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Backyard Landscaping Ideas With Gazebo

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Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy A Gazebo

300 Patio Design Ideas 2022 Backyard Garden Landscaping ideas House Rooftop Garden | Terrace Pergola

There are a few different ways to bring a gazebo into your space. You can opt for a pre-assembled off-the-shelf design a DIY kit hire a builder to make you a bespoke structure or, if you feel confident enough to do so, build a bespoke design yourself.

A DIY kit is often the cheapest approach. A traditional design can be $1,500$4,000 according to with shipping and assembly and installation costs on top. A pre-assembled design can be around $2,000$7,000 , with higher shipping but lower assembly prices. Of course, it does all depend on certain factors such as the size and the materials used, and also whether you opt for a temporary or permanent structure. Lighter, temporary designs with canvas tops and metal frames, for instance, can be less than $500 .

If you’ve got some good DIY know-how then you might be tempted to build your own, rather than hiring a pro to build you something bespoke. According to, if you go for this option you can expect to pay between $2,000 and $8,500 which is about $1,500 less than opting for professional construction.

Naturally though, there are a lot of risks involved with the DIY option building a gazebo is no mean feat and there are many technical aspects that need to be taken on board to ensure it’s structurally sound. If done incorrectly, you may end up spending more money fixing the issues.

If you’re looking for more advice on garden pricing, our landscaping costs and guides might come in handy.

Establish A Meditative State

Surrounded by nature the perfect backdrop to practice yoga settle in with a good book, or find genuine calmness and serenity amidst the flowers, trees, shrubs, and water features that dot your landscaping.


  • Open sides allow floral fragrances to waft in, acting as a sort of aromatherapy.
  • Air circulation helps keep you cool during your workout.
  • Being in nature can boost mood and reduce stress and anxiety, and a gazebo is a great way to complete a calming Japanese rock garden.

Cost: You can get a white, vinyl, 12-foot octagonal gazebo kit for a little more than $4,000 here.

Play Up The Prairie Lifestyle

Tall, swaying plants give your backyard allure.

If youre into cottagecore, plant a whimsical garden that looks like it came straight out of the English countryside. One of the easiest ways to create that wild, colorful aesthetic thats a staple of the cottagecore design ethos is through the use of native plants: flowers, grasses, and greenery that grow naturally without human intervention. By planting them in your yard, not only are they sure to flourish but they create that perfect prairie vibe. To find the native plants best suited for your area, google the name of your city + native plants.

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A Midcentury Modern Twist

Design by Cathie Hong / Photo by

This gazebo combines Caribbean elements with a touch of midcentury modern design. The cherry wood boards create a beautiful contrast with the black gazebo, while the outdoor sofa anchors the space.

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    This A-frame gazebo not only adds visual appeal but also doesn’t impede views of the beautiful tall trees in the backyard. The white brick column and walls keep things private and still allow the space to feel open and airy.

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    Wild Rose Country Home / Instagram

    During the fall, a gazebo with walls or curtains can protect you from cold wind while still allowing you to enjoy the crisp fall air. This backyard features a fire pit area right off a gazebo that has privacy curtains and lighting for nighttime s’mores.

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  • A Designated Spot For Your Hot Tub

    67+ Nice Gazebo Backyard Garden Landscaping Design Ideas

    tracielouise / Getty Images

    This gazebo is solely dedicated to housing a hot tub. The half glass wall let’s you enjoy the view while the gazebo protects from outdoor elements so you can relax in the tub day or night.

  • This coastal-style house features clean lines and a bright white exterior, and the attached gazebo mirrors the look with its matching ceiling and white trim.

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    Backyard Gazebo Landscaping Ideas

    2021: The Year of the RatThe rat is a pest that has plagued many people for centuries. Some believe that the rat is to blame for the spread of diseases such as smallpox and plague. In 2021, there are many ideas about how to stop the rat from spread.

    looking for Gazebo Ideas for Backyard | Backyard gazebo and Pergola ideas youve came to the right web. We have 9 Images about Gazebo Ideas for Backyard | Backyard gazebo and Pergola ideas like Gazebo Ideas for Backyard | Backyard gazebo and Pergola ideas, 67+ Nice Gazebo Backyard Garden Landscaping Design Ideas – Page 41 of 55 and also Ideas para un jardín pequeño – Tu casa Bonita. Read more:

    Is Wood Or Metal Better For My Gazebo

    Both metal and wood can be a long-lasting and durable material. Both can also corrode and decay quickly if you choose the wrong type. A wrought iron gazebo will be heavy, but sturdy and durable. At the same time, an aluminum one might get picked up in the wind. When building a wooden gazebo, it should be either hardwood or treated wood.

