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Backyard Landscape Ideas With Fire Pit

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Why Invest In Outdoor Fire Pit Design

How to Make a Fire Pit Seating Area: Backyard Makeover – Thrift Diving

Now that weve covered some of the popular and unique fire pit design ideas, its important not to understate the value youll add to your home if you invest in well-designed fire pit landscaping.

A fire pit is going to be among the places at home where youll spend the most time, either hosting friends and family or just spending time by yourself. Therefore, it makes sense to put some real care and thought into the landscaping around this one-of-a-kind element, as a fire pit and its surroundings often become a genuine showpiece. The investment will not only enhance the enjoyment of your home, but it will also help increase the value of it too.

If youre not quite sure how to incorporate an outdoor fire pit design into your landscapingand are curious about different options for fire-pit constructionremember you can always turn to an experienced hardscaping company in Charlotte.

Balancing Shapes And Textures

Design by Mindy Gayer / Photo by Vanessa Lentine

With so many options available for furniture and plants, an outdoor seating area can be low maintenance by design. This modern seating area has waterproof cushions and a clean propane stone fire dish for easy entertaining. The square lines and gray tones are nicely complemented by planters at a right angle filled with feathery textured perennials in striking colors.

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    @kirsten.diane / Instagram

    The whimsical design elements here pull together beautifully, with the soft textures of the blooming lilacs and curving shapes of the umbrella the large glass jug forming a pleasing counterpoint to the angular striped patterns of the cushions and rug.

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    @s.u.s.a.p. / Instagram

    Even if you’re not spending too much time sitting in your backyard space in winter, adding some seasonal decor can lift your spirits when the winds are howling. This simple Scandinavian holiday scene has winter greenery draping over a bench, birch logs, pine cones, a tree sculpture, and a chunky wooden star to create a rustic holiday tableau.

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    @s.u.s.a.p. / Instagram

    This simple seating area in a small garden in Yorkshire, England is surrounded by sensual pleasures of all kinds: a scenic view of mountains, the intoxicating scent of wisteria blooms, leafy plantings, and whimsical Japanese lanterns hanging from the hedges.

  • Dont Forget Your Sunscreen

    A cantilevered arbor and translucent curtain provide crucial shade from afternoon glare to this wide-lipped stone fire pit and wicker sectional. Beyond the curtain: veggie beds, trellised vines, and neighboring tree canopy, along with rustic decomposed granite on the ground a whole fleet of rustic elements to balance out the clean concrete paving of the fire pit area.

    Family enjoying SMores around fire pit in Yardzen designed backyard

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    Go Vertical With Your Gardening

    If youre looking for simple backyard ideas to spruce up a small outdoor space, vertical gardens are a good place to start.

    Vertical gardening, simply put, is using vertical space to grow plants. If youre looking for small backyard landscaping ideas on a budget, vertical gardens are a good place to start. Not only do they make the most of limited space, but they can be inexpensive too, especially if youre using recycled materials like old plastic bottles to make it.

    DIY Vertical Garden Ideas

    • Use a wooden ladder, terracotta pots and some wire for a rustic front porch vertical garden.
    • Wash out old paint cans, fill with soil and hang them up to create a vertical herb garden.
    • Repurpose a picture frame to create a vertical succulent garden.
    • Waterproof an unused shoe organizer for a vertical garden thats easy to move.

    Find Peace With A Pond

    31 Inspiring Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

    A circular pond adds a dose of zen to any backyard space.

    A backyard pond adds a tranquil element to your landscaping, turning it from a basic plot of land into a relaxing escape. Consider elements like size, style, and whether you want it to be habitable for koi fish, or the like.

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    Retaining Wall Brick Pit

    Retaining wall bricks are typically larger than landscaping bricks, so they make a fast, easy fire pit using fewer bricks and less work.

    If you have retaining walls in your yard, use the same type of bricks for a fire pit to pull the whole look together. Just build a circular bottom layer and then a staggered second layer. Fill the bottom with lava rocks or gravel, and then pull up a few chairs to enjoy a cozy time.

    Backyard Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas

    Few features make your property as inviting as a custom outdoor fire pit. Installing a fire pit can dramatically increase and expand the use of your landscape or hardscape, as it becomes a natural gathering place for dinner parties, cocktail hours, and other entertainment. It can also be a peaceful spot to cozy up to with the family on a crisp evening.

    Of course, the fire pits soft light and warm glow is an alluring draw, sure. But even when not in use, outdoor fire pit designs can act as an anchor creating a distinct, beautiful zone of your landscaping.

    As an experienced hardscaping company in Charlotte, NC, weve helped design and construct fire pits of all sizes, shapes, and materials, from circular stone models to fancy tabletop setups. If you feel your yard needs something special or youre already considering an outdoor fire pit design in Charlotte, here are eight backyard fire pit landscaping ideas to inspire you.

