from the pool so they are not carried into the water.

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Extremely Awesome Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Great outdoors are always refreshing to the mind and to the lovers of the great greens. This is a special feature of backyard landscaping ideas that would blow your backyard away! In no particular order, with a little bias on our side, these are the chosen few from backyards all over the world.

What’s On This Page?

Pool Landscape Design Considerations

Best Backyard Swimming Pool Design Ideas, Small Pool Landscape Ideas

Theres a lot of thought and consideration that goes into adding a pool or water element to a backyard landscape. Defining the underlying intention behind how the pool will be used for entertainment, exercise, aesthetics, etc. can help dictate much of the decision-making. Some of the most important boxes to check include:

Also take into consideration where your pool is located in proximity to your home, including existing garden and landscape features, surrounding structures, and other overlooked details like utility lines, water spigots, and electrical sources.

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How Do I Decorate My Backyard With A Pool

The options for landscaping and décor for your pool are virtually limitless. When considering ideas for decoration, look for images that elicit the emotion you want to feel when enjoying your own pool.

Are you looking for a Zen space where you can retreat from the world and wash your cares away? Asian-themed pool landscaping with minimalist design and clean lines is an excellent option. If your lawn is your pride and joy, choose a simple pool surrounding that accents rather than competes with your flawless greenery. Free spirits will love a nature-inspired landscape complete with organically placed plants and stones, broken only by a few bubbling waterfalls. Homeowners looking to impart an exotic ambiance in their backyard can achieve a tropical feel with an earthen hardscape and an assortment of lush plants and palms. Take note of which pool themes inspire awe for you, and youll soon see trends in your preferences that will put you on the right track.

One other thing to consider when planning your pool design is the time of day when you will use your backyard. While pool lights supply a softly glowing ambience, if you plan to host nighttime events, its always a good idea to supplement them with additional sources in the surrounding landscape. Not only will this offer an added element of safety for your guests, but lighting allows you to tastefully showcase your pool décor all day and all night.

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