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    Gazebo Design Ideas: Attached Gazebos

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    Add a gazebo for a shady, covered retreat in your backyard.

    What Are The Benefits Of A Backyard Gazebo

    How to Decorate a Gazebo

    A backyard gazebo is a freestanding or attached structure without walls. It is designed to protect people from the sun and other weather while they enjoy time in their backyards. However, a backyard gazebo can also protect you and your loved ones from other elements. When paired with mosquito netting, gazebos can also keep your family and guests safe from pests and other airborne bugs when youre outdoors. A stylish gazebo can also serve as a great ornamental addition to your backyard and increase your propertys aesthetic. Use a gazebo to create a nice centerpiece to a backyard garden. Or let vines or other creeping plants climb the posts to create a stunning visual or add strings of lights to the eaves to light up your garden.

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    Up Your Outdoor Decor

    Perfect for small yards, mini garden gazebos lend themselves well toward focal points.

    Make a gazebo the centerpiece of your garden design, encircling it with a variety of annuals, perennials, hedges, and trees. Or, let it accent your pond, lake, or other water feature.


    • Doesnt take up too much space.

    Cost: This ornamental, wrought-iron gazebo kit can be purchased for just under $1,500.

    Cozy Hot Tub Idea With Gazebo

    A gazebo would be an attractive extra to complement the design of your hot tub deck. You can make this element with any available material. If your hot tub is placed in the middle of a wooden deck, a wooden gazebo will be awesome. This element will protect you from the suns rays.

    Build some walls by connecting the pillars of your gazebo. This way, youll get the best protection, not only from the weather but also from anyones eyes. Add some lights around the gazebo and create the most romantic spot in the corner of your backyard.

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    Make Movie Nights Magical With An Outdoor Cinema Space

    Youve got the shelter, shade, and comfortable seating now all you need is a big old bowl of popcorn and a blockbuster to boot. We love the idea of transforming a garden gazebo into a home movie theater, especially when it comes to cool evenings and entertaining guests. Providing you wait until its gone completely dark so you can see the screen, you could also do this with your pergola, making it an easy option whatever your setup might be.

    Find out how you can transform your gazebo into an outdoor theater with this handy guide.

    To Host A Dinner Party

    55 Cozy Backyard Gazebo Design Ideas

    Why eat indoors when you and your guests can enjoy a quiet dinner in your gazebo? The mosquito netting will keep everyone protected if its a buggy night, and still allow everyone to enjoy the backyard. Also, should it get breezy or chilly, the curtains can be drawn closed. Closing the curtains can also make your gazebo a more intimate setting.

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    Impress Your Dinner Guests With An Outdoor Eatery

    Another great one for those who love to entertain, an outdoor dining area provides the perfect opportunity to cook up a storm in true style. Whether you have a built-in pizza oven, a countertop hotplate, or just a good old grill, incorporating a stylish seating area is a great way to make use of your gazebo.

    With an outdoor dining area, one of the best things is the ability to customize it to suit your individual style. In creating your very own Backyardland, you can opt for traditional style, modern minimalism, or even eclectic inspiration for a quirkier space.

    Or Build A Romantic Deck Gazebo

    Does your wooden deck look kind of boring? Is it missing something? It may be missing a matching wooden gazebo!

    Did you know you could extend your wooden deck with a gazebo? Well, now you know! Instead of enclosing your deck with railing tell the carpenter you hired to build a hexagonal extension to the deck. He will later enclose the hexagonal podium with the railing and add support posts on top of it. All that is left to do is install the roof on top of the posts!

    I suggest you stick with the wood theme and build a simple bench in the gazebo, as well. Dont crowd the tiny space with patio chairs. Place simple dining set out in the open instead. You can always put them under the roof when it starts raining.

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    Gazebo Ideas For Backyard

    gazebo backyard patio hardscape.

    The future of food: How will people get their food needs met in the future?Food is a necessary part of everyday life, but its also an important factor in climate change. In 2022, well see an increase in the number of people struggling to get their food needs met due to changing weather patterns and a lack of resources. There are many ideas for how we can meet these needs, but one thing is for sure – food will be an important factor in the future.

    Put In A Backyard Stage

    Backyard Gazebo for $500 w/ Limited Tools

    There are all kinds of backyard patio ideas if you want to increase the functionality of your patio space. If you have kids, one of our patio ideas is to build a backyard stage. A patio is a great space to do this. You can also build a deck in your backyard if you don’t have a patio. That way, it is raised. Make it multifunctional by adding sliding outdoor curtains that you can draw if you want to use your deck as a stage or open up if you want seating with views into the rest of the yard.

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    Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas

    Some of these ideas have to do with specific installations and DIY projects that YouTube can help you with should you decide to move forward with them. Others involve picking the right plants to get the feeling you want or investing in the right outdoor furniture. Mixing and matching some of these ideas will be the best way to realize your backyard ideas and add curb appeal to your home.

    I Would Happily Recommend Curbz

    We had a problem that was beyond our skills. I contacted Ian and discussed the situation, and he agreed that we should meet. He was on time and understood the problem. He had a solution. The job was done efficiently and on budget. I would happily recommend Curbz as a solver or landscaping problems.

    Jim Weir, Read Full Review

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    What About Flowers And Trees

    If your backyard has a lot of shade trees, then using a gazebo to offer protection from the sun may not make sense. Also, as nice as a gazebo would look in your garden, it may be counterproductive. Your backyard gazebo may block the sun from reaching your prized flowers and plants. If youre putting a gazebo in a new garden, you can choose plants based on how much shade the gazebo will throw.

    How Do You Make A Gazebo Look Nice

    Oriental Style Garden Gazebo

    There are plenty of ways to pep up a plain gazebo and turn it into an enticing outdoor ‘room’. Try these suggestions for your structure:

    • If the framework is sturdy enough, consider bringing some of our hanging basket ideas into the space. They’re an easy way to add color and interest. You could even opt for edible crops such as herbs or strawberries instead of blooms.
    • Bunting is easy to make yourself or inexpensive to buy and strung up around your gazebo will bring a sense of cottage-style charm.
    • String lights whether vintage-style festoons or twinkling fairy lights will give any outdoor space an enticing glow.
    • If you love to grow flowers, make up a posy to decorate an outdoor dining table. It’s a simple way to tie the inside of your gazebo together with the rest of your garden.
    • Wind chimes add a soothing and sensory touch and can be hung from up high.

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    Walk Me To My Garden Gazebo

    Want to take a walk to my garden gazebo? Who would say no? I am amazed at how a stone walkway can make such a huge difference in ones backyard.

    This is one of those gazebo landscaping ideas where you say why didnt I think of this before? You wont have to make any permanent changes to your gazebo. You only need to secure some pavers into the ground.

    You will first need to plan out and design your stone walkway. Decide how long and wide you want your path to be. Do you want it to lead straight to your gazebo, or have some curvature to the shape?

    You can make a simple walkway from just a couple of pavers,or you can turn this into a full-on project with the help of this installation tutorial:

    I would recommend you evaluate the condition of your backyard before you make any big changes to your lawn. A walkway may not cut it on its own! You may have to plant a flower bed around your gazebo and hide muddy lawn areas with river stones to make the whole landscaping come to life.

    Or Help Me Feed My Fishies

    Fond of ponds? Who isnt when they look this good? You, too, can give your garden a Japanese makeover like this one!

    One thing I love about Japan is its koi fish ponds. I could spend hours sitting next to one and watching white, red, and black spotted fishes make their way around. I must admit that building a pond in your backyard is a hefty project that will require some time and resources from you. But the end results are well worth it!

    Hire a professional to build you a fish pond running alongside your garden gazebo. You will get to lean over the railing of your gazebo, like on the balcony, and observe and feed your fishes directly from above.

    Not convinced yet? Wait till you hear this! This is one of the rare gazebo landscaping ideas that will actually increase your property value. So, think about it this way. You wont be wasting your money on a water feature, but rather investing it!

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    Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas For An Attractive And Functional Outdoor Space

    Your backyard should function as a natural outdoor extension of your home. Yet, we often don’t take enough advantage of the great spaces attached to most American homes. It can also feel even more complicated when we contact a landscaper only to realize that renovating the backyard could cost almost as much as the house!

    However, there are plenty of simple backyard landscaping ideas that can transform your backyard into the oasis of your dreams. You might want to change your yard into a place for partying, grow your own food or cultivate a sanctuary for your family. There are plenty of simple backyard landscaping ideas that make almost anything possible.

    Setting Up Your Backyard Gazebo

    Timber Frame Pavilion Gazebo for Garden or Yard – Part 1 of 3

    A backyard gazebo is a rather large backyard addition, which means you cant simply plot it down just anywhere. To get the most out of your gazebo, youll want to consider when youre most likely to use it, why and for what reason. Here are a few backyard gazebo ideas to consider before you choose a location:

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