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    Playground Sloped Backyard Ideas On A Budget

    Playground Sloped Backyard Ideas on a Budget

    There is no end to innovation when it comes to picking the perfect sloped backyard ideas on a budget for landscaping. You can turn your backyard into a beautiful playground. If you have kids, you should definitely choose this idea. After all, there is nothing better than seeing a smile on your kids face.

    You can install one or two slides or swings to make it look like an actual playground. There is also an option to convert it into a badminton court or any other kind of playground that is feasible and fits your budget.

    Add A Splash Of Color

    Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas | The Home Depot

    Sometimes all it takes is a splash of color to make your backyard pop.

    This can be as simple as painting planters to give your garden a contemporary look, or giving wood and metal chairs a fresh coat of paint. To save even more on this budget backyard landscaping project, reuse leftover paint instead of buying new ones.

    You can also add a quick splash of color in the form of flowers or foliage, positioning them on a deck, patio, at an entryway or tucked into a planting bed.

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    Large Concrete Fire Pit

    This fire pit, shrouded in concrete, is a gorgeous way to add some style to a modern atmosphere. Featuring a smooth, circular design, it allows for the feel of a traditional wood fire pit while elevating it with a stunning and modern spin.

    It is a safer option for those that prefer the wood-burning option, keeping the fire itself safely contained. It is also large enough to allow for plenty of seating around the exterior, making it a great option for large families.

    Backyard Fire Pit And Seating Area

    Here is a classic version of a backyard fire pit, creating an entertaining area for friends and family. The brick fire pit, like the one shared above, will last for a long, long time. The pit itself adds a coziness, but what makes this whole setup incredibly relaxing is the use of patio furniture surrounding it.

    You can easily give the ambiance a more relaxing feel or a modern setup by adding some interesting patio furniture and decoration. A pit like this makes the scene open for versatility.

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    Try A Tabletop Fire Pit

    Stay cozy and linger around the table after dinner with a tabletop fire bowl insert it’s one of our favorite backyard fire pit ideas, keeping the warmth contained and elegant.

    For the smartest option, choose a fire pit table that coordinates with complementary chairs. Offering fireside control at the flick of a switch, the gas-fired pit is a less messy option to logs or coals, and the flames are contained within a sleek glass bowl.

    ‘Relax, dine, entertain, and enjoy every time of day outside with an outdoor room full of indoor style,’ says Dani Taylor, creative and product director at Cox & Cox .

    Benefits Of Having A Fire Pit In Your Backyard

    35 Easy DIY Fire Pit Ideas for Backyard Landscaping in 2020

    A person together with his family and friends have gathered around the communal fire since time immemorial, so the tradition hasnt lost its appeal, maybe even in our age of every conceivable comfort. We might have left our ancestors in days gone by, but the contemporary delights of a crackling backyard fire over a cool winter night and under a starry summer sky are really worth having and may be accomplished in your own personal backyard no less. An outdoor fire pit welcomes your visitors in a manner that simply exceeds the conventional house. Inlaid or maybe above ground designs, accented with stone or even Pacific wood, & complete with an irresistible seating arrangement, the backyard fire pit promises safety, comfort, & the classic pleasures of hanging out with old friends or even seeing a lovers face aglow in the firelight. Also, since the fire pit is built and fitted with safety as main priority, you are able to relax without the concern of performing possible double duty as a volunteer firefighter.

    We are now living in uncertain and chaotic times, but the patio fire pit stands beyond the madness, providing an elemental reassurance which even the most state-of-the-art technical advances neglect to secure. You more than deserve to bask in the steadfast tranquility of humans most triumphant discovery, & these fire pit ideas assure us that regardless of the future holds, the hearth will invariably persist and provide.

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    Embrace The Scenic View

    If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful view from your backyard, why not embrace it? You would definitely be happy to be left alone in this setup free to take in the sights and sounds of nature. Consider setting up your fire pit at an outer edge facing trees, woods, or a body of water for an additional fun element without much effort. The fire pit does all the work for you with its soothing, crackling flames and gorgeous surroundings!

    Kick Back With A Firepit

    A cozy firepit is the epicenter of outdoor entertaining.

    Nothing screams summer more than the sound of a crackling campfire. Firepits make perfect focal points in a backyard, so if you want one, consider planning the rest of your landscaping around it. Banken features a boulder fire, which he says gives a natural rugged look thats softened by the mulch and ground cover for flooring.

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    Design Tips For Designing A Landscape Around A Fire Pit

  • Let your specific site conditions and “sense of place” inform your fire pit landscape design. Choose plants that will reflect your style, and are appropriate for your climate, conditions, and size of space.
  • The fire pit itself is an important part of the landscape. Consider what role you want it to play before committing to a specific fire pit style. If it’s part of a casual dining space or lounge, for instance, choose a fire pit that also acts as a coffee table, with at least 12″ of tabletop around the fire for people to set their food and drinks or put up their feet.
  • Keep guests comfortable once they’re around the fire by providing cozy seating. Designer Scott Shrader recommends seating that is at least 31″ deep and allows room for soft pillows to lean back on.
  • Use hedges or tall plants around your fire pit to create the walls of your outdoor room.
  • If you have a view to enjoy, take a pass on the green walls and optimize the view with plantings that won’t obstruct it.
  • Especially in smaller landscapes and spaces, stick to a simple plant, color, and material palette. This approach will create a more soothing feel.
  • Use soft-textured, low-growing plants to soften the transition from the fire pit landscape to the rest of the backyard.
  • Plantings should be far enough away from the fire to allow for fire safety as well as ample seating space.
  • If you have the room, site your fire pit further away from your house to create that magnetic outdoor moment that pulls people in.
  • Sunken Fire Pit Ideas

    DIY Patio And Fire Pit Seating Area

    Sunken fire pit designs are installed at a lower terrain level than your other outdoor spaces, similar to a retro indoor conversation pit. Sunken fire pits always feel cozy and add visual interest to your backyard space.

    These fire pits are great options for colder or windier backyards, since their sunken design keeps you and your friends or family out of the elements. They also provide a great opportunity to add unique types of hardscaping and lighting.

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    Easy Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas For Your Backyard

    Over 25% of clients ask for fire pit nooks in their yardand for good reason! Back or front yard fire pits are easy to incorporate into your landscape and are a feature that people of every age can enjoy. Fire pits can be used year round, which makes them a great investment and a way to enjoy more time outdoorsand a magical place to gather with family and friends on a cool evening under the stars.

    Fire pits come in many different types and styles ranging from everything from elaborate outdoor fireplaces with dramatic masonry to low cost fire pit landscape design ideas that will fit in any landscape. Whether youre considering propane fire pits, outdoor gas fires, or good old fashioned wood burning fire pits, there is truly an outdoor fire pit option for every style and garden preference. You can find more backyard fire pit ideas and landscaping advice in our guide to Outdoor Fire Options and Their Costs.

    This post is all about giving you inspiration for your backyard fire pit design. Scroll some of our favorite designs weve created for our clients, including everything from rustic to modern outdoor fire pit ideas.

    Fire Pit Seating Ideas

    The type of seating you choose to surround your fire pit has a significant impact on the appearance and functionality of your outdoor space. Fire pit seating can take almost any form. From simple store-bought patio chairs to ornate built-in seating with incorporated lighting, the skys the limit when it comes to seating options.

    In general, its a good idea to construct or place seating that follows the same general shape as the fire pit itself. For example, rectangular benches will beautifully complement a rectangular concrete fire pit, while a circle of chairs looks cohesive and cozy around a circular fire pit. This also ensures everyone sitting around the fire at any given time will be a similar distance from it.

    Here are just a few awesome fire pit seating ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

    • Metal swivel chairs

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    Latest Design Trends For Fire Pit Ideas

    While several of the designs in our inspiration gallery are customized and costly, creating an outdoor fire pit does not need to be. With a bit of imagination, as well as the usage of upcycled materials like shattered tempered glass, outdoor metal canisters, or stones, setting up a fire pit is able to add an attractive look for your yard, irrespective of finances. Just be sure you take safety into account when executing your outdoor fire pit ideas. Select materials which are durable and fireproof, and verify the region surrounding the fire pit is totally free of fencing, dry brush, and every other flammable material prior to use. You will find numerous kinds of fire pit gas options, including wood logs, propane, gas, gel, and eco briquettes. While gas requires expert installation and permits, the other energy alternatives might not. Wood logs and eco briquettes produce much more smoke and heat. Thus, make a summary of the cons and pros prior to determining what you would like most before building a fire pit to your lawn.

    Ice and Fire The word is coined for fire pit designs which use shattered glass parts as being a gravel alternative. Glass is heat resistant and also gives a fascinating, ice-like design element to the fire pit. Add geometric patterns or colorful glass to the fire pit for an innovative take on the fire & ice concept. Contact a neighborhood glass dealer and get them for any shattered tempered glass discards to work with inside your pit.

    Stone Bench With Fire Pit Sloped Backyard Ideas On A Budget

    33+ Simple DIY Fire Pit Ideas for Backyard Landscaping

    Stone Bench With Fire Pit Sloped Backyard Ideas on a Budget

    A stone bench with a fire pit looks great in the backyard. This idea of all the sloped backyard ideas on a budget will make sense to you if you like to host parties at your house. A backyard is a perfect place to host parties. And if you have a stone bench with a fire pit, your guests would love it.

    Not only this, but even you can enjoy sitting by the fire pit on chilly winter nights. Its a great idea to sit under the stars with your family and friends while also keeping you warm.